This HD Star Fox 64 Tribute Would Make For An Excellent 3DS Game

The Nintendo 64 had some good games. You know that. It's a fact of the universe, built right into its physical constants. Einstein and such. So, by the laws that govern our very existence, this high-def tribute to Star Fox 64 (and the series in general) is also good. Not regular good, but italicised good, which is always, always better.

The clips is a solid four and a half minutes long, but it seems to go by so quickly. The special effects feature modern twists but the ship models and a fair chunk of the textures are kept retro. Surely this is something the 3DS could handle without breaking a sweat, or perhaps just the occasional brow wipe?

Go on, Nintendo. You know you want to...

STAR FOX Intro Redux/Tribute - HD [YouTube, via DSO Gaming]



    I may or may not need me a new set of pants. Or two.

      Lylat Wars, dude ; )

        What are you talking about? It's the SNES game that they've remade.

    i dont think it was really worth 1080p

    Needed to end with something witty like "Get ready to barrel roll your way to victory!"

    Wrong; It's a tribute to Starwing/Starfox from the SNES, Not Starfox 64/Lylatwars which was on the N64. You can tell straight out from the opening video and the music.

      It looks more like Lylatwars than Star Wing.

      Was about to say the same thing, and for me, the Snes version was the better game!

    I'm more pumped about the soundtrack, very tight.

    Do I hear Star Wars sound effects?

    Yep this is definitely the NES Starfox (Starwing here in Aus). On the topic of 3DS why couldn't they have online multiplayer, I would've bought Starfox 64 already if they'd included that.

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