Star Wars: The Old Republic Expands Free Month Offer To Include Less Valuable Players

Yesterday BioWare made a substantial portion of Star Wars: The Old Republic's player base angry by offering a free month of play to its "most valued" players — those that had reached level 50 in the game. Today the developer continues to surprise and delight players by expanding the promotion as to not alienate people.

While the original post still refers to players with level 50 characters as the "most valued", a note from BioWare Austin GM Dr Greg Zeschuk today announced that even the less valuable players would be eligible for the free month of game time offered as part of The Old Republic's Legacy Program.

The updated guidelines for receiving a free month are tied to the game's Legacy System, so players will still have to have completed the first chapter of the game, which happens around level 30 or so. In order to qualify, players will have to have reached Legacy level six. There are several ways to achieve this, including:

  • Having a pair of characters Level 45 and 42
  • Having a trio of characters of Levels 45, 32 and 32
  • Owning a bunch of characters Levels 35, 33, 31, 29 and 20
  • Or having a single 50th level character that has enjoyed the endgame for a brief time

Of course there's still a chance there are long-time players out there that have yet to meet this milestone. That's OK; players now have until April 22 to achieve Legacy level six and earn their free month, an extension of the previous cut-off date of *checks watch* yesterday. Everybody happy?

Legacy Promotion now expanded [Star Wars: The Old Republic]


    much better. i don't play the game though.

    Oh blizzard...

      *Acratches head* What does Bliz have to do with BioWare?

      The stupid, it hurts.

    They keep adding things to pvp without fixing it.. Game is horribad. We don't want friggin huttball mk2, we want the game to be playable.

      Implying SWTOR is a PvP based MMO. Witch it is not. Its Quest based. It has 8 class quest lines, and you expect it to have good pvp? lol

    Lucky we only have one huttball? And they keep adding, as in fixing requests, changing the rewards to it benefits skilled players and not AFKers and adding an entirely new Warzone that's probably the best of the lot. Not to mention the three new Ops/Flashpoints since release. Oh and the guild summit. All only a few months out of the box.

    Woot! My two level 30 characters (restarted when they created Oz servers) juuuust miss out! These guys are just desperate to keep people from leaving the game once they've completed all the content. By buying themselves one month from the look of it.

    The game is horrible in terms of a WoW player transferring to this game personally,
    But another month of FREE play could entice a large fan base for an extended period of time yet we will see how long they stick around after this...

      it is Wow in space.what could be easier

    Lol running scared EA? Die die die ;)

      This is a pretty stinking attitude

    I played WoW Vanilla I can catagorically state that SWTOR is far better than WoW was at this point in its life cycle. I do not understand how you can compare and then bash a newer game when comparing it to a long standing game. Its like comparing F1 teams(sorry im an F1 fan) like Mclaren or Ferrari to HRT(worst team out there at the moment). Of course the newer one is going to be worse, it hasnt had the time to improve.

    I played WoW all the way through to year after Cataclysm had been out, then the game became stale to me and I had recieved that point of franchise fatigue(I know its 1 game but with all the expansions makes it a little samey after a while).

    just my 2p

      Most people generally take the time to look at what other games are doing and use the best ideas in their own game, you cant just ignore everything that has happened in the last 8 years.

      And if you need to compare to an MMO that isn't too old just look at Rift, a much more feature rich game and less buggy. They clearly looked at what the good MMOs were doing and worked hard to implement it.

      by your logic, if somebody releases an FPS today that plays and looks exactly like the original Doom at the price of a full game, people shouldn't complain. Was WoW at this stage of it's life cycle worse? possibly, I didn't try WoW until a few years after it came out. But that's not a very good excuse.

        Let's make this simple for your feeble mind;

        WoW is the Apple of MMO's. Seems to be the best but is actually one of the worst since they started with expansions and taking the skill/gear balance in favour of gear.

        SWTOR/Rift is the Creative of MMO's. Well built, less bugged, better features, more fleshed out but lacks the pull because it didn't come first.

          I don't really think SWTOR is less bugged than WoW. I couldn't go 5 minutes without seeing a bug and the engine it runs on is terrible, why can it only support a small group of people in a major city? It makes the game seem empty.

          There were other things with the combat like how they made animation take priority over the spells actually being cast.

          I agree with what you said about WoW though, the reason I tried SWTOR was because I was looking for something different.

    What I actually meant to say when I came here was that I love the title of the article.

    SW:TOR is in a no win situation, graphically this game exceeds WoW but since there are features that arent in the game that WoW players want, it is deemed as lacking, but if they included them from roolout it would have been denigrated as a WoW clone

      they need to add in more classes as 4 is not enough and the imerpial side is just a reskin with a different name of the republic side. The game also need to be balanced in its group play out side of flashpoints, as there were so many group quests that just didnt fit there recommended player limit. There were quests for 4 players than only needed 2 two compelete then there were2 player quests that needed 4 complete.

      Pet AI needs to be improved dramatically as the pets will not attack anything unless something attacks you and even then once that target is dead, if your still fighting the pet ai waits for you to be hit or for you to issue the attack order again.

      FInally the game needs to balanced so that no class is gimped in solo if they dont wish to use any ai pets/companion.

        Each of those four classes separate out into specialised classes. I.E Sith Inquisitor gets to choose from Assassin or Sorcerer. So In reality there are 8 endgame classes to choose from. BUT you could decide not to pick a class and not spend talent points and just level as a gimped non specialised sith Inquisitor... Taking the total number of possible (But stupid) classes to 12. The companions I have found not to have the issues you are talking about at all. And if you set them up right it almost feels as if you are playing with other people while you are soloing. :)

    Mike Fahey; still being bitter and using personal bias cos he didn't originally get the free game time (or still didn't get it).

    So thats what? approx 50,000 happy customers? I say good for them, im sure the other 2 million who own the game couldnt care less since they got what they wanted from the game in its 1st month and have moved on.

      Would like to see numbers of people who have actually moved on. No one I know is playing anymore and the guild I was in dropped from 100+ to around 20 ish. I thought about subbing to get the extra month free but then I remembered how bored I was last time. Shame really.

    I haven't played the game since the free play week right at the start. As soon as I discovered that I had to pay for a months sub to get my free month, I was put off completely. You can't really call it a free month if you have to pay to use it, can you? I haven't payed to play it out of principle.

    Wow. Fuck this.

    I've got a few characters that range between levels 5 and 25, and so this offer doesn't extend to me because I don't spend hours upon hours playing it.

    What pisses me off the most about this is that I've been subbed to the game since early January, which is well in the first days of the game and I've not cancelled my recurring sub despite not having an Internet connection for three weeks -- and yet, I get shafted because I don't have a high level toon.

    Fuck you, Bioware. Fuck you, and EA too.

    Why would everybody be happy? Someone who bought the game three weeks prior and got to Legacy 6 still gets a real-world monetary reward over me, who plays quite casually, but bought the collector's edition and has had a subscription since the game started.

    In-game rewards for in-game achievements is great. Even out-of-game rewards for out-of-game loyalty is cool. But a real-world out-of-game reward worth real money for in-game achievements is just bad business.

    Now, instead of giving me a month off from paying like the "valued" players, and receiving my subscription fees for a good two years or more, they get $0 from me until the game is gone.

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