Starcraft II's Heart Of The Swarm To Make Its Multiplayer Debut At MLG In June

IN BRIEF: Heart of the Swarm, the first expansion for Blizzard's Starcraft II, will be in playable beta at this year's MLG pro gaming championship in Anaheim, which runs from June 8-10.


    Now I'm no Starcraft 2 pro, hell even though I spent months (literally months in front of a screen) on Starcraft 1 I haven't touched it, but surely the multiplayer for Heart of the Swarm would be identical to Wings of Liberty? If I'm wrong, then that's pretty cool and, I retract the negative statement

      Similar, yes, but not identical. They're introducing new units, modifying existing ones, removing some, so on and so forth, to try and get a more balanced, system.

      Will there be anything in it that couldn't be delivered as a very large patch? Unlikely, but that's par for the course for expansions.

        So it'll be exactly like Broodwar. Which was for all intents and purposes, perfect.

        Well that's kind of...shitty. I think I'll just wait for part 3 and buy them in whatever pack they release them in, don't really have the computer for it anymore anyways

          well I hope not, because then it will surely be ruined in the next expansion...

        Don't forget the completely new campaign too.

    I'm looking forward to the new campaign.
    DOesn't anyone else think that the way it was delivered in Wings of Liberty was brilliant for an RTS?
    Same as MK9 the campaign was done very well for a fighting game too with how it flowed etc.

    I loved it ... can't wait for HoTS campaign

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