Street Fighter X Tekken Developer Jokes Tekken X Street Fighter Might Not Be Out Until 2018

Street Fighter X Tekken Developer Jokes Tekken X Street Fighter Might Not Be Out Until 2018

So, Street Fighter x Tekken came out and met with widespread acclaim. Good for Capcom. Now it’s Namco Bandai’s turn to produce a fighting game crossover that follows up on an idea that once looked impossible. When might the Tekken be coming out? The guy who made SFxT has no idea.

“Honestly, I haven’t seen a single thing about it!” said Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono about Tekken x Street Fighter, in an interview with The Guardian. “[Namco’s Katsuhiro] Harada is notoriously slow at making games, so it might be 2018 before that comes out!,” Ono continued. It’s clear that he was joking about the supposed release date but the recently hospitalized dev lead on SFxT was serious about other topics in the interview. About SFxT‘s controversial gem system, he says:

With the gem system, we wanted to add a layer of personalisation that had never been seen before in fighting games,” says Ono. “No longer should customisation be purely cosmetic; it should be about fusing your own play style into characters, and that’s what we’ve managed to do with the gem system.

“No gem is more powerful than another, and it is all about finding out what works for you as a player and you personally. New players to the genre can utilise Assist gems in order to cover their weaknesses, while more experienced players can utilise Boost gems to increase the parameters of their characters.

When asked about where he see the fighting genre possibly heading in the future, Ono answers:

… we want more and more people to become interested in fighting games so that we can grow the genre. It would be nice if we could create a means of giving new players an easy way to get acquainted with the existing fighting game community. If we can include more social features in the future titles that could help grow the communities. That would be ideal.

In case you’re wondering, this interview happened before Ono’s recent hospitalization. Hopefully, the producer’s recuperating and waiting on Harada and crew to craft respond with their own playable mash-up.

Street Fighter and me: Yoshinori Ono on the future of the fighting game [The Guardian]


  • If they really wanted more people to play fighting games; they’d make a tutorial mode for those who are new…

  • The issue with Capcom’s current attempts to cater to a larger audience (not necessarily a bad thing in general, mind you) is that their decisions in regards to this have started to alienate those who would normally stick with the game through its lifecycle; the fighting game enthusiast. Things like the Gem system (particularly that purchasing the collectors edition of the game gave you versions of the in-built gems that were in every way superior, destroying the balance by giving an advantage to those who paid more), and on-disc paid DLC (that Capcom representatives claimed didn’t exist until they got caught out) are the sort of things that drive the people who will stick with your title away.

    This isn’t an attempt to argue for or against some of the decisions that Capcom have made in regards to Street Fighter X Tekken (I certainly feel there’s been enough of that). But if you cater for another market at the expense of the one that keeps your game selling, you’re going to find that the life of your titles is going to be diminished greatly. That being said, SFxT’s Training Mode is a good start towards making fighting games more accessible without taking away from the rest of the experience, and options like Scramble Mode and the easy move gems allow people to play the same game, regardless of experience (or even ability, in some cases).

    • I should have probably stated that this is all my opinion, and I certainly don’t believe that I’ve some sort of video game messiah who has all the answers.

      • You raise some good points there.
        In the past fighting games have had life spans of 10years or more. Can a current gen game do that? regardless of genre?

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