Sword & Sworcery Officially Coming To PC

Good news, everyone! Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, one of the best games out there on the iPad and iPhone, is officially coming to the PC and Mac via Steam.

It'll be out "soon" (on PC, the Mac is coming a little later), and for the most part will be a straight port, with only a few tweaks made to the controls (to accommodate a mouse) and "some audiovisual elements" so as to "better suit the electric computer platform".


    Woo! This has an amazing soundtrack I got with a bundle, but I never got to play the game! Wooo!

    And iphone? Why not android phones then?

    AND Mac too (title fail)

    It's kind of interesting that a game developed for iPad and iPhone is coming out on PC first. Still, even though I have the original, I am going to pick this one up on PC.

    Wait a minute.. I HAVE AN ELECTRIC COMPUTER!!! It's plugged into the power hole, you see..

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