Take A Look At The Lost Levels Of Uncharted

Take A Look At The Lost Levels Of Uncharted

If asked to name a video game featuring gorgeous, beautifully detailed environments, I dare say that the Uncharted series would be near the top of that list. But what about the environments that didn’t quite make the cut? Naughty Dog has provided IGN with a number of mockups of unused levels. Some of them are predictably gorgeous.

My personal favourite is the above — titled ‘Foggy Forest’. Part of me would really like to see how Naughty Dog implemented fog effects and such like, since it’s sort of alright at putting together a little bit of visual trickery.

Anyways, it’s probably worthwhile making the trek across to IGN to have a quick gander.

The Lost Levels of Uncharted 3 [IGN]


  • I particularly love the Petra inspired one. The outside of the chateau portion of the game was probably my favourite part. Over grown car wrecks, gradual signs that something awesome was coming up in the distance. Good times. I really need to replay it.

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