Take A Look At Two Cancelled PS3 Exclusives

Take A Look At Two Cancelled PS3 Exclusives

Martin Binfield, a former artist at Sony Cambridge Studio, has recently posted a showreel of his work, and contained within are glimpses of some games we never actually got to see. Games like binned PS3 exclusives Heavenly Sword 2, and Eight Days.

Eight Days was cancelled a long, long time ago, while Heavenly Sword 2 suffered a similar fate, albeit much less publicly.

[via Eurogamer]


    • Luke is posting this because the US site doesn’t view the AU articles, so this is new for the US viewers.

      The issue would be someone on the AU side manually stopping it from going live on the AU side of things, but seeing as Mark is OS (he is isn’t he?) and his minions have thinned out in recent weeks it could be a simple case of auto-publish US articles at the moment, it’s not really as big a deal as you make it out to be.

      • wait, i though that US articles are only published on the US site, unless the AU site decided to republish them…

        • I believe Kotaku AU can setup an auto-publish of all the US articles and 99% of the time we will get all their content, Mark has said in the past they have stopped the occasional US article from coming through to the AU site.

          This is probably what should have happened here, but it’s just a simple case of one slipping through the keeper. As neither Mark or Luke don’t work together, neither would have known they were getting that article ready.

  • The time I would imagine is the time it was posted, how do you know which article was typed first?
    Also I think I ready previously that Kotaku AU can control the content on the site so are you blaming the AU editor for allowing this to go up after his own article?

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