Take This 20-Question Video Game Quiz. It's Gorgeous.

This neat, super-tricky video will put your video game knowledge to the test. Can you guess all 20 games these planets are from?

Check the YouTube description for the full list of answers.



    They should make a game where all the video game planets are worlds you can explore, and also add disney characters!

      So, the bonsue 21st game is probubly Kingdome Haerts. lol

    1. HalfLife
    2. Silent Hill?
    3. BF1942
    4. Mario64
    5. Assasince Creed 2
    6. Rollercoster Tycoon 1
    7. ESIV:Oblivion
    8. World of Goo
    9. TF2
    10. Mirrors Edge
    11. Protal 2
    12. C&C Red Alert
    13. Bioshock
    14. Mass Effect 3
    15. Zelda: Wind Waker
    16. Tetris
    17. Sims 3
    18. Company Of Heros
    19. Minecraft
    20. Halo *SHUDDER*

      Good one!

      But were there zepplins in red alert 1? Possibly RE2.
      2 was limbo I believe.
      And I think 18 was Medal of Honor Allied Assault
      Great catch on Oblivion I was thinking it was lord of the rings!

      2 is Limbo and I'm pretty sure 18 is MOH Allied Assault but other than that you've got it.

    #2 is definitely Limbo. #9 I thought might be fallout 3. The rest seem on the money, though I've never heard of Protal ;)

      Protal is what real people play. :P

      9 is deff TF2, its the 2 fort map. lol.

      Did not think of Limbo. I looked at Hotal, and it was dark, and it looked like it was on a hill. lol

      I did have my brother help me out with it a bit. We kinda went though them and worked it out. XD

    Red Alert 2 had the zepplins. I know I'm splitting hairs now because jagji56 has done well. Though I'd also say #1 is Halflife 2. #18 could be any number of games, I'm a big fan of company of heroes though.

      Good pick up on the zeppelins.

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