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    Morning everyone. Just dropping by to say hi before I head off to a week of tests at tafe. Shouldnt be too bad as they are all open book. But I get a bit nervous all the same. Still, holidays at the end of the week.

    Also, just a bit of maths to freak everyone out on a monday morning. Last weeks TAY had 7146 comments. That translates to an average of 1 comment every 84 seconds for the whole week. You kids be crazy.

    Happy Monday :D

      Those open book tafe tests always make me wary as well, Mostly because i hate taking notes as people talking. You will be fine.

      Good luck with your tests, Nova. I'm sure you'll do great!

      BREAK A LEG! :D

        Unless the class is about OH&S then don't break anything.

      Good luck with that. Don't worry, these tests are never as hard as people make them out to be.

    Good morning TAY!

    *frantically presses F5 on DSE website*

      Me and a workmate got on and were scrolling through some ridiculously cheap prices, getting all excited - then we got a timeout, managed to get back in and now it looks like everything is listing full price again.


    Wow, I always forget how bad it is having to wait until 8:30 instead of 7:30 for TAY. I read TAY while I'm having breakfast so when Daylight Savings ends I have to have breakfast a whole hour later. :P

      I know its torture isn't it, i got to work at 8 and no TAY i was all like well this is shitty. I got a days work done in that half an hour.


      We should just make the rest of the country abandon Daylight Savings and make TAY start at 8am to split the difference :p

        You people are crazy. Daylight savings time means that I can walk home from work without getting sunburnt.

          That's what umbrellas are for. They work much better for keeping off the sun than the rain.

            Heck no. Men using umbrellas, especially in the sun, in Geelong is an open invitation to be bashed to death. It's pretty much in the council laws.

            Also, I would have to hold it directly infront of my face.

              Living in Geelong, I confirm this man speaks the truth.

          Also means the sun is directly in my eyes on my way too and from work :/
          "Shakes fist at sun"

      It's great, it means I'm no longer getting up for work while it's still dark.

    Right so according to my browser this Dick Smith sale has a total of 19 items.
    So yeah.... awesome work.

    Sup TAY (i am a total bro because I say things like sup). It feels like an oven in this shopping centre while I wait for DS to open. And I was so cold this morning, too.

    It is very boring here. There's a sign out front saying 'no consoles' and that makes me sad.

      Man luck to you, but i think the staff has already probably taken all the good stuff for their families and friends.

        Well according to Dick Smith, they're not allowed to do that. But when did any retailer seem to enforce rules on its employees?

          Pfft, I've worked at both EB and GAME, and we did exactly that. Went through the sale list and pulled out all the good bits, and kept them in the back room until payday.

    Morn*achoo*ing everyone. My hayfever has gotten the better of my this morning =( pile of tissues piling up to my right as I type this D=

      Me too.
      I am predicting an End of the World virus spreading right about now.
      Wait, is that what you are??!?

      Man, /hi5 I went through that on Saturday night and it was hell.

      Still have yet to find something that can combat it well when it flares up :(

    Happy still April Fools Day in America *grumble* *grumble* stupid joke sites *grumble*

      Easy just be cynical and anything that is released today is a joke.

    At least 50 people lined up at the DSE in the city, I'm guessing some of them have been there for a while. Not even going to bother. Sorry everyone!

    Sir Greenius! I saw your post. Xenoblade! The Last Story hasn't arrived yet and I'm in the process of getting a refund from Zavvi. ;_;
    Think I'll just use the refund to get both The Last Story ordinary version and Xenoblade Chronicles for Ozgameshop.

      Note: Not a reply fail. Just funny co-incidence that Sir Greenius popped up as I was typing a message to him.

      :( hopefully you'll get it eventually WITH a refund!

      Man, I hear all sorts of bad things about Zavvi... are the stories true?

        To be fair we've bought loads of things from them in the past few years and never had a problem until now. It seems more a Royal Mail or Aus Post problem, too. The customer service I've had with this issue has been great.
        Basically, if it's cheaper than anywhere else and you're not in a hurry, go for it.

    Hrrrngh, death to daylight savings ending.

    My account is in Queensland, so everything that needs to be done is now back an hour.

    Morning TAY!

    I had a pretty cool weekend, the guys on Teamspeak were talking about Dark Souls so I came up with the completely original idea of starting a new game on Dark Souls. Also I went to the movies last night and saw 21 Jump Street. I was expecting it to be pretty crap but I was laughing throughout the movie (although they did drop the f bomb WAY too much).

      Also I went to my local DSE before I caught the train to work. Lots and lots of kids wanting to buy dem vidya gaems!

    Not a fan of most of the April Fools days shenanigans, but xkcd's efforts are impressive.

    Different comics by region and browser that change based on your browser zoom. Pretty amazing.

      The last panel extended when I made my browser wider, to show a new detail. Pretty cool, but would probably be cooler if we lived in the US.

        Zooming in also changes things and the link I gave has most of the variations posted. Some are pretty awesome.

    So the knox sore has like 200 people out the front... I just realised it's school holidays today which sucks

      Oh frak. It's school holidays now?

      I guess that explains the lack of school kids at the schools I drove past. *dumb*

    Morning everybody.

    4 day working week due to Easter... I'm pretty excited about it. Can use the time to finish a few games.


      I can't wait for these 4 days, It's going to be just amazing. Might try and finish off a game myself!

      I'll be doing the same I think. I grabbed AssCreedRev from HN last week, so I now need to go through and finish AssCreedBro...

    Hey team

    A few notes about the dick smith sale.

    1. The link TO the sale was busted - it didn't show all of the items - if you wanted to find the items you had to physically type it into the search bar.
    2. The sale went live early. I checked at 7.20 and it was already live and most stock was sold out.

    I managaged to get 2 1500 ms point cards, dead island and resistance retribution in my kart... but when i went to pay, they were removed and it said "these items are now sold out"

    Seriously?? You guys don't have a kart hold function?? Most other sites do?
    What the fuck?

    Seriously, i am so pissed off.

    So yeah - long story short is none of us ever had a chance - especially if you thought it would start at 8am or you used the link they provided

      Yup. I didn't even try. Admittedly, being stuck on a bus when things were both meant to start and when it actually did start didn't help matters much.

        I'd imagine it would actually be quite difficult, yes...

        Seriously, it's almost as bad as the catchoftheday shenanigans. lol

      I really didn't think i had a chance, I am a little disapponted that nobody got anything though especially the people who waited at the stores. But Dick Smith knew that would happen.

      I looked at what I was after the day before the sale, and anything I was insterested in wasn't available, or it was sold out in a flash.

      I did hear from a few friends that managed to get stuff that the online portion started earlier than 8am.

      While I'm not impressed, and a little dissapointed, I can't say I didn't see it happening.

        Yeh - i'm in the same boat. I wasn't expecting anything to come of it - but i'm still a little annoyed

      It's almost an elaborate fools joke: Huge Sale! But you can't have any of it.
      My mate who works there could not even get me anything.

        Really, wow that is terrible, oh well. It does seem like that a bit actually.

    Hey Peeps,
    This D2 thang... is it worthwhile picking up a legit copy for bnet play or are we being pirates (arrrrr)?

      Funny story (well probably not funny more sad) I bought a legit copy of the game and it downloaded from bnet slower then a pirated version. =/

        oh and the bnet downloader is the worst piece of garbage i have ever had the displeasure to use. it uses ALL THE INTERNET. Torrenting slows down my internet less.

        How much did you end up paying? I'm hearing it was $20 for D2+expansion.

          That is true. Although I generally don't condone piracy, if blizzard are going to charge money for the shittiest downloader I have ever used, I would think twice about buying it.

            I aquired a copy and it downloaded in little under a hour and a half. Installed and everything seems to work. The sad part is i won't be around to play.

          Yeah, I was going to buy it but at $20 for what will surely be me playing it for one weekend I passed and just downloaded it. Downloaded it under an hour and played it for a while. The Hi-res fix doesn't work on the latest update but meh, still playable.

            BUT SO MANY PIXELS

            Actually its pretty okay looking for a old game.

    Just back from the Dick Smith sale. The store in Nth Sydney is tiny and didn't have any of the DSi, PSP or Xbox 360s that were on sale at all. Went in with a large list, came out with Borderlands GOTY, GTA Complete and Dragon Quest IX.

    Anyone have better luck?

      looks like you're the only one who had any luck at all.. lol

      Starting to sound like you have the best luck out of everyone thus far!

    Holy shit just got an email from redbubble - sold my first hoodie!!??!!??
    $8.40 commisssion?? I'll take that over a $3.20 commission any day of the week!

      NICE MAN!

      Which hoodie did you sell?

        disingenuous assertions...

        Now all i have to do is wait 6 months for my commissions to be paid outr!!!


    So a few things
    My grandad is out of hospital but he is in a wheelchair for the time being. He can walk but only very little. He is still not that great but he was joking and in decent spirits on Sunday so i can only hope for the best. Secondly i got a call from my sister and apparently i am travelling 1200kms to see her for Easter with my mother and her boyfriend. This is going to be torture they fight like cats and dogs and i am going to be stuck in the middle. I have various forms of entertainment. Including my music and my 3ds and my normal ds which i might take instead since battery life isn't great on the 3ds. Plus i can use my R4 card. How was everyone elses weekend.

      Bought stuff, comforted distraught best friend, watched said best friend pick up the following night, had a grand total of 10 hours sleep and back at work again

      Good to hear he is doing ok man.
      Forced family stuff huh? At least you get chocolate?

      Glad to hear he's getting better and in high spirits, is a good sign :)

    Community Gaming Nights

    Aw yeah! Monday morning! Let's get excited! *crickets* Fair enough.

    So, 2nd week of this Community Gaming thing and wow. I'm impressed guys. I'm glad to see you're all jumping on board with this! As I said to Pez after the RDR session on Friday, I don't think I've seen my Xbox Live friends list that active in a long time!

    First, a quick recap:

    Team Fortress 2 on Wednesday night was well, Team Fortress 2 on Wednesday. A few less players this week but fun none the less. Hats will be put on the shelf for a couple of weeks while we play some other games too.

    Red Dead Redemption on Friday night was a lot of fun. On the 360 side we had a few connection issues at the start but that just meant that we had plenty of time to shoot each others horses (and donkeys) and then proceeding to run each other down as we tried to get our new mounts. After everyone was in the game we went to sort out some gang hideouts. Hugo was leading the pack. Galloping along I could hear the soundtrack from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" playing in my head. Until Hugo led us all off a cliff to our deaths.

    After some clearing out of gangs we decided to play some of the other game modes. A bit of stuffing around again as we tried to figure out how to get everyone in the same game (apparently if you select a game mode with the DLC it won't let people without the DLC join. Who would've guessed it?). Finally we all got in the same game. It was then that FatShady decided that we should try and balance the teams and told us all the disband the posse. Apparently. As only FatShady left. So when the next round started we were met with howls of laughter coming over party chat as it became apparent that it was now FatShady vs the rest. Our good friend The Cracks wrote this short piece:

    It was a lost cause. He knew it, deep down inside, and so did they. The wind whistled incessantly as he stared them down. Standing alone on that roof, seven men of the law watching him with hungry eyes, it occured to him that he wasn’t making it out alive. But maybe, just maybe, he might be able to take one of them to hell with him.

    It all happened so fast.
    FatShady twitched towards his holstered six-shooter. His hand never made it. In only seconds, he had more bulletholes than teeth. As his corpse slumped to the floor, the seven were laughing. Cold, merciless laughter, the kind decent folk hope to never hear. It was done.
    FatShady had left the posse, and paid the ultimate price.

    Thanks to AlexPants, The Last Question, Batgirl, Hugo, FatShay, The Cracks, McGarnical for playing. I had a lot of fun. Thanks again the Pez for hosting the PS3 session. He tells me it went well.

    Our resident colour Greenius ran an iSketch night on Saturday and while I wasn't able to join I hear it went amazingly.

    And that brings us back to Monday. A new week. A new round of games and a little something special.

    Wed 4th April
    Brink (PC)
    Time: 8:30pm AEST
    Host: Cakesmith

    Note: If there is someone interested in hosting console variants of this let me know

    Sat 7th April
    Uncharted 3
    Time: 8:30pm AEST
    Host: TBC

    Sat 7th April
    Halo: Reach
    Time: 8:30pm AEST
    Host: TBC

    and the big one:

    Easter Weekend Community Gaming Event Spectacular Super Alpha Perfect Ultimate Turbo Championship Edition!

    Fri 6th April [Good Friday] (Date TBC)
    Diablo 2
    Time: Midday AEST
    Host: Cakesmith

    I'm still working out a few of the technical details about this one regarding hosting but I'll keep you informed. Either way, aiming to start at midday on Good Friday.

    The plan is to all start new characters while arguing with each other on TeamSpeak over who gets to play what.

    Lord of Destruction may not be required as we may not get that far into the game, but obviously if you want to play the Druid or Assassin class you will need it. So stock up on the Shapes and Pepsi Max because this is going to be epic! there was a lot of interest in this when I mentioned it last week so we may have 2 games going. So, if you're keen to play let me know so I can organise the game(s).

    Cakesmith out!

    To join in the mad shenanigans just add whoever the host is to your friends list on the relevant system so you can find the games.

    I also want your votes on what to play next week! People wanted to play Brink, so we're playing Brink. I heard a cry for Terraria, so next week we will be playing that. I'm doing this for you guys as well, not just myself so your input on what we play is VERY important.

    I'm also looking for more game suggestions. It can be as old school or as obscure as possible, but if you think we would have some awesome fun with it then let me know, either here or on the Tweets (@a_sharples for those who don't already know).

      Please excuse spelling mistakes and grammar errors. It's Monday morning and I haven't had my coffee yet #StillBetterGrammarThanRocketman

      Brink night wooo

      no diablo 2 for me i will be travelling and unless i can get my computer running for 12 hours on battery and no internet connection i won't be able to play.

        True Dat

      So yeah, referring back to the D2 night.
      I'm happy to buy (again) it off bnet, but it looks like we won't be needing super realz copies?
      How will that work in terms of needing things to be patched?

      What, just because I led you all to a sheer cliff with a hard to find path that will only allow one person at a time down and there were about 7 or 8 of us, apparently I "led us all off a cliff to our deaths".
      Yep, sounds like something I would do :P

      As I said last week, i am a total computer noob, so once things are a bit more stable on how the Diablo 2 connection thingy works out, can someone explain it to me in short simple sentences.

      Also, can someone tell me how to get onto this "teamspeak" thingy.
      My word of the day.

        Hey hey hey. I didn't ride over no cliff. I just laughed as the lemmings tumbled.

      If a certain someone wanted to join in with Diablo 2, but doesn't own it, where can he get it? Cab you get it online, or only in store somewhere?

        You can definately get digital versions on just register an account and buy the game through the account interface.

      iSketch was amazing fun the other night.
      I will endeavour to join in on more of these TAY game nights.

    So, just got back from DSE. All the headsets, Xbox sub cards etc; were picked up in less than a minute! Managed to walk out with Dante's Inferno, Fable 3 and Dragon Quest IX.

      Dante's Inferno - biggest waste of time. lol

      I finished the game - and while the story is OKAYISH, the gameplay is just horrible.
      Oh.. and play it on easy.. the gap between easy and normal is ABSOLUTELY brutal.

        still - glad to see you had some joy :D

        I say Dante's Inferno was excellent, and massively underrated. I played it through twice and enjoyed it thoroughly. I'm a fan of Dante Alighieri's original work and was really impressed with the atmosphere and the sound as well - it looked and sounded incredible. I thought the gameplay was fine, but I have heard complaints of difficulty. Some of it was pretty savage.

      I swear to god, I came this close to punching a bunch of schoolkids in the face after I told them off for grabbing a bunch of XBOX Gold cards and claiming they could resell them on eBay for $50.

      And then I would have stolen their ice cream.

        I would have hit them - people that do that piss me off immensely!

      Would it be a lost cause to drive by home from work? :(

        Unless you wanted crap Wii or DS games, probably not. The only things that appeared to be close to worthwhile was what Batgirl bought, ands they'll be long gone.

      Yay Batgirl, you got stuffs you wanted. Awesome :D

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