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    It's alive!

      It's called morning glory - it will go back to normal soon.

        I see you haven't changed :D

        There's a store called Morning Glory in Sydney. It's not a brothel.

    And there was a collective sigh of relief now that TAY has returned, thanks Elly! :)
    Mark! Just cuz you won awards doesn't give you right to neglect us! :'( Kidding human, you deserved the awards anyhow, as did Tracey and Elly :)

    It's just too little too late, Kotaku.

    I've..... found someone else.
    Someone who'll care for me and tend to my needs - not leave me at the bus stop without an umbrella or snacks to eat while I get old waiting....

    *runs away crying*

      redtube doesn't count as a blog...

        It cares about my feelings.
        It also suggests potential ladies that want to 'hook up', and how to grow my manhood by several inches in record time. Then there's the videos! The people look so happy!

    I love that it says it was posted at 8.30 am on the front page. :D


      How are you, you magnificant bastard?

        better now.

        The stress is almost over!
        One test and one assignment down and Bee's 21st is this weekend - so almost completely back to relaxed loops!

      It totally was, it's just that, uhhh... Everyone missed it. Yes, that's right. Everyone.

    2 posts in TAY. Pez you have to vote for me in Kudos now.

      if he doesn't i will.
      Monumental effort!



      Shiggy! I approve of what you have taught the Japanese on your travels

    Howdy Tayberinos

    A Monday morning question: What is the greated video game voice acting performance of all time? I'd lean towards Hamill's Joker, your thoughts?

      Solid Snake

        I've heard some people criticise that performance, but Hayters gonna hate, right?

          I thought the performance was...pretty solid.

      I'm with you, Red. First time I heard Hamill in AA I got massive shivers down my spine.

      Claudia Black's Chloe Frazer in the Uncharted series.

      That voice,

      Hamil's Joker was amazing.

      But personally, I think Nolan North as Nathan Drake (extra points for being Deadpool in UMvC3) or Jennifer Hale as FemShep would be my picks. But then again, Steve Blum deserves props for his role as "Zombie Voice" in Saints Row The Third (not mentioning the other great roles he's been in - Grayson Hunt in Bulletstorm, Garcia Hotspur from Shadows of the Damned, Starscream from War for Cyberton, and Oghren from Dragon Age: Origins). Jim Cummings (aka Winnie the Pooh, Tigger) also deserves a mention for the multitude of gaming voices he's done over the years. He's like an old friend who pops up in everything. Whenever I hear his voice in a game, I think, "Oh, hey Jim! Nice to hear you again!"

        I'd pick North and Hale as being the top of the field, but I feel Hamill's is a better single performance.

      I'm with you, buddy!

      That and leisure suit larry. That dude really nailed "i will never get laid"

      Jennifer Hale, femshep.

        You know after I've done my ME2 playthroughs with my Vanguard and Insanity Infiltrator I might do my first ever femshep starting from ME1, and be a Renegade, which I haven't actually really done before

      Mike Patton's The Darkness. Utterly amazing - that guy has the most dynamic voice of all time. He also voiced the special infected in L4D and L4D2 as well. Go back, play those games and listen to the sounds that guy can make. Effects are used for most, but oh my god.

        Incidentally, he also did the crazy/snarling sphere from the GLaDOS fight in the first Portal game.

    Previously on TAY...

    On Friday night I was walking through Coles. Friday is my pizza games and scotch night.

    So I’m walking through, getting some stuff I needed for general usage when I walked past a 3 for $10 on Coles brand pizzas. What the hell I thought. A large pizza on the way home is going to cost me more than that for 1.

    So I grabbed 3 and chucked them in the basket (a ham and cheese, a meatlovers and a pepperoni). Previous experience with frozen pizzas, technically they weren’t frozen but one of those “just heat it up” style ones, was that there is never enough cheese. So I went and grabbed some pizza cheese. Than I thought “there’s no pineapple on this ham and cheese one, that will not do at all”, so I went and grabbed a small can of pineapple pieces.

    I got home and decided on the ham and cheese pizza. I threw on the pineapple and some extra cheese and whacked it in the oven. 12mins later it was ready and I must say, it was damn tasty!

    I had the meatlovers one for dinner on Saturday. It was alright, but not awesome. It didn’t have BBQ sauce on it so I had to add it.

    Anyway, yeah, Coles brand budget pizzas, not bad.

    On the downside I've put back on a few kilos over the past month that I lost towards the end of last year, so pizza, games and scotch night will probably become games, scotch and sensible food night.

      But that doesn't quite have the same ring to it. It breaks up the whole flow of the evening!

      I agree. 3 for $10 is not bad, and they taste pretty good once you add some extra toppings.

      The Coles pizzas make a good base - buy one and pile it with all your favorite toppings.
      As a standalone pizza, no deal.


      Come back when you're making greek pizza's with lamb and pita bread!

      amateur hour, honestly :P

        come to think of it.. that would be a great way to retain your pizza scotch and games night without the added KG's! :D

        Last time we had home made pizzas I made a chicken satay one. It blew my mind!

        Oh my God. If Greek lamb isn't the most mouth watering smell of all time, alongside frying bacon, I just.... I don't know......


    So after a week and a bit of avoiding trolls to rebuild my sanity and get my study up-to date.

    I'm back! Hopefully for the better! :P

      Woo! \o/
      So how 'bout that study? Pretty cool way to keep your pants up!

      How's the study going?

        It's going.,. that's the main thing.
        Need to get a start on the finance one now, but that shouldn't be too taxing apart from the first couple of Q's... i'll get a kick on that tomorrow, though. I need an intermission and some trials evo!

      Welcome back, human! You were missed greatly.

        PARTAY TIEM!

      \o/ Welcome back. I was glad to hear via Kudos that you appear to have received your game! \o/
      What else is new?

        Yeah man - thank you again for that so much! You're a gun!

        Also - it had a $2 sticker on it?!?!?!
        What wizadry is that?!?!

        Also also - in the realm of what's new - absolutely nothing.. the past week has been 99% dedicated to school and bee's 21st!

        Got her necklace from tiffanies on saturday, though... there's $505 i'll never see again! :(

          I know - bargain, right?

          I could have gotten 202.5 copies of SMB for the cost of that necklace, for example (although they only had the one copy) :P


    'Sup TAY?
    You know whats pretty damn good? working weeks that have less than five working days in them.
    Also, Dead Island is actually pretty fun on co op. I was not really expecting that.

      I so have to give this a try in co-op.
      I really enjoy the game, but once SKYRIM! came out, the poor thing just got abandoned :(


      Did you know that bacon backwards is "Nocab"

      Well now you do.

      It's funny, because you love bacon but fail at cooking it.

      Life is cruel, hey?

    Bah. I'm sick, it's raining, and I have to go to uni today. I hate you, Monday.

    I'm very annoyed with myself because I didn't do anything these holidays. I literally spent last week in my house. Although I have been sick, so I couldn't really go out much, but still. Disappointing, me.

      I have to work AND go to uni... although i'm really not getting much work done. There's Taying that needs doing.

      I'll hapilly cuddle you, though, and nuzzle into the nape of your neck

        We may be totally starting a Let's Play series together that is totally going to happen and definitely wasn't just a joke on Twitter, but I won't let you get that close to me, good sir!

    I had so long to prepare something to say while newTAY was non-existant... but I still couldn't think of anything. D:


      How about an anecdote relating to bizare urination tendencies?
      It works for me!

    It appears I may need to reorganise my travel arrangements to the meat...

    Pixel! You don't need a house! Take me to Sydneeeeeeeeeeeeey!

    Aww, I was just getting use to the 'new' TAY. I had marked my territory and everything :(


    Here's a recap in case you forget easily or don't pay attention to me (which is surprisingly common, no idea why...):
    We are at the Monorail at The Galleries (near wagamama) at 11:30 AM on Saturday, all looking classy as shit (which knowing us TAYbies will result at everyone arriving by 12:30pm), ride it around and around and around and around until we all go insane.

    This is then followed by lunch, at which we will all marvel at Bish's ability to consume endless quantities of food.

    After this point a small group of us staying overnight will break off to go and check into the room to dump our bags.

    This is then followed by Galaxy world, where we will once again attempt to destroy the bumper cars, cause each other injuries, or both.

    After this, we shall acquire dinner noms then go on to drink in fantastic fashion. General merriment will ensue until we all pass out.


    Things to consider/keep in mind:
    - I'll be driving in and parking my car in the city overnight - if you need a lift in I have 4 spots free but I will be leaving on the Sunday morning (so keep it in mind if you are planning on leaving Saturday night). If you need a place to put your bags (if you are staying overnight) give me a heads up and we can use my car as temporary storage until we check in later in the day.
    - If you are suiting/dressing up and crashing the night I highly recommend bringing a change of clothes.
    - The following people are crashing in the room overnight (we are at max capacity now):
    - For Batgirl, Doc, Shiggy and Pixel make sure you guys bring $45 with you on the Saturday. At this point I'll dispense these funds to those of us who paid extra for the room.
    - Sunday morning (for those staying) is the traditional post-hangover epic breakfast, so if you don't have to be anywhere then you are welcome to stay for epic noms.

    Really looking forward to seeing you all there - this is sounding like a big turnout and it should be heaps of fun. I wholeheartedly recommend you all dress up if you can.



      I've just gotten word that Pixel will be unable to make it.

      Does anyone else want to take Pixel's spot and crash overnight? $45 and you get your very own top or bottom bunk.

        WAIT WHAT??!?
        *deep breathe*
        We were supposed to sing "cradled in love" together and drink many a mead.
        *breaks down sobbing*

          We were supposed to sing “cradled in love” together and drink many a mead. While backpacking


      May scab a lift, but where will people be meeting you to get picked up?

        At a train station or destination between the greater west and the city :p

        I'll be travelling along the M4 to get in, so any destination along the way that is a slight detour is no problem.

      I'd like to object to this nonsense re. departing the Monorail to have lunch.

        I object to your objection which implies that we should not have lunch in a hasty manner.

          I object to Bish's objection that gives the impression that he eats food with any sort of urgency.

            Apologies, that should be "we should not attend to lunch in a hasty manner".
            One cannot rush the consumption of food, Pessimisto, you must savour it and absorb it. Relish the moment.

              Are there any places nearby that sell relish though?

      Ooh, details. At this point I'm 99.99% sure I can make it. Just have to figure out where this Monorail is...

      My train gets in at 11:18am. I'm excited AND nervous (please don't steal my organs)!

        The Gallerie/Galerie, whatever the fuck they call it.

        It's where the kumi...kuminoya... I dunno, the book place. With books and shit.

        It's in the same building that ichi ban boshi and wagamama are at. Can't miss it.

      Thanks for the monumental effort you've put into organising, Pez! I vote we all buy him a drink on Saturday.

      So my boyfriend wants to come along to this meat of ours (zomg) – is that okay?

      The main reason being that he needs to do some research for an assignment and he said the TAYbies would make the perfect focus group. Won’t take long, we’ll just need to do a survey or something.

      So who’s dressing up for this meat?!

        Yay, I like getting experimented on.
        Dressing up? What's this about dressing up? and in what precisely?

          Suits and shit. Like sirs.

            Probably use the toilet facilities if need be, though.
            Hygiene and all that jazz.

            So I take it just a loin cloth will be okay then.
            Also, I wear "suit like stuff" every weekday, my weekends are for grungy, hole ridden, ill fitting, but very comfortable clothing.

        When are dapper nerds riding a monorail ever a perfect focus group?

          We're an untapped market.

            So that's NOT what the hidden pockets are for?

            ...Jeeves is going to be mad.

        I hope there won't be probes in my no no places like last time.


          What's the dress code?
          I have no suits that I know of.

            Check if you have any surprise suits then.


    I didn't realise the full extent of how amazing IKEA is. People always told me that it was awesome. But, it just can't be conveyed in words. It's like a Disneyland for adults, where you can buy adult LEGO kits that you can PUT STUFF ON. It's life-changing.

      Also cheap food!

        It's cheap for a reason... about the only thing that is edible is the meatballs.. and even they aren't as good as they used to be.
        And the softdrink *shudders* ALWAYS FLAT!

        Better idea is a stunner deal from HJ's :D

          I don't really think anyone has any expectations of a $1 hotdog.

            When I go there, I think: cheap lunch. But $1 is TOO cheap, so I must buy three hot dogs, just so I feel I've spent the 'right' amount of money. Then I get sick.

            Well, define "expectations". For $1 I expect it leave my body as quick as it takes to run to the bathroom.

      You mean adult LEGO that you can put ACTUAL LEGO on!

      It truly is amazing.

      I want their glass display cabinets for some of my figs

        We grabbed three sets of Billy bookshelves. We'll be going back for glass doors in a couple of weeks! Going to convert the centre one purely for figures:

          Dayummm..... I gotta say, i'm pretty bloody jelly of that set up, and all them transformers!

            Hahahahahaa I need another Billy shelf for my actual Transformers collection! The ones out at the moment are just my Classics shelf, my Masterpiece/War for Cybertrion shelf and the Leader class figs from the movies series on top. Oh, and Optimus/Grimmy/Magnus trio of Autobot leaders from the animated series.

            I've got no room to display my Beast Wars figs at the moment, and it breaks my heart.

      My god IKEA is huge, especially in NSW. Went down to NSW a couple of weeks ago and went to an IKEA. My god, I swear they need "base camps" every so often in the store so you can camp out the night and continue your hike the next day.

        We should have had an IKEA Meat :(

          yeah, I wish I knew about going to Sydney a bit earlier so we could organise a mini-meat thingie.

      Disneyland is Disneyland for adults.

      Anyone who doesn't agree can GTFO.
      (Except my wife. She would disagree, but she can stay.)

    Reporting for duty.

    Morning all. Hope you all had a good weekend n stuff.

    **Trials Evolution Competition**

    I want to organise a competition of sorts. One of the best things I ever did in Trials was to compete in a competition. I hardly ever won it and thats not what its about, its just about having focus to try and be the best you can on a particular track. So if you are interested, please leave your gamertag below. Add each other as friends and at the end of the week (Sunday Night), I will collect the times and post them in here?

    So, the rules are simple, we pick a track at the start of the week and we go crazy. Get the best time you can and then at the end of the week we will post the leaderboard. I'd really like to start the competition with an awesome one.. I want to Run GIGATRACK for the first week, we all see who can get the best times (Im not competing unless someone beats my time)... If you want to whimp out and pick another track, thats fine too?

    Let me know if anyone is interested?

      I'll do it, someone needs to come last, right?

      I'm "Blaghman".


      Oh, we should totally have this event sponsored by TAYbar and have prizes or something???

      Im 'FatShady Live' btw.

      I still haven't even finished Gigatrack, so I guess I'll take the last post. Xbox Live Gamertag: TheLastQuestion - I think I already have most TAYbies on my friends list.

      Sounds fun :D
      I'll probably come near last though.

      GT is Lambomanjohn117


      Looking forward to it :D

      Like FatShady, I will also not compete until someone beats my time:

        I beat that!

        Don't have the photo, but something like 30 faults and 15 minutes. Ohhh yeah [engage smug face]

      Heheh, Gigatrack for the first week. Epic.

      HaganeGir here, folks.

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