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    ... well, I finally cracked.
    I just bought a framed South Park poster.

      I knew the one you meant as soon as I read this!

      I really want it too, but it just wouldn't fit anywhere in my place. :(

    I'm reposting because I'm a horrible person and Crazyguy hates my posts and always gets a new page not long after I do.
    Start playing ME3. First paragon action comes up, I press L2. Nothing. Hit it a few more times. Still nothing. Then I realize it’s L1 now.


    There seem to be a few things changed for no real reason besides change. It makes me grumpy.

    Plus they seemed to have replaced my Shepards head with a potato.

    Can anyone confirm that the sniper time dilation had been drastically reduced or am I just imagining things?

      Because you touch yourself at night.

      Ole' potato head Shepard, most recognisable mug in the galaxy.

        But is it the most romanceable mug in the galaxy? That's the important question.

          He's, uh, got a great personality.

      I don't hat your posts, Freeze. They fill me up with warmth.
      You just have to learn to have dumb luck.


    I was totes going to comment on it on the new page!

    Screw it I’ll do it anyway because all the cool kids repost things!


    (about AlexPants' new green gravatar :D) - Me likie! Join the green club with me Tigerion and Powalen!

      Aww cool was totally italicised but when I copy/pasted it went away :(

      COOL KIDS CAUSE FREEZE DID IT AND HE'S 'COOL'! (bad joke ruined)

      There's more to my gravatar than just green! WALLACE WELLS, PEOPLE.

    Ahaha, watching second season of Web Zeroes and they're talking about going viral on the net with a video and it needs boobs and one of the characters Nate said they could have a contest like "Boob Idol" or "So You Think You Have Jugs" i'd totally watch said shows if they existed.

      Jugs McMelonsssssssssssssssssssssssss

        I was waitin' for that comment.

          Her fault for coming up with such an amazing, memorable name :P

            It's so true.

            We have my character on DC:UO to thank for that.

            It's a miracle she didn't stack it every few seconds.

              Sounds like she needs a breast reduction!

                How could she fly! Also, it's like hiding in plain sight. Creepers will just think you're one of them with a name like that and not bug you. Oh, god. WoW had some...interesting people on there.

                  Oh god, imagine that in real life, you would be having trouble not nose diving XD

                  and WoW, yeah I learnt don't name your female toon a RL female name, it can get creepy. Like when leveling my mage this dude whispered me and was asking if i'd be his girlfriend :S

                  Scary stuff. Now I just name my toons funny named based on their class.

      Me too.

      *giggles and blushes, then turns away all shy

        As long as Steven Tyler isn't on Boob Idol, he's done enough damage being on American Idol =P

    Holy crap, there's a new page hah!

      I'm usually like that refreshing a page for a bit and then i'm all "Oh new page YAY!"

        But then I have to have 2 tabs open and periodically refresh the old page :(

      You only missed it 'cos you're all full of chicken and cheezles and... I'm so jealous! *sobs

    @ Greenius
    When is the next iSketch night?
    I keep missing them, but I want to play again some time.

      Whenever you want!

      Possibly Friday/Weekend? Got some stuff I need to do throughout the week so I probably won't be free until then :)

      Just ask people to play when you're up for it. There's always a few TAYbies who wouldn't mind a quick game or two :)

        sound's like a plan*

        *lack of a plan - but might just work anyway

    Eugh! What's with all the sub 100 dollar 1155 socket motherboards being 90% mATX, my case fits full ATX damn it & I can't afford to spend more than about 100 bucks on a motherboard >=[ Plus most mATX only have 2 RAM slots, and 4 would be handy!

    Though I think i'm going to change to this motherboard over my previous selection, I didn't notice this one when looking before!

      Throw all that rubbish in the bin and buy a console like us cool kids.

        Nup! Because the laptop i'm using is borrowed from a friend and i'd like to give it back to her soon =P

        Also just realised no onboard graphics with that motherboard, I don't see a problem with that, unless said graphics card I have dies...

      So Tech TAYbies which motherboard would you recommend? The one in my original post there or this one?

        Ah bugger it they're out of stock of both anyway damn it x.x

      mATX boards fit into ATX cases fine.

      The reason for it is just miniaturization. You can fit insane amounts of stuff onto even smaller motherboards, eg you can make a gaming PC off a Mini-ITX board if you really want.

        I know that, but I usually find mATX boards rather cramped =/

    Musical Interlude!

    So, uh, who's Beefcake McNugget? Near as I can tell is that he is in partner? Makes it even more awkward that my Shepard is an old man.

      There's some comic about him that someone linked a while ago :P

    The song title reminded me of this song - "I Love You - Me Neither".

      Reply button! No smiley stickers for you!

      Was a reply to Crazybuy1990 above.

    Eugh what, Crysis 3 already?! I never got to finished #2 man! Not that I ever finished #1 either... I have issues with finishing video games it looks D=

      I should get back to playing number 2... I need to admire that beautiful Bokeh...

    Just got back from The Avengers. Gets a definite thumbs up from me, with one very large caveat.

    It is ridiculously Whedonesque. Like, seriously. I think that that's a good thing, but other people may get sick of the witty banter, and god there is a lot of it. However, the writing is sharp(I was genuinely laughing at some points), the special effects are fantastic(that massive budget had to go somewhere that wasn't those ridiculously good looking actors), and the directing clearly comes from someone who understands which side of the camera does what(so, very little use of "SHAKY CAM" and when it was used, it was so for a good reason, fights avoided the Jason Bourne style of hiding their incoherent choreography with quick cuts, and opted to make it fairly clear what was happening, mise en scene was used well, though a little blunt at times(as was Chekhov's Gun)). Also, not terrible in 3D(similar quality, maybe slightly better than Thor and Cappy A), but I'd probably prefer it in 2D.

    My friend who was not a big comic fan(I'm not sure he'd actually seen any of the previous films...) enjoyed it, so that's a plus.

    Oh, and Mark Ruffalo(Bruce Banner) was fantastic, in my opinion.

    So yeah, waiting for a few others to see it, so I can discuss it, and I'll definitely go see it again so I can make snide comments up the back.

    I didn't watch Touch on Sunday night because I was busy but I watched the encore of it last night and found it surprisingly good. I really liked how they connected all the different story elements together. If anyone recalls I made a post a while back about how life is predetermined because everything is connected and this show's sort of based on that whole concept. I'm enjoying having a visual representation of what I was talking about playing out on screen for me to sit back and watch.
    Did anyone else watch it either on Sunday or last night and if so what did you think of it?

    I know a lot of people say it BUT I DON'T CARE.


    I'm board and want to chat to my TAY fwends...

      I'm popping in every now and then when I get bored! I'm putting together a presentation for tomorrow :P

        What's it on? :)

          eBusiness Strategies. D: I got assigned NTT DoCoMo (which is basically a much better Japanese Telstra, from what I've seen). I probably should have started it earlier. Oh well. :)

            Hehe I too fall under the 'leave everything until the last minute' category :D

            I'm getting a bit better though! From night before to day before to a few days before.

    I've been watching my friend play Skyrim and it is fairly common to hear different characters with the same voice actor. It's jarring to hear the same handful of voices over and over again and it really breaks the immersion.

    I know hiring actors is expensive but why didn't Bethesda get fans to do some voices? I'm sure there are plenty of people who would be willing to travel to their offices and do some recording and all Bethesda had to do was provide some food and drinks.

    The fans don't have to record any spoiler laden scenes, they could just help with the incidental dialogue.

    Oh well, if wishes were horses...

    Morning TAY.

      Have you ever heard someone who has no experience trying to act, or voice act?

      It's terrible.

      People think that they can emote on cue, but they really, really, can't.

      They could always do a 'competition' of sorts to get a bunch of people who would be willing to do it for free. I'm sure plenty of people wouldn't mind having their voice in a big-budget video game :)

      And this way they can see who will be good and take only the ones they want. Someone tell them about this!

        A competition would be great. Alternatively, Bethesda could team up with a uni where final year acting/voice acting students do some voice work for a big budget game. A win win for everyone, Bethesda gets cheap/free voice talent and the students get some experience.

    TAY, tell me a story in 15 words or less!

      Once upon a time, there was a guy. He did stuff. Then end

        Once upon a time there was a guy. He played Xenoblade all day.

          His name. Powalen.

            And also, Greenius. Not NovaCascade or NoobHeadshot though, they hate fun.

              Those who Xenoblade, Xenoblade. Xenoblade Xenoblade's everybody who doesn't Xenoblade. Therefore, Xenoblade can Xenoblade a Xenoblade, but only if a Xenoblade has Xenobladed another Xenoblade.

                That was over 15 words.

                I am disappoint.

                  Ohhh. I thought you wanted a story in 15 Xenoblades or less.

                  I should read things more thoroughly.


                You could always... play it :P

                  I will be tonight. Have to work this afternoon and I'd rather get set up for a few hours rather than be getting in to it and then have to leave

      Revenge. All I need. Their wounds cry red. Mirroring my family.

        No comment.

        (Except for this one)

          My heart burns. Hubris at its finest. The Siren song I sang, silenced.

            Hmm, might make more sense if you add "in tears" to the end of that.


      one more!

      Sid is cute.

        Sid (the dog) is cute! I know a Sid in real life. He's not cute.

          If you met Sid you would agree he's cute. Of course if you pat his head he will swing his bum around so you can scratch that. XD

            Scratch the idea that he's cute (as in ditch it)

            or... scratch his bum? No thanks :/

            You should see the Sid I know in real life. He has big googly eyes that sort of pop out. It's scary.

              That does sound Scary.
              Scratch his bum =P He loves it.

      Once, there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end.

        Good ole Patrick, always there to make his buddy Spongebob feel better!

      I tried to watch Up once. Ye gods, that movie was so sad at the start.

        16 words :(

        But that opening seriously came out of nowhere for me... so sad! Just managed to hold in the manly tears... just.

    That's the way it's gonna be little darlin'!
    We'll go riding on the horses, Ye-ah!


      Hey Rocketman, Bohemian Rhapsody is totes on WSFM right now, and I'm singing it without you because STUFF YOU, YOU CAN SING WITH YOUR NEW SINGING BUDDY

      *runs out of the room sobbing*

        I have a Queen greatest hits CD in my car at the moment. Whenever Bohemian Rhapsody comes on, headbanging starts near the end, Wayne's World style.

      Way up in the sky little darlin'!
      And if you fall, I'll pick you up, pick you u-u-up.

    This still makes me laugh, because of the title:

    I never met my Grandfather. He fought the Nazis in Italy, Egypt, South Africa and was a desert rat of Toobruk. He was a British soldier but he fought along the Anzacs. He survived, but with his issues as many men of his time did. He died before my brother and I were born from a massive heart attack.
    I was told he was an exceptional carpenter, and if he'd still been around I probably would've continued doing woodwork.
    In Year 9, we were studying World war II so our Teacher decided that we should visit the Altona RSL and speak to veterans. We were going to create a book about their experiences.
    My partner and I were paired up with Reg. A world war II veteran and the only one part of the program. My partner had little interest in talking to Reg, but I enjoyed it. Once I'd asked the difficult war questions, we would talk about many different things. Dogs and others. I told him I was part of the Hyde street youth band which marched on Anzac day every year. He was a pleasant person to talk to, and reminded me of my elderly neighbour Roy, who is like a grandfather to me.
    I searched around for war songs and found one that I could play. I took my trumpet with me to the RSL and told Reg I would play for him. It was incredibly nerve wracking because I had to not only play in front of Reg but also my peers. I had to play out the front of the RSL as well as it would disturb people if I played inside. I believe it made Reg happy.
    Before the book was published, Reg died and we were invited to his funeral. My partner commented on how his grandson was hot, I found it disrespectful to Reg but I didn't say anything. It was sad that he never got to see his stories published, but instead the book was dedicated to him.
    I didn't know him for very long, a couple of months, but he was a great bloke.

    Sorry if this is too sad but I feel I have to get it out. I no longer march up to the shrine, but I still respect what they did for Australia.

      Great story scree , thanks for sharing.

      War is sad...

        I made a mistake, there was 2 WWII veterans.
        It is sad. Unfortunately, it was necessary.

      Only sad if you choose to make it so. Why not see it as a fond recollection of the good times you had with someone? It sounds like that.

        That's true. I think that even when the project was finished I would've still loved to go back and talk to him. He was a nice guy and while some of my classmates found it boring, they had no idea of the opportunity they received.

      I've known a few WWII veterans in my life, one being my grandfather & another being his mate that the family has known for over 50 years who passed away recently. I remember when I was young going to the dawn service here at Currumbin, for a few years with him & his army buddies, then to the local RSL for an awesome breakfast xD

        And a pint? They usually get a pint as well.

          Probably, they were all piss heads =P

    I like how POOP is a Draw Something word

      I got biscuit as a 3 coin word. I didn't understand why until I realised most people would guess "cookie"

        Yeah you can't really use the coin system to judge the difficulty of some words. Some 1 coin words can be a lot harder to draw than some 3 coin ones :P

    Dear those on my Facebook posting ANZAC day statuses and saying things like "I don't support the military" bullshit before posting about the ANZACs, would you kindly fuck off with that shit. I do not care if you do or do not support the military. That just seems disrespectful to say that before being "respectful" as you think towards those who gave their lives.

    Also why not support the military they have really proved themselves in this country when natural disaster hit us.

      That's horrible.

      If you don't agree with whatever the reason(s) were to go to whatever war that's your opinion but ANZAC day isn't about that. It's about honouring the people that gave up their life for the safety and protection of others.

        Yeah. I just don't get how some people think it's okay to say that shit then go on like they didn't just disrespect everyone who is currently serving and has served Australia..

        They also carry on like the military does nothing but kill people, and that pisses me off. Sorry! I go on a bit too much.

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