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    @ Strange from page 9 (yes, it's been a while since I checked TAY)

    I don't usually get visably irritated when playing a hard game, but ever since the age of the wireless controller, if there's something tense going on (boss battle in Souls, for example), I'll get up and walk around the room while playing.

    @ Everyone else, HI ALL! Hope your public holidays are going all right!

      If you can't get enough of Shane's TAY posts, you can visit his blog here . It'll be like he's in your living room!
      ...If you were surfing the internet whilst sitting on the couch or something!

        Oh man, having Shane in your living room is an amazing experience.

      I can't imagine walking around the room, although I do sit forward and on the edge of my seat in Souls boss battles.

    Hi all! o7 Servicemen and women.
    So I am on Tay instead of doing my cosplay.
    I really hate pinning so much I'd rather do anything nearly.

      Hah! It thinks it's people.


          It's cute and all in the day time... but if that thing was running towards me in a darkened alley at night I would poo myself.

    So, I'm going to be on RDR a little later tonight, if anyone is keen.

    bombers lost =(
    Still decent day all round.

      You follow AFL? Bless my soul their is someone besides me and bunny.

        She's in Victoria. It's not weird for her to follow AFL.

        You on the other hand should be ashamed to call yourself a Queenslander.

          I follow all sports man, AFL, NRL, Rugby, soccer and cricket. I enjoy them all. I just like AFL the best.

            High 5's Rocketbuddy. Can't believe how good a start the swans are having.

              The have had a fairly easy string of games though. I mean t the roos are pretty good but they aren't super top teir side. But beating the dockers was pretty good. Still its a very promising start

                The real test will be Hawthorn this week. If we can get over the line against them, I think we'll be looking at a good season

            Its okay. I don't really care what sport people are into. I just like ribbing AFL fans. I've found as a general whole they are far more touchy and defensive about the game then other fan bases.

              Only because we want everyone else to acknoledge that our sport is clearly superior :)

              Hah that is nothing when it comes to NRL and my hometown, its basically suicide if you rip on the local team.

                But the Cowboys are terrible? They should just give up and go home.

                This coming from a Titans supporter. Like I can talk.

                  They are pretty bad alot of the time, its sad because they have a lot of talent.

      Just looked up the score. Only 1 point in it. I imagine thats the closest ANZAC day match in a long time

        probably. They almost had it in the bag too =P

        There was a draw in like 2005 i think, they are always good games to watch though.

      And you people call yourself gamers, taking an interest in sport.
      You all disgust me.

        I've seen you eat. You disgust me

          Sure, but you only seem to eat, like, one dish.
          Your point is invalid.

    Mass Effect 3. I declared myself on holiday seeing as Mr. Strange has the rest of the week off work and locked myself in the bedroom so I could play it with no distractions. I have a couple of things to stay but I'll rot13 them just in case they're overly spoilery.
    Zl SrzFurc jnf snvgushy gb Xnvqna qhevat gur frpbaq tnzr naq V jnf ernyyl yvxrq ubj fur ernpgrq gb frrvat uvz ntnva naq uvz orvat uheg. V'z dhvgr rawblvat Furcneq'f rkpunatrf jvgu Xnvqna ng gur zbzrag. Nygubhtu vs fur jnfa'g nyernql vaibyirq jvgu Xnvqna V vzntvar fur'q or irel nggenpgrq gb Zhfpyrf ZpZnaobbof.

    Naq V qba'g haqrefgnaq jul Yvnen vf ba zl grnz, evtug sebz gur fgneg. Fur'f gur Funqbj Oebxre. Furcneq'f na vqvbg sbe gnxvat ure ba qnatrebhf zvffvbaf, Yvnen'f zber hfrshy xrcg fnsr sebz unez.

    V'z nyfb dhvgr yvxvat gur Cebgurna. V npghnyyl fghzoyrq npebff uvf zvffvba nppvqragnyyl. Vg jnf gur svefg cynpr V jrag nsgre V tbg gb Gur Pvgnqry naq V tbg gb gur cbq naq ernyvfrq vg jnf gur "qnl bar QYP" rirelbar jnf hcfrg nobhg. V'z tynq jr tbg gur pbyyrpgbe'f rqvgvba orpnhfr vg jnf n ernyyl sha zvffvba.

      Oh, and by the way I'm nowhere near finished, really close to the start still so warn me if you rot13 a response you think might contain spoilers from further ahead in the game. :)

      So youre saying I should grab that DLC? Damnnit, I was trying to avoid it after wasting the money on Arrival.

      Also about Beefcake McNugget: Ur fcraqf nyy qnl jbexvat bhg va n fuhggyr onl naq qevaxvat jvgu n tnl znevar. V unir guvf srryvat gung ur jbhyq or sne zber vagrerfgrq va Znafurc :C

      N abgr ba Pbegrm: Jung gur uryy Ovbjner? Lbh pna'g or fhogyr nobhg n tnl punenpgre naq znxr uvz yvxr rirelbar ryfr! Gung'f abg gur Ovbjner jnl. V srry jrveq vs lbh thlf nera'g chapuvat hf va gur snpr fpernzvat "guvf zna vf tnl ybbx ubj qvirefr jr ner!"

        If you're already mostly finished the game, then I wouldn't see the point of paying for it, but for right at the start of game I found it useful and definitely interesting.

        And I think Muscles McManboobs is not picky. :P

          I'm only about 5 hours in. Just started it last night.

            I don't have it, so it's clearly not 'necessary', but from what I hear, ur bssref fbzr cerggl tbbq vafvtug vagb gur Cebgurnaf naq ubj vg jnf onpx jura. Fb vs lbh'er vairfgrq va gur yber, vg fbhaqf yvxr ur zvtug or pbby. Nyfb nccneragyl ur pbzrf jvgu n gbgnyyl BC jrncba.

              Sounds like I should grab it then. Mass Effect is one of the only games I consider brilliant but hindered by the game itself.

              Yep. He also has a *lot* of extra dialogue on the Normandy and on certain plot missions that give a really good insight into some of the background of the universe.

      Yvnen'f ure bja jbzna/Nfnev/nfrkhny orvat, V fhccbfr.
      Fur'f tebja hc naq zngherq fvapr ure anvir ZR1 frys, nf frra va ahzore 2.
      Fur jnagf gb pbzr naq fur jnagf gb uryc. Naq V fhccbfr jura lbh guvax nobhg vg, gurer ernyyl nva'g nalguvat lbh pna qb nobhg vg. V'z fher fur pbhyq whfg oevor rirelbar bar gur fuvc gb yrg ure frg hc ba gur Abeznaql vs fur arrqrq gb.

      On the DLC character...

      V'z fhecevfrq ol ubj snfpvangvat gur Cebgurna punenpgre vf. V bayl cvpxrq uvz hc yngr vagb zl svefg eha guebhtu, fb abj V'z ba zl frpbaq bar V enprq gb cvpx uvz hc cerggl rneyl ba. Jvgubhg tbvat vagb nal fcrpvsvpf ur qbrf nqq n ybg gb fbzr bs gur zvffvbaf. Gurer'f bar va cnegvphyne, ohg vg jbhyq or qvssvphyg gb xabj gb oevat uvz nybat sbe vg gur svefg gvzr lbh cynl vg. Rira orlbaq gung ur unf fb znal vagrerfgvat vafvtugf va erthyne pbairefngvbaf ba gur Abeznaql, ur svgf irel jryy vagb gur gurzngvp pbafgehpgvba bs gur tnzr.


    I DM'ed on twitter the twitter people and then e-mailed Tech Knight.

    Questions? No? Also running immediately after work to get us a table would be appreciated.

      Still haven't convinced my wife I have a reasonable excuse to go down. All those ones I was given didn't work and #35 has ensured I'm sleeping on the couch for a good long while. about those video games?! Thinking I might play some mindless hack'n'slash game. Stabbing things seems like a relaxing idea right now.

      Try Kingdoms Of Amalur. It's hack'n'slashy but also RPG-y

      Was it you who hasn't played Dante's Inferno? It's good mindless stabbing.

        I was going to suggest God of War but Jugsy doesn't have a PS3 does she?

        :P Dante's is pretty much a GoW clone so give that a go. I liked the demo but I heard the full game was a bit eh. Should be cheap by now as well :)

        Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is super awesomes but I'm not sure if you'll like it.

          You don't need to like it.
          You just need to listen to the amazing voices of Robert Carlyle and Patrick Stewart.

    dang it. i stuffed up my knitting and had to unravel it all. Bugger, oh well.
    Knitting round two!
    After cosplay =P

    Following on the theme of me being the blurst, I'm gonna say right now that I'm actually fairly keen to see what the CoD reveal will be. Even if it is just Blops 2.

      You know for the longest time I used to think Blops was a game that consisted of Blobs that made a sound like "blop"

    Seriously though, I am learning a lot of stuff. =D
    I should really try to fix up my Taokaka costume to make it Guinness world record ready

      that sounds like something, not fun but educational. Glad you enjoy it .

        Yeah but now I'm kind of torn. I should be working fixing my Tao costume but I don't really have the materials for it though.

          Where do you get your ideas from? Do you play the game and go "Man i would look awesome as that character?"

            Pretty much yeah. I also check to see whether it suits my body type. No point cosplaying a tall person when I am short. Another thing I look for is how easy it could be

              Or you could cosplay it ironically? For instance i think you would make a lovely Ganadorf :P

    AHAHA, was just in this instance on WoW and this Texan was having a whinge at me and this dude from Frostmourne, about whatever and he was rather butt hurt so him & his buddies kicked me, because they couldn't get their way in a game. Too funny.

      That's sad

        It is, oh well. I thought it was funny that I hurt his ego XD

      Sounds like those guys are just the absolute height of maturity/

        Yeah, he claimed he was 21, had a girlfriend but was home alone at like 2am drinking & playing WoW whilst harassing randoms on the internet..

          I'm 28, married with two kids and a mortgage and I'm frequently up at 2am drinking, playing games and harassing internet strangers.

            Yeah, but I like you :D

            There is a difference!

      Read: Virus is a terrible person :P

        No no, not a terrible person gosh! He tried to call me a douchebag though & I responded with "No no, I sound like a c**t, get it right!"

        Thats how I read it :P

          Damn it, don't encourage the fool!

    Man, the formatting on the verge website is just beautiful and perfect for long form features. I'm not a huge transformers fan but all the pictures are great and the quality of this feature is really good.

    3DS home screen is nice and organised now that we finally have folders! I kinda wish you could give the folders a 3-letter caption though instead of it defaulting to one. I have two "G" folders for Gameboy and Gameboy Advance. It's mildly annoying!

      ...they have one digit labels? That seems...odd.

        Ah, sorry for the confusion. :P

        The one letter labels are just what you see on the folder icon. The full title is displayed once you hover over it. "GBA Games" just gets shortened to "G" for the icon. I meant to say I'd rather have smaller letters but be able to fit "GBA" on the actual icon.

    By the way Virus, did you send that email off and did you mention me?

      Oh shit, I meant to do that Sunday night and got distracted. I had forgotten, sorry man. Thanks for reminding me I will do that right now!

      Done! Name dropped you like a boss :D


      What's the matter?

        Just money/uni problems. It's just wearing me down not being able to afford going in some days and then stressing about it and it just becomes this massive shit hole.

        I'm terrified of failing anything ever so I'm really hard on myself when I'm writing an essay, I get super anxious, and the only advice I get it 'Just don't think about it' and then get told that my uni stress is ridiculous and retarded and it's so simple for everyone else that I should have no problem with it which then just makes me feel like a nutcase and gah.

        Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean.

          Will a hug work? :(

            YES, PLEASE.

            You can also serenade me :D

              It's stupid. And I know it's me being whiny but I was brought up being told 'You're just not a school person' by my parents for whatever reason so at 21 I'm completely retraining my brain and it's difficult. And then one someone says 'Hey, it's easy. What's wrong with you?' it makes you feel like crap.



          These people that say its retarded and ridiculous, I am betting they don't have the same things to worry about? Even if they do, I wouldn't be listening to them. Everyone deals with stress differently, to tell someone not to worry about could be bad advice.

          Anyway, sorry. Been there myself worrying about not being able to afford things and such.

          As Jordi offered, would another hug help?

            All the hugs!

            It's mostly my BF. He actually didn't fair to well his first time in college because he didn't really care about it so yeah. Also, probably the last person you want calling you crazy o_O

            On the job front, have you had any more interviews?

              Hugs rock \o/

              I was also like that at TAFE especially in Web Design, since I didn't know like 70% of the stuff we were being taught already (unlike my previous 2 TAFE courses) and I would tend to slack off with my mates every class & then come time to do assignments i'd freak out i'd fail and it would be a waste of money for the year. But luckily I some how managed to pull of several distinctions & credits o.O

              Job wise, nah, still waiting for JB to even tell me that I didn't get the job, the guy who interviewed me said i'd be informed either way. Though Freeze informed me that Mister Minit in the area was looking so send in ALL the resumes \o/

              But anyway, TAY is here for you so always feel free to vent!

                Best of luck with the job hunting! Hopefully something awesome turns up soon.

                  Thanks :D

                  As my teachers at TAFE said, all the IT places are stupid to not want me!

          Just take a deep breath when you get stressed out. Adding stress on top of uni troubles will just lead you down a never ending rabbit hole i.e. you're stressed so you don't perfom well, you don't perform well so you stress out and so on and so forth. Just remember to take a deep breath, walk outside or just clear your mind.

          Ok let's try it:
          Breath in
          Hold it in
          Hold it...
          Now breath out slowly.

          Feeling better?

          Also if you can't afford to make it to uni on some days, make sure you get the lecture notes online and at least try and attend the tutorials to discuss stuff with your classmates and tutors.

            Thanks, Masha :) Yeah, I always go to the tutorials - need those participation marks and I do enjoy them.

    i'm sure it's already been talked about, but oh well

    but i saw the avengers midnight screening last night/this morning!

    and may i just say that the movie was better than my already high expectations i had of it, just some scenes were just, whoa.

    seriously, if you guys like superheroes in any way, see that movie

    also, spoiler in rot13

      Yeah, the movie was pretty good, very Whedon.

      My thoughts on it are on the last page.


    Sarcasm Fairy and I are having lunch this Saturday and eating delicious lindt cafe goodies. Did anyone still want to eat delicious chocolate?

      I could be convinced (very easily) to join you for chocolate.

      whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do you keep holding eating meats not in sydney /o\

        Bish, there's a meat this Saturday in Sydney.

          Oh man.
          There totally is.

          Are you coming, Mashaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

            Yup. I'm 99.5% sure I'm coming.

              And we will all yell MASHAAAAAAAAAAA upon your arrival.

                Oh dear. Don't make me any more nervous than I already am.

                That being said if we are yelling MASHAAAAAAAAAAA, then it's only fair that we yell everybody else's name.

                SO should we shout NovaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaCascaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade



                  Since we tend to shorten things down, the best system would probably just be to yell "NNNOOOOOVVVVVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

            That is because we are part of the #melbournemasterrace who arrange simple and inspired meats that aren't anything like the overblown atrocities that occur in Sydney.

            Also. Chocolate

      Chocolate is good.

      Where? When? I'm free on Saturday, but won't have a car that day.

        CBD! the lindt cafe is on collins st so it's not hard to get to

          That's all awesome, but what time will you be there?

    So... I managed to find a copy of a book for uni, but the problem is that it's an e-book....
    I just bought it so I could say that i read it, anyway.

      Couldn't find a PDF of it on a torrent? D=

    Dear Sony: please consider redesigning the PS Vita's charger cable. It is easily possible to insert it upside down, and it doesn't charge up that way. I just had my system switch off due to lack of juice, while plugged in. /o\

      Ya think they would've opted for a all in one USB Data & charging thingy, but nope, they still haven't learnt >_>

        While we're complaining about Sony, why don't they have 99c-$2 games on the VITA/PSN. The minis are overpriced for what they are. Charging a cheaper price for smaller games means more people buy the games.

        Also I hope Sony redesigns the triggers on their next console. The PS3 triggers are decent for racing games but try playing any other game and it's easy for your finger to slip off. Why did they change it from the PS2 design? At least on the PS2 I could rest my fingers on the groove under the trigger and I didn't have to worry about broken trigger springs.

        Sony: Great tech but there is always something wrong.

          Oh those triggers are so annoying! I don't like how they're all springy and have resistance but it does give you more precision on certain games (racing ones) depending on how hard to press it (can't think of proper terms to describe it). If your finger slipping off is the problem there's these 'guard' things you can buy which add a little groove/ledge below it so your fingers won't slip off :)

          And about PSN mini pricing, I don't buy them but wasn't there some "Space shooter for $2" game that was totally more than $2 in Australia? :P. Kinda stupid...

            Yeah, I remember seeing the space shooter for $2 game and it was almost $4. What?

          I agree! Same goes for Nintendo, really. I'd buy so many old gameboy games on the eShop if they were 99c. :P

            Nintendo are really bad as well, they basically hold your nostalgia for ransom.

            Nintendo: Hi son, want this copy of Mario?
            Eshop customer: Sure, I loved Mario as a kid.
            Nintendo: We'll need your tears in a jar and your first born son.

            It's not that drastic but they could be more flexible with their pricing.

    THIS is total facepalm worthy. The lot who enforce the laws are breaking them.

      Well that can't end well :P

        So if the NSW police can pirate software, does that make it okay for me to do the same?

          Yeah, totally.

          If anyone askes just tell them that I said it was OK.
          You'll be fine!

            \o/ kay so who wants free stuffs?!

    I know I'm wasting electricity and it serves no practical purpose if I'm not using it, but I love leaving my PS3 on in the background and just listening to its consistent rhythmic hum.


    To make matters worse I own the earlier 'FAT' model which is not as energy efficient as the slim.

      You leave it on purely for the hums? :P


        Maybe he should invest in a humming bird.

        I have my fan on even when it's not hot because I like having a soft sound in the background.

          Yeah I use my computer for that :P

          I just pick whatever to download during the night so it remains on and I get to hear the humming and swooshing of the fan :D. Pretty lights too!

            Or podcasts.

              Listen to podcasts at night?

              I used to listen to music (punk rock :P) but haven't done that for a while.

              Just as long as I hear something. It's all weird and creepy when it's all quiet and I swear I keep hearing things... :/

                Yeah, usually something I've listened to before. Right now I've found the Hardcore History ones about the end of the Roman Republic to be really interesting and the guy's voice is super soothing so I can actually fall asleep before 3am! :D

          When I was younger, I slept in the room right next to my parents, and my dad snores like...uh...something really loud (I can't even metaphor right now oh my god). I can't get to sleep if there's an irregular noise, if there's going to be any noise it has to be constant. So I'd always have a fan on in my room to drown out his snoring, because a constant hum actually helped.

          Then, when I moved into this TOTALLY AWESOME ROOM at the other end of the house that is three times the size of my old room, I couldn't sleep properly for several days because I was so used to having that fan on.

          And then I found ten dollars.

            Snores like a Snorlax?

              Nah, a Snorlax snores in a funny way. Don't they go like 'Snoooooor....laaaaaaax'?

              Because my dad doesn't do that. He goes 'SNNNNKKKKKKKKKK...KRRRRAAAAAAAAAAGAGGGGGLLLGGHHH'

              ...I don't know how to write out snoring.

                WHATEVER, MANG.

                Also, your room sounds giant and I now hate you. I will continue to hate you from the shoebox that I live in.


                  What can I do to make it up to you? I'll be your dipping sauce bitch.

                My dad totally snores extremely loudly too!

                Apparently I snore as well :P

                  Oh, I would hate you. Years of struggling to get to sleep have conditioned me to hate people who snore.

                  All of my friends snore. I never wanted to sleepover at their places, ever.

                  The secret is to snore awesomely. My dad snores stupidly loudly, and while I accept that I snore, I am relatively quiet, and very consistent. My snoring's relaxing!

                  At least according to my cousin, in comparison to his step-brother, so that's GOOD ENOUGH!

        I do think of the environment and my power bill but sometimes the call of the 'hum' is too strong.

        I do think of the environment and the power bill but sometimes the call of the hum is too strong.

      You should hire a small child just to hum all the time.
      Feed it a candy a day or something as payment.

      I use my computer for that humming noise. Got to love an environmentally unfriendly machine!

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