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    I fell asleep for two hours and now I can't remmeber what happened four hours ago!

      Is that a questionable \o or a pirate?

        I hope it's a pirate.

        Don't worry, Crazyguy. I was there 4 hours ago. You didn't miss anything.

          Yeah, except for the epic space battle between the entire hipster armada and a fleet of space vampires. No, he missed nothing.

          I wish there was a battle like that...

            I was expecting more glitter cannons.

              Well, the supposed theft of the glitter cannons is what started the war.

                We refuse to comment on any "glitter cannon" theft, and in fact, to do so would be in violation of subclauses 17b, 28t, and 72c of the universal ratification act, 2012. We will also not respond to any further queries.

    iMessage ftw!


      What's iMessage?

        The iPhone thing that lets you text people over Wi-Fi/3G :). So free texting!

          Snap! Downloading it ASAP.

            YOU DON'T NEED TO! :D

              Ummm somehow I pressed enter and it submitted instead of going to the next line...

              Anyways it was part of iOS5 or something (whatever the one was when the 4GS thingy came out).

              SETTINGS -> MESSAGES -> iMessage ON

              When you text people it's usually green. With iMessage it'll say "iMessage" and texts will be blue :)

                Huh, well isn't that just fancy!

                  Is it working? Text all the people!

                  I've been texting this one person so much :O

    So I like afk for what 45 minutes and TAY becomes active again, I see how it is. You don't want me here D=

      But I have The Leet World <33 so it's okay!

        Today I learnt Virus is a terrible person! (according to that 21 year old Texan)

          =O you wouldn't dare believe that would you *says that whilst swinging a chain* would you...

      We were keeping TAY warm for you?

        Best kind of TAY \o/

          Not completely unrelated, when I get sick I can't say I've caught a virus or flu any more without feeling awkward. THANKS GUYS.

            Sorry =(

            If it helps this dude is also called Virus, I met him once :D

      Ah mah gawd I am sneezing, STUPID HAY FEVER FECK OFF!


          Me too, we have sooo much in common =D

            Except I'm not terrible!


              I still have that chain handy, so watch out =P

      Seriously! I turned the computer off and went to bed because I thought TAY was dead. xD

    @ Jordi

    What time is the chocolate thingy at the lindt cafe?

    Ah gotta love the dialogue in The Leet World

    Cortez: "If only you foold had listened to me." (imagine that in a south american accent)
    Ellis: "Oh would you stop yer bitchin' for one second man, i'm blind, no one listens to me, my vagina hurts!" (said in a stereotypical southern united states accent)
    Cortez: "My vagina doesn't... Hey wait a minute!"

      Haha, best tea-bagging quote then..

      "How do you like your tea? Sugar, one scoop or two?"

    The Avengers.

    Go see it. That is all.

    Welcome to #2 favourite movie Shawshank Redemption.


      I dunno about Avengers man... want to see it but don't... I'll wait for zee Blu-Ray.

      Have you seen 12 Angry Men? <3 that

        Dude...get out...just go...

        The Avengers is a near perfect movie.

        It is a masterclass in blockbuster film-making and screenwriting. Perfectly paced, it interweaves the multiple threads of its ensemble cast with seeming ease,something that few filmmakers achieve. Michael Bay take notes.

        The script gives every character their moment to shine, as well as their own doubts and flaws and a distinctive voice and approach. Their character arcs aren't as great as in previous movies, but the juggling of such massive personalities is no mean feat. The already established cast members are comfortable in their roles, with Black Widow and Hawkeye getting much more to do and Mark Ruffalo easily stepping into The Hulk role.

        Most people will be watching it to see Hulk smash, Captain America throw his shield, Thor hammer people and Iron Man blow stuff up with his fancy metal suit, and on that level the film doesn't disappoint. Infighting means you get to see the heroes turn on each other - Hulk vs Thor, Iron Man vs Thor... basically everyone vs Thor - but the final New York-levelling superbattle is an explosive extravaganza that peaks with a computer-aided moneyshot that goes from sky to street level and back up again, taking in every hero, without a cut.

        The best thing about The Avengers is its wry sense of humour and perfect comedy timing. It's the funniest film to hit cinemas in a long, long, time. It effortlessly and unexpectedly lands its hilarious punches, with some coming at the expense of its own absurdity - after all, these are grown-ups in weird costumes battling aliens. Having said that, the film takes its job seriously and is reverential to its various sources and characters.

          Hmmm damn you Cakey! I haven't been to the cinemas in ages so we'll see what happens :P (been in hermit mode)

            It is essentially the most expensive fan-fiction ever made.

          FINE! I'll go see it now instead of waiting for it to come out on dvd. Is that what you wanted?? >:(

          Also, I presume it's necessary to see Captain America, Thor and the Incredible Hulk before watching it? (I've already seen Iron Man 1 & 2)

    It's nearly 1am... eh, I didn't sleep all that much anyway.

    I'm in my bed posting on TAY!

    Only those in the cool kids iPhone club should be able to see this....

      What?! No emoticons? :(

        They're disallowed html!

        It's very strict here. We're not allowed out past certain hours. Then there are the public beatings...

          I'm pretty sure that's because we have traits that are very Gremlin-like.

          Last thing they want is for us to replicate... or worse still, become stronger!

    People that were having trouble with ME3 face-importing, this thread could be handy?

      The problem I'm finding with it is less the face and more the head. It seems like they have changed the model and the head itself is the wrong shape.

    Drama on TeamSpeak last night. Might as well address it here.

    The whole issue of people moving to other rooms while playing a game came up. I'm in favour of it. There are normally about a dozen people lurking in the channel these days and more often than not, there's also a LoL game of some description going on. It's basically impossible for those who aren't playing the game to have a conversation because they're constantly interrupted or talked over by those in game. Not only that, it's hard not to feel excluded when there's a group of people having a conversation about something right there which you cannot be a part of. It's like hanging out with a group of friends, watching a movie and then calling someone else so they can hear you guys talk about the movie.

    We used to have people wander off into different rooms if they thought that their multiplayer fun would get in the way of thing. These days, not so much. We seem to have fallen into the habit of saying "no, it's okay, we don't mind" so people don't even ask if they should go into a different room.

    This has been interpreted as me giving the LoL players a hearty fuck off, what with me being the one regular who doesn't play LoL.

    It's not.

    I just think that we need to do something in TS about this because it does get in the way. All I think needs to be done is that people exercise some courtesy when they're in a multiplayer game and think that if they are going to be constantly interrupting others when playing that they should go to another room, while they're playing. Not "if you're one of those filthy LoL players, begone from this sacred place!"

    There was a suggestion of those not in game using the mute feature but there are a lot of problems with that.

    First of all, the person being muted doesn't know that they're being muted. So the muter and the mutee are very likely to talk over the top of each other. Even more so when there are multiple muters and mutees. Not a problem for the muters, as long as everyone not in game mutes everyone in game, but those in game will not know that they're muted and can hear those that have muted them. Meaning that they're constantly being talked over.

    Secondly, if you can't hear someone, how can you know that they're done with the game and that you can unmute them?

    It seemed like a simple thing, having people use the other rooms on the server when they're in a multiplayer game. It did not go down well and now I'm the asshole. Well, I'm always the asshole but now I'm a rather colossal asshole.

      Always Drama when i am not around sigh
      I agree with you though, i usually suggest we move because i don't want to speak over people.

        That's all that I was suggesting. If you think you're going to speak over people, move to another room.

        If you're duo queueing in LoL, odds are you aren't talking as much as a five person PvP. There's probably no need to shift in that case. If I tried to teach you StarCraft, I'd think moving to another room would be a good idea.

        Really, it should just be a judgement call but for a long time we've been erring on the side of "oh, nobody will mind" when maybe we should start going the other way, especially with so many people on TS these days.

          Did someone really get mad, I usually don't mind to much, its kind of annoying, but on the other hand if i want to have a proper conversation i might leave to go to a different so.

            Freyr's mad at me for this. The whole conversation started because I was talking to her about it and she jumped into a different room, sparking the whole "why did she leave?" thing.

            Then while we were talking about things, Freyr and F4ction jumped into the LoL room, followed by everyone else who was in game (or about to be in game with them, not sure on that one), only to quickly jump back into the main room when someone came in to say hello because that's apparently how they do things in the LoL room.


              At one point you did say that general League of Legends discussion does exclude the non-players, making it hard for them to join in the conversation.
              Valid point, but coupled with the suggestion that in-game discussion be moved and considering the fact that many of us talk about it heavily, though you didn't mean it that way, it could have been interpreted as "Take your League talk outside of the main channel".

                League is the main offender because it's the game that the majority of people play in the server the majority of the time.

                I'm only asking for in-game talk that interrupts other conversations to be moved. If it's two people derping about in LoL or Mass Effect or whatever else is being played, nobody ever seems to mind. But you get enough people taking a game seriously and it's hard for them not to dominate the conversation.

                  Yeah but I think this is what annoyed Freyr. What you're saying sounds like "come to TS all, everyone's welcome in (except LoL people)".

                  TBH I think if we were constantly confined to a room for LoL I would just not log into TS because I would have to constantly "channel-hop". I join TS to talk/listen to EVERYONE not just LoL people.

                  And as I said last night, that's fair enough.
                  I'm just saying it could have come off that way.

              Wait, so this comment seems to imply that us being in a LoL area, jumping in to the main areasay hi then jumping back to LoL is somehow an issue also?

              At least, it comes off that way. When will pixelated text convey things accurately?

                You guys went off to the other channel while the conversation was still going on. Then someone comes online and you all jump into the main channel just to say hi before going back to the LoL channel.

                You don't think it came off as you guys making a rather petty point about not being wanted in the main channel?

                  As Bish was saying, It's all well and good that you meant no harm but last night it sounded like "LoL people need to STFU and GTFO of the main channel". Forgive me but when someone tells me to STFU & GTFO I do get pretty annoyed.

                  We left because we got asked to go to another area.
                  We pop in to say hello to friend
                  We go back as we're about to start our game.
                  You complain that we channel jumped to say hello to a friend.

                  I saw it as us doing exactly what we got asked to do

        "Always Drama when i am not around sigh"

        Hahaha, little buddy, it's you're forgetting the times when you've created the drama!


      I thought we did generally change rooms? At least the last time I was on which was admittedly a while ago.

        These days, only if there are multiple games going on at once and even then it doesn't always happen.

        The other day, we had people playing DotA2 and people playing LoL in the main channel. It wasn't pretty.

      I'm with you on this one bunny. Peeps go to other channels while playing other games, it just used to be that almost all the peeps in the main channel were the LoL players anyway. Now that more and more peeps are TSing though there are more convos going on to get disrupted by in game chat, LoL or otherwise.

      Bunny it is our right as admins to try and maintain a welcoming atmosphere to all players joining in on the server, not just LoL players, so I do agree with you. I made the suggestion that anybody going into a game with other people on TS should switch channels, but if talking about it as a subject, I find that okay. It's impossible for all of us to love one game, we all have different tastes as you know. There's always going to be those left out cuz it's not their cup of tea (E.g. last night with several members talking about EVE Online mechanics which I had no idea about, but they weren't battling, just discussing), I think that changing channels happening ONLY when going into a game as a team is where the line should be drawn at. That way, we won't really split up the community as badly as people might think, and channels are always open for others to visit and say hi/listen in on the action.

        Dude, us being admin is just something that's there. It's not our server, we just happen to have the keys.

        As far as I'm concerned, if people are going to talk others because they're in game, it would be polite of them to move to another room. That's about as far as it goes for me.

        You are only admin because Fatshady wanted people to make sure no trolls were coming on. Besides that it isn't really up to you to do anything more. We have ll been frequenting the channel for ages, nobody has a greater power over it.

          Gee thanks humans, I'm only trying to help... okay whatever I got work to do

            Not trying to put you down or anything. Just got to remember that we're only admins because somebody has to be.

            If I had raised this topic and everyone else had said that they don't see it as a problem, then I'd have just dropped it. I don't see myself as having additional authority or say over things, just someone who can enact any changes that everyone else thinks is necessary.

      You are the worst person on this site.

      Your suggestion seems like common sense to me, but without having been there I cannot comment on the way that this suggestion was approached by any and all concerned.

      I’m rather surprised at you guys. Is this what happens when you lump like, ten passive-aggressive people in a group together?

      My clanmates/friends and I have a vent server together but we’ve never officially ground rules. We’ve got several channels named after different games and it was a given that if you were playing that game you’d hop in the channel. That way you don’t disturb others who are playing (especially if its hon/sc2 or some other serious game) but also you could tell at a glance what everyone was playing and hop in to ask to join the next round if you so wished.

      Even if we’re playing games by ourselves we’d still sit in a channel all foreveralone.jpeg because it tells others what you’re playing.

      also Bunny ur not an asshole for mentioning this.

        I don't think we'd need to go that far. Hang out in main chat, "oh, anyone up for a game? Great, let's head to the mongooses", return when done.

        Really, it doesn't seem like it should be that big of a deal. We used to jump into other channels all the time when playing games. Now we don't and it can get irritating when trying to talk.

        I was just trying to address this.

        Sure we're on page 13 and this'll not be read at all, but whatevs.

        We don't have ground rules either, last night Trjn just suggested people move. The interpretation of this idea has clearly varied.
        I think part of the reason why League is such a big offender in regards channel talk is that it's also a very big reason as to why TS has grown in the last, what, year or so? Early days, from what I gather, Qumulys and Blaghman playing Minecraft. Then Techy and Rocketman used to chat. And then I think Trjn and I joined around the same time. Then we hopped on the League of Legends gamewhatsits and people, frequent TAY posters and the not so frequent start playing it as a community game. Freyr, Nob and Mawt (as examples) weren't always the most prominent TAY posters, but we've met them, essentially, through the game. Back when, it was a tad silly to have 4 people who were playing a game leave behind 2 other people (which, I know is part of the point you are making, because we are no longer that small). So I, at least, have been accustomed to game playing chat being part of the main channel.
        Also, maybe there's a leakover form the TAY environment, that all the conversations are just... there. I want to hear what everyone says regradless of who is in game and making others move means that I miss out. Whilst I understand the issue, it's not an issue for me (Because I never have anything interesting to say so don't say anything! Hah! SICK BURN) (Also, not saying that because it's not an issue for me, it's not an issue at all. When I'm out of League games, I don't mind, but obviously when I'm in League games, I may not realise, so apologies to anyone who has been shut down by me saying IMMA TREE), so it feels devisive. Which, as has been covered in TAY before, feels like it's against the nature of TAY, being all organised and all that jazz. No, TS is not TAY, but TS was somewhat born from the TAY community.
        Just my thoughts.

        Also, Trjn, Harli's right. You're just an a-hole for completely different reasons, ohohohohohoh!

          As great as it would be to be able to have everything together in one place, it's a logistical nightmare once you reach a certain amount of people.

          Verbal conversations between large groups of people are a nightmare in meatspace when you have non-verbal cues for when you can talk. Complicate things by having people have multiple discussions going at once and you're going to get people talking over each other or people feeling like they cannot speak up because the opportunity isn't there.

          It's a fault of the medium. I would have thought the mature thing to do is address it before it becomes a real problem instead of just an irritation.


              And I know this isn't being read by anyone who needs to read it, but this is not and has never been an attack on those who contribute to the problem.

              Yes, I don't like League of Legends. I'm sick of being surrounded by it, even my meatspace friends play and talk about it all of the time. If I had a problem with you guys because of it, I wouldn't keep hanging out on TS. I go there in spite of all the LoL-talk.

              Me voicing my displeasure about LoL isn't an attack on you guys for liking it. At most, it's a call for attention asking to be involved in something else. You should remember, I'm not actually passive-aggressive, so don't interpret what I'm saying that way.

                I can read your stuff if I want to, you're not my real dad!

                  Just you wait until I file the paperwork, young man!

          I too digested Bish's words of reason and will ponder their meaning.

    Gooooooooood MORNING.

    Two days until the monomeat. Who has two thumbs and is excited?

    THIS FUCKING GUY *points*

      Making the "who has two thumbs and ..." joke?

      That's a paddling.

      I am excited for you. But not for me :(

        Come to Sydney for the day! Bring your wife! Bring your child! FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY*!

        *Pez is rated MA-15+. Parental guidance is recommended.



    So I am gonna go to the avengers on Saturday. I am going to wear my batman Shirt and My batman shoes and try and convice some friends of mine that batman is going to be in the movie. I think i might have some fun with this. I would have even more fun if i wasn't always the nerd in the group.

    The public holiday has put me all out of whack.. i thought today was monday and was about to point out "hur hur Elly messed up TAY by posting last weeks!!!"

    I need coffee...

      Making a false statement about Elly putting up last weeks Tay
      Thats a paladin

        It really is such a Paladin thing to do.

        Righteous bastards!

    Also... Essendon losing by a single point... CRUSHING!

    But still, i am completely impressed by our efforts against Collingwood, especially with all the injury issues we'd been having - i honestly wasn't expecting a win, especially with how much stronger CW are on Anzac day matches.
    Hopefully Essendon can keep up the good work and stay in the top 8 this year! :D

      One thing that has been grinding my gears about AFL coverage for years... could we please stop talking about AFL matches like it's a fricken war? It's not a "Battle", there are no "Warriors" and "Heroes" in sport, ever. It really pissed me off that they did this on the Anzac day match as well.

        It's convenient language that gives a story-line to the game.

        Anzac day matches are particularly egregious about this. You just have to learn that it's the terms they use for this sort of thing. It doesn't mean all that much.

          And this reason of many is why I don't bother watching TV, this was what I overheard while I was eating dinner. Parents are back home again so therefore the TV is on extremely high volume again and I couldn't help but overhear -.-

        I don't mind it, It hypes the game up as it is meant to. Techy its kind of hard for people to understand who are not interested in sports in the slightest. Its like when you get passionate about a game, its a similar thing.

          Also, battle is a very subjective term. As is hero.
          I think they fit in perfectly fine.

          Not saying sports stars should be heroes... but to many kids out there, they are, and that won't ever change - they're in the public eye, at the peak of their field.

          Well in my game there are things actually dying so it's a little closer than say drunken brutes kicking a leather air-filled bag around an oval. Quality entertainment should be the actual content of the game itself, not the hype. I'm sure it's just meant to be trying to make up for the truckloads of ad breaks in the middle.... oh yeah and the 3-times-same-replay-while-something-happens-off-screen-so-you-miss-it deal

            The ad breaks only come on when there is a goal scored, so that you don't have to sit there watching them get the ball back to the middle. Also, the networks have to get paid for free to air in someway.
            When it's only one ad per break, it's really not that bad.

            and what do you mean "in your game"???

            And to label all these guys as drunken brutes is a bit rich. There are really only a few at AFL level that misbehave, the rest of them are very focused and disciplined. Drinking is very much dicouraged until the end of season, and training is absolutely regimental.
            If a player misses even one session or turns up hung over they usually get the book thrown at them

            Isn't it a bit condescending to say that about these people techy. Its like gaming, do you like people judging your hobby without info. If you are going to judge something you need to be aware of both the good and bad cultural impacts of the game as well as why people enjoy watching it.

        On the other hand, Darren Lockyer must certainly be a hero of NRL. I mean, they named a bit of the highway near my place after him! :P

      Essendon is looking like a real top 4 side. Aside from that game against GC17 :p

      That was a pretty good game. Could have gone either way.

        Yeah - that match against GC was really shocking. Should have won by so much more.
        From what i was watching, though, GC actually made some really good plays.

        When there was 5 minutes left in the CW game and the scores got tied up... man i was on the edge of my seat. lol

        Essendon seem pretty good at gaining points back in the final quarter this year, and the back line has been great... although, i have the feeling that if Fletcher is ever out for a couple of games it'll just fall apart lol

      Wow we have more AFL followers than i thought. Or maybe its just this big game that everyone watches?

        The anzac day match does get a LOT more viewings than many other games, as it is a very traditional match, and always hotly contested.
        Aside from the Grand Final, you won't see any more hardly fought games in the entire season.

        Also, you must remember, it's only NSW and QLD that don't give much of a rats about AFL - it's very big business in all the other states :P lol

          ANZAC Day matches get a lot of coverage for a fair few reasons.

          First of all, it's Collingwood and Essendon. They always draw both a big crowd and a big TV viewership.

          Secondly, it's the only game on during a public holiday, which is often on a Monday.

          Third, the two teams have got comparable lists that seem to play well against each other (although their gameplans and the differences in skill can mean big differences on the ladder).

          There are definitely more hard fought games out there but there are some rivalries that seem to work out nicely for neutrals.

            This is also very true.

            I think Collingwood and Essendon games always seem to bring out the best in both teams as well, though.

    My friend had a birthday/Anzac day BBQ on Tuesday night.

    I had to supply the BBQ and do the cooking.

    Spent most of the night playing with the puppy because I just wasn't in the mood for getting hammered. Social interactions, one day I will master them :p

      Man I do that all the time.


          Go to social events and play with their dog instead of getting drunk.

      I'm pretty much over getting hammered, or even getting drunk for that matter....
      I think this Saturday will end up being the first time i have had more than one drink in a night for almost a year? lol

    So, Shiggy is a big fat idiot.

    I put this question to the TAYbies to prove I'm right (which we all know I am):

    Ties or Bowties?

    Keep in mind Bowties are all the rage at the moment. Hint hint.

      Even though I bought a bowtie for the Meat.
      Just to spite you.

      Ties. Thin ones.
      And mad-arse cufflinks.

      Styled like a boss.

      Sorry Pez - you're so wrong, that if you were any more wrong you'd be wrong wrong badong.

        Also, suspenders (or bracers, whatever you want to call them)


      Man, I have the feeling I am really going to stand out amongst a group of dapper gents like yourselves.
      But then I think of spending all day and night in a suit and I realise, I am quite happy being the Cave Troll in a group of Gentlemen :P
      Also, Bowties FTW, Ducky from NCIS wears one so they must be good.

      Bowties but only if you tie them yourself and then as the night wears on, untie it.

      Bow ties are cool.

        that was just for the Doctor Who reference & doesn't reflect my stance on neck adornment.
        I dislike both, but if I had to wear one, ties all the way.

      Depends what you're wearing it with. If it's formal casual like you'd wear to the office go with a tie. If it's super formal like you'd wear to a wedding or to a party attended by politicians from around the world that you have to protect from a sexy Russian assassin called Nikita whom you end up sleeping with and then there's an awesome car chase go with a bowtie.

        I'll go get a mail Russian order bride - hopefully they can ship her over in time for Saturday. That'll mean the sexy Russian assassin is set - then I'll just drive like a jackass to the city and go through a watermelon cart at speed with Hugo going all 'WHOAAAAAAAA' in the passenger seat to sort out the car chase front.

        Bowtie justified.

      Screw fashion, wear what you want mang.

        1) Give me my underwear back. I know you have it.

        2) Ah do what ah want (cue south park). That being said bowties are awesome and Shiggy needs to understand this.

    I have Mad Men seasons 1 and 2 on Blu-Ray. As our Blu-Ray player is busted, we cannot watch them. Anyone want to odo a straight 1:1 trade fror the DVDs of these seasons?

    Morning TAY peeps. How was your day off yesterday?

    I decided to do something different and played video games all day.

      You played DA2 yesterday, I know because i follow you on twitter.

        Yes, DA2. You may be surprised to know that i think the game is a letdown. It could have been better than part 1 if they didn't rush it out to cash in on the first game.

      But I thought you didn't like video games...? :P

        I've been known to like a few

      Any more LA Noire impressions?

        The foot chases aren't what i was expecting, you can't actually catch the guy. You just hold the run button until the dialogue has reached a certain point, and then a scripted event happens. It's great action, but very little input from the player.

          Otherwise the game so far has been pretty good. The difference between Doubt and Lie can sometimes be a little strange, but whatever. I'm having fun with it.


    How's this for all sorts of awesome!!!>??


    She had a friend of hers and her boyfriend over, so him (the bf) and i were playing some gaemz!!!
    We started off with Pro Evo 2011, where i beat him twice with germany (i must say, getting used to the way the new pro evo games play takes some serious getting used to).
    We then chucked on trials and played some of that together, and convinced the girls to play a round against each other... so they did and many laughs were had after the initial frustration they had in learning how to handle the bikes.

    Later that night, after our guests had left, i chucked on trials to keep on going through the medium levels, when in the middle of one of the levels i heard bee say "can i play".

    HELL YES!!!

    So we played. Then we ate dinner. It was jawsome.

    Thanks Trials Evolution! You save my marriage*!!

    *Not married**


      Awwwww man.. top needs to be BEE PLAYED TRIALS EVOLUTION WITH ME!!!

      Damn my feeble post-ph mind!

      And then you had sex?

      I must have been single for too long, your priorities seem messed up.

      This was a triumph,
      I'm making a note here, huge success,
      It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

      That's really cool. After she's done with Trials I think Dark souls is the next logical step.

    People think that the worst part of my job is handling people's horrible smelly shoes.

    They'd be wrong. It's the watches.

    Anyone wearing a watch and has been for a long time take off your watch an look underneath it. See all that gunk built up on it? That's your old dead skin. It truly is disgusting having to pick through that to open the watch up.

      I occasionally scrape away at that stuff with a paperclip at work. Helping!

      I also tend to fold a post it note and slide it through the little gap in my phone and mouse, to clear out the gunk there.The things I've done to pass the time around here...

    Saw The Avengers yesterday.

    Holy crap.

    Believe the hype.

      I have hated all Marvel movies to date (have seen Spiderman, Iron Man and I think one or two others). I loved Firefly, Serenity and liked Angel, and Buffy was good but laughably inconsistent and irrational, and Dollhouse was simply embarrassing.

      Context over. Will I like this?

        If you hated the other Marvel movies (relevant movies being Iron Man 1 & 2, Captain America, Thor and The Incredible Hulk) then you probably won't like it. Although, I don't understand how you could hate the movies. Dislike, ok, but hate? Really?

        The dialogue is pure Joss Whedon. As I mentioned last night, it is probably the most expensive fan-fiction ever made.

        Dollhouse had promise.

        Promise that quickly got sodomized and thrown in the dumpster a few episodes in.

        Still... it could have gone places.

        Well it has Joss Whedon's style ALL over it, so I think you may like it.

      I'll probably go see it this weekend. So excite!

    Good morning chums.

    Heading off to Melbourne soon for Kevin Smith tonight. Might see The Avengers again this afternoon when I get to Melbourne. It was that good.

      Don't you live IN Melbourne?

      Explanificate yourself, chow.

        Not quite:

          So you live in some sort of self-governed hick enclave?


      I think i remember you saying you lived in Warrnambool, right?

      I'm heading down there later in the year.

        I went there once and rode some hot air balloons. According to Cakesmith I've seen everything Warrnambool has to offer :P

        So ride dem balloons!

          Well if you head down there sometime in Q4 2012 you can see me arguing with property developers and construction people.

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