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    Sughly is killing me..

    On that note, if you want in on the Trials Evolution competition, please send a friend request to MokoTAYbikeu on XBL. I just created this account so that I could get the lederboard easily managed without having to sift through my FL. Also i have a blog that I will rcord times and other stuff. May not maintain it and just keep it in TAY?

    anyway, how is everyone finding gigatrack? anyone making good progress. Any other rivalries going on? Trust me the next track we run will be beachhead or whatever (the war one?) It's super short and will bring the competition much closer together.

      I've wanted to play it more but I just sort of get sidetracked... ended up doing music instead yesterday.

      I have a bad patience problem with Trials. Gigatrack seems to be exacerbating it.

      Might go punish myself some more tonight but between you and Sughly the bar is excessively high.

      Yay shorter tracks :D

      The thing that gets me about Gigatrack is how long it is and it's so easy to make such a simple mistake :P. I'd rage so much if I faulted right near the end... (which I sort of did). Any point in adding a Skill Game into the mix?

        yep for sure, after we get into a bit of a groove with the riding tracks, then we can mix it up. I don't know if gigatrack was a good or bad idea really, the competition isnt that close, but as you can see with sughly and I, it can be. that war track is awesome and has some really good parts to pick up huge time. When we are all playing that, next week you will see how addictive this format gets...

          I'd love to do a shorter track that I could feel competitive on. I played multiplayer for the first time with a friend last night and it was an absolute laugh. Loved it. One track he chose though was a hard one I'd never seen and I automatically picked the Scorpion without realising. It really didn't have the acceleration. After 10 minutes he ended it. It was pretty woeful.

      I've played Gigatrack twice. Once I was determined to bronze it, despite basically losing my shit and just making mistakes because I was mad. I ended up finishing it at around 100 faults, 30 minutes. I tried once more and got about midway with only 5 faults, was pretty pleased with myself, then just started faulting and faulting and faulting. Ragequit. I really want to finish it with around 10 faults and whatever time. But I think I need a Zen moment to do it. Maybe Friday night. I was thinking of smashing Witcher 1 this weekend so I could maybe take Trials breaks.


        It is SO easy to make it a large way through the track then make a simple slip and BAM, there goes your attempt.

        And at a 7-8+ minute run through those mistakes are costly.

          I completed Dark Souls and not once did I have a rage moment as bad as a trials-rage moment.

            I'm quite frankly surprised my 360 controller isn't broken yet.

              My wife was next to me on the couch (mostly inertia, since she is 7 months' pregnant) and she asked me "Why are you playing that? I thought you played games to relax". Good question.

        Try watching some replays :). They're really helpful in seeing what techniques other players use in areas you might struggle on.

        I wouldn't recommend watching a Shady or Sughly one unless you want to think "WTF DID THEY JUST DO!?" but perhaps someone lower on the leaderboards.

    Going to repost this because I posted it at like 1am last night

    The Avengers is a near perfect movie.

    It is a masterclass in blockbuster film-making and screenwriting. Perfectly paced, it interweaves the multiple threads of its ensemble cast with seeming ease,something that few filmmakers achieve. Michael Bay take notes.

    The script gives every character their moment to shine, as well as their own doubts and flaws and a distinctive voice and approach. Their character arcs aren’t as great as in previous movies, but the juggling of such massive personalities is no mean feat. The already established cast members are comfortable in their roles, with Black Widow and Hawkeye getting much more to do and Mark Ruffalo easily stepping into The Hulk role.

    Most people will be watching it to see Hulk smash, Captain America throw his shield, Thor hammer people and Iron Man blow stuff up with his fancy metal suit, and on that level the film doesn’t disappoint. Infighting means you get to see the heroes turn on each other – Hulk vs Thor, Iron Man vs Thor… basically everyone vs Thor – but the final New York-levelling superbattle is an explosive extravaganza that peaks with a computer-aided moneyshot that goes from sky to street level and back up again, taking in every hero, without a cut.

    The best thing about The Avengers is its wry sense of humour and perfect comedy timing. It’s the funniest film to hit cinemas in a long, long, time. It effortlessly and unexpectedly lands its hilarious punches, with some coming at the expense of its own absurdity – after all, these are grown-ups in weird costumes battling aliens. Having said that, the film takes its job seriously and is reverential to its various sources and characters.


    Shawshank Redemption has officially been knocked off my favourite movie post.

      I haven't seen a few of the previous films - Iron Man 2, Hulk, Thor. I liked Iron Man and Captain America.

        Thor is >> Captain America.

        That's just science.

        Then I found 10 dollars.

        No, really, my question is - Are the three I haven't seen good? Is all the gush I'm hearing about The Avengers supposed to mean the others aren't great?

        Also, Whedon also did that new Star Trek? Is that good?

        The only Whedon I've experienced is Firefly / Serenity and I really enjoyed that.

          I don't think Whedon did the new Star Trek movie (if you're referring to the 2009 one). I wasn't aware that he was and after reading your comment I did a search on imdb and he didn't pop up in the movie :P

          I've never really seen Star Trek (the series) but I did like the 2009 movie. Was good for a total Star Trek newbie.

            That's odd, I wonder why did I think he did?

              JJ Abrams did the new Star Trek, and it was damn good.

              Yeah, Star Trek was done by J.J Abrams.

              Both Abrams and Whedon have both been thrust from TV backgrounds into blockbuster film-making so maybe that's the confusion?

        Incredible Hulk you could easily avoid watching. There are a couple of references, but that's it.

        Iron Man 2 introduces Black Widow.

        Thor is probably the main one to watch. It is essentially the back story of why Loki is so pissed.

          I think I'll hit up a Blu-Ray or two this weekend.

            Will try and borrow Iron Man 2 and Thor from my local. Might get Star Trek too by the sounds of it.

            Hmm, should probably get something my wife might like to watch as well. She loved True Grit.

              True grit was awesome. The world and the characters were really believable.

              If you haven't seen it I'd recommend getting Monsters. It's a British Sci-Fi film with a district 9 vibe.

      yep, it was the comedy that really hit me

      like, they'd just say certain lines that were just perfectedly timed, like (rot13'ed) jura Gube tbrf "ur'f zl oebgure!
      naq v guvax shel fnlf "ur xvyyrq 85 crbcyr va 2 qnlf!"
      naq Gube Ercyvrf "ur'f nqbcgrq"
      nofbyhgryl ybfg vg, gb unir fhpu n frevbhf punenpgre nf gube znxvat n wbxr yvxr gung pnzr pbzcyrgryl bhg bs yrsg svryq, naq jnf bar bs zl snibevgr wbxrf va gur zbivr.

      but yes, it had a perfect balance between comedy and action, i loved it, and will probably watch it multiple times while it is still in cinemas.

        Haha! Yes, that had the entire theater in hysterics.

        Uhyx naq Gube gnxr bhg gur tvnag nyvra naq gura jura fgnaqvat gevhzcunagyl ba vg'f pbecfr Uhyx whfg enaqbzyl chapurf Gube bhg bs senzr.
        Gur vzntr bs Uhyx guebjvat Ybxv nebhaq yvxr n puvyqf cynlguvat naq gura gur fubg bs Ybxv fghaarq ba gur tebhaq.

          yeah, those scene had everyone in the cinema laughing so much, we had to try and quiet ourselves so that we could hear the movie.

          "chal tbq"

            I actually missed that line because I was laughing so damn loud.

            If I have one complaint it would be:
            Uhyx tbrf sebz na hapbagebyynoyr perngher gb Onaare orvat noyr gb pbageby uvz jvgu rnfr va gur fcnpr bs unys na ubhe.

      Agree. Was a little tired whilst watching it but great overall. Good length without being too long. Great action with plenty of other stuff too. Believable is the main word I would use, Whedon made the whole thing seem so real. I came out thinking that their wasn't a way that I could think of that the movie could have been better.

      Guess I've got some viewing to do.

      Okay fine, I will see it. It will be one of three films I see this year:

      The Hobbit and DKR are locked in, don't care must see no matter what, and I had one slot spare for a choice before my new baby comes.

      This movie will be it, so you'd better be right.

        Donkey Kong Returns? Diddy Kong Racing? That's all I'm seeing there. What's DKR?

          tis batman.

            Wow, second nerdfail of the day. At this rate I'll be captain of the rowing team in no time!

        Good point. We've both got a baby due at around the same time.

      I went and saw it last night. I've never been so desperate to see a movie again as I am right now.

    So I've only just realised how close to May it is. Better fix up my Taokaka costume soon.
    Also, do people want photos from the world record attempt?

      What are you talking about, May is aaaaages away.

      *Waits impatiently for Diablo 3*

    I want to go back to school were the assholes in my life could only bother me a hour or so a day and even less usually because they got bored. Life seems like this big old pot that we get thrown into with a bunch of moronic people are always there and in your face and you have to push real hard to make any progress. If you are lucky some nice people get thrown in next to you but they like yourself will just be drowned in the pot of stupidity. On a completely unrelated note i landed on my face doing push ups last night and hurt my nose. Woke up this morning and my nose was better. Its a miracale :D

      Ouch that poor nose. I was never good at push ups, since thanks to my leg I can't really do anything physically challenging

        Techy have you seen a doctor, you probably should otherwise in later life it is gonna bite you on the ass .

          They keep saying nothing is wrong, despite that my left kneecap is practically sticking out like an arrow from cartoons when I sit down.

          Though from what it feels and looks like, I think I got damaged muscles and nerves on my thigh and knee. Also it is very prone to cramps from just doing something small like stretching before getting out of bed in the morning.

            Maybe it is a psychosomatic. Like Doctor Watson in Sherlock. In any case if the doctors have looked at it more than once and said it is fine maybe you leg hurts because you aren't using it very much?

    It's time for a page 13 confession:

    I don't get the appeal of Diablo.

      Neither but to be fair I've never really played 1 or 2. The dungeon crawler type games I have played have come much later and probably improved on many of the mechanics. Saw a gameplay trailer for 3 months ago and wasn't really impressed but I guess it's different if I actually played it.

      You played Borderlands?
      Same thing, different classes + skill trees + loot = replayablilty

        See, that's strange, I loved Borderlands

          That's cause Borderlands ROCKS!

      I used to love it. I suspect I would probably not enjoy it these days.

      You're clearly broken.

      Please consult a doctor or your manufacturer.

      Diablo III doesn't appeal. I played the proverbial SHIT out of the first two though.


    How far are you into the game, chapter/episode/case wise? (can't remember what they call it)

    After a certain point, the game became really 'meh' for me. Just wondering whether you'll be sick of it or keep playing. The doubt/lie responses are a bit weird, especially when I 100% certain I'm making the 'correct' choice based on what I know and it turns out to be wrong...

    Are you driving to places or letting your buddy do the work? I quickly got tired of the driving mechanics :P

      I just got promoted to homicide. I've heard this game is actually very long, but i seem to be progressing through the cases pretty quickly. Right now it's still 50/50 on the driving. I'm still seeing what the city has to offer so i like driving, ask me again in a week.

      Really? I think it goes 'meh' for a bit but then picks back up a little.

      Also, I liked the driving. Well, not the actual driving, the city. It's a well-crafted period-piece environment to drive through and have a look around. Kind of like in Mafia 1, but that had decent driving mechanics as well.


    and so forth


      My birthday is on a public holiday so I've never had that problem... yay?

        My Birthday is on the aniversary of the moon landing.

          Are you a space baby?

            Yes my mum and dad concieved me on the moon. When neil Armstrong was saying
            " One small step for man, One giant leap for man kind" The actually Paraphrase it to that from
            " Holy Cow two people having moon sex That is One small step for man, One giant leap for man kind... fap fap fap"
            I re read that man i am twisted.

              I don't even think I can top that.

              *slow clap*

                really? are you sick or something?

              oh rocketman

              And contradictory too. Unless yours was a twelve month pregnancy :P

                Moon Years are different to Earth years Gosh Lambo.

                  Oh, so you were born on the moon year anniversary of the moon landing then?
                  So that would mean a moon year is 9 months long.

                He's a moon-witch!

                  Shh don't tell everyone my secret Noob otherwise i will turn you into this.



        It's true*, someone once called me Bish-Funk.
        I was all "Sir, that is not me, clearly you are mistaken and/or confused" and walked away.

        *not true


    Let me direct you attention towards this article: Read the article? Good for you. That's not what I was directing you attention towards, but you read it anyway so you'll be able to understand what it is I'm trying to point out. That first comment. It is pure gold.

      That was brilliant.

      Also, i thought jobs should be given on who was best suited to the role, not what they had in their pants.
      How silly of me.

        Moron. most programmers are male. There's no two ways about it. In my course I knew of maybe 4 female programmers. This is of a group of 50. Statistically it's obvious that there will be more males. Plus maybe the girls should get off facebook and actually apply for jobs instead of whinging about it.

        That was mean, but still, mountain out of a molehill

          Not oyu Chuloopa, I mean the women protesting.

            Ho0ly crap you had me worried there for a moment! LOL

              Sorry I should've been clearer

          I was gonna say the same thing actually, I am sure if there was a female who applied for a job and her skills were better they would hire her.


          There are so many reasons why women aren't equally represented on boards. A few of them have to do with discriminatory practices, but most of them are legitimate reasons (like the dare I say typical career break that occurs when a woman has a baby, and reluctance thereafter to put in excessive overtime to land promotions - generalisation I know, but well documented).

          And it's a particularly ridiculous protest in this instance, with your added demographic info re: programmers.

      That is just amazing.

      She has surely won today's internet with that comment.

      Hiring someone to fill a gender, racial, minority etc quota is a terrible reason to hire someone.

      They're bitching about women not being on the board at Facebook when there are REAL problems in the world. I should've lost faith in humanity a longer time ago..

    The internet is just a wealth of information

    where would we be without it??

    Don't answer that question - it's rhetorical.

      I have started hating myself for reading comments on youtube videos especially for music i like, this is purely because that nearly all the time the comments read like this

      "This is truely good music forget gaga and bieber, they will be nowhere in 6 months "insert band name here" Will live on forever in our hearts. This is especially prevalent on Queen and ABBA songs.

        There should be a "kick stupid youtube users in the face" bill passed.

        Sooooo many stupid STUPID comments. Especially on metal songs.

        "WTF, this isn't power metal, it's speed metal!! my god!!! it's like comparing black metal with death metal!!"

        WTF... it's all metal in the end, isn't it?!?!?!

        Also: x amount of people are such and such type comments... sooo old




          Metal subgenres is one of the forbidden topics on the internet, alongside religion and politics.

          Don't ever go there. Ever. It cannot end well.

      AHahah that was unexpected :P

      And now I'm watching a bunch of his videos instead of studying finance for my test tomorrow....


        I just watched most of them.
        I want my life back.

        I got 67% on my finance test from last week :(

        DAMN IT!

          So much eggs!

          I got like 56% on my last finance test :(. Different finance subject this time but I don't think it'll be any different since I've only been to 1/7 lectures...

      There was one interesting fact that I found out about how youtube videos work yesterday. The comments section can actually be disabled by the user, but that's actually a bad idea. The way youtube videos get popular come from three things: Overall views, total likes/dislikes and comments. The more you have of any of these, the higher it goes up the ranks in searches and even the front page of youtube, which earns the video author more ad revenue. So basically, a human who does youtube videos for a living actually want arguments to erupt cuz it works better for them. It's basically a way of "making the trolls work for you" as TB once put it. The more argument, the higher popularity. How else did Rebecca Black's Friday hit the front page as a viral video? All the rage and disliking actually helped it get more popular rather than destroy it.

    I just had the most awesome idea... i want to snip off the end of a sparkler and slide it into someones cigarette....

    Then when the sparkler ignites, yell "PAARRRTTTAAAYYYYY!!!!"

    Then laugh all the way to the burns ward

      I've done that with a bunger.

      They were incredibly unimpressed.

      Funny as hell though.

        *homicidal high five*

          He was a reknowned moocher, so it was a cigarette we just left lying on the table to see if he'd take the bait.

          It still did not change his mooching ways. I did get a good punch in the arm though.

      Yea, I don't think inhaling sulfur is a good idea. It might cause a slight case of dead.

        Are you a doctor?

          Actually i am a Doctor

          Dr Ruffle B. Berg, MBBS

            That being said, back when i smoked my mates put about 15 match heads in my smoke, it literally exploded in my face.

              Now we play the waiting game...

                Nice... good times had by all!!!

                I'm sooo glad i quit years ago lol

      yeah im with Ruffs there. Aluminium Sulphites are bad for the lungs. Worse infact that the cigarette itself. so i'd avoid doing that one.

    Hug it out TS people. Hugs fix all things.

      Don't touch me.
      Physical contact makes me incredibly uncomfortable and if you could stay at least 4 meters away from me at all times, that would be super.

        Noted for the monomeat.

        I think Rize already mentioned that he would shout a drink to anyone for each time they hugged you.

        Saturday is going to be funsies.

          I'll totally sell hugs for drinks.

            This is a genius plan!

              HUG HOOKER

                You'll be rich! Of course you'll need a manager, I am willing to be that!

        Unless funbags are involved, obviously.

      I'll Hug you out ruffleberg. By that i mean, you don't want to know what i mean, you get what i mean Ruffles. I am watching you with one eye on your feet, another on your face and a third watching where you are going.

        when you're done hugging him out, would you like to hug me off?

          Ill hug your brains out then hug you some more. The when you are nearly hugged out i give you a nice good hugging and you will scream out hug me harder.

            You want a hug?
            I"LL GIVE YOU A HUG!

            Not really that bad, being hugged by me is more like being attacked by a giant bean bag.

              The sad part is i think i am bigger than Hugo:P I want to be lifted in my hug.

                I think you are taller, but that never stops me from performing the lift hug.
                Actually it makes it more fun, as you tend to get more swing out of the taller people.

      I definitely could have handled this whole thing better. /o\

        To be clear, I shouldn't have mentioned anyone by name. Especially when they can't respond right now. What I said was my side of things and those on the other side of the fence probably saw things differently. Just because I saw their actions one way doesn't mean that's exactly what happened or what they meant.

    So i made a version of the Lord Shepard shirt that doesn't have text... i thought it suited some people more whom reallllllly don't want religious-sounding slogans on their shirts

    So, Mad Men Blu-Rays - seasons 1 and 2.
    I have the blu-Rays, i want the DVDs instead. Anyone want to trade up?

      @McGarnical, I would like to watch them in high-def, but unfortunately, I can only imagine what it's like and my brain is pretty fuzzy.

      Man so many people saying good things about this show...

        And the Clone Wars! People* are saying good things about that show too! :P


          I thought you were a Lamborghini man?
          You know... like a transformer???
          you're not people

   that would explain why I like Michael Bay's Transformers too...

        It is AWESOME. I was sceptical at first, after that first episode I was all "This is rad" and watched all 4 seasons in 2 weeks >_>





    All monomeat. This song.

      Between this and all the probable touching, gonna be a great weekend.

        We've bished a long long way together
        through the hard times and the bish
        i gotta cellabrate you bishy
        I have to bish you like i should

      Also, while we're on the topic.
      Mashaaaaaaaaaaa and Powalen and any first time Sydney Meaters, I assume you know the plan of 11:30 AM, Galeries Victoria, Monorail station, but if you want to be part of the ridiculous email chain, plop your emails down here or email me at anddotwtdothoatgmail etc etc, but with the appropriate dot and at symbols, and someone can add you!

    Hi TAY!

    I have a question:
    If you had to guess what percentage of zombie attacks occurred while someone was on the can, what would it be?

      During a zombie outbreak, there will be at least one person who gets attacked whilst attending to toiletry issues.

      id guess 30% just because people are silly. and dont take the privacy of bowel movements seriously.

      It's actually my number one fear when i'm taking a dump.

        It'd be a terrible way to go. You either sit there being nommed on or you run out, pants around your ankles, trip and get nommed on.

          My fear while on the can is that a snake will bite me on the ass. It happen to a neighbour of mine while we lived out on my farm.

          Not to mention all the deification flying all over the place.

          I'd also be terrified they'd bite my winkie first... dear god...


        Actually, you didn't say the toilet person was the victim, so I would say 100%, to start with, though this would peter out to 0% as people began to become zombies and stop needing modern plumbing conveniences.

          This raises another question:

          Do zombies poop?

            Man i never thought of that.
            I'm actually fairly shure they don't, as most internal organs don't work.

            They'd more than likely just bloat until they explode.

              I suppose it could just go straight through them?

              But if they do just bloat until the explode that must increase the chances of survival if you can just wait out long enough for all their poop shoots to explode.

                Actually, their stomachs would explode.

                Their muscle function still works, so it would make it down the esophagus fairly easily, but would get stuck somehwere in the stomach a it no long produces the acid to break the food down.
                The food would begin to rot, and pile up, causing swelling, until their abdomens split/pop completely.

                  I love how much you're thinking about this.

      Depends on how many people have seen Zombieland

        I haven't! Do they tell us?! I NEED TO KNOW!!!

          They do indeed answer this question

            TELL MEEEEE

              Rule 2: Beware of Bathrooms:
              Really not just bathrooms any good apocalyptic zombie survivor should know better then going into a bathroom, small closet or any other small room with only one way in or out. Only thing stupider to go into then a bathroom is a movie theater. Lots of places to run around before you get eaten.

    I fixed this!

      That looks awesome, esp on a black background =D

        Yellow is the default because Ellis shirt is yellow

          It is? I can never remember tbh.

      this shirt:
      is awesome. BUT you need to fade the edges a bit to make it blend in with the shirt :)

      Also - how did you get your profile page to look so pretty? I can't work it out :(

    Oh God.

    Christian dating ad at the top of TAY?

    They know me so well.

      Hey man i am just looking to find love in a safe place with people who i share interests with. Also those christian chicks go like the proverbial i hear.

      Note: This may be taken as an offensive slur, it is not Thank you for your time :P

        Many of the Christians I went to highschool with ended up marrying people in their immediate friendship circle, which in 8+ years appears to not have changed in the slightest from when we were in highschool.

        Now I could be wrong and I could be reaching for the truth, but I'm assuming they all married to have le sex. I think all of them did not live together before they got married either.

        It seems like an incredibly bad way to go about finding a partner in life.

          To each there own, i won't judge people for choosing a different way to live their life. Well i should change that I won't OPENLY judge people for choosing a different way to live their life. I will judge the shit out of them later. Apparently my grandmother nearly didn't got to my dad's wedding because he was living with my mum before hand.

          Having grown up in a religious family I can agree that it's a bad way to find a partner. People at my church (including my sister after I left) would get married just because they were sick of not being able to have sex. So all these people were getting married way too young, before they even knew enough about themselves to know what kind of partner would suit them, just so they could have sex. A lot of them are divorced now. My little sister got married at barely 18 and is now divorced with 3 kids and an arsehole abusive ex-husband.

          I'm not saying not having sex before marriage is a bad thing, I'm just saying it's hard to discover what you need to know about someone if you're all raging unfulfilled hormones.

    To all humans I've snapped at today, I apologise for my attitude. My parents came back from their small holiday last night and moved my dentist appointment to the day of the mamasita meat tonight so I can't go thanks to them. Work isn't helping me either so I'm in full-on cranky mode. It's basically all hell again except worse now thanks to work and half of my team being MIA for multiple reasons (On leave, sick, etc)

    Sorry all please forgive me! /o\

      NO i will not forgive you.

      This is because you didn't need to apologise.

        Well I think my comments now that I re-read them came off even more harsh and snarkier than I usually do... so yeah..

          They were but everyone gets angry now and again. Friends usually let that stuff slide though :D

        Because it's too late to apologiiiiiiise
        It's too laaaaate!
        (Toooo laaate, tooo laaaaaate)

        I know! I know songs from this century! Amazing!

          I swear every school dance we had, THAT SONG WOULD GET LIKE 6 PLAYS. The dances only went for 4 hours. Also Those lyrics were insanely catchy.

      Is cool brah

        Also sorry to say I will not be attending Mamasitas, got an impromptu pre-birthday dinner with my girlfriend.

      It happens.

      Sorry man you couldn't make it to mamasita meat. You are dead to me.

      Just joking, take it easy and hope your week gets better! /o/

    Does anybody not have a Dropbox account who was thinking of getting it? If so, please sign up using this link and I get more storage for my account (which I need because I store all my comic work there)!

    (Note: you also get extra space if you use this link)

    OK does anyone know where i can get the old coax RF switches for retro game consoles? or do i need to just get a coax to toslink converter and plug it into my HD tv via the optical in?

      Um is that the thing that the old snes consoles had? because i guess you could see if you could get one on ebay? Also a note for you, old consoles look shit on newer tvs if you have a old CRT screen to play it on i would reccommend that instead.

        This one time I plugged in my NES to the however-big main LCD TV we have.
        Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.
        You do not want a whole screen of vomit-inspired colours is all I'm saying.

      I wonder if Gametraders would sell them, considering they sell all the old systems you would think they would have to sell the coax RF switches.

    I've had various ideas for writing a story (this is for me, not for fame and fortune although that'd be nice) and don't really know where to start.

    I plan on writing something that'd be fun to write and fun to read. So nothing too heavy. Fairly explosion-heavy stuff.

    Should I go with the semi-historical story set in the 1700s around smuggling in England (but really about necromancy), or the near-future sci-fi-lite story about a scientific experiment gone wrong (two stories as I have two experiments in mind that could both equally go wrong). I'm leaning towards the first one. I'm thinking skeleton minions, primitive firearms and olde English bureaucracy.

    I also have the plot sketched out for a more-complicated one but I need something simple to start I think.

      Both, the Sci-Fi one could be a sequel.
      Or you could be fancy and do the sci-fi one first then do the 1700s England one as a prequel!

        There is a plot element that justifies them being continuous... Food for thought.

        Pez, you're sort of right, but I think I can make it work.

          Can you write a ye olde story with sci-fi explosions then?

          Best of both worlds.


      I know this is a reply button fail, but it should be an answer for everything.

      I'm hearing lots of feedback here on combining the lot. Hmm...
      I intend to make the stories short and effective.

      I like the Ian Fleming school of writing - get up in the morning, write 3000 words, then spend the afternoon and evening partying.

        Don't forget cramming bird watching into the plot somehow.

    Quoth the Raven: "BLAM!"

    I finally got around to watching Sherlock yesterday. Burned through five of the six episodes before passing out.

    Great show. Made me realise that the recent Dirk Gently show is pretty clearly in response to it :p

    Hi TAY!
    @Pez, that hugs for drinks deal was only for certain people! I just haven't decided who yet...

    And now, back to work. So much to do, so little maximum effort available.

      And you're nowhere near excited enough for the MONOMEAT.

      I didn't see a single all-caps MONOMEAT in that post.


        Seriously though, I am keen. Just trying to push through these crappy work days first.



        I just did! You're welcome!

          I hope the email chain dies a horribly awkward and silent death because of you.

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