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    Why do i feel the need to defend my love of call of duty against trolls and people who go out of their way to bag cod, and those who play it? It really gets my goat. And whevner I feed one of these trolls i always have insta-regret.

      oh bad page get. Sorry guys.

        wait wait. I can make up for it.


        yup i think thats better.

      If it makes you feel any better, i thought the multi in Blops was fun.

      It almost makes up for that rail shooter patriotic wankfest disguised as a single player they had.

        I'd just like to clarify that I'm not being a troll.

        Multi = Fun
        Single = Ebola

        It's science!

      CoD is a fun game if uninnovative. Some people don't seem to know how to deal with its popularity. There is a real risk that it encourages game devs to not take risks and encourages publishers to insist on trillion-dollar profits, but we're not seeing an innovation apocalypse just yet. Kickstarter might be the antidote.

      I'll continue enjoying Cod AND the smaller innovative games.

        See there is this perception that cod fans only like cod. That thats all they care about and dont know what real games are.

        Yes i sink hundreds of hours into cod. Yes it eats into my time spent on other games. But this by no means stops me from appreciating games that are better in many ways. I just wish it was possible to make the haters realize this fact. I play cod multi because, well i am good at it. So i enjoy it. It is easier for me to keep playing a game that i consistently perform well at for many hours, unlike Trials that i do love, but frankly, am not so good at. Once i get past medium tracks im useless. So naturally i lose interest.

          Having worked in video gaem retail, the perception that cod fans only like cod is backed up be the reality of cod fans that only play cod.

          I guess that's a little harsh, they also play GTA - although they didn't know how to pronounce "IV" - and fifa - although after "oh seven", "oh eight" and "oh nine" they also asked to buy "oh ten" and "oh eleven", i guess those aren't techinically wrong as long as you're saying that they year is "two oh twelve" . I know of two people that suffered withdrawal symptoms when PSN was unavailable last year. One of those guys went and bought an xbox so he would have something to play.

          I'm not trying to condemn all CoD players, but there is definitely a large percentage of said people out there who "dont wanna touch that shiet" that is any other game. These people often need help writting their own name correctly. There may be a link there.

      I have 5 CoD games in my collection. And I have enjoyed them all.

      But then I am just the blurst.

        I have three on the xbox (MW2, BlOps and MW3) and one on PC which I bought too late so the multiplayer is largely dead (WaW).

        MW3 has another free weekend on PC this weekend. I played it last time and really didn't like it as much as I like the xbox version, probably because I'm shite at kb/m.

      I just need to stop reading comments. I do this every 3 months, learn not to read comments, not to take part in discussions on articles about certain topics. Then i let my guard down. Get involved again, and ultimately, the human race shows me again why i prefer to not interact.

        Just when you think you're out, the trolls suck you back in...

          yeah pretty much. I just need to stop this need to justify my own interests and feelings. GRRR

          Anyways. i'll move on. And just avoid reading comments on articles i am passionate about.

            We're friendly here!

            I'd play more CoD if I was any good. The thing is, if I'm on an absolute tear and killing it, I'll get like 1.2:1. I'm really not that good at it. I think my best ever in recent memory was like 20 to 5. That was an especially good round.

            I also play battlefield 3, and if that had a better framerate on xbox and more solid shooty mechanics, I'd probably play it more as it suits my play style better.

              I'm not a huge fan of the series' multiplayer but I enjoy playing the spec ops missions in MW3 with my cousin. The same thing with the split screen survival modes.
              I love that COD is one of the few big budget modern franchises that still allow same screen co-op.

          Any time someone trolls i just think of this:

      Typical bloody CoD fan, always whinging about something. If it isn't about battlefield they will find something else to whinge about.

      Like this whinge and whinging ;)

    I noticed on page 12 that Pez mentioned that Dollhouse had promise but didn't go anywhere.

    Largely true but there were some highlights worth sticking around for. Mainly to do with Sierra and Topher.

      Sierra was an awesome character

      plus she's aussie!!

        I just wanted to give the poor girl a hug.

        And a sandwich.

          A six foot long meatball sandwich, with extra cheese and nothing healthy. I swear light passed straight through her at one point!

            I would do terrible things to that girl. Mostly with my junk.

            She was half Asian half Caucasian wasn't she?

              Eurasian. Half-Aussie, half-Tibetan.

              Jon Safran stole her panties for one of his shows.

                damn Eurasians and their stunning good looks.

                  We need to find you a nice white boy to settle down and make many babbies with.

                  For the good of the world.

      Topher's greatest moment?

      "In a world where all men are guilty until proven dead"

      Pez, like me, might have only watched Season One. I hear the second season got better, but I cannot muster up any enthusiasm to track it down and/or watch it.

        Season 1 had an incredibly rough and formulaic start. It wasn't until about halfway through that it was bearable and even then there were only moments of it being good. The final episode (Epitaph 1, which was a DVD exclusive) was a hail mary. Set far into the future, it was basically "this is where the story might end up so you have some resolution if it gets cancelled." There was some good stuff there.

        Season 2 was then constrained by having to focus on Echo, the least interesting character, and the various things shown in Epitaph 1 that had to be introduced/resolved. Despite that, some of the minor characters really got a chance to shine. Victor, Sierra and Topher had some truly brilliant character arcs. Sierra deals with being raped, made into a doll against her will and confronting the man behind it all. Victor got to show off some hilarious impressions and have some truly tender moments as a doll. Then there's Topher, who was just pure Whedon.

        Still not great but the bits focusing on those guys made it worth watching.

          I don't agree with 'Hail Mary' - that last episode left me bitter and disappointed. I don't recall them now, but I was rattling off plot holes for almost thirty minutes after watching it! :P

            Hail Mary passes don't always work. The whole point is that you throw it out there and hope that it somehow sticks.

            It was entertaining although they clearly just threw together ideas they had for the show because they knew that being cancelled was an option and they wanted to give the fans something. Season 2 did its best to resolve those plot holes. Some worked out, others were made worse (the frenetic pacing didn't help either).

            It really was a show you had to endure to get to the good bits, especially because the best bits built on b-plots and apparently unremarkable moments.

          it just came off a lot as "Eliza Dushku gets all self-indulgent and plays everything she wants to portray"

            This was my main problem with the show, especially the first season.
            I know it was her idea and everything but really think they should have cast someone else as Echo because Dushku can't act well enough to pull off all those different characters.

              Dushku was the worst of the main cast and had the most demanding role. To make it even worse, the character sucked as well.

              It's kind of weird to have a show you watch for the b-plots.

      I really liked Dollhouse but didn't finish the 2nd season for whatever reason. I should give it another go one of these days :P

      Yeah from the Season One epilogue episode onwards, Dollhouse was awesome.
      I almost gave up on it after that woefully painful one where Echo was a backup singer or something, then I almost gave up on again near the end of the first season and I didn't actually watch any more for ages. Then I watched that epilogue episode and pretty much mainlined the rest of it, because I was enjoying it so much.

    So... about them video games?

      Nothing new has come out recently so after dabbling with No More Heroes, which I don't really like (but may need to revisit just in case it actually gets better), I have gone back to Dark Souls.

        Curse frogs are the bestest!

          I finally got cursed by one of them last night.
          I was all "OH GOD WHAT DO" before I found a Purging Stone in my inventory.
          Imagine that! Past me had some foresight! You were the best, me.

            How did you get through the sewers without being cursed?

            I was sufficiently wary by the time I got to that tree, so I didn't get cursed. I just wailed at them with my silver straight sword + 5.

              I know, right?
              And at that point I didn't even know they were Curse Frogs so I was just running into all the gas and wailing on them, and still came out unscathed.
              Only logical explanation is that I am a wizard.

                I did the same!

                I only found out that they were curse frogs because I spend a lot of time on the Dark Souls wiki!

                I'd just assumed that their stuff had been poison!

      How dare you bring up such a ridiculous topic.

      I love Trials Evo but when I played it yesterday I just could not get anything done. I guess you have to be in a relatively good mood in order to play it! :P I was a bit grumpy so every stuff up just sent me further and further over the edge and I eventually descended into madness and started running around the street with strange tribal markings on my face and no clothes and I was carrying a flaming torch and I'm pretty sure that didn't actually happen.

      Uh, anyway, I'm trying not to buy any new games for a while as I have far too much work to get done in the next few weeks. D:

        Sometimes I love that game, other times - not love. Hate. Yes, that.

          We need to get you in the best mood possible so you can take on the Gigatrack!

      or lack thereof :(

      although i have been playing a solid amount of skyrim recently, thanks to some new mods i got. my character is ridiculously hot.

      its worth the pain afterwards.

      I'm playing through ass cred 2 at the moment. Not sure why it took me so long to get to it after I completed one. I think the repetitiveness get amplified through it and my memory of it was worse than it actually was. So far I am enjoying it, although if I play much more I think i am going to need to book another European trip for my wife.
      All I hear through the whole game is "Oh that's so beautiful" "wow, that's pretty" "So beautiful" and the very occasional "Oooohhhh I want that for my house in puzzle pirates"

    You just need to remove your pants completely when sitting on the toilet.
    That way, if you can escape the confined space of the cubicle/bathroom, you'll be fully mobile.
    Thank me when you're running at full speed, with a swarm of zombies eating your dust, and feeling the wind between your thighs.

      I go to the toilet completely nude.

      This means I'll be pretty aerodynamic in a zombie situation.


    Also I left my pocket wifi at home and my phone has 0 data allowance and $2 credit. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.

      Who's going? I'm going!

      I saw TK has gone and prioritised his personal health over chicken chocolate, which I guess is fair enough although disappointing.

        Wasn't by my choice either... I still don't even know how they managed to do that without my censent... I'm 23 for fricks sake

        I hate my family... seriously

          My mum came to my room last night and told me to go to sleep... #yesmum

            Yeah because my parents neglected to call me and let me know, it was already too late to reschedule since they don't accept that short amount of notice.

              You should schedule something for your parents and see how they like it! #logic

      also I am driving home tonight but I am going to have one drink!

        Living life on the edge!
        You're in the danger zone.

        *hic* I jusht had one officer

        I'll be there, hopefully around 6-ish

    So Just got the Jetpack Joyride update. These Gadgets look liket hey could be fun!

      Woohoo, new update! Time to get addicted again, I suppose...

      I quit when it wiped my progress. not sure if that wound has healed sufficiently yet. I did reinstall it last night though so that's something

        By the way I contacted Halfbrick on Twitter and they've told me they've fixed that bug! Maybe I can get back in after all.

    Catching up from earlier pages: Bishy doesn't like to be touched?! He asked me for a hug at the Can'd Meat....

      You appear to be the exception.

      Bish doesn't like to be touched by most people.

      Secretly, deep down, he craves the affection of his elders, those wiser than him, so those people, he will allow contact with.

      But he definitely won't hug Rocketman.

      maybe he's afraid of making dangly bits contact?

        Woah, hey, I'm not Blaghman. I do have some form of arm control.

      I consider it an honour to have shaken his hand, then.

      I like how from allllllllllllllllll the other conversations that have occurred this is the single point that needs to be addressed.

      I don't know, it just seemed appropriate at the time!
      We hadn't seen you in months, Strange! MONTHS! Also the whole interstate thing.

        This was the only important conversation. :P
        And you've set a precedent now, I expect hugs next time I'm at a Can'd or Sydney Meat as well.

          One day I promise I will fly up to Brisbane for a Meat just to hug you.
          And then I will clean your kitchen.

            Oh god.
            *furiously cleans kitchen just in case Bish turns up unannounced*

            And I'll hold you to that promise.

        I didn't get a hug now twice. FLu said to hug you last time and i was all like no i will give him his space he thinks it is weird i won't, i am forever regretting it now. Even freyr gave me a hug man :P

          You didn't give me a Streetpass.
          That's what you get.

    When i read the 'I Am An Explorer' article i couldn't help but feel that it comes off as incredibly self indulgent. am i being too harsh? Almost every sentence began or included the word "I".

      When i read the ‘I Am An Explorer’ article i couldn’t help but feel that it comes off as incredibly self indulgent. am i being too harsh?


        If you could imagine all the "i"s in her quote as being bolded, that would totally help the joke.
        Wonder why it doesn't show up in quotes.


    Yeah, avioding TAY a bit till I can see the Avengers. Just in case.


        Actually that was a theory I heard of the next Batman movie

          NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO takes Breath OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Takes second Breath OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Takes third breath and wonders why he is breathing so much OOOOOOOO Drops to the ground and friends think he is being dramatic OOOO cough cough splutter OO feels weaker then he ever has before O dies on the ground.

          Kool AID man bust through Wall

          OH YEAH



    I got cornered by a woman from Greenpeace at Uni today while waiting for a friend. I kept saying that I wasn't going to sign up for anything but she kept talking anyway. It was awkward. :P

    ps. Bish! I sent my email to your email ...I think. Getting pumped for Monomeat! :O

      Tell them you want to burn forests with nuclear fuel whilst munching GM popcorn.

      That'll learn em.

      Dammit man, have you not learned to pick up your phone and pretend to be doing something VERY IMPORTANT when they attempt to make eye contact?

        I'm a fan of "no, no inglés" with an accent.
        The Spanish really throws them off.

          Hahaha, I can just picture their faces.

          As does the traditional bowing with hands clasped together.

            As I wear my thick fur coat and ushunka.

              ushunka? You don't even know her!

              Sorry, that's the best I could do with that limited material.

        I HAD my phone out! I guess it doesn't matter when you're sitting down though. :( I guess I should be more suspicious about women who randomly sit down next to me and start talking from now on?

    So yeah I tried that new SPAZ content update with Bounty Hunters... bloody hell are they tough when you make them mad! I almost ran out of rez trying to defend my mothership (Cuz allied AI is dumb as a rock taking hits all the time, I really wish they do online co-op one day). I think they attacked for a full half hour with constant reinforcements, as I destroyed one, one or two took their place, absolutely brutal, but I loved every second. I love the new ship designs a lot, can't wait to try them once I get the full blueprints. So yeah... the Bounty Hunters, do NOT take them lightly

      I have to play a bit more. I got stuck where i was too weak to do anything more, and got a little disheartened. But yeah, once i get over trials, i might give it another crack.

      I haven't actually been attacked by them yet, but I have started on some of the arena challenges.
      I am so not used to flying a small ship. Have you tried them out and how far have you gotten?

      As for online co-op spaz, sign me up.

    I finish avatar, i didn't remember exactly how good it was, i was in awe of the awesomeness. Kinda sad it is finished now, the last episode wasn't hat great when Aang was fighting The Firelord, don't get me wrong it was a pretty epic battle just the ending was kind of predictable even if they wrote the ending into the script from the start. I was also curious, what is the age difference between Katara and Aang, i know he is twelve but what is she 14?

      About 98 years.

      And the best part about the finale was Azula. The ending of the confrontation with the Firelord was considered an asspull by most because the foreshadowing was a little too subtle (Lion Turtles got mentioned a few times, didn't show up until the very end. Most people missed it and thought it got thrown in there to give Aang another option after agonising about his big decision).

        Yeah i knew about the lionturtle before i rewatched and i was looking to see if there were hints about it because when i watch the first time i completely missed it. They do talk about it by some extend , But seriously he gets hit on the back and goes into ultimate kill mode. Little bit lazy story telling, like i said they had written it in from a season ago but still.

          The Avatar at his full potential against the most powerful fire-bender at his full potential. It was always going to come to that.

          What they did was give Aang a reason not to want to do it and a reason why he couldn't do it (both introduced at the end of season 2). Aang's emotional arc in season 3 was overcoming those boundaries and making a decision about how to end the war.

            I still didn't understand it, he didn't actually give anything up and he ended up with katara anyway. How did he control the avatar state if he had his 7th Chakra still locked?

              The guru was wrong.

                So it would seem

                  It's something that bugs me a fair bit. Characters in fiction are often right about the big things. The audience learns to trust the apparent expert advice and go with it. It can feel like they simply didn't have any other way to deliver this information.

              It's been a while since I watched it but didn't smacking his back against that rock unlock his 7th Chakra? Like it hit the right pressure point on his body or something to cause it to unlock.

                The rock hit him right in the scar, unblocking the physical impediment but didn't resolve the mental issue of being able to control the avatar state.

                The problem was that the mental block was not caused by him not letting go of his love for Katara (probably the best proof that that's bullshit is The Avatar and the Firelord, where it's clearly not an issue).

                So clearing the mental block most likely came from him having a resolution he was at piece with. He was in control because he wasn't conflicted about what he should do and causing harm he didn't want to cause but felt he might have to. /fanwank

      I loved the last few episodes of Avatar. For the whole show I'd always wondered how the Fire Nation managed to basically wipe out the Air Nomads and score major hits against the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes. I mean I got that it was a surprise attack but still. Seeing the power that comet gave them though made it all make sense.

    Customer comes in and starts asking me about glass engraving. I pull out the practice plate and start pointing at it not really looking at at. The customer gives me a death stare and says she is not very appreciative. I look at what I'm pointing at and some lovely gentleman has written

    "Rape All The Bitches
    Donkey Punch The Sluts"

    That took some fast talking to head off any further problems. Going to check everything very very carefully from now on.

      I literally LOL'd out loud in the middle of my office.

      Bloody hell... That person needs "I am a sex offender" grafted into their forehead.

        Man its really not fun with that written on your head kids ask there mums: "Whats a sex offender Mum" Then you have to explain to the kids the birds and the bees and how the person is a menace to society and needs help. Then you have to get the tin snips out and make the kid watch as you nuter the poor gent. Then he screams out in pain "I am just coming home from a bucks party you jerk" Then you have all his medical bills to cover. Its fun for nobody at all really Mcgarnical

          There's a great scene in The Big Lebowski about this.

          Also, if they're old enough to ask aren't they old enough to know?

          You can't start them on weapons training without some sort of motivation you know.

    It's time for a reminder...

    A reminder for the CANBERRA MID-YEAR MEAT, 2012!!!

    Or something.

    On the 23rd of June (theoretically), come to Canberra! Drink alcohol, don't drink alcohol, play games, watch other people play games, fall asleep on my floor, don't fall asleep on my floor. All of these options and more are available, at the Canberra Mid-Deer Bleat, 2012.

    Just remember, you're invited, so are you, and you, not you, but that's okay, no, no I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, of course you're invited, I can't believe I said anything that cruel as well. Also, your invited(what about my invited? That's a good question).


    So yeah, just a reminder for those considering travelling long distances, that you may wish to consider organising transport. You're welcome to stay at my house, although given there may be quite a few people going, I may need to kick the Sydney people out or something(or just make them sleep on the floor).

    Chars Bug ares.

      Been to Canberra Done that,
      But seriously i have no idea if i can come or not? :\

        You can.

          We'll allow it, just this once.

            I'll get his Grandparent's written permission.

            As long as they don't telegram it to me again. That singing telegraph didn't even shut up after I gave him a gold coin to stop.

      Bags sleeping on the trampoline.

        I want to sleep with the guinea pigs.

        And by with I don't mean sexually.

        For once.




          I find it hilarious that you had to clarify that you *didn't* mean sexually.
          Pez is a classy guy.

            My junk is an avid explorer, I need to tell people where it hasn't been instead of where it has.

      I will have a four-day old baby. I will try to pop in to say hello.

        Your baby is precise.

        Are you German, by any chance?

          No, but he's decided to hail Caesar.


          That sounded better in my head.

          The baby has no say in it. (Medical caesarean.)

          But to continue the joke... we heard this winding sound last night; we think he's set an alarm clock for the 19th.

      PS: I have tried the "chars bug ares" before, but my wife thought I was calling her a 'big arse', so I stopped saying it.

      Sounds like a plan. So I'm guessing this will be a leave Syd early Saturday leave Can late Sunday type thing? Because I'm down for that.

      In the meantime, say Hi to Julia for me!

        I guess? Kind of depends. Last time the Sydney peeps turned up for 2 nights, so they're welcome to do that again, and I guess if anyone wants to stay in Canberra for slightly longer(lord knows why), they're welcome to.

      I will be there. But I will not need to stay because my sister lives in Canberra. Which reminds me, I should probably warn her I'm coming to visit. :P

        You owe me directions to your house after last night's dream.

        I had to put my two cups in the back of the van. I'm not sure of the significance but I really didn't want to leave them there.

          Two cups? A van? Yeah, we probably don't want to think too closely about the significance of your dream. Or mine from an earlier page, either for that matter....

      I shall probably be there. If I'm done cleaning up my place from the meat on the 9th (Bish has not confirmed his attendance so I can't rely on him :p)

      Bags watching KPop on Sunday morning again and feeling all tingly in my no-no's.

        Stop talking about your rashes and see a doctor about that, please.

      Unfortunately I will have to miss this meat. I will kicking back in sunny Reykjavik before jetting off to Helsinki on that particular weekend. Canberra just isn't as appealing as that. Sorry Blaghs

      Woohoo, meat! Exams will be done on the 21st, so I can fly up to Canberra :D

      Don't forget JamesMacUsedMyHandle said he was going. You should pester him about that. Is he even back from overseas yet?

        I believe he is, and yes, I planned to pester him too.

    YEAAAAH. Robocop and The Rugrats Movie gameboy games finally came in the mail after buying them a couple weeks ago.

      Pokemon Red/Blue

      That is all you need.

        But Yellow has all the starters!

          Every time someone brings up Pokemon Yellow, I remember how I took my GameBoy and Yellow to year 7 camp, and some dickwad erased my save while I was out of the room. Still super pissed off over a decade later.

            Dude, what a dick!

            I still remember a bunch of us playing and sharing a friend's copy of Gold for ages on some school trip and some bitch teacher took it off us and turned it off WITHOUT SAVING.

        I only have Yellow.

          I also recommend the Donkey Kong games on GB and Metroid. But good luck finding them cheap :/

            I remember DK Country on the Gameboy Colour being really, really dark and it was almost impossible to see what was going on.

              I vaguely remember this also. I might have to dig it out and give it a whirl.

          And it's all you need baby doll.

      I used to have Rugrats games on the PS1! Search for Reptar and Studio Tour were awesome. Makes me want to play them again. :P

    Urinals should be a common household bathroom feature. Every time I use a public toilet I think, "why don't I have one of these at home?".

      Mmmm... urinal cakes.

      Cakey goodness.

        I saw a urinal notice once that said something like this:

        "Please flush after each use, because if you do not a sugary sediment builds up and you will have to get down and bite it off"

        This was at an Army regiment.

          Those army types get pretty crazy when their privates are involved.


            This was an officer-training regiment, so the main rank around the place was Staff Cadet.

            Heh heh. "Staff".

          A few years ago when my friend was on holiday in SA he saw a sign that said "please do not wash your feet in the urinal". He took a photo of it and showed me when he got back.

          South Australia must be a very weird place that they'd need to put up a sign like that.

            But there's no 'don't wash your ass in here' sign, so there's still hope.


      I don't pee in urinals for two reasons.

      1. I suffer from stage fright whenever I go to one so I end up looking like I'm just chilling there holding my junk and staring blankly at the wall.

      2. I was once staring blankly at a wall in a pub's bathroom when some dude's burst in and pushed the guy next to me in the back. He fell forward into the trough while he was peeing.

      So it's also a safety issue.

        You and I are kindred spirits, sir.

        Do you also poop in the nude?

    So, just me and Jordi at Mamasita tonight?

      If i didn't know better i would say it was a date. but i do know better because seriously who would want to go on a date with Mcgarnical, he is seriously the worst person on this sight .

      Just kidding love ya buddy :)

        You have good eyes.

          Are you hitting on Rocketman?

          Because he's single, you know. Very single.

            It was more a failed pun based on rocketman's apparent ability to 'sight' mcGarnical despite being thousands of kilometres apart.

            I will show myself out.


          Seriously though i am a dick

      I'll be at Saturday chocolate for sure!

        Me too. Just tell us what time. :)

          I will have to confer with the dark lord Sarcasm Fairy and we can get a solid time. Any suggestions on what to eat for lunch?

      f4ction said he wanted to get drunk with y'all didn't he?

      No! F4ction and Tigs are coming. They will be wearing McGarnical fan tshirts

        How do you know what I'm wearing? Are you stalking me?

      I wish I could attend. Unfortunately, I cannot. :(

      I would have said this earlier, but I've been away from my computer for a few days, and Internet on my phone wasn't working like it should.

    Anyone else keeping an eye on Dishonored?

      Half an eye, squinting from a distance. I tend to get overwhelmingly excited about great games and for my own protection try not to follow them.

        I am also not paying attention to Diablo III, Max Payne 3, Far Cry 3, or Bioshock Infinite.

          MAX PAYNE 3! GET HYPE!
          Console or PC?
          If undecided, join Shiggy and I on 360.

            Pfft PS3 is where the real playas be at.

              Master race here, reporting for impending argument.

                In the words of Shiggy:
                EAT A DICK!
                Part of me wants the PC games, but the majority of me can't be bothered hooking a computer up to a TV so I can play on the couch. Hence the consoles.

      Got my eyes full over here, be a darl and keep me up to date could ya?
      Thanks luv

        Rather than a kindly aunty voice, I read that in a creepy deep-voiced crossdressing hairy man voice. I am scared now.

          But my Aunty WAS a creepy, deep-voiced crossdressing hairy man.

          Now I'm just confused. And a little conflicted.

      Super excited for it since the GameInformer coverstory!

      Was quite surprised by the trailer. Different to what I'd expected, but still looks good.

      I've heard about it, and it sounds like something I might like, so I'm staying away from it so I don't spoilerise myself.

      Keeping an eye on? Yes.

      But I am very ready for it to be disappointing.

      Arkane Studios hasn't actually made a game in quite some time, and their last release was Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, also known as "The Adventures of Sir Kicksalot Deathboot in the Land of the Conspicuously Placed Spike Racks." It was a fun game, but it wasn't particularly good. On top of that, some of the very early previews showed a few problems.

      I'd like it to be good, but I'm sceptical.

    Favourite childhood movies - go

    Just had a friend buy the Land Before Time on DVD. That series pretty much defined my childhood. Every christmas there was a new one under the tree. I think I had from 1 to 8. That and anything by Disney - Lion King, Mulan, Tarzan, Beauty and the Beast, any of them. Awesome, the lot of them.

    So what's yours?

      Oh, Land Before Time. I still cry like a mad woman.

      My list is pretty much the same as yours except for Hercules and Anastasia :D
      Best movies are best.

        Oh those are definitely on my list as well. I just didn't want to go through and list everything Disney released from 1950 onwards. But here's a list. Basically everything from Peter Pan onwards is what I grew up on

        I loved Anastasia. Rasputin was such a great villain. Also Bartok was awesome.

      I never owned The Land Before Time films, all I ever saw of them were bits and pieces, over the years.

      But yeah, the Disney Renaissance films made my childhood.