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    Re: movies/TV we watched as kids....


        Enjoy :D

      Wow, massive nostalgia trip

      Can't say I ever really watched Art Attack
      OH MY GOD! Budgie the Little Helicopter! I had completely forgotten about that show
      Does anyone remember a Blinky Bill Movie? I watched that so many times
      I still have every Animorphs book ever written. Something else that defined my childhood. Too bad the show was pretty terrible if I remember right.
      Trapdoor freaked me out as a kid.

      I was surprised how many songs I could still sing along too.

      Dammit Aidan, I was making the mistake of trying to get some work done.

      But no I have spend the last half hour watching this as the related

        Proof that 80s cartoons > 90s cartoons

          Having grown up on 90's cartoons I will have to respectfully disagree. 90's were the golden age

          Actually, I think all that proves is that "Transformers" was the only concept in the 80s.

            But thunder cats and mask and silver hawks and duck tales and dino riders and tmnt

    Dentist. Blood. Can't feel my face. Otherwise I can't complain...

    Just glad it's done really. I know I don't post here much, but I'm home by myself, can't speak and feel the need to share. :P

      Oh, no :( EAT ALL THE ICE CREAM!

        Don't do this. Not for a few days at least.

          (Raw inflamed nerves + ice is not a nice combination)

            Oh. Thanks for the heads up!

              Save it for a day or two from now when the bruising etc starts coming out, it'll soothe the inflammation.

              Also, Colgate Savacol. If the dentist told you salt water or something, ignore them. Savacol is where it's at. Super strong antiseptic. Swish every 2-3 hours for a week or two. You'll be minty fresh and it helps keep everything clean and avoid infections, plus speeds up how quickly you heal (also works awesome for mouth ulcers)

                Dentist actually recommended that but I couldn't ask if I should start it straight away...

                  I can't recall whether I was told to use it straight away or not. But I think I did.

        That time will come... Once the feeling returns to my face... :P

        I just pretended I was abducted by aliens, lying on table staring up at bright light. Couldn't show weakness. :D

      All the best mate. You'll find (hopefully) that it heals pretty quick.

        Thanks, man. Pain got so bad before the surgery that I can't imagine this could be any worse. Plus this will heal where as before it was indefinite. Honestly can't (and won't complain.)

      yeeeouch, hope you heal up fast mate

        Thanks, man! Gonna lie down and watch some TV in a stupor!

      Do your gums look like those dogs bollocks on the collar in your avatar?

      JUST KIDDING. Get better soon mang. Hope they gave you some chewable morphine.

    Re-post from previous page:
    Well, I finally found my uni book…
    Also, I received an e-mail:
    “The items pertaining to your order have been shipped.”
    I chucked the tracking number into the FedEx website..
    ETA: This Tuesday at 8pm.
    Framed South Park Poster is on its way!

      edit: It's actually Thursday at 8pm....I got too excited...

    I'm still feeling like this.

    The chances of me going home, disrobing, falling into bed and watching Sherlock until I pass out are increasing by the moment.

      Oh my God. I want to eat that rabbit. It cannot be allowed to live whilst being so cute. When I eat it, I will bite it's head off and rainbows and confetti wil come out. Unicorns too. Rainbows.

        Might be a good time to run, bunny... I mean hop away

          As you can see, I'm in no fit state to do that.

      I'm picturing that IS you. And that you are actually a small bunny posting on TAY from an old Nokia.

        I guess my cover had to get blown eventually.

    Just had a quick look at the website for the hotel we are staying at on the weekend.
    Their main page had a flashing sign saying;

    "We provide you satisfaction"

    I am now very scared that Pez arranged accomodation for us :P

      I just told my parents about Saturday night. I'm 21, yet they insist on someone picking me up after work if I finish at 9pm. It's about a 2 minute walk. This will be interesting...

        I have this mental image of a whole crowd of TAYBIES standing outside your workplace asking if Batgirl can come out to play :)

          Oh! Let's do that! They'd probably freak out more about the dude to chick ration but WUTEVA. BTW, you guys are 'my friends from uni'. I thought 'internet friends' was just asking for trouble.

            You people and your excuses. Kind of amusing, I'll admit.

              It's not my fault my parents think everyone on the internet wants to lock me up in a rape dungeon. They're old, they don't understand these things.

                Wait, you mean we're not supposed to want to lock you up in a rape dungeon?

                H-uh, awkward.

                Yours think like that too HIGH FIVE! o/

            "How about those... uh... essays and, um... 99% and vegan restaurants and stuff..?"

              Please Flu, this is Macquarie Uni we're talking about. Its all about the old Soviet style architecture. Batgirl knows what I mean

                Let's reminisce about how great tutorials were...

                  Why did you remind me? At least I had Frank the Bear the keep me company

        I will come pick you up. I'm a doctor. I'll even bring my doctor ID so it will be k.

    I've just managed to accrue another 30 tasks in the last 2 hours, and managed to get approximately one finished.
    This day is going well.

    So a while ago I convinced someone (with my amazing skills of manipulation) to buy Xenoblade. Solid effort by me because this person was pretty much a complete random at the time but they seem to be enjoying it since they've already played 4 hours of it today! :D

    Yay for Xenoblade!

      My status on getting people to play super MNC? I think tigerion plays it sometimes...

    I spied a big cookie at the bottom of the biscuit tin, so naturally I swiped it. Thought it might be stale, took a bite, seemed fine. Plopped myself back in front of the computer and kept eating... three quarters done, looked down to see a big mould spot on the bottom of the cookie. D:

    If I don't turn up to monomeat, I probably died from cookie mould. x _ x

      This is probably the setup for that new Naughty Dog game.

        If that's the case then Mould Manipulation might not be such a bad superpower after all.

    Can't wait till mono meats, if only to see what Freyr is gonna wear :D


      Should we be preparing for a Dapper Dance Battle of the Sexes?

      Wait, how fancy are we supposed to be getting?

        It's a personal choice. If you want to you can, if you don't then don't worry about it. I'm (hopefully) going to be dead in the middle of the two :P

      I might not come, just to mess with you :p


        its a stick figure who has dropped to their knees.

    Too many games /o\

    Still trying to motivate myself to play SWTOR. Tera head start begins on Saturday. Diablo III is nearly out and I've got beta access to that as well. I pre-purchased Guild Wars 2 too, but apparently I did so just after they sent out the invitations for their open beta event for this weekend. Might be a good thing. And I've always got a stack of single player games to get around to as well /o\

    What up nerdmigos?

    Sitting in the hotel watching Spongebob and trying to decide what to do for dinner.

      I'm sure you have a Twistie or two inside that unruly do of yours

      Do you have room service? If so ask them to make you a crabby patty. If they ask what a krabby patty is, slap them.

    In bed, with a cup of tea.

    I do believe this is the state I shall try to remain in for quite a while.

      That sounds like perfection. I think I might make myself a cup of tea too.

        Also Gingernuts. The good ones. From the ex-pat section of Woolies.

    I really wish all these mayoral candidates would just eff right off and leave me the hell alone.

    I'm so voting for the Elvis impersonator.


      Elvis isn't dead; he's just trying to find out the identity of Batman.

        We have an honest to god Elvis impersonator running for the mayors job here. I'm voting for him for the pure. Awesomeness of the idea.

        Plus all the other candidates are completely hopeless sleaze bags.

    Woo, pc be built and I didn't seem to kill any components \o/

    Wish windows would htfu & finish burning, totally wish I had a memory stick large enough to make a bootable drive =(

      I hope that's just a custom build and not piracy. Because pirating windows makes me sad.

        Can't you buy and download windows these days? Or does it still only come on disk?

          You can probably do this, well you'd assume you can in the M$ Marketplace.

        Nah, MSDNAA, got it from TAFE since I did IT so it's legit & free! Pirating Windows is stupid imo when it's <100 bucks for an OEM copy now!

    Hey, so what's with people trying to sell you stuff?

    And by that I mean people trying to get you to sign up for a charity or people at those kiosks in shopping centres that sell that terrible Dead Sea Mineral stuff. I was walking by a train station today and this Charity dude tried to shake the hand of a guy walking past. He managed to grab hold. This was clearly done as an attempt for the guy to hear him out but he was holding his hand for 10 seconds. The guy looked so uncomfortable.

    I remember in high school I was cornered by one of those Dead Sea Mineral people and since I wasn't in a hurry I thought I'd be nice and hear the guy out. Anyway, he started rubbing some scrub into my wrist and he asked me if I was going to see my boyfriend. I foolishly said 'no' and he started yelling out 'WHY NO BOYFRIEND, WHY NO BOYFRIEND' in the middle of a very busy shopping centre.

      Man, I hate walking between the uni and the train station or the shopping centre. That's where all those charity people set up camp. I usually have sunglasses and my iPod on, so I'm just like 'CAN'T HEAR YOU OR SEE YOU TOO BUSY TRYING TO LOOK COOL K BYE'

      But you see them lock on to a target and stare them to death as the person gets closer and closer. I have a friend who doesn't want to be rude to them and usually stops to listen, so when I'm walking with her I have to drag her by the arm away from them if I ever want to get anywhere at a decent time.

        Had a dude tell me he was a famous singer in Germany. Shit, so why come over here and do this job?

          Deutschland hat Talent?

      Something something something
      Snarky remark about you being socially awkward
      something something something
      Implied ugly joke
      something something

      Man i got scammed hard by a chick at one of those places or at least tried to be scammed she was insanely beautiful and i walked a little to close to her while starring at her boo.. i mean face and she said hello. I acted casually and was like "bkergh Here is my credit card pretty lady " Luckily my sister was around and told them i was kidding and moved me along. I am a sucker for a nice pair of boo.. i mean eyes.

        I too fell for the insanely gorgeous boo...eyes, but unfortunately I was by myself and single at the time, so next thing I know I'm donating 20 bucks a week to the Heart Research Institute.

      So, how much did you buy?

        3 soaps and 4 bottles of skin cream, she was all like for your family members and your girlfriend , i bet she is beautiful. I was all like "WHatever you say lady pretty fun"

        All of it. I bought the entire kiosk. It didn't get me a boyfriend. THEY LIED TO ME.

        I actually probably just ran off and cried and ate ice cream forever alone style

          Its not forever alone if you are in public with ice cream. :P

      Directly across from my work is a Classic Holidays sales booth and it's kind of amusing watching them bailing up everyone that walks past. They only get about 1 in 100 people and half of them walk away within 10 seconds.

      I got my wife some of that dead Sea stuff a few years ago. Everything is still full and I've been sworn to never buy beauty products for her again.

      The correct response to that is to turn what he's saying into a song, and make it super awkward for them.

      The best way to deal with awkwardness is to embrace the bizarre!

      (Or to sacrifice yourself on the altar of dignity, to even the score)

      OH! And another one! Some lady trying to sell a photography package gave me some bullshit compliment about my eyes. I laughed.

        Yeah you should of laughed your eyes are terrible. I can't actually remember just my mum told me always agree with women. especially one who can beat you up.

          Oh? *sad hulk music*

            Man i learnt that sing on the piano from my friend just so that i could play while he hitch hikes backwards :P

          So, you especially have to agree with all women ever?

          H-uh, that'd suck.

            Tell me about it, i sometimes look in the mirror just so i agree with myself :P

    Hi TAY!
    Today I didn't do much because I was in incredible pain earlier on.
    Must. Finish. Corset.

      What why are you in pain? Are you okay?

        Actually for a while there Mum and i were worried that I might have appendicitis

    Does anyone know if this keyboard has okay build quality or is it just cheap crap relying on wank factor to sell? I won't really be using it for gaming, just attracted by shiny things.

      IMHO, any of those types of keyboard relies purely on wank factor.
      Just get a Logitech or Microsoft keyboard.
      I've had a simple Wired Keyboard 300 since last June and I'm currently still typing on it.

        I beg to differ.

        I own a Razer mechanical (blackwidow ultimate) with Cherry MX Blue keys and it's the comfiest, nicest keyboard I've owned in quite some time.

        I'm not sure what sort of tech the saitek cyborgs use but I'd do a quick google to find out if I were you. Even the higher quality membrane keyboards are still better than a $5 cheapo one.

      Saitek make rather good peripherals from what I have heard, back in the days when I was on the Pure Pwnage forums a lot had that brand keyboard. So yeah I guess they're pretty good.

    Just read up on the number of people that are planning to come to Canberra for the June meat.


    Also, Melbourne people should band together and make the trip up. You can totally make Pixel drive you up. That way, he has to come too!

    Extended TAY browsing on my phone is better but still annoying. I miss my PC.

      I'm your house, playing your Steam games.

        You're my house?

        Well this is awkward. You mean I've bee-

        You know what, this one is just too easy

          First thing I thought of too.

            I don't know if I should be ashamed that my mind went the same way as you or proud that I wasn't the only one that did haha

              We're kindred spirits when it comes to inappropriate jokes.

        You're kinda small for a house :P
        Especially if you have to hold that 'fro

    I wish I had a lot of money.
    Spirit camera for all the TAYbies with a 3DS \o/

      And a 3DS for those that don't?

        If I had the money, why not? With a free spirit camera*

        The game, not an actually camera capable of Spirit photography

          What about those of us with a 3DS?
          More 3DSes?

            Only if they're for a family member, otherwise just Spirit Camera

              Soooo... if I sell my 3DS, I get a new 3DS and game?

                Why do you need a new one?

                  Because it'll be new and shiny!

      I would gladly accept! ...And play it until I get scared and have to go play Kirbys Epic Yarn to calm myself down.

        It's an AR focussed game and short. Apparently it's not as scary as the previous ones. =D

          I think you're underestimating my ability to get scared!

            I dunno, I think it shouldn't be that bad.
            Mind you i laughed at the promo movie =P

    Catalyst demonising video games, and getting facts wrong:

      jesus christ

      way to say "no one over twelve should play video games" catalyst, didn't watch the video, but i assume there is footage of kids playing call of duty and halo in it

      I liked the part about if they were addicted to gaming, this this and this got worse, but if they stopped being addicted it got better.

      Symptoms, not causes, people!

      That was painful to read...
      Hey, did I tell you about how I was addicted to books when I was younger? /sarcasm

    Today's awkward discovery: apparently I share my internet handle with a Japanese porn game.

    Not sure how I feel about this.

      Is this it!? Do I dare watch it? xD

        Yeah, that looks like it. Video's a bit risque (skimpy outfits) but not explicit. Still a bit... odd. Apparently 'Negative Zero' is the main character's magical girl transformation.

          Yeah I watched it basically straight after I posted... haha You must play it to make sure your username is not being used inappropriately!

        I liked the music. Only reason I was watching of course

      I thought your main handle was Atomic Strawberry? (which I looked up and appears to be some sort of band)

        It is my main handle, older than this one. I was just using it here for a while so I stuck with it.

    Finished watching Sherlock. It's weird, I've never read the books or really seen any of it before but through pop culture osmosis, I know some of the things that happen.

    Good show.

      Season 1 was amazing. First two of 2 were so so but the last ep brought it back home.

        Ep 2 of Season 2

        o_o out of place

          It was particularly derpy that they had the entire case hinge on gur zheqrere jrnevat n gfuveg jvgu gur ybtb sbe uvf frperg pvn cebwrpg gung tnir njnl vzcbegnag qrgnvyf nobhg fnvq frperg pvn cebwrpg. Jul jbhyq gubfr fuvegf rire rkvfg?

        TAY's eating my ROT13! /o\
        Anyway, I was trying to say that I liked ep 1 of Season 2 the most, especially the ending.

      I'd never read the books before either but I bought one after watching the show. The books take a lot of getting used to after being introduced through a modern setting. :P Still pretty interesting though.

        From what I've heard, the books rely on an older style of mystery story where the clues are not shown to the reader at all. This means that there are rather roundabout ways of showing what's happening because mentioning of one important detail gives the whole thing away, which they didn't want to do.

          Yeah that's probably a good way of describing it. I've only read a few of the short stories but they are pretty light of details until the big reveal at the end when it all makes sense.
          It's interesting reading stories that the episodes were based on though. They were pretty clever finding modern ways of adapting things, I thought.

          Not really. Most of them, the clues are there to be noticed, and the book delights in making you feel like a right idiot not connecting them properly :)

      PEOPLE HAVEN'T EVER READ SHERLOCK HOLMES!? I weep for all of you.

      Also I used to have drinking parties with Sherlock.

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