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    Is it just me or has Mass effect 3 really toned down the language? I think in 10 hours I've heard someone swear once. In ME2 it was all over the place.

      DA2 on the other hands seems to throw swear words in just because it can.

      Really, I thought there was more in ME3. But it's been ages since I played ME2.

    Dat comp oh man I need to find me 22 dollars!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Shepards gone to rocking side to side on the spot when dancing to flailing like a raver who just downed a handful of disco biscuits.

    Wanna read about a stupid experiment where they tried to get dolphins to speak? With sexy results? READ THIS THEN

      Wanna watch a 1 minute summary of that article, with brilliant animation AND sexy results?

        *watch this then

        I guess you could watch it ten times if you wanted to.


        (words are scary and I don't want to read scary long articles with words)

        And this is why Governments should not decide what does and doesn't get funded. Don't ask me who should, but anyone who thought this was a good idea needs to have control of money taken away from them

    Makes total sense...

    Guess who's gonna do bad on his finance test tomorrow? HINT: it's me.

      You've got all the equations in front of you!! How hard can it be?

        FUS RO DAH


          Ok... Thats one response I guess

            Wasn't sure if that was a sarcastic response or not (which I assume it is)

            But the thing is these equations... what are they for? Seriously, they don't tell you what symbol is what... :/

              Yeah, I was hoping that it was a cheat sheet you could take into the test. I could only tell you if they were SCIENCE! symbols. I'm guessing sigma ∑ is still total. But I'm operating under the assumption that rho ρ doesn't mean density :)

      Burn the building down. It's your only solution.

        On the day of my first exam there was a fire alarm and a fire trunk went past the exam building complex (Caulfield Racecourse for you Melbourne TAYbies)

        T'was interesting...

          doesn't that happen everytime? I remember firetrucks

    Come gather round children let me tell you about when I went to Mamasita. It was so amazing my mouth is still drooling from it.

    The corn was so delicious, and then there were little chips with venison on it. And then there was a taco with ox tongue and cheek!!! It had ghost chilli mayo! The mayo was barely spicy but oh god the ox cheek and tongue was so awesome. And then there was lamb quesadilla which was so nom nom nom with all the amazingness.

    But the mole negro. Oh the rich chocolate sauce all over awesome chicken. I wanted to lick that plate with the wonderful sauce. It was so beautiful. So awesome.

    And last but not least was a chocolate cake and delicious grilled pineapple with chili sorbet. I like chili in everything. It wasn't in the chocolate cake but the sorbet was so delicious.

    And that was Mamasita. It was great, it was delicious, I want to eat 5 plates of the mole negro chicken.

    Also McGarnical, F4ction and Tigerion were there. McGarnical proved to be the worst person of the meat by not showing up at the start and preventing us from being seated (they had a party must have all arrived before seating policy)

      When I head back down to Melbourne I request a Mamasita dinner with all of you!

        Then me and Neg0 can finally try out some Mexican food!

        But Mamasita sounds good :). Makes me skeleton jelly

          Yeah I'll totally come next time. Thursday's just a bad day for me generally :(

          Skeleton jelly.

      See, this is how Meat write-ups should be.

      - food
      - food
      - food
      - fooooooooood
      -Also people were there"

        You two were made for each other. :P

          We just understand the important things!

    Hi guys,

    I don't post much on TAY, mostly because I can't cope with the lack of structure. I really don't ever start my own threads - I prefer responding to people because it lets me at least have something to start from.
    Anyway, my point is that:
    Re: TS. I understand all of your points about courtesy and politeness, and I can see how me moving out of the channel could have been interpreted.
    The fact remains that we were in a lobby for a game, (which is what we were actually discussing), bunny says "lol players should leave when playing lol" or words to that effect, and I think he was trying to start a discussion. I basically went "whelp, in lobby, dick move, but okay" and moved.
    (And then was followed by the other people sitting in lobby, because that's what TS is GOOD at, is letting you play games together. We then noted Jo had come online and so went in to main channel to say hi, and then left again. This was all during the loading of the game or champ select or something).
    Implying that I was originally mad at anyone for this is stupid, because I was a little annoyed, but not actually "mad with you".
    Anyway, my point is - if you want to have a discussion about getting people playing a game to leave during game time, don't do it when a game is about to begin and then get offended when we do what you have asked us to.

    Re: Bunny.
    Yes, I clearly have the shits with you, I have explained at length why to you personally so I won't bring that too much out here.
    Suffice to say that throwing my name in to a discussion which I clearly could not respond to (and often do not get time to read) (ie during work hours (although most hours are my work hours)), is a clear dick move and, dude, I like you, and I'm rarely offended, but you know how to push my buttons, so I'm going to assume you knew what you were doing here. superrunonlongsentenceisover.

      oh yeah, sorry if my post makes no sense.
      Clearly working long hours does good things to my brain.


      I wasn't trying to push any buttons and the timing was just pure coincidence. I clearly missed some of this stuff so from my end the only way to see it was that you were mad at me.

      The name drop was dumb. Quite a lot of how I approached this whole thing was dumb.

    ASOS keeps emailing me about sales and discounts. I'm weak. Just a few more weeks until I have some play money.

    "Love is like taking a dump. Sometimes it works itself out, other times, you have to give it a nice, hard, slimy push."

    God damn these new South Park eps are hilarious.

      Only one I found hilarious was EP6 :P

      But I did enjoy the GoT reference :)



        A taco phone, you say?
        The possibilities intrigue me....

    My wife is having a bitch fit about Game of Thrones only being once a week. Also throwing things about Joffery. For someone who had never heard of it before an becer would have watched it if not for me she is pretty severely addicted.

      it tends to have that effect on people...

    What could go wrong just added my entire library of music to iTunes, only 100GB or so..

      Kay so even a quadcore lags trying to process all that album art XD

        Hopefully it'll be done by tomorrow

          Actually it was done not long after I posted that haha. Just now I have the job of sorting through it *sob*

    Kevin Smith was awesome! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

    Sorry to the Melbourne meat folks. If I wasn't with other people I would've come along /o\

    So, what's new?

      Was it only with Mewes or did he drag Garmin along too?

        Just Mewes. Adelaide gets Mosier :(

          I think I'd prefer Mosier. Mewes is funny and all but he gets old (HA!) fairly quickly and starts to grate. Better in small doses. Mosier is just a genuinely interesting guy.

            Mossier is hilarious!

            Smodcast and Smoviemakers are my favourite podcasts they do.

      Heard it was hilarious. Glad you had a good time, mang.


      Geddit? Because you won't be there!

        Your right. It won't be fun because I won't be there. May as well call the whole thing off.

        Nah, it's cool. I'll just sit on TAYbar by myself.

        I'm so ronery, so ronery, so ronery and sadry arone.


    I'm currently replaying The Witcher. Nearly up to the Tower fight (again).

      I couldn't install it. I lent someone the extras disk and I can't install it without it. I was distraught when it failed.

      I didn't get past Vizima the first time :\

        Bugger. I'm happy to offer you a copy of mine, if you want it (as long as you use your key :P). It's no the enhanced edition so you'd have to go through patching etc.

    I just looked up the definition of smegma.... I have no idea why I did it.

      And now you know about good hygiene *hi-5*

        Now I know why the phrase "Wash your undercarriage" exists.


      The Internet. A place of learning.

      You're welcome.

      Pez: Teaching people things about your junk.

    Found a packet of playing cards and am now attempting to invent a new card game. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. :P

    I should probably go to bed...

      I invented a new card game once, I brought all my friends along to play it, and they loved it!

      Turns out it had already been invented, and is called Solitaire.

      I remember back in primary school I made up a card game called triple threat.
      It was basically a game where each person was dealt three cards, and whoever had the highest card total won.
      An ace was worth one, 2-10 were face value, jacks were eleven, queens worth twelve, and kings were worth thirteen.
      Good times....

    So I just gave LA Noire a go, since I can now play it. I love what I am seeing =D

      I hope you're ready for that repeated for lord knows how long its runtime is.

      Except for that point where you're being chased by a tractory machine thing. Seriously, what?

        Blaghs don't ruin it by telling me it is repetitive D=

        Meh I liked GTA IV and it was a lot of the same, ah how I managed to clock 160hours in that game no one will ever know..

          I liked GTA IV too, hell, when it came out I went one night without sleep, and only got 2 hours of sleep the following night, thanks to playing it.

          LA Noire just didn't quite hold me until the end. I was 90% of the way through it when I stopped playing...

            Ah fair enough. To be fair i've been to one crime scene and bashed one perp, I thought it was cool xD

              I loved L.A. Noire, but my adventure gaming heritage goes way back. I particular loved playing in that world, taking my time with the crime scenes, circling a suspects house for suspicious activity before interrogating them. Good times.

      I 1000'd the achievements for LA Noire. Only game I've ever done that with.

        I'm SO CLOSE. The only one I need to get is 5 stars on all the cases. :P

    Eyes of the hawk, ears of the wolf, strength of the bear, speed of the puma.

      Swift as the coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the moon.

        Please my good man, take ALL the \o/'s

    I beat Dark Souls last night, man that ending. I know there is no story for Dark Souls but still I was just staring at the screen thinking "wat?".

    I mean seriously (rot 13) Lbh pngpu ba sver gura rkcybqr. JGS Xvaq bs raqvat vf gung!?

    Oh well time to go through NG+ now!

      Yeah I had no idea what was going on, had to look up the wiki to figure it out. There is a story but it's kinda subliminal.

      Gur vqrn jnf lbh erghearq gur sver naq yvtug onpx gb gur jbeyq. Lbh pna pubbfr gb whfg jnyx njnl jvgubhg yvtugvat gur sver sbe n qvssrerag raqvat.

    Oh PC gaming master race, I beseech your wisdom.
    I am thinking of sucking it up and buying a new computer, figure I will start with the Deluxe rig at below link and go from there:

    Never built a PC before so suggestions, tips, good places to buy stuff ect that would be most helpful.

      That config will be out of date in a few weeks. Hold off until the Ivy Bridge stuff is out IMO. The difference isn't amazing but you're talking maybe 10% more grunt at 77W instead of 90W.

        Word. Will probably be pricy but I will wait.

    Bringing metal to the children


    Mornin' TAY!

    Holy freakin' frak, excited for the meat! I can't wait to look like I'm dressed like a bum in comparison to everyone else there!
    Also, finally starting to make some headway with The Witcher (again). Had to drop all graphics settings to minimum, bar the resolution for it to stop crashing everyone 20 minutes. Now it's once an hour or less \o/

      You mean you aren't a bum?
      Because when you wandered into Blaghsy's place, I was all "... Well, the more the merrier!"

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