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    For those who may have missed the awesome, the monomeat is tomorrow.

    To recap: Out the front of the monorail station at the gallerie place (I STILL DON'T KNOW ITS PROPER NAME) at 11:30AM. From there, we shall ride around and around... and around and around.

    Then we shall fetch lunch.

    Following this a few of us will split off and go check into the room we have.
    NOTE: If you are staying overnight, probably a good idea to pack a change of clothes etc. Check-in isn't until 2pm; I'll be parking in the city so in the interim anyone with bags can store them in my car.

    From here, it's onto our time honoured tradition of galaxy world (BUMPER CARSES) then dinner, followed by all the drinks.

    For those passing out in the hotel room there is finally the post-hangover breakfast the next morning, which is the best breakfast every in the history of all things.

    Finally, for those who are staying overnight and haven't paid yet, remember to bring your cash with you and give it to me tomorrow. At that point I can distribute the cash refunds to those ofus who payed full price.

    Remember, Dress Code: Dapper as hell. Those of you who are not dapper will not look out of place. Which as we all know is a bad thing.

    Really looking forward to seeing everybody there. It is going to be a GREAT day and I think we're going to have one of the biggest turnouts we've seen in a while.

    EVERYONE'S COMING! It's like a porno.

    Except for that Pixel guy.

    He's too good for us.



      Woohoo! Stuff!
      Also, I gotta ask, just how many people are actually dressing up for this thing and should I attempt to look at least a little neat/tidy?

        If you come in anything other than a loincloth, i'm pretty sure people will be incredible disheartened.




        Y U DO THIS TO ME?

          I was going to bring both to cover my bases and decide on the day.

          But mostly because I thought it'd be hilarious if everyone else showed up with ties and only you had the bowtie.

      I will be wearing a bright honking red t-shirt with a dinosaur on it! I have no idea what any of you look like, so I figured if I wear something easily spotted than one of you might yell out to me? xD At least it might make it easier for Mashaaaaaa to find me if we're on the same train.

      Plus I have no dapper clothes. :P

      Hells yeah!
      I don't know if my maximum dapper levels will be sufficient, so I may be wearing half dapper/half lazy slob.

      Oh also, are you parking at that place I told you to?

      If you are:
      A) There is another carpark on the same street (Secure Parking, I believe?) which I believe is a jerk and may charge you ludicrous amounts. That one is 383 Kent Street. So watch out for that.
      2) If I manage to pick up Rize early, I might just get him to dump stuff in my car to save you a trip of heading back and getting him to dump stuff in your car. We can grab it later when you guys go to check-in I guess.

        Sweet, sounds good.

        Yes indeed I am parking at 431 as directed by you. DON'T LET ME DOWN MANG.

        I shall keep an eye out for that 383 bastard. He sounds tricksy.

          Since this is my first meat, does anyone have an average budget for the day's events? . I've planned for my train and bus tickets of course but I want to plan for the miscellaneous expenses. I've never been to galaxy world, is there an entry fee? Are we having dinner at a fancy restaurant?
          If anyone has an idea of a good amount of money to carry please let me know, I don't want to carry too little and miss out on stuff.

            $100 should cover the entire day very easily including drinks at the end.

            No entry fee for Galaxy World, and this will give you an idea of the prices. Basically you put money on a card that can be used for the arcade games. I can't remember how much the bumper cars are, but there is a package there that gives you 4 goes for $12.

            You'll have to ask the rest of the guys about the other stuff though. I have no idea. :P

            Galaxy world has no entry fee, we usually get a family pass when we are there that will allow us a go on the bumper cars and one hour on continuous play. It will set you back $10. Since we are meeting at 11-ish i assume we will be getting some lunch, we usually go to ichiban boshi, the food is good and reasonably priced (it's about $15 a meal) I assume dinner will be about the same cost, in terms of drinks, that's totally up to you. So all together you will spend about $50 - $60 for food and entertainment + whatever you want to drink

              Wow, that first sentence, I amaze myself sometimes. Not even i know what the hell i was trying to write.

              Also, don't worry if you can cover it all. We're team Kotaku, we'll sort it out.

                Those sound like reasonable prices, thanks for the info guys. It seems like a weekend of firsts for me, I've never been to galaxy world or Ichiban boshi.

                  Also, if you're coming by train, the best place to get off is at Town Hall, it's very close to the Monorail station, like 2 mins walk.

      I'm super excited! I finish work at about 4.30 so I should get into the city about 5.30. Anyone nice want to meet me at the station so I don't get lost? :D

    Sooooo.. guys.
    If i held a big meet in G-town in june/july, who would be interested in coming down?

    I was thinking of having a table-top and video game night, but there's a bit of interest from a few people and my place is pretty small, so i was thinking of hiring out one of the gaming club halls in the geelong CBD.

    If any Victorian or interstate people may be interested, just let me know so i can look into how much it might set me back.

      Probably should make it July, Blagh's has a big Meat in Canberra late June(which you're required to attend, by the way :P ), and Bunny has one up here in early June. Both are having out of state guests.

      That said, as I'm attending Blagh's I most likely won't be able to make yours. :(

      I'd be up for that. Could bring down some of my big stack of board games too. A bit of a drive though, would have to be on a weekend.

      Greenius: I could probably give you a lift.

    I put this on twitter but I'm going to put this here too.

    I talked my brother into getting Journey. He sent me his review.

    "Journey is fucken stupid. The whole game is some Christian artist fucking a tub of butter."

      your brother sounds like one of the intellectual types.

      What does he have against butter?

      I feel that we can use this knowledge to our benefit, somehow. Like, when a big argument breaks out on a Kotaku article, we can let your brother off the chain and he can tear them apart, or something :D

        I get the feeling he was kept in the basement and fed a steady stream of fish heads.


    Re-post because no-one will see otherwise.
    Oh PC gaming master race, I beseech your wisdom.
    I am thinking of sucking it up and buying a new computer, figure I will start with the Deluxe rig at below link and go from there:

    Never built a PC before so suggestions, tips, good places to buy stuff ect that would be most helpful.

      First time I've actually read the Whirlpool suggestions, and they're not bad.

      I'm still a little confused about the amount of hatred towards i7s. People tell me that bang for buck they're not worth it, but if you're planning to spend $1500-$2000 it usually fits in with no significant change in cost.

        I gather the i7 advantages are more useful for intensive data crunching and image processing and would not really be used for gaming.

      Are all reasonable. I normally go with scorptech, purely because I have had great support from them in the past. Their prices aren't too bad, but you can find better. Can't see anything wrong with that build - 8gb of ram and a i5 2500K should be ample power for gaming.

    Hey guys I have a favour to ask, I have a mate on XBL (GT: Nebones) who doesn't have many aussie mates to challenge in Trials Evo, if you want an extra name to chase on the leaderboards then add him up.
    Thanks :D

      I looked him up, ready to add him but he had like 80ish friends. I didn't want to clog up his friends list since I'm a random but he can add me if he still wants too :)


    Anyone up for some Club Penguin action tonight?

      Bah as if. Now if you were interested in some neopets action maybe

    So i just yelled at a customer, like full on yelled. He got mad cause i sent him a wrong cable. The thing is a sent him the cable he asked for. He called me moronic and unable to do my job properly. This happened when the CEO was in my room. I said i am sorry you felt that way i will send the required cable straight away if he told me exactly what he wanted. He then called me a dumb smartarsed prick and asked to be put onto my manager. I said to this guy "FINE BUT I WARN YOU HE JUST LIKE ME IS NOT A FUCKING MIND READER" My CEO giggled and answered the call and hung up like 2 seconds into the call. Stupid customers, i don't think i am a people person.

      Oh Rockets. :P
      That said, I giggled too. You is funny, Rocketman.

        Strange , I missed you even though you werern't gone :P I think i need to reply to at least one of your comments a week.

      It's funny cuz it's so true. I get that a lot too, happens every few days. Except my last time it happened was during a 100% automated process that the customer initiates and puts in all the details, and said it was our fault that they got it wrong... I really wanted to send a cruise missile their way... I really did

    Dentist appointment was a big success. I apparently have a great set of teeth and don't have to go back for another 12 months. \o/

      Wow Nice try robot, What do you need teeth for other than sawing limbs of your prey (in this case i am aware robots don't prey on people, i am doing it for dramatic effect)

        I use teeth to try and mimic a good looking/sexy smile, obviously... I think I fail at that though :P

      It's been ages since I've been to the dentist. I should probably book myself in for an appointment but my teeth have been feeling fine so...


    Sooooo awesome :D

      Also i went back and slammed some of my beginner times! :D
      I'll probably tackle them again for better stuffs before moiving on to the next lot.

      Greenius, i will make myself you main competitor again, this i swear!!!!

        PS. i did beat at least one of your times :P

          What track? :P I never really bothered with getting quicker times on most of them as I was just trying to complete/get gold :)

            I can't remember.
            I only played each track once to get golds as well, and noticed i beat one of your times.

            Needless to say i'll need to go back to ensure it stays that way :P lol

              Bring it.

                Consider it brung!

                  I have platinum medals now Loops. I'm in FatShady territory!


                  lol literally 1 spot above him with a 0.001 quicker time

                  (he's since beaten me :P)

      That reminds me. Last night in JBHiFi I saw one of those purply PSPs on it's own, without the crappy Hannah Montana stuff. It was for $148 I think. Did you ever find what you needed?

        haha typical.
        Yeah i actually got a killer deal on ebay that i couldn't pass up.

        Black psp 1000
        5 games
        4 gig card

        $50 freight included.
        Plus i found Crash Bandicoot and theme hospital installed on it as well!!!

        What an absolute STEAL! So stoked.
        It's actually really funny, since the vita came, she has been cranky at me for not giving her my PSP, completely unaware that i have one for her...

        It's her birthday tomorrow, so no more waiting!!! YAY!!! I can't wait!!! So much planning is all about to come good!!!
        I still have to write a speech though... good grief....

          Ooo surprises! Keep us updated on how she reacts :D

            haha i'll be sure to let you know on Monday how everything goes :D

      You got the better half to play gamez? Tell me your ways o' master!

        *dog in front of lab set*

    I'm trying to think of something clever or interesting to post so TAY updates for me but I can't think of anything. Guess this will have to do.

      I still think you're clever.

      When all else fails - link to youtube!

      Aww man missed opportunity!

      Looks like she'll have to take... a leap of Faith




        no wolf make it ok great but not ... etc. (I don't remember it all)

        You're never going to let me forget that, are you?

          It's just imprinted in my brain :P

          To be honest it's a good pun and I like it

    The Avengers.


      man everyone is raving about this one...

      Does it matter if i haven't bothered to even watch the hulk.... or thor....or iron man 2... or captain america....

    Mornin' all. My comments have been getting nommed by the web server lately so trying a new email address.

      How do we know you're the real Steve-O?

      Actually, you know what? I don't want to know how you plan on proving that. We'll just take you at your word.

    In Starcraft news, looks like Flash (undisputed best player in Starcraft: Brood War) is apparently preparing to make the transition to SC2.

    Which basically means that SC2 as an esport is going to completely change.

      all hail the Emperor!

        The Emperor is Boxer.

        Flash is God :p

          "You average 300 apm? I used to play with one hand too."

          For more Flash meme's:

            OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS YOU

      Saviour of the Universe!

    Played some original Dota Tuesday night with some mates over some beers. I am really bad at Dota now. Last hits were at an all time low, I missed two tower denies and it took me too long to realise half of my items were in the stash...

    I did however block off an ally with Venomancer venom wards and he died to enemy heroes. Made the night worth while.

      LoL has made you soft and complacent.

    Last day of Mr. Strange's holidays. I'm not sure if I should be sad because he's going back to work, or glad that I get control of the TV back. :P

      Good, maybe you can then memorize directions to your house.


      Glad because Trials!

        Everyone wants me to play Trials so they know they'll never be the worst on their friends list. :P

          Oh you... lol

          I'm sure you won't be the worst because you'll instantly get addicted and slowly work your way up the leaderboards!

    It was a cold dark winter night.
    The snow capped the treetops
    Woodland creatures we huddled close together in their hiding places.
    The winds howled wickedly, toying with leaves in invisible fingers
    Glass-like ice covered the ground, turning grass into razor-blades.
    Today was not a good day to forget my pants.
    I'll miss you, Mr. Winkie.

      The first line of that out "Can;t fight this feeling" by REO Speedwagon in my head.

        Put** Bloody hell, i can't type correctly today.

    Morning TAY.
    Watched Spirited Away for the first time the other day & I dug it. I've also heard many good things about the rest of the studio's work, so if any of you fine people have a suggestion for which Studio Ghibli film(s) I need to get next, let me know.

    Also, late to the party, but Terraria is great.

    that is all.

      All of them.

      Princes Mononoke is pretty awesome. Rather violent but awesome.

        I would say that Princess Mononoke and pPirited away are probably my favourite pieces of cinema. Just such awesome movies. But i haven't watched a ghibli film i disliked yet except for ponyo which to be fair was still rather beautiful.

          Have you seen Tales of Earthsea? That was incredibly disappointing.

      Grave of the Fireflies (1 tied SO SAD)
      My Neighbour Totoro (3)
      Howl's Moving Castle (1 tied)
      Ponyo (2 so happy!)

      I wasn't a fan of Earthsea so I wouldn't recommend that at all...

      (preference in brackets)

      There's other older ones I hear are amazing but I've yet to see them.

      And yes, Terraria is awesome! Are you playing on the TAY server?

        Can't bring myself to watch Grave of the Fireflies.

      I'd say Howl's Moving Castle is my favourite after Spirited Away. They're all good though so see them all if you can!

        I like the part in the middle where Howl is all "I'M BATMAN".
        Because he is Batmang.

      Get all of them!

      Serious response though, I always enjoyed Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Howl's Moving Castle. From memory Princess Mononoke and Laputa castle in the sky are also awesome, though it's been a while since I've seen them.

      thanks all.
      looks like I'll be watiching lots of stuff :D

      I've only watched howl's moving castle and princess mononoke. So watch those if you can.

      +1 to spirited away

      ponyo was boring, maybe i had come to expect too much from ghibli

        I thought Ponyo was boring too, it was probably meant for a younger audience.

        Also, where is the Porki Rosso love?

          I like that you like the movie about a chuavinistic pig.
          Also did I hear rumours about a sequel?

            totally missed the chance to say squeakel!

        Oh my go Harli, those are my thoughts exactly. I was so bored after watching Ponyo, the visuals were great but the overall film was just meh.

      There has never been a bad Studio Ghibli film. They are simply varying levels of good.

      If you liked Spirited Away your next one should be Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

      If I had to rank the ones I've seen all the way through, it'd be:
      - Castle in the Sky
      - Princess Mononoke
      - Nausicaa
      - Porco Rosso
      - Spirited Away
      - Totoro
      - Kiki's Delivery Service
      - Ponyo
      - Arrietty
      - Howl's Moving Castle
      - Whisper of the Heart
      - The Cat Returns
      - The Yamadas
      - Tales From Earthsea
      - Pom Poko

      I never finished Grave of the Fireflies for various reasons, and still haven't seen Only Yesterday or Ocean Waves, and From Up on Poppy Hill isn't out on DVD/BD until June. Also technically Nausicaa isn't a Studio Ghibli film, Ghibli was set up for Laputa.

    ich bin crank. tonight i will consume an entire bulb of garlic to ensure i am well for tomorrow's meat.

      I love garlic in my food, but straight garlic is weird.

        Fun fact: Garlic has been known to naturally increase testosterone levels.

        So don't make her angry.

          really?! this is news to me!

            'Tis true.

            When I used to attempt to break the 70kg barrier many years ago I would always eat a whole clove of garlic before bed.

            I was not allowed in the house while I ate it and the stench of garlic filled the house shortly thereafter.

              but the real question is.. did it work?

                Is he 70kg?

                  I broke it once, by eating so much food that I could actually skip a meal and still feel full.

                  It's very very hard to be fat.

        and to clarify, usually its chopped and thrown in with my food, not eaten straight ;p

    This week has been weird.

    Had a three day weekend thanks to my rostered day off, then worked Tuesday before having ANZAC Day off. Came into work yesterday, got bugger all done. Came into work today, don't feel like improving on yesterday's performance.

    Must be the weather. I don't really have much of a schedule to throw off with all this :p

    Hardcore mode in Diablo 3 has apparently been made more hardcore. No real money auction house, equipment is lost permanently on death (instead of having a friend follow you around to loot your corpse), not dying is made much more difficult (can't spam potions, can't set up TPs as escape routes before getting into combat etc).

    I think I might have to try this.

      Have the haters taught you nothing? Diablo3 is a casual game for babies. A baby game for babymen (and/or babywomen - but girls dont play gaems) and if you play it then you are a baby who likes casual games with bad graphics and you dont play real man games. Like Katawa Shoujo.


        Rainbows are wicked hardcore, mang!

    So is there a Melbourne meat on this weekend or did I misread something?
    Was it Harli that mentioned it?

      Sydney Meat.

      Epic epic Sydney Meat.

      There was a tiny Melbourne meat yesterday, but that was both insignificant and inconsequential.


        Actually no,

        there was plans to meat up at some Lindt chocolate cafe on Collins street. Jordi and SarcasmFairy don't have all the details yet :)

      From what I gather, Jordi and SarcasmFairy are eating chocolate on Saturday.

    Anyone have anything they'd like to bring up about Corsair RAM in general, particularly dominator and vengeance? I'm looking at RAM stuff and generally pretty wary of "gaming" RAM.

      u can download moar ram 4 free at\

      Hey! Uninteresting story from the other day!
      A guy claiming to be from Microsoft called claiming they were getting distress emails from my IP, and that I needed to do stuff. So I was all SURE BUDDY, and put the phone down and went back to washing the dishes, except every minute or so I'd come back and go "Mmmm-hmmm".
      I think it only lasted 4 minutes before he caught on and hung up.

        I'd have played along.

        On my Mac.

        Then when they caught on, I'd say "wait, did you mean my PC? It was turned off but give me a minute, I'll start it up"

        Then I'd just start playing Trials.

        Shame I don't have a landline.

          Well, the time I picked up the phone before he hung up he was talking about pressing Windows key and R and asked me what I saw. I assumed it was the little Run box thing, and since he continued yabbering I must have been right, but I suppose when he got up to "Type this program into the run box. Do you see thousands of sexy russian images? Because that is normal" and I didn't reply, he might have been tipped off.
          I'm glad I ate up at least 4 minutes of him pestering another person, but I think playing along for longer would have been effort.

        4 minutes is junior league, sonny! I kept one of these guys on the phone for an hour - took me 20 minutes just to run eventviewer from my start menu. He only hung up at the end of the hour after "Oh, wait a second. I have a microwave, not a computer!"

        Love those guys!
        Until I found out that they scammed a friends grandmother into paying a chunk of money for some bullshit thing or another. Fortunately, froze her bank account before the money left, so it all ended well.

          Yeah, the entire thing is a massive scam. Not sure how it's still going.

    I think i am going to work on my comic this weekend with a readable version done on monday. I might do weekly installments if i get time. Does anybody have experience in publishing a web comic, What do I do guys? I know very little about site design and what not.

      Wordpress is a good place to start. There's a downloadable theme for it called Comicpress, which is tailor made for webcomics, and also has a vibrant help community.

      Also, comic?
      All you need to know

      Just use ComicPress. Dead simple. You should be able to set up a free WordPress account and install it on there.

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