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    Well, so much for getting up early...
    I really need a coffee...

      i tried having a coffee today to see if maybe i will like one now that i'm a bit older and more mature...

      nope, coffee stil tastes like poopy butt

      I had a can of V instead of my usual morning coffee.

      So much regret.

    I'll be at the football while everyone else is at the monomeat. Could try and be with you guys in spirit by suiting up but that seems rather derpy :p

    Been watching random episodes of Archer after watching Sherlock.

    Really want to try and work in "what are you not getting about this?" "Clearly the core concept." to a conversation.

      Next time I see Pez and Shiggy smoke a cigar, I'm going to slap them and yell at them for trying to blow us all up.

        Please do.

    I tired out the Dragon's Dogma demo last night. I am sold on it.
    Being on a budget prevents me from being a day-one purchase but I will pick it up sometime. It's damn good fun :)

    After making my character and my pawn I got stuck into the Griffin (Gryphon?) fight, to have both me and my pawn grab hold of it's head and beat the ever-loving crap out of it as it started flying about was an awesome feeling. And I must admit being able to create your pawn to precisely how you want them to be is a very effective way of getting you attached to them quick.

    So yes the game looks epic, it takes small parts of Dark Souls, Skyrim, Amalamalur, and even Shadow of the Colossus and blends them up into something that while it doesn't look very different to western RPGs, it feels fresh enough to be something new and fun.

    Starting to think i might make TAY the only comments section i participate on from now on. Too many negative comments on news articles and stuff upset me.

    Anywys ,back to games. I went back to Trials HD lastnight because i wanted to do the Unyielding challenge so i could get the donkey on Evo. Also managed to get another 2 achievements i previously didnt have. So it was a productive revisit.

    Wont get much gaming in on the weekend as it looks like its going to be DAMNED busy. But thats ok. Im sure i'll make up for it at another time.

      I only comment on Kotaku and Giant Bomb. Looking through comments on other gaming sites can really spoil your day if you're not careful, especially IGN. I go there to look at any news Kotaku might not have published and every feature/article is filled with console arguments, COD bashing, insults and sexist comments.

      Yeah sometimes Kotaku comments can devolve into YouTube comment levels of poop.
      Best stay here where it's more awesome :)

        look it is my own fault. I know what to expect when i read a call of duty related article. Just get sick of the "cod fan = retard" line of defence these elitists put on. Like we dont play any other game.

    The bunnies are coming to get us. Saw this over at Giant Bomb and I thought I'd warn you all.

      Dammit, who's been giving out the secret plans again?

      Was it Flopsy? I bet it was Flopsy, he's such a jerk.

        hehe, flopsy, on page 18

        Oops, I didn't mean to say that.

      In hindsight, clicking on this link while shaped was a bad idea. I'll get back to you in twenty minutes when it's loaded...

      it should yell like HAPPY EASTER MWAHAHA as it bites you

    So just read on Facebook another friend of my uncle's who he did his flight training with & flew with in PNG died yesterday in a plane crash in Indonesia whilst on a job surveying.. From what dad told me, not many of his flying buddies are alive any more from his days in PNG, which was 30 something years ago..

    So my SWTOR characters got transferred. I delete one of my placeholders, double-click the appropriate character and enter name.

    It renamed a different character instead.

    Had to delete that character (level 26 trooper) to get my intended name back. There goes about 15 hours of my life. Strangely I'm not hugely upset. Just feeling a bit of regret, and a bit annoyed at myself for expecting that anything in this bloody game actually work in a logical or intuitive way. I think I was already pretty much done with it but I noticed they charged me for 3 months subscription right before adding the 'free' month so I guess I'm subscribed until August or so anyway. :\

    So yeah, I'm on the AU PvP server (republic side) now, but I'm not feeling particularly motivated.

    I'm doing adult things... Like accounting

      I liked the first half of that sentence. it had page 18 potential.

    @#35: I answered your question re: Studio Ghibli with a personal listing on page 17 if you care (which you probably don't)

      I do indeed care. Thanks :)
      I've decided to track down & buy all of em. one every payday. I'm gonna start with Castle in the Sky & go from there.

        Although not Ghibli Nausicca is awesome and well worth a watch :)

        I'm surprised at how many people weren't into Ponyo :(

          Ponyo is a good film, but it's not an amazing film, and it feels very derivative. He's done the same ideas before.

        On DVD? I can give you some of them if you like, I've been buying the Japanese Bluray releases as they come out so my DVDs are now unnecessary. Can't remember for sure which ones I've got spare.

    Another reminder to accept the friend request or send one to MokoTAYbikeu on XBL if you want in on the Trials Evo comp.

    Also, How is everyone. Good? Thats good to hear. This is like some sort of crazy Friday and Tuesday all rolled up into one? Its good, just feels wierd.

      So YOU'RE MokoTATbikeu?!?!?!

      I was wondering who or what the feth that was lol

        Motor Bike TAY Kotaku = MokoTAYbikeu (cc Pez)

        I like it so thats what the account is called. I decided to create a silver XBL account so only the actual dudes involved will be on the leaderboards, rather than going through my friends list.

        Also it looks like we have Junglist competing with us, and Im hoping to get Ben and Serrels from Kotaku involved. Im also trying to get a few other peeps from around the place too, but the main thing that I want to create is strong competition for people in here. Sughly has already proven that he is a front runner...

        But I want to remind you all that this is not about only the first place, I want to create competition at all levels. You will quickly find people of a similar skill level, and you focus on beating them. This process will gradually make you improve.

          Oh and I can't send bulk messages on because it is a silver account, so sorry if I didnt say who i was.

      I should get around to adding that account to my friends list but I'm not really competing in Trials yet. Still trying to get the hang of things :p

      Because I suck.

        I mean it when I say join anyway. Even if you are simply competing to not be in last place. There is honestly no shame in that dude, we all have had to go through it at some point. This friendly comp will just get you up to speed quicker,. and it would be great to have you involved.

      DoomHarbinger, hit me up please, I have been practising all week haha ( so maybe I will only be second last)

    I get to see my son today! On a fuzzy black and white screen! \o/

      You see the consequences of a poorly-planned page 18?
      (Just kidding, it was well-planned)

    So instead of taking my 3 hours off early today for uni study I have to fix up something that someone supposedly much more educated said was fine (it isn't). Of course it will be all my fault when it is brought up in the team meeting /o\

      oh right page 18 ...




        The internet Chuloopa tells me to burn things!

    It's sexy page 18?
    I just spilt hot coffee on my groin...

    I spent the last half hour trying to make a fingerless glove out of scraps of material. I succeeded and it was awesome. The i took a good hard look at myself and though, No you are getting paid to work here you should do something constructive. I checked the jobs shelf and nothing so i went back to my glove.
    Then i found $10

      At least it was only a half hour before remembering that you're being paid.

      Still, what a job you have.

        Hark! Braghman is awake!

          Will you ever tire of this?

          Somehow, I doubt it.

            I document your first-post-of-the-day times in a notebook of mine.
            I figure if I collect enough data, I will eventually be able to derive a formula that will accurately predict the minute in which you wake up/first post.

              I should point out then, that you often don't actually comment on my first post of the day(even ignoring posts that happen between 12 and about 3 am). For instance, for today, my first post is a bit further up that page, and from around 11:50ish. I thought you should know. For Science.

      Best story

    Eating me some cheap, less than high quality ramen.

    Should have gone to the other place nearby. Had the good shit. All by myself. Forever alone but full of deliciousness.

    This will have to suffice.

      Did they cost tree-fitty?
      Because I heard some Loch Ness monster was after your ramen.


        Is there an echo in here? Must be my empty ramenless tummy.

          I LOVE RAMEN!

            I LOVE RAMEN!

            Not this ramen though. It's so oily. Not good oily, BP fucking up an oil rig oily.

              Pretty sure you can demand compensation for that.

                The precedent isn't good. They'll just write the clean up off as an expense so that they pay less taxes.

      you know what. Screw you, now i want ramen instead of my bland horrible healthy food :(

    Gaytime Friday is a thing. Make it happen people. Im taking that to mean ice creams, but you make of it what you will!

      Every day should have a Gaytime. I don't see why it has to be Friday-exclusive.

      mannn i love a good gaytime!
      so tasty!

        I know, right? Having a gaytime in your mouth is fabulous.

    Harli mentioned on Twitter that she's in the same pool as Tokido for Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

    Best excuse for not making it out of pool play.


      i will do my best to make Australia proud and not get perfected 3-0

        Take a round and people will probably buy you drinks all weekend just to hear how you did it.

          When Daigo Umehara was in Sydney last year (or was it the year before) he left with a 100-0 win streak. Yup. Nobody beat him. One guy - i think it was Humanbomb - got a single round off him. Nobody else did.

            Yeah, I've heard he's pretty okay.

    Our receiver is pretty much done for... time to find a new one! \o/

    What happened to page 18? It was meant to be erotic page 18. A place where adults could enjoy a subtle and classier form of adult entertainment. Soon it morphed into sexy, then hardcore, perverted, wrong and eventually downright illegal. It saddens me. Yet it doesn't surprise me.

      It isn't hardcore until someone gets put through a flaming table.

        Tables and ladders and chairs, oh my.

          Could you guys imagine the horror is porn and wrestling ever become one?

            Isn't that called mud wrestling... or jelly wrestling? Or CUSTARD wrestling?

              No... i mean climbing the tunbuckle then jumping on the *censored*...

              Irish whip to doggystyle!


              What's that, buddy? You didn't make ME climax? You're so selfish!!! *CHAIR TO THE GROIN!*

      I killed the mood by mentioning a death that was close to my father & uncle that made news yesterday, that no one noticed, my bad D=

    Hi all; bye all! Off to ultrasound :D

      Speaking of penicl, hope to see one little doodle!

        The federal police will be by shortly to check that you are not in the possession of any child pornography. In the mean time, why don't you take a seat over there?

          Seriously though, good luck.

      Make sure you carry a handkerchief , what with all the crying you'll be doing.


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