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    If anyone needs any new ds/3ds cases/accessories - bluemouth is having a warehouse sale

    some real good buys there

      Capitalism page get!!!

      Also, who knew I would actually be the one to kill page 18!?

    My boss took me out for lunch to celebrate my graduation. And now our coordinating sales director wants to have lunch as well. I'm the lunch master.

    We had awesome Thai food. It was good. topics discussed at said lunch were
    - Work
    - How much we could drink before being drunk
    - The hotness of my Intern
    - Flying economy vs business
    - Korean food

    Anyway, that's my report on my lunch. How was your lunch?

      Noodles, oil and a bit of broth.

      I bet in your eyes she is generic and the graphics are glitchy :P

      I have a banana and apple for lunch which i will eventually get around to eating.

      Also - YAY LUNCH MASTER!

      ask for pay rise dude

        from the boss or the secretary??

        I've only been here 2 months, i think it's a bit soon to ask for more cash :(

      Lunch was great, international food day FTW \o/

      This month we had chicken ticka with cucumber yogurt sauce, nasi goreng, lasagne, more homemade salami and some wierd eggplant stuff.
      The to top it off one of the new girls brought home-made oreo balls, chocolatey goodness.

    Hey Bish!

    The 8 hours between streetpasses seems to have changed. Street passed a guy at work some time after 8, then again just after 1!

    So many street passes on Saturday!

      Don't just give it away man, make him work for it!

      People are going to have to surgically remove me from your butt area because I am going to be hovering around there so much for dem Streetpasses.

        That somehow sounded less weird as I was typing it out, honest.

          If it was from anyone but you Bish, I think it would sound weird

      According to wikipedia ( the last time wii plaza was updated was the dec 21 2011 update.

      This week's update doesn't appear to have anything of the sort - however there was also a disturbing lack of "patch notes" for any of the updates ever, so who knows?

        All I know is that I streetpassed someone 5 hours after our last streetpass.

        Anything else is moot. Shit be on!

    soo good you dont need to login/sign up to post here! all site should be like that


        Thank god you spelt it like that, I was all like how the hell do i spell this, No i look less stupid thanks Loops:P

          So, what you're saying is you are smart by comparison when i am around? :P

      hello fonzy!!


        I think it was F4ction, but I'm really not sure...

          "Give the oar to Pez", I said.


          Well, I hope you're ALL happy now, because we're oarless.

          Serves you right.

            I gotta admit, I'm pretty happy right now.


    Trimmed beard, moustache or clean shaven. Which is most dapper!?

      Moustache is the most dapper of attire.

        Assuming you have an impressive one yes.
        Otherwise you just look like a twat.

          Here it is a week ago.

      Waxed moustache.

        I was actually thinking of this! Shame I don't have time to grow something particularly poirot-esque.

          Poirot knows dapper.

            David Suchet's Poirot is the epitome of dapper. Even a top hat would detract from his dapperness.

      Mutton Chops.

        Aw man, I saw a guy in Brisbane with Mutton Chops.

        I was all "\o/" except I was doing it in my mind.

          When I worked in the Valley, there was an older gent who had the most brilliant moustache. He'd clearly put decades of work into it.

      clean shaven makes you look younger :)

        But the goal is dapper. DAPPER!

          dap·per    [dap-er]

          1. neat; trim; smart: He looked very dapper in his new suit.
          2. lively and brisk: to walk with a dapper step.
          3. small and active.

          lol wut at number 3.

            sounds like my.. *SMACK*

            owwwww... ok.. i'll stop there

      if you can't twist the mo with wax then it's pointless.

      Either a really well trimmed beard, or clean shaven with a monocle.

      Also, you could possibly try the pencil mustache... but you may end up looking like a pedo.

      Oh god that is reminding me of when I started watching whisker wars. I had no idea that it was a thing and I was scared, very scared.

      Competitive bearding

      They have world championships, and qualifying and all the associated drama.

    Melbourne chocolate interested people meet at 1pm in front of minotaur since you all know where that is? Tweet me if you are coming. This will be your only notice.


      damnnnn it!!! why must my work be in Altona!!???

      Does the Minotaur stand outside a building containing David Bowie?

      (I am making a Labyrinth reference, by the way)

        Great movie. Naysayers don't understand the glory of David Bowie's pants.

          there are NO Naysayers when it comes to Labyrinth.

            "Unfortunately, this contemporary (at least, for the era) fairy tale, directed and co-written by Muppets creator Jim Henson, never sets a timely tone beyond the 1980s. It remains disappointingly tethered to yesteryear." - Desson Thomson

            "Great energy and creativity went into the construction, production and direction of this movie, but it doesn't have a story that does justice to the production." - Roger Ebert

            "Plays like The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland crossed with a middling episode of "The Muppet Show" guest-starring David Bowie … suffers from a distinct lack of charm." - Steven D. Greydanus

            No Naysayers, you say?

              What I read was:

              “OMG! JIM HENSON AND TEH 80S WERE TEH AWESUMZ!” – Desson Thomson

              “Great energy and creativity went into the construction, production and direction of this movie, and it has a story that does justice to the production.” – Roger Ebert

              “Plays like The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland crossed with an episode of “The Muppet Show” guest-starring David Bowie … FUCK YEAH!” – Steven D. Greydanus

              So I fail to see your point.

            There are NO Naysayers when it comes to David Bowie’s pants.

      Saturday that is. Tomorrow. Only notice!

        oh... do you think bee will mind if i don't go to her 21st so i can eats the chocolate?

          pfft 21sts only come like once. Who caers?

            And i've been with her for, what, 5 years?
            I mean, it's not as if i don't already SEE her...

            sheesh :P

      I actually just walked past Minotaur on my way back to work after lunch.

    IMAGIIIIIIIIIIIING!!! *shakes fist*

    Afternoon TAY. I hope your day is going well so far.

    Just saw this on IGN and it seems pretty cool. It's a charger that uses UV-C light to clean your phone while it charges. It looks like it's for Iphones only but if you have said device this might be useful.

    P.S The fact that a cell phone might have more bacteria than a toilet seat is kind of scary.


      That is what i will be yelling if you have not shown up while we are waiting tomorrow.
      Just follow the yelling to find us, I suppose.

        I'm fairly punctual in most cases so don't worry your throat won't be sore from all the shouting.

        Also now that people have adopted the Mashaaaa thing I feel like I should have had a shirt printed out with Mashaaaaaaaa on it for people to easily identify me. Oh well, I can do that during the next meat.

      Toilet seats are relatively clean. Your hands, on the other hand, are not.

      Cleanliness is neat and all but I'm going to take the David Mitchell approach with this one. Whenever something comes along and says there are so many germs and bacteria on something you come into contact with frequently, then clearly that's not a problem. We have immune systems and they are clearly coping with that level of uncleanliness.

        That's my policy as well. The skin is the largest organ for a reason-to protect our insides from bacteria and harsh exposure. If stuff gets past the skin we have an immune system as back up.

        To add to that, they say if you protect yourself too much, then you actually increase your chances of getting sick.. so let the good germs roll!

          Yeah, this! You need to be exposed to all kinds of germs growing up so your immune system can be strong. This is why I never ran around after my kids with antibacterial sprays all the time like you see mums on TV do.

            Also, it's damn tiring to do that. Much easier to just let them be dirty!

    Oh yes. I considered taking up pilates to compliment the whole exercise thing. Apparently it makes you rather limber.

    I like the idea of describing myself as limber.

    I probably won't do pilates though.

      but you'll be ever so limber

      Grow leaves and describe yourself as lumber?

        That was a terrible pun.
        Make like a tree and get outta here.

        The judges would have also accepted "describe yourself as timber".

    @#35: if you're buying the local release Ghibli films on DVD I can help you out, I'm actually trying to get rid of some of mine b/c I've replaced them with Japanese Blurays. Yours if you want them. I'll confirm which ones I have surplus of when I'm at home.

    I am about to justify a Dragon's Dogma purchase to you all right now, using only two JPGs.


    Most excellent.


    Naming transfered characters on TOR stuffed up for me too. I deleted my placeholder character, selected the character I wanted to give the name to, typed in the name, hit ok and it gave the name to my other character I'd transfered over. I've sent an email to customer support about it. Apparently they've been fixing the issue for people and renaming your transfered characters to the names you want. If you haven't already it would be a good idea to send them a message about getting your character names fixed.

      I wish I'd thought of that before I deleted the transferred character that I gave the wrong name to. :\

    Yay! I missed out on page 18. To be honest, it doesn't really seem that different to page 19 though, what with discussions about being limber, Pez and Loops' "small but active" parts,The Fonz appearing and Bish having to be surgically removed from Gentleman What?'s butt area.... :P

      Page 18 seems to be people going out of their way for that sort of thing. Now we're back to normal levels of innuendo. Luckily this week's page 18 wasn't really a thing. I prefer when it's not really a thing.

        *raises hand*
        I've stopped going out of my way to do that now! :D

        *building a better loops*

      It's like that song, "I would do anything for love" and he continues with "but I won't do that", except replace love with Streetpasses and remove the second line.


        You made me laugh. And then you made me remember singing that with Sughly at Welbot's Meat, and I laughed some more.

    The next episode of Legend of Korra has apparently leaked.

    I've seen three screenshots from the episode. Damn my lack of restraint.

    Worth it.


      I refuse to watch ANY episodes from now on unless they are 720p. SO DAMN GOOD!

        No idea. Haven't been able to find a torrent for myself yet, what with my being at work and whatnot.

        I'm probably going to treat this the same as Young Justice. If I have to wait for the 720p version, I'll download the SD version first, watch it and then watch again in HD.

          I'm in favor of waiting for the HD version. I've been spoiled now.

          A while back I got a bunch of shows of Pyrean and they were almost all in SD. It made me cry. I've told him when we start flatting together he's band from downloading anything in SD.

    HI TAY!
    About to go to the post office to pick up a parcel. \o/
    I have to ride there though /o\
    It's a pain

      Well they say if you're riding a Ponyta or Rapidash, if they're friendly, their flames don't burn.
      Shouldn't be too painful.

        Oh Bish :)

          I agree, oh Bish.

          Everyone knows that riding a Dodrio is where it's at. Just make sure there heads get along.


    omg. it'll cost $70 just get hair roots dyed. Such an expensive habit!

      Sounds like you're getting rooted.

        Almost dyed laughing there.
        You're Hairlairious

      I paid $45 for a plain old haircut the other day in prep for Bee's 21st!

        I pay a couple' bucks for a razor.

          You spend a lot more on sunscreen than the rest of us though.

            Not if I don't go outside :P

              That's a rather good point.

      Easy just let it grow out and use your normal colour. You have nice hair no matter what.

        I read this and I thought: "What nice hair you have there. Would be a shame if anyone were to vomit on it..."
        Just for you, Rocketman buddy!

        gnaww Rocketman!! you're so awesome.


      I haven't had my hair cut for two years.

      I really should.

    yo u know that when you been farting for the last hour, its time to take a shit

    It puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose!

      You know that the words are "It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again" right?

      Because it would be silly for you to make so basic an error.

        Sorry, i can't hear you over all the job i have.

          Clearly you can, given you just responded. C'mon Loops, think logically.

      Why not have it put the lotion on its skin, hose it, then make it put the lotion on again?

    The clock is stuck at 11:50. I want to punch it.

      Have you tried taking the battery out and putting a new one in?

        Maybe it's a kinetic clock?
        Punching and displacing it generates power.

          That would be a nice thought.

          We don't have any spare batteries in the office, so punching it in the hopes that it is kinetic is about the only chance I have.

            you could rub it on the carpet???
            or plug it into a potato?!


    Forgot my Kudos Noms again. Every freakin week lately I forget.

      Bah same! Ima email serrels now anyway in hopes :D

      Man, I haven't sent in Kudos noms in ages...

      Clearly you're all just not interesting enough to earn my noms. Clearly.

      That's okay. I won a couple of weeks ago, I don't need your nom right now. Thanks anyway! :)

        If you insist then.

      Pretty sure i made the first nom of the week.. something like 9am monday morning lol

    Type "Zerg Rush" into Google.

    Defend the search results!

      holy crap!!! that is amazing! :D

      Google never fails to win my heart

        I managed to get 88 twice, haven't tried again.

          It gets pretty damned touch, that's for sure! :|

      What is happening!? Click click click

      I have defeated them all!

      *scrolls down*


        haha yeah that happened to me the first time!

      Got 105, APM of 220ish. That'll do.

      Much better than my normal SC2 apm, that's for sure.

      Haha, I wonder how much money google spends investing in goodwill projects like this? I love that they make GG when you lose.

        That's really awesome. I love the Google projects as well.

    Funny thing just happened, i was trying to call an IT guy in Korea to sort out a problem and lord knows how this happened, but i ended up on the phone with the Vice President of Kia Motors. This guy probably makes my yearly salary in a week. Fun!

    He was very nice, he told me in Korean i had the wrong number then hung up.

      Let me clarify, I work for Kia, so it wasn't just some random calling, i think i got the lines mixed up or something.

        Ahh... I had no idea you worked for them :P

        guess that makes a bit more sense now

        And YOU KNOW KOREAN? :O

          No, not really. But i knew exactly what he was saying.

      Holy crap. Also, you know Korean? :P

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