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    This comment on a devin towsend clip just mew my blind!!!

    "LOL, I heard this song at a local strip club yesterday and remembered that I have this album at home still. I was blown away to hear it in a strip club of all places, the show was awesome BTW!"

    They have stripclubs that play music that ISN'T horrible pop music, or Cherry Pie by Warrant?!!?
    Man i have been out of it for too long...

      And that comment was on the Ziltoid version of "hyperdrive".

      Man i would be too busy rocking the feth out to even care about the boobies if that came on.

        I honestly expected it would have been the Addicted version of Hyperdrive with the female vocalist. Wow. That's actually surprising.

          You know what i absolutely love, and i mean LOVE!?

          The two versions blended together... wow.. just wow...

      Yeah I've been to Speamint Rhino for a Bucks night and they played a fair bit of metal, t'was a pleasant surprise

      Girls, Girls, Girls in Las Vegas (I assume) would play decent music, nothing by those bands who thought they were awesome in the 80's like Poison & Warrant.

    Community Gaming Nights

    Trials Evolution

    That is all.

      I wish I had this game. And a wireless adaptor.

        I had a wireless adapter that I forced upon a friend because I didn't need it any more, but I don't think he has ever used it.

        I'll ask him and it's yours if it's available!

          Batguy to the rescue! I will ensure you are adequately compensated!
          Also, thanks! :D

      What should PS3 gamers do?

        Sit quietly and wait for Trials to become boring.
        ...Better get comfortable.

          But from what I hear Trials will never be boring. I guess I am forever alone.

            More time to catch up on our piles o' shame!

              That's true. I still have games on the PS2 I haven't finished.

    THE WORKPLACE (working title) – Pilot
    Idea co-created by Jordi, Blaghman, Notoriousaur and Bish

    [Camera shot of and flame-haired man in his office, spending a good half minute trying to uncrinkle his blue and white check patterned shirt]
    Man: Oh, sorry, are we recording?
    *The man clears his throat*
    Man: I’m Mark Serrels and I’m the CEO of Kotaku Australia (Non-Sexual) Entertainment Services. Don’t ask about the company name, someone isn’t very good at naming things. I’ve been the boss for aboot 18 months now and we’ve experienced some pretty phenomenal growth, because I like to think we work together more as family and friends.
    [Shot of what appears to be an incredibly cramped staff meeting, many people crowded around a ping pong-table. Mark walks in from the side to the head of the table]
    Mark: Mornin' a' body, 'n' welcome tae th' stairt o' a freish week!
    *Unified groan from everyone in the room*
    Mark: Just wanted tae say ye'r a' bonny gallus guys 'n' even though ah dinnae actually ken whit we dae 'ere, keep oan daein' whit ye'r daein'!
    *Mark struts out of the room*
    Voice from the back of the room: …I’m going to be honest, I understood none of that. Also can we leave now? I think someone’s accidentally groping me or something.
    Other voice from back of the room: Hah! …I mean yes, “accidentally”.

    [Cut to the camera shakily following Mark as he appears to be giving a tour of the office]
    Mark: And this is our logo-
    *Mark points to a 12 meter long line of red and black text saying “Kotaku Australia (Non-Sexual) Entertainment Services”*
    Mark: *in a lowered tone* -Seriously we have to do something about that name. *Mark resumes at a more audible level* So here we start with Jordi!
    *The camera swivels to a lady sitting at the front desk, halfway in the middle of a bite of cake. She freezes in surprise*
    Jordi: …
    Mark: She’s our receptionist! We have a receptionist! Isn’t that all professional? What sort of things do you do Jordi?
    Jordi, now free of awkward cake moments: I mostly listen to songs from the 80s and eat cakes. *pause* Oh, you mean as a receptionist! Ummm…
    *awkward silence*
    Mark: Isn’t she great!?
    *Mark starts moving along, and the camera follows*
    Mark: Here is where most of the magic happens!
    *The camera pans across a large office space, with offices on the side, cubicles in the middle, and a goat roaming the corridors*
    *A short man with glasses yells from the back of the office*

    Man: Again, goat!? You get back here! I demand a rematch! I swear to god I will punch you if you cheat at Checkers again! STRAIGHT. TO THE. MOON!
    *The man realises he’s being filmed and stares blankly at the camera for a second*
    Man: Oh. Hi?
    [Cut to the man sitting in his office, fiddling with his phone, most likely tweeting something]
    [Lower Third flashes up on screen: Pez – Incident Manager]
    Pez: I’m the Incident Manager here. Whenever there’s an issue, it’s my job to get to the root of the problem, get it sorted and see how we can prevent it in the future.
    [Cuts to scene: The camera looks up at Pez and Blaghman’s faces as they stare down at something.]
    Pez: Another hooker, Blaghman?
    Blaghman: What? They’re not really people.
    Pez: *sigh*Well, at least she’s on a rug this time. Help me roll her up and put her in the boot.
    [Cuts back to Pez in his office]
    Pez: I’m not going to lie, it’s a stressful job. But I’m a calm guy, so I handle these things quickly, and efficiently.
    [Montage of various moments, the first being a re-roll of the scene, moments earlier]
    Pez: *chasing a goat* STRAIGHT. TO THE. MOON!
    [Change scene] Pez: *on the phone, covering up the microphone portion* I swear. I’m going to flip some GOD. DAMN. TABLES.
    [Change scene] Pez: *peering in the fridge* DID SOMEONE STEAL MY CAKE!?
    Man off camera, muffled: You mean the cakes I make and you claim without permission?
    Pez: *yelling at the man off camera* SHUT YOUR FACE, PERM… FACE!
    [Cuts back to Pez in his office]
    Pez: Cool like a cucumber-iceberg hybrid, spliced together by our R&D/tech team. That’s me.

    [New scene: A tall man stands at the kitchen contemplatively staring at a banana and a cup of tea, talking to himself]
    Man: So if a banana has about 100 calories, and a cup of tea with a splash of milk has about 15 or 16, then 6 cups of tea equals a banana, but if I have the banana, I’ll be set for 3 weeks. I’m not sure the tea will last me 3 weeks. Decisions, decisions…
    [Cuts to the man in his cubicle slowly eating a banana]
    Man: They know me around here as Effluvium Boy, and I’m the Acquisitions Officer. Mind you, the job title actually has nothing to do with what I actually do. For the most part I-
    *A man starts speaking from off camera and the camera swivels to him*
    Blaghman: He mostly liaises with all the other companies we deal with and seduces the people he works with so we get the better deals. He just speaks in a really deep voice and undresses people with his dulcet tones.
    *Effluvium Boy starts speaking and the camera swivels back*
    Effluvium Boy: I assume that’s why you’re shirtless?
    Blaghman, off camera: Correct!

    [New scene: Mark leads the cameraman through a wooden floor-boarded room with cables everywhere]
    Mark: This is our tech department, where the magic happens! Well, more of the magic. I don’t really think there’s a quota on magicalness. Look, Rocketman and Jo are over there! *Mark indicates to people on camera, but some distance away* Anyway, watch out you don’t trip on the cables.
    Man in the background: Also watch out, I think we left the cucumberg somewhere over there!
    Mark: Right where these “Slippery when wet” signs are? It’ll be fi-
    *Mark suddenly disappears from the camera, and there is a loud thud noise*
    *The camera looks down and captures Mark momentarily disoriented, laying in a small pool of water with a cucumber in it, but quickly scrambling to his feet*

    Mark: I’M OKAY! …I’ll be back in a ‘sec.
    *The camera follows Mark scurrying off somewhere, and then quickly swivelling to the tech department guys*
    *They shrug*

    [Scene: A 12-year old boy sits in front of a grey box with knobs and dials and a screen that looks like it came from the 1970s]
    Boy: Uh, my name is Rocketman, and I’m the instrumentations guy… I think. I… mostly turn knobs and dials and… things.
    *Someone speaks inaudibly off camera*
    Rocketman: What!? I’m not a kid! I’m 20! And stop ruffling my hair! I’m an adult, damn you!
    Rocketman: Anyway! Let me show you around the lab because Mark told me to!
    *Rocketman gets up and the camera follows him. *
    Rocketman: So that’s a… Wayne-Kerr machine *Rocketman tries to stifle a chuckle*… ahhhh, never gets old.
    Deep voice from off camera: How old are you again?
    Rocketman: Shut uuuuuupppppppp.

    [New scene: Mark is randomly wandering around the office]
    Mark: I’d love to show you some more, but we’re nearing the end of the day now. But we’re all such good friends that I’m sure they’ll be happy to stay back and show you wha-
    *Mark is interrupted by Pez yelling at the back of the room. The camera shifts focus to the source of the yelling*
    Pez: Who has two thumbs and is ready to blow this crappy joint in a non-sexual manner?
    *The camera focuses in on the man*
    Pez: This guy! *Pez indicates towards himself with his thumbs*
    Mark: Pez! I was just saying how it’d be great if we all stayed back a little to show the crew around the office!
    *Pez pauses mid-strut, and freezes in that pose for 5 seconds. He then walks over to a cubicle*
    Pez: (╯ಠ_ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻
    [Cuts to scene of Pez in his office]
    Pez: Cool like a cucumber-iceberg hybrid.

    [Credits roll]

      What is this?

      And how can we make this happen?

      I am liasing with our production staff as I read this, demanding we fund this show and give it prime time placement.

      I am 12 (no, 20 damn it) and what is this?

      Also, awesome.

      I only have 1 issue with this:
      I can understand what Mark is saying. Needs to be more Scottish.

      BEST ... SHOW ... EVER!

      I'm in love. .this was so amaze-balls!


      See, this is why I said to Doc What? that we needed to have you on board as part of the script writing team. YOU ARE A GEM.

      Nice Bish.

      One question though - Why isn't Rocketman barfing on people and punching others in the face?

        Episode 2 man :P

        You gotta space this stuff out.
        If you throw it all in the pilot, then you'll have nothing for the rest of the season!

          Exactly, which is why I'm not scheduled to appear until the season 1 cliffhanger.

      'Original' idea spawned from a twitter conversation:

      How... about... We make a company. It will be made of out of work or lazy TAYbies like me and we will make low budget movies...

      @fightlikeladies Make a mockumentary that depicts the everyday lives of office employees. We will call it... The Workplace. #NotGoodAtNaming

      @Bish_Mang @fightlikeladies Our company will be "Kotaku Australia Movies." #NotGoodAtNaming

      @Blaghman @bish_mang @fightlikeladies We will use our real names as pseudonyms? #NotGoodAtNaming

      @NotoriousR_ @Blaghman @bish_mang can we have those banners at the bottom of the screen with our names and job? Like Jordi - eats cakes

      @fightlikeladies @NotoriousR_ @bish_mang Blaghman - Singer and Derper

      @Blaghman @NotoriousR_ @bish_mang Jordi - 6th Spice Girl yeahhhhhhh

      I clearly have nothing better to do with my weekends.

      No lambo make it ok great but not ok good just great ok bad. If I were in this, I'd be the Incident Instigator, remember, the whole blame lambo thing? :P

      If this was turned into a TV show, I'd definitely watch it. I could even be the crazed, rabid, screaming fanboy if you wanted me to?

      I approve of this ripof- I mean, localised version of The Office.

      8/10. Needs more Lower Thirds. Would read again.

        I'm just going to use them as much as I can, now that I know what they're called.
        Thanks, Caterpie!

      Will this be another Kotaku story that I'm not involved in? /o\


    Just booked my car in for a pink slip. Oh, what's this? I accidentally booked it during the time I'd normally be at Uni? OH WELL, guess I can't go in today.

    I hear that Shiggy is not only super handsome and sexy, but also a demon in the sack.

      I can vouch for that.

        The handsome part, not the sex part. We don't know each other THAT well.

      i still can't sit properly...

      Oh shiggy
      By the way, metal wolf chaos is amazing

        I like when they play the sound file and he goes "THE SOUND QUALITY IS TERRIBLE" or anything...ANYTHING by Richard Hawk.

    Sweet, This week's TAY is up. How is everyone? I hope you all had a good weekend.


    Finally finished flower. It’s a really good game.

    The game started off really well and it was so much fun just cruising through the long blades of grass. The middle portion sagged a bit though and I feel like they could have done more with the night time levels. The dip in quality in the middle was redeemed by the final portion of the game however, as you’re given an expansive level to bloom more flowers considerably changing the environment around you. The early parts of the final stage of the game actually reminded me of Okami a lot.

    The motion controls worked surprisingly well and the soundtrack was really great and fit the levels for the most part. Parts of the soundtrack actually reminded me of the Echochrome music.

    The game was short, took me about 2.5-3hrs to complete. The short length initially put me off but I think I’ll be re-playing the game a lot so that’s fine.

    Finally, the credit sequence was interesting. I like that they allowed you to play through all of it as you bloomed flowers to reveal the creators and support staff. I like Interactive credits and playing through flower’s reminded me of games like The Warriors(PS2) and Vanquish which allowed you to play through their credits.

    Hello all, long time no see! How is everyone?

    My weekend involved baking banana bread and craziness and going to the sutherland shire. As well as helping a friend through a breakup. I can sleeps now? No? Work you say?

    It took 2hours to drive to north Sydney, from croydon park! (burwood area)

    Soooooo cranky and tired now

      Your next challenge is to bake bread bananas!


      HELLO G.C.!
      I must say that baking banana bread is the second best way to spend your weekend.
      The best way to spend a weekend is eating banana bread (toasted & with butter).


    Both versions.
    At once.
    All over your ears.

      It even sounds amazing played acoustic:

        holy crap - that's amazing!

      Pretty great but I feel the male vocals are a little drowned out.

    So apparently a Greyhound bus trip is in order for me to get to the monomeat. The great thing is, I haven't had to organise anything. Pixel is feeling guilty and trying to sort it out for me :D
    I'm such a good friend.
    Anyhoo, $50 return between Canberra and central station isn't bad, especially with the hotel being 1km away from the station. Arriving at 10:30am Saturday and leaving at (I think it was) 12:30pm Sunday.

      That's a pretty good deal. But if I recall correctly from my Year 5 school trip, those buses are very uncomfortable to ride in.

        They're not too bad.

        And if you're there with friends you can get some great stories...

          Well, looks like I'll be using this method when coming down the the super epic Can'd meat 2.0. I have zero faith in my car to run that long.

            I'm sure you'll be able to scab a lift off someone. Should be a few people here.

    Oh, hello everyone

    I'm a bit salty about the result of the a-league GF, if ou don't know, a Brisbane team member took a dive in injury time, and got a penalty and won the game...


    What about a cool league, filled with, legends of sorts? I played a bit more on the weekend, however most of my time was on diablo 3, which I'm gonna pre order now....

      Brisbane won? Woooooooooooooo! \o/

        Urge to kill... Rising

          I didnt see the match, but I did hear that the referee was pretty dodgy.
          Still, at least the refs were consistantly dodgy for the whole finals series.

          also, CCMC - always minor premiers, never the GF winners... their time will come.

      How are you going with LoL B-Funk? What level are you?

        Still level 9, work and diablo took up most of my weekend

        Also I was playing with level 30 friends, so I wasn't matched well, and I was told to play mundo, a champ I've never played before, but I still think I did alright.

        It's still a bit weird going between LoL and DotA

          Yeah I've only played a couple of Dota 2 games and find it weird getting used to the different pacing. I used to play a lot of original Dota, so the champs and items aren't that foreign, but the game speed throws me off.

    OK, OK, so I know i could go back and re-read the past month of TAY to answer this, but I'm going to be a total n00b: Can somebody please explain TAYbar to me?

    You're welcome to add derision to your answer, provided that you actually provide useful information.

      People hop on TS, drink, and theoretically play games.

        Ohhh, I get it. Might join in one day and play games and theoretically drink. Thanks for the info, I feel far less confused by the tweets now :)

        We (well, you guys that drink) did that anyway before it was a thing.
        I would hair flick but my hair is kind of short. It's almost unmoving.

      TAYbies + TeamSpeak + Alcohol = TAYbar


        Pain meter is 5/10 today! I've started taking supplements in lieu of the painkillers because the pharmacist warned me that they can be ADDICTIVE! Who would have thought hey?!

          Drugs? Addictive? What kind of topsey turvey world is this?


          better than before?
          I am worst doctor. Diagnose long term condition :(

      From what I understand I can't go on it because I'm under 18 :P (only like, ten more days :D)

        Well, they're just saying "drinking" so I assume they're talking about orange juice? Don't see anything wrong with us joining in on that. :P

          On leavers, someone gave me some orange juice, but it sorta burned my throat when I drank it and that night I was in my underwear dancing to "sexy and I know it". (slightly true story)

      Or it's just Flu sounding sexy and people posting YouTube links. Sometimes Jordi sings.

      I'd imagine it's like the electric six song, but we're all dressed as Mark Serrels rather than abe lincoln

      A bunch of people late to the party drink and talk on TS. Freyr and I perfected that ages ago and I will continue to drink from 10am when I jump on TS on a Saturday/Sunday morning.

      Also thanks for the civil answer guys. Kotaku n00b tolerance FTW!

    Woah..... second blind mow for the day.
    Ozgameshop have game shirts that are not crap!
    And they're cheap! :D

        and lots more! :D

        Man i need some new shirts and that ryu one looks stunning

          Loops returns and he's gone link crazy. Welcome back mate. How was your TAY sabbatical?

            I have made a new rule on myself.
            Don't post links unless i REALLY htink people will be interested... which means NO 9gag stuff anymore! :P

          My new shirts just arrived \o/
          I got the impasse on that you posted a while ago, so very cool

    I am alive, I promise!

      Silly Scree, there's no "I promise!" in the name of that game. :P

        But dead people can't promise things

      DEAD LIES!!!!

        No! Alive lies! Wait, how is that possible?

      Now I'm thinking of the Simpsons, were homer has marge watch a movie about a plane crash, and at the end the guy just yells "WE... ARE... ALIIIVE"

      It wouldve been more funny if I could have found a video, but I can't find it, NOT EVEN IN SPANISH!

        How is that possible? I thought the internet had everything

    Had an awesome weekend full of fun, frolics and very little sleep. Walked around so much on Saturday that I ended up with a massive blister on my foot... FUN!

    But good stuff more than made up for it! SarcasmFairy and I went and saw The Hunger Games (in GOLD CLASS) and 21 Jump Street (Which was pretty funny) and I spent the WHOLE 4 days trying to acquire Crust Pizza and was thwarted at every single opportunity until Sunday when Flu joined us for a pizza lunch. Sadly it was a food court "Pick a slice of what we have available" Crust Pizza so I feel I missed out on the proper experience. Next time, maybe?

      Crust Pizza is the single most amazing pizza in existence!

      What is this crust pizza though speaketh of?

      Is it pizza, but all crust? Because that sounds delicious!

        Isn't the crust meant to put hair on your chest. You would come out of eating that one like a serrals

      Yeah, that wasn't a proper pizza experience.

        Yeah. I was a little disappointed, but after all the traveling I was getting my damned pizza!

      Sorry I couldn't say Hi at least once, friends!
      What was supposed to be a small dinner blew out to a whole weekend of extended family meals.
      Good times.

        Did you grandma put tiger balm in the food again?

          Dat Grandma Bish.

          I imagine she's all 'Bishmangolius y u no eat more?' then keeps feeding him Tiger Balm until he cries.

          Crazy grannies.

            I know I'm replying to myself but I really don't mind.

            I like that both my grandmothers always tell me to eat more.
            Because clearly I don't have enough.

              Enough Grannies or enough food?

              I think two is the maximum.

      Forgot to add that SF and I also took in a show!

      Jay and Silent Bob Get Old! Many dick jokes and sex stories from Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes.

    Hey guys and gals, (w What is this a 1950s soc hop)
    I have had a really productive morning, Its funny cause i cleared a backlog of stuff from a couple of weeks and seemed to have nothing to do for the next couple of days. sigh. I was in a shitty mood last night i keep on having these stupid moments before i go to sleep where i start to question my existence and why we are all here. It stops me sleeping and puts me in a state of fear. I am a messed up little kid. Anyway enough of my depressing crap how are you guys going?

      Rocketman's to-do list:

      Harrass the auditor.
      Call back pretty girl from last week.
      Fall over.
      (and if there's time) Figure out the meaning of life

    Managed to kill my laptop charger over the weekend (months of having it in awkward positions has frayed the cord to the point that it no longer works). So I went to the nearest Apple reseller to get a replacement.

    At the James St Markets.

    A fancy little place in Fortitude Valley, where parking is a nightmare and the Parking Gestapo make sure that no scruffy rapscallions leave their unsightly non-European vehicles nearby. Obviously, with my shitty little Lancer, need for a haircut and lack of designer underwear, I immediately drew the attention of one of these fine fellows.

    He did not particularly like the idea of me grabbing a coffee from the place right next to the markets before going to get my laptop charger but I guess he made an exception. When I got back to my car, about 15 minutes later with a coffee and a laptop charger, he was happily (well, not happily because he's a Parking Gestapo) waiting next to my car to make sure I was an honest customer.

    I hate the Valley.

      I am genuinely curious as to how he had absolutely nothing better to do.

        He's a security guard in a shopping centre car park.

    Remember this: Convoluted none picture but random memory edition

    For some reason this come up over the weekend and I have a game in my mind but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called. It was an old PC platformer where when your character died you got a big message "DEVOLVING" or "DEVOLUTION" and your devolved into some sort of 4 legged pig creature.

    Does anybody have any idea what that game was called

    What.... the....f.....

    Is this a serious song????

    If so, it easily takes over from Rebecca Black for worst song ever...

    There's something i never thought i'd say... i feel so dirty..

      Allow me to submit another contender.

        It was only a matter of time before this was brought in

          About three minutes, if the timestamps are to be believed :p

            I can't bring myself to look it up but I would like to add:
            Attack Attack - Stick Stickly to this competition.

        See that just makes me laugh because it's just so horrible.

        So so horrible...

      Wow... that was so bad I actually cried a little. I didn't even manage to watch half of it before I had to stop.

    Oh yes, MLG Spring Arena 1 was on this weekend. Damned thing started way too early. Managed to catch the finals this morning, even though I woke up at 9am, that was still only in time to catch from game 3 of the Grand Finals onwards (a best of 7 that went to game 7). It's a good thing they put VODs up fairly quickly, or I'd be slightly irritated about that.

    But it was some fantastic SC2 action. The standards for tournaments these days are definitely rising.

      ACL was also this weekend! Glade won.

        Seems a bit silly to run that tournament up against DreamHack and MLG :p

        Well done him though.

    I've decided that I'm going to become the greatest Mortal Kombat player of all time and win Evo next year.

      Wish I'd thought of that plan first.

      Dammit. I was going to do that. Now I'll have to find something else to do.

        You guys will have to come up with your own game to become the best ever at. I've already called dibs on MK. The only dilemma now is what to do with all the inevitable MK groupies?

          Brutalities of course. MK groupies love brutalities or maybe the oft rumoured sexualities

            I like the Australian fatalities the best


            And I'm not just saying that because i made that picture.

      I'm pretty sure I've beaten you at MK even though I thought I was your character.

        That was so awesome, for those not in the know, back at the Original Can'd meat (before it became mainstream) me and Bish had a match and it was at about the Fatality of round 2 that we figured out that we were controlling the other persons characters.

        Also, i remember that the character select screen was really confusing.

          Someone's winning, that's all that mattes! figuring out who person is just a triviality.

            I was on an epic 10 fight in row streak before that. Then i kinda forgot who i was playing as. Unrelated to this, we were drinking booze at the time.

              I remember kicking your ass. And then ripping your spine out.

                and then him quitting and going back to the main menu.

                Fun times.

      I've just discovered a fault in my faultless plan. I don't actually have MK yet.

      I think that might be an important part of the process of becoming the best MK player ever.

    How do people use this newfangled twitter thingy. There's no room for words!

      You eventually get very good at saying not much at all.

        I thought I was good at saying not much at all already! I guess I have to practice being succinct when doing so.

      What's this twit-ter thing these kids are taking about these days?

      After a while, and with a bit of practice, you learn to express statements in exactly one hundred and forty characters. Concision is a skill

        And I may have cheated slightly there by omitting the last full stop. Oh well, hopefully this post hits the character limit more accurately.

          It's a common cheat that I wholeheartedly endorse.

            I am happy to have your endorsement, as I can feel that sometimes one hundred and forty characters is a hindrance to my many verbose stateme


        Your concise-ocity will be judged.

        This made me laugh as I just did my first tweet with exactly 140 characters. I left out a full stop as well.

          I did it again! This one even included the full stop !!!!

        It's always fun decided which grammar rule to ignore to cut it down.

    Was there any media outcry about the sex scenes in Witcher 2?
    I remember all the crap when Mass Effect came out, even though there was nothing to see, but after watching one of the, probably numerous, sex scenes in the Witcher 2, holy crap, they could have had a field day with this game, yet I don't really remember anything except the usual nerdgasms about boobies on the various forums.

      The Witcher 2 didn't have the profile in America that Mass Effect had, so Fox News/media outlet of choice probably didn't pick it up.

      Didn't Australia get a censored version due to sexy funtimes as a reward for quest completion. Apparently you are allowed sexy funtimes but not as a reward

        There was one edit. It was along those lines you've said. The edit is that instead of a choice to accept or decline the sex as a reward, the Australian witcher just declines.

        I don't know about the Witcher 2, but the copy of Witcher 1 that Australians can get on Steam is the uncensored one.

        Because that would make her a prostitute.

        And we frown on that.

        Except for the ACT, where all our politicians and prime minister go.

          Please, the majority of the Polly's have mistresses, rather than using prostitutes.

    So, at work last night I happened to be sitting at the only computer without sound. I was going a little insane so I said to the other two people I was working with at the time "Can someone put some music on or i'ma have to start singing."

    Neither of them made any moves to put music on. I'm now wondering if my singing isn't as bad as I think it is* or if I've just subjected these two test subjects to it so much that they've become desensitised.

    Note: My singing talent is roughly equivalent to my drawing talent.

      I'm sure your singing's lovely Gorzy, so long as you promise never to demonstrate it on TeamSpeak. :P

        Wait, I'm sure you've been online when I've sung on teamspeak before.... Maybe you've repressed the memory?

        Probably because the moment was so amazing you knew that nothing in you life would ever seem as awesome again.

          I hate the fact that many people are better singers than me, and so refuse to accept reality.

        Don't listen to him Gorzy, I wanna hear your sweet singing on TS!

      My singing talent is roughly equivalent to my drawing talent.

      I would love to see how your vocal chords handle a Man 'O' War.

    So today is the day I'm going to finalise the pattern and finally get started on making the real corset \o/
    Probably a good as I've also start knitting XD


    I have a bit of a super secret project I am about to start work on. But I have a bit of a requirement from you guys.

    I need a list of all the TAYbies written out for me. If you don't want to be left out you need to be on that list. Can anyone organize thi for me?

      What about taynames list?

      Best bet may be to grab a couple week's TABTOL lists, and delete half of the names which are just Pez.

        So you'll end up with about 10 people then...

          Because really, TAY is just one big schizophrenic conversation by me.

          You think all these people are real?

      Perhaps taynames would suffice?

      Don't forget your best pal Ruffles from your super secret TAY thing. I'm not on the TAYnames list.

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