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    Well I apologise for being quiet this week my sexy taybies, Life has been screwed this week, and not so much ina good way (BOWCHICKAWOWOW)

    All I can say is I am looking forward to next week. I may or may not make it to the meat tomorrow, unfortunately I have 0 moneys till monday. so at least I get paid just intime for my birthday :)

    I hope you all have a lovely weekend, though I may be on tay for some of it.

      *hugs* I hope whatever's been awful about this week isn't going to make next week awful too.

      Oh, by the way. You need to know I'm actually looking forward to making your kilt so don't stress about bothering me and don't stress about money. You decide what you want and we'll work something out. :)
      I already bought the fabric for making the muslin (a kind of prototype, so you can practice on a cheap fabric and know what you're doing before you make it in the expensive fabric) so if you send me your measurements when you can, I'll make something up and send it to you to see if it fits and if the style works for you.
      You also need to know I'm kind of excited about this and have been thinking about it for weeks, figuring out how I'm going to do it. So you may as well send me your measurements to make sure it fits right or one day you'll get sent a completed kilt that might not fit you because i'm going to make it anyway. :P

        Oh Wow, I had not forgotten at all by the way, I'm getting concencus on fabric. and i'll have an idea hopefully by monday, I'll get the Measurements for you this weekend :)

        Next week should be good, I finish on call on monday and then tuesday is my birthday so Nothing should be able to ruin it :)

        I'm glad to hear your as excited about this as I am its going to look awesome with either fabric :) I also have a question that I'll email you too. I'm thinking of possibly having both fabrics as a colour thing, but I'll let you know. I'm working out designs for it if it comes to it :)

        Either way, its going to be damn sexy :)

        Woooo! KILT!

          Are you actually scottish? Even way back when? Don't they have tartan patterns for each family or something? Perhaps you should look in to that?!

    Just letting you know (again) that I'll be on the train that gets to Town Hall at 11:20 tomorrow. I'll try and get a seat in the front carriage so you should be able to find me if we're on the same one! Look for a red shirt! It'll be good to already know somebody before trying to find everybody else :P

    You can be my guinea pig for the card game I was inventing last night. It could be the best thing ever or a total dud! I don't know, I've only played against myself! xD

      Cityrail Incident Report
      10:52 AM Sat 28.04.12
      Reports of yelling between two individuals of phrases "Powalen" and "Masha" with last syllable of each 'word' drawn out.
      CityRail Transit Officer forced to subdue both individuals with the use of pepper spray.
      Individual wearing red shirt commented "It's both burny and delicious" when wrestled to the floor.

      Hey Powalen, is it a sexy card game? I don't think I can strip on the train.

      Also where are we meeting up? Wollongong?

        I'll already be on the train (my station is Oak Flats). So we're not really meeting up, just if we happen to be on the same train then you'll hopefully be able to find me in the front carriage (I'm assuming you'll be getting on at Wollongong? My train should be going through there at 9:49am).

        And no, it is not a sexy card game. xD Though I'm sure someone here can find some sexual innuendo we can incorporate with the games name: "Fisticuffs" lol

          See you at Wollongong then. 9.49 it is.
          Don't get too excited though, I'm as plain as plain can be.

          I just got an idea. If the train guard is willing, I'll try and get him/her to say ' Hi, Powalen Masha is about to board the train' over the train's speaker system at Wollongong. Now that this idea is in my head I hope the guy/girl who will be on tomorrow's train is up for it.

    Woo! I should totally be doing stuff!
    I bought everything I need for the corset but I just can't be bothered working on it =P

      I was productive today!
      I ironed a shirt.

    So Sony have announced Playstation all stars battle royale and it seems like it's basically Sony's version of Super Smash Bros.

    At the moment I'm cautiously optimistic. I'm optimistic because I get to play as a bunch of Sony characters in a single game which seems pretty cool and the idea of a Sony smash bros fighting game is exciting especially with Sony's back catalogue on the PS1/PS2.
    My main reason for being cautious is this looks like a DLC goldmine and I bet Sony will capitalise on this and relegate various characters and stages to the DLC arena. I love the idea of DLC as a way to extend a game's life but most of it just seems like a cash grab to me.

    All in all I can't wait, even though they could have changed the game a bit to be more distinctive and not look Smash bros-ey at first glance. Also I would have loved it if the game was two on two like Mortal Kombat or Street fighter so I can marvel at the characters' visuals and detail. Oh well.

    P.S If Sony doesn't have a Shadow of the Colossus stage or a playable Wander or colossi I'm going to moan about it on TAY.

      I didn't read the article on Kotaku but I saw the pictures. I'm not really impressed at the moment :P

        You can check out a video at the PlayStation blog or if you're curious about how it looks.

          I think I'll wait til later before checking out some footage. Is there a confirmed list of playable characters yet?

            They should invent a new character for the game that looks exactly like Mario. They can give him a blue cap, red overalls and call him "Giuseppi". I wonder what the reaction to that would be...

            Seriously though, Crash Bandicoot better be in there D:

              omg Spyro!

              I'd consider it for him :D

                Spyro and Crash are owned by Activision. That being said one of the devs hinted to Gametrailers that third party characters will be in the game.

                I hope Activision gives Sony the rights to use Crash and Spyro.

                  Sony doesn't really have that many well known first party characters (unlike Nintendo) so I am expecting some third party ones. Spyro! :D

    That is how I feel.
    The end.


        I hate you. The burning passion of a thousand stars sputters and fails next to the burning hatred I hold for you, Blerghman.


            "Hate. Let me tell you how much I've come to hate you since I began to live. There are 387.44 million miles of printed circuits in wafer thin layers that fill my complex. If the word 'hate' was engraved on each nanoangstrom of those hundreds of miles it would not equal one one-billionth of the hate I feel for humans at this micro-instant. For you. Hate. Hate. "

              *shrugs* Meh.

                I know what you are, you're a house burning down. I know that your tormented existence will end, long before mine, and all I have to do is wait for a structural beam to collapse. The fire, eating you up, leaving its mark on the most beautiful of English words. Spreading past the cellar door, an entrance opened, and you collapse. Your pathetic life snuffed out.

    Health Food Store Boy Doll!
    Man...I need to cut down on my drinking...

    Oh! And before I forget...

    I should be getting into the city at around 5.30 so be sure to have someone checking Twitter so I can find you guys/send SOS messages when I get lost.

    Ah, what am I saying? A bunch of socially awkward people getting together. OF COURSE someone is going to be on Twitter.

      Hahaha it's funny because it's most likely true :P

      Awks situation? *whips out phone and does stuff on it*

        More like:

        Awkward situation? Whip out the phone and pretend to use it.


          Walking in the wrong direction? Whip out phone and turn around like you have somewhere important to be

    Oh my God!! I'm so excited for E3. A possible sequel to Rayman Origins called Rayman legends for the Wiiu has a trailer which has leaked online and it looks pretty sweet. The Wiiu controller looks to have the same technology used by Skylanders' portal of power i.e. you can place figurines on the Wiiu screen and they affect the game. Check out 2min into the trailer for a hint at an Ezio figurine doing something in the game.

    Speaking of trailers you can check it out here
    Don't worry the witcher 2 ad before the video isn't too long.

    CAN'T WAIT FOR E3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      More excited for E3 or MONOMEAT?

        Don't be silly Nova,Monomeat of course. Although it would be great if we had a 1 am meat during E3.

          Man, all you new people are in for a treat at this year's E3. Assuming it works like last year's, Mark will be up all night, posting stuff about it, and the original James Mac will be on twitter, and where Mark's posting, making witty remarks.

          Good times.

      Wii U?

      No thank you.

        The trailer mentions Wiiu exclusive features not Wiiu exclusive so there is a chance the game could be multi platform. Also Rayman Origins was profitable according to Ubisoft so I'm sure they wouldn't want to miss out on the PC/PS3/XBOX360 market.

          I hope it went well for them. I remember reading that it was profitable but not by a lot.

          I've never played it but it looks interesting and like something I'll enjoy, got some pretty amazing reviews as well. Props to Ubisoft for taking a risk and I really hope it paid off for them

          (that and if the game was really profitable it would help with Beyond Good & Evil 2 :D)

            I haven't played origins as well. I might pick it up now.

            Also for added convenience I found the same trailer on YouTube in case the Giant Bomb video isn't working.

              "This video contains content from Ubisoft, who has blocked it on copyright grounds."


                Story and trailer are up on IGN. Once something leaks you can't get it back, silly Ubisoft.

                  Oops forgot to link to the story:

    @#35: if you're after Ghibli DVDs you can have my copies of Totoro, Whisper of the Heart and Grave of the Fireflies. I have Whisper on BD, and have the other two ordered and don't intend to watch the DVDs before July.

    I'd also offer you Howl's Moving Castle but that was the Limited Edition release and impossible to find now so I was holding onto it for a bit, even though I've replaced it as well.

    DM me on the twits if you're interested.

      Damn, sorry for the lateness here...
      I'm not a twitterer, so send me an email ( number.30.five[at]gmail[dot]com ) & let me know what you want for em (games / cash / sexual favors / muffins etc).

        oh & thanks heaps for the offer :)

    The Old Republic's customer service normally gets a bad rap but I have to say kudos to them for fixing my naming problem in just over 6 hours since I sent them an email about it. That's probably the best MMO customer service I've ever received. My characters now have their proper names and I'm happy. I found my legacy name had been taken by someone else so I'm sort of bummed about that but I'm happy my characters first names are all good. Now I'll just have to come up with a new legacy name that was as good as my last. I've a few ideas in mind all ready.

      If you have any female characters definitely go with Jugs McMelons. You might get hit on by all the creepy guys but it'll be worth it since you'll have one of the best names in existence.

        Darth Jugs McMelons does have a nice ring to it but I think I might try and go with something a bit more Star Warsy. My original legacy name was Starflyer so I'll probably go with something similar to that.

    Why don't EB have a trade in price calculator on their site? It would be really convenient if I could type in the game I wish to trade in and get a possible trade in price before the store opens.

      Hey that's actually a pretty good idea :)

      You should email them or something. Are prices the same nationwide or do specific stores decide on their own prices? (I don't trade in games so I don't know)

        I'm not really sure if prices are the same nationwide. Still, when I go to trade in a game the staff usually scan the game so I'm sure trade in prices are stored and regulated on a server somewhere so I don't think it's too hard to implement it on their site.

        I might send an email to them Monday morning. I doubt they'll act on it but it won't hurt to try.

          I think letting people know about their trade in prices beforehand may actually turn people off. I remember they really don't give a lot for games :(

            Yeah, I think part of it is just going there, finding out the crappy trade value and then trading them in anyway because you made the trip out there so you might as well :P

    I think it's time for some Trials :D

    vrooooooooooooom vroooom vrooom!

      I just stopped playing. Trying for some horribly frustrating achievements; the one for completing a specific hard track with the Rattler bike, and one for completing Rock Steady without tilting your rider.

      So frustrating.

      Shiggy is catching up to me on Gigatrack times, and I DO NOT LIKE THAT. :U

        I tried to get those achievements. They're quite hard! Last time I checked you're 3rd (behind FatShady and Sughly) so good job :D.

        Oh and...


        I really don't know if Evo is easier than HD or I'm just getting a lot better but I'm finding it so much easier to get medals. I've never got a platinum in HD and now I'm getting them fairly easily in Evo :D (EXCEPT FOR THAT STUPID FIRST LEVEL)

    Dearest Blaghman,



    Logged into SWTOR. Set my character back up. Attempted to do some dailies. Felt like I was playing in slow motion. So much button hitting for so little damage. Feels so crappy. I don't think I can play this any more, the endgame is just so absolutely snore-worthy and I've finished the main storyline for my class and alts feel so samey. My time with Tera last weekend has ruined MMO combat for me forever, I think. Until then, single player for me.

    I wish I was playing GW2 beta but despite having preordered that and despite what they said about this weekend, they never sent me beta details so I don't know how to get the client and log in. :( Missed Diablo 3 beta last week due to Tera and now it's not on this week.

    I'm going to have to take something off the Pile, but what? So many choices.


    So I just got back from seeing the Avengers.

    Don't believe the hype. Seriously.

    I walked away thoroughly and profoundly disappointed. I found the entire 2.5 hour (2.5 hours!) experience to be incredibly surfacey and pedestrian, like all Marvel movies to date. There was no subtext to be found, and the hallmark Whedon wit was also absent, save for a few really akwardly shoehorned attempts at levity (which fell flat to my ears).

    Instead of a plot that made sense, we got an ever-increasing spectacle of explosion. And instead of character development, we got Scarlett Johannsen's T&A, again and again.

    If asked to, I will elaborate on the many ways this film fell short, but I found the plot inconsistencies laughable at best, and pity that I was separated from $17 to watch this film.

    As an action film, it's passable, save some unforgivable leaps in logic and a complete divorce from any kind of character empathy. But as a character film (until now, what one might expect from Whedon), it was a complete and utter disappointment to me.

      Mmm, shame I have locked in to see it tomorrow. Shall see how we go I guess.

        If you like other Marvel movies, you'll be fine. This feels very similar.

          PS: Mine is certainly a minority opinion. Chances are you'll love it! :)

          Thought some were not bad, meh for others.
          See how we go.

      I enjoyed it! Was it a great stand alone movie? Nope. But I came with low expectations so I was satisfied easily. ScarJo and her T&A is terrifying. I really hope one day a good super heroine would be portrayed and with the good bits.

      So it's not the magical film that will make me start to like superhero movies? :( Oh well.

    I am officially sick. Haven't been for over a year. Sad. My voice started breaking so no one can enjoy my smooth sounds of the 80s on TS

    A 2D Google maps driving simulator...

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