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    Did somebody sat Mono-meat?

    I'm just about to leave the house. See you all there.

    I'm Nervous but Excited at the same time.



        No, he sat it.

        Also, friends! Rize said his bus came late, so I will be both early and late to the Monorail station. I'll probably head off at about 11:15 to pick him up at central.

    @ Neg0, Re GW2
    If you did not use the pre-purchase thing through their site you will need to do some messing around to get your account registered for the beta.
    Though here is the link to the installer download:

      I pre-purchased through their site.

        Should have gotten an email then. Go to that link and see if you can dl and use the installer.

    Guild Wars 2 Beta peeps, what server you jumping on? I figure we should try to all get on the same one.

    I just wanted to say that I hate this natural 'alarm' that I have. Because of the way my room faces, at about 8:30 on every sunny day, there's a beam of light that shines right in my eyes... :(

    Not cool nature... not cool.

      Get some curtains?

        I have blinds but there's the tiniest little gap on the side which the sun somehow manages to find a way to get through to annoy me :P

    Interesting post.

    Shame about the tosser that posted it.

    Question. Does anyone actually like Pez or do you guys just grit your teeth and bear it?

      Um, I think that's what we do with you

      That Pez fella was alright when we played Terraria, but once he totally ignored me and that hurt our friendship forever...

      mustard on my broken heart </3

        Pez is alright. He has never ignored me.
        Woo! 50 years of Lego in Australia~!

      You're obviously not aware of the fact that noone in TAY likes anyone else, they all just grit their teeth and bear it. :P

        Shut up.

        God, you're the 38th worst person on this site.

        Wait, really?

        But I like everyone.

        Now I feel so bad for you all.

        Except Blerghman. He can burn in a fire.

      A bit of both? :P
      Naw, he's okay. He's like my equivalent of an Need for Speed punching bag :P

    Hey friends!

    So after watching Avatar and Korra, I'm in the mood for some anime! I haven't really watched anime since 2008 or so and I'd like some recommendations.

    Like most people, I'm down for anything with a good story, action scenes, graphical style etc., just as long as the general consensus of it is that it's 'good'. I'd also love to watch something that I can easily download (:P) in high quality.

    I've already seen some animes so I'll try to recall the ones I've already seen. They are (in no particular order):
    Death Note
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Cowboy Bebop
    Samurai Champloo (never saw the last episode)
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

    And probably others I'm forgetting :P. There's also a bunch of those 'cartoons' that used to be on TV that EVERYONE watched random episodes of (Dragonball Z, Pokemon, Digimon, Beyblade, YuGiOh etc.).

    Recommend away!

    Thankyee! :D

      Last Exile.
      Gun x Sword

      I also love some really violent ones like Berserk and Elfen Lied.

      I haven't really watched anime for a long time, it makes my husband fall asleep so I don't really know any of the more recent ones.

      Most men I can find hot in some way but you are one of the few rare cases that make me want to vomit my uterus out through my mouth.

        Hey! I know someone you'd just get along dandily with!

        Oh, Yellowious! Come out, come out, wherever you are!

      Madoka Magica
      Lucky star
      Another (even though it's considered horror, it's more mystery. I suggest seeing if you like the first episode and go on from there)
      Tiger and bunny
      Game animes (Disgaea, Devil may cry, Persona etc)
      Witch hunter robin

      Avoid Elfen lied at all costs.

        Forgot about Witch Hunter Robin. That was awesome. As was Elfen Lied. :P

          I dunno, it's kind of like Hostel, gore's there for gores sake.
          I found it was like gore porn to me.

            Elfen Lied is gore porn?

            Not really into that :P

              Oh... just re-read your comment

              unless you mean there's a whole lot of gore in it (which I don't mind). The weird anime hentai porn stuff is what I was referring too.

              It sort of is. It's hyper violent, involves a lot of dismemberment. The sort of stuff that's unlikely to be made nowadays, honestly (it's quite an old show).

              Funny thing is that it was licensed in the US before it aired, and the company licensing hadn't read the manga or anything, they just thought the character designs were cute. Apparently they were pretty surprised when they saw what they'd paid for.

        Witch hunter robin! That was a beautiful series!

      What do you like? Because there's lots of anime out there that's really fun and entertaining but is far from being 'good' in any way. The stuff that's legitimately good is harder to find.

      Do you want recommendations for stuff since 2008? Because that's a big gap. More recent or less recent? Maybe give some genre ideas, things you like etc to help narrow down a good recommendation? I could throw you a whole pile of names but that's not very helpful and there's a good chance you'd end up disappointed.

        I liked all the ones I've listed above (favourites from there probably being Bebop and Death Note), so I'm probably more into the action sort of type with some style and a good story, characters etc. It's really hard to define what I mean by 'style' but hopefully you get what I'm trying to say :P.

        I don't mind when it's from as long as it's not overly horrible to watch. But I'm guessing something somewhat recent would be easier to find in high quality. It doesn't just have to be from 2008 onwards.

        Probably not the best site but I am sort of using imdb as a gauge for which ones are considered 'good' based on their rating.

          Code Geass. Death Note style anti-hero protagonist, crazy plot twists, good characters, solid action and decent story with a nice conclusion (or at least I thought it was pretty good). It's pretty recent and shouldn't be hard to find. There's two seasons, start with the first one.

            I forgot I have that already :P

            Saw 6 eps of or so a few years ago at a friends house and liked it but I'm not really in the mood for a mech anime at the moment.

              No mecha. Hmm.

              Okay, Science Fiction or Fantasy?

                I like swords, so one with swords :P

                I haven't seen much sci-fi animes but if it's good I'll give it a shot. So either one really.

                  It's pretty old and violent and very dark, but Berserk is worth a go. The ending is possibly the worst ending in the history of anything though.

                  For a more asian-style Fantasy show, you might want to check out 12 Kingdoms. If you do though, make sure you give it 3-4 episodes, because the main character in the first arc starts out as a complete piece of shit before pulling herself together.

                  If you want some 'hard' SF, then you could try Planetes, or go really new and grab Space Brothers which is currently running, four episodes in.

                  It's pretty old now and shows its age, but if you want a bit of a classic Space Opera sort of show, then you might want to look into Crest / Banner of the Stars. (Crest of the Stars is season 1, Banner is season 2 and 3 and there's a movie that comes after that).

                  I find that it can be hard to give recommendations honestly. I've watched so much and most of what you've listed is fairly well-known, where a lot of the stuff I really like is a lot more niche and I'm not sure if it would work for you or not. Like trying to figure out if it's worth recommending Braid to someone who's only played Halo.

      Hey ya'll thanks for the replies so far but I just thought of some more things to say:

      I've also seen:
      Tales of Eternia
      Disgaea (at least 3/4 of the series)
      Neon Genesis Evangelion

      And I'm happy to watch it in either Japanese or English (as long as the dub isn't too horrible)

        Have you seen the two recent (of four planned) Evangelion films? Because those should be on your list.

          I haven't but I wasn't really into the series (somewhere near the mid point it just got all WTF) so I think I'll pass on them.

          Speaking of movies and all the recent Ghibli talk I should probably go watch the rest of their films.

            The remade films are a lot less WTF than the original series, so it may be worth checking out the first one at least.

              Yeah, they have better characterization, more consistency and far better writing. Plus they're animated really well.

              But to be fair, the crazy metaphysical bullshit in the original show really only started to surface strongly at about the point the second film finishes. Although they've deviated pretty far from the original plot now so it's probably not possible to use that as a guide.


        Why the original and not the new one?

          Because that's the one I grew up on. Plus the anime follows the comics in a good way. (or before the wrist realised he had too much money and stopped trying)

            I've only seen the more recent one but it seems reasonable enough. It's not as if either of them will actually have a proper conclusion since the guy's so lazy. :(

      Hellsing is fun, though a little odd, the first anime was fun, though it does look rather old now, and it got stupid in the last few episodes, they made a newer one, actually based on the manga, and I enjoyed that. It's rather gory, has vampires, kind of fun.

      Have you seen FMA Brotherhood, or just FMA? Same kind of deal as Hellsing,in that Brotherhood was made to match the manga more.

      Oh, and the Vampire Hunter D movies are pretty good(there's 2), though, again, also quite bizarre.

      I have very boring taste in anime.

        I only saw FMA, I have Brotherhood already though.

          I guess, in theory, I should also recommend Naruto, given I've been reading it for the past... 5 years? Probably longer. Maybe 7. I don't know. A while, and I watched the anime before that.

          But I won't, because well, that's a rabbit hole to the centre of the universe.

            Yeah I don't really feel like any long running anime series at the moment (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece). I haven't really watched any of them except for maybe One Piece when it used to be on Cheez TV. A while back I downloaded a whopping 100gb of like 400 eps or so of One Piece and I haven't even watched it :P

              I hope to god that what you downloaded was the Japanese version, not the abortion that was the 4 kids One Piece.

                Yep, the Japanese one :P

                  Thank Christ. It's really a different show than the American one. Same goes for YuGiOh, and to a lesser extent, Naruto. Coupla others that I can't remember off the top of my head.

      as blarghman said, if you haven't seen Full Metal Alchemist Bortherhood, watch that, it has a much satisfying ending then the original series, because it follows the manga, unlike the original anime.
      Tower of druaga (the first season is the aegis of uruk, second season is the sword of uruk)
      persona 4
      devil may cry
      rhey are some more action-y ones (except for bakuman)

      however, if you wanna try something different try:
      Sket Dance
      Medoka Box (which gets actiony a bit later in the series)
      Lucky Star

      Ok once again, thank you for all the recommendations :D

      I already have Code Geass and FMA: Brotherhood (in English) so I should be able to get through those one day. A friend already has Berserk (in english) as well as Trigun, Baccano and Mushi-Shi (also in English) so any thoughts on any of those?

      I think I'll get Elfen Lied (although I did do a Google image search of it and WTF!) and maybe Witch Hunter Robin. While having a look on imdb I'm seeing other high rated that haven't been mentioned yet like Monster, any thoughts on those?

      This is still kinda big list so I'd appreciate any help in narrowing it down to ones I MUST see first or ones you'd recommend out of them (or any other titles I might have missed). I sort of just typed the ones everyone mentioned into imdb and looked at their ratings. This is a horrible way to determine how good they are or not but it's the only real thing I've got at the moment. Although Elfen Lied, Berserk and Witch Hunter Robin seem to be liked amongst the TAYbies.


        Baccano and Mushishi are both brilliant shows. If you end up liking Mushishi then there's a whole lot of stuff that might appeal to you as well.

        Monster is a solid show, but I never finished it so personally.

        I never really liked Witch Hunter Robin personally. It felt like it was a bit of a right-place-at-the-right-time show. Not sure if it still holds up.

      So I now have downloading:

      FLCL in HD
      Baccano! in HD
      Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood in HD
      Elfen Lied in HD
      Trigun + movie in HD
      Mushi-Shi in HD

      I can't wait for some HD anime goodness!

      Some of these are in dual audio so any recommendations on which language? (generally I don't mind the English dub as long as it's not that bad)

        well, i actually watched all of FLCL in english dub, but it's a confusing series, so the japanese may make more or less sense...

          according to trivia, the director of the show oversaw the english dub as well, so i guess thats why the english voices were actually good...

          oh and by the way, FLCL is pretty damn crazy, it wont make much sense, but it has a lot of undertones and messages in it, if i could, i would have done a report in school of it, just because it subtley talks about a lot of issues.

          oh and its awesome

      If you like d those then maybe scryd as well, similar in feel to some of them.

      Also I second (or thrid/tenth) witch hunter robni

    Woo! Just did half hours work and got $110 from it. Now that's burning a hole in my pocket what to do with it....inb4 Greenius starts screaming Xenoblade.

    Speaking of Greenius, Mad Bull 34. All you need to know.

      You buy me a yearly pass to World of Warcraft so I get Diablo 3 for free :D

    Ok, guys, I'm posting this on behalf of scree because she insisted so much I'm pretty much being forced to do so.

    Do you like Persona? Like the Ace Attorney series? Ok, Cherry Tree High Comedy Club is finally out for PC, DRM-free and all that stuff!

    More digital distros to follow soon, at the moment you can getting from the site.

    The music is addicting as hell. Seriously. Don't forget to check the Translation FAQ before you start ragin' fire on the translation (again, Ace Attorney approach courtesy of Tezuka Productions) AND PLEASE REMEMBER, it is NOT a visual novel because I saw this popping at th e VN database. The screens are deceiving. IT'S NOT A VISUAL NOVEL. CTHCC is an adventure game. That's how the author classifies it and I agree. Of course, it has some touches of VN and RPG, no denying. Wanted to clear that out.

    So, yep, gotta thank scree's insistence! :P

      You know, I can't help but think that the way you guys have been making a big deal about the fact you've localized the game so heavily, what you've done and why has actually worked against it. It makes it seem like justification for doing something 'wrong' when it isn't wrong at all and I think it's going to put people off that wouldn't have cared normally. You don't see Capcom justifying their localization decisions for Phoenix Wright, for example. They just put it out there and let the game and its localization stand on its own merits.

      p.s. you really should offer the guys at Rock Paper Shotgun a copy of this.

        The reason for this was a lot of people were complaining about the localisation.
        A lot.
        That's the only reason it exists, because people complained without playing it.
        I get what you're saying Negative Zero, but unfortunately people caused it.

    Man, I know it's only in beta, but Guild Wars 2 is really not impressing me at all.

    It took me an hour to connect to the server. Kept coming up with a network connection error.
    Checking the forums it's a widespread issue which Arenanet are doing nothing about.

    Finally connected to a server, I have no idea which one, I just clicked until it finally let me in one and went through the character creation.

    Name my character and go to start the game and I get another connection error. Tells me to try again in a few moments.

    So I wait a couple of minutes and try again. Same message.

    Wait another couple of minutes and I get a different message. Apparently the name Cakesmith is already in use.

    I change the name of my character and go to log in again. Finally I'm in. The fps is horrible, the ping is horrible (although this could just be the server I randomly joined).

      That sucks. I have not had those issue so hopefully it should pass?

    Eugh, just discovered my Lynyrd Skynyrd discography does not have Free Bird, I feel deprived?!

      Or not, eugh bloody iTunes thought track 3 was Free Bird & thinking Free Bird was named something different >=[

    Anyone remember Windows Media Player skins back in Win XP? I just found out that they still exist in Windows 7...WHY??

      People still use Windows Media Player? :P
      Personally, I think XMBC blows it out of the water.
      But, I guess everyone has their own preferences.
      As for the skin compatibility, I guess it's a nostalgia thing.

        All I use it for is playing music. It does that well enough for me. I don't really consume much media (om nom nom) on my PC anyway.

        I found the skins more repulsive than nostalgic :P

    Okay. Who has a recommendation for a decent mouse that not overly expensive. Don't need super fast responsiveness or 1,000,000,000,000 dpi or anything but I do want build quality.

      The Logitech MX518 is very good. Best mouse I've owned, not that that means much. Feels solid, but I've only had mine for... nine months. Still works. Looks like they're $45 from PC Case Gear, no idea about prices elsewhere.

        And there's some trippy hardcore "bullet hole" graphics/effects on it!

        But yeah, it's a pretty good mouse. Sometimes I hit the random buttons on the side though which can be annoying but I think Blaghs said they can be disabled or changed.

          I have no idea what you're doing to press the side buttons. I guess, I've set mine up as push-to-talk keys, so I think about them all the time, but even so.

            Hasn't really happened lately but sometimes my thumb will random hit it and it'll go BACK or FORWARD on whatever webpage I'm on. A minor inconvenience really :P

      Go for either a Logitech M100 or a Logitech RX300.
      They're both good mice and should each come in at less than $20.

      I've got a Razer Deathadder v2, had it for about a year and a half and it's still in one piece. Also, it's really comfy (if you're right handed that is). And, it has blue lights in it, but you can turn them off if you want to.
      I just checked umart, and they sell them for $55 these days.

      Razer Deathadder, they're like what 40 or 50 bucks now, whenever i've used one i've loved them.

      i got a nice mouse from when i won the witcher 2 comp, it's nice and has a DPI switch, which is convenient for certain games. however i do believe that they don't sell them anymore, as they were given out only for pre-orders at EB-games and in competitions

    If L.A. Noire has taught me anything, it's don't let me be a cop. I will cost the city thousands of dollars, steal citizens cars & fail to solve some cases I am put on.

      Its taught me to be a reckless driver.

        GTA taught me that :D

        I must admit powersliding in a late 1940's sedan is interesting =P

    So how about that rain? I think it's finally stopped for the first time since about 5pm yesterday...

      Still going here. Not that I wanted to go outside anyway. Too cold *shivers*.

        Agreed! Too cold, at least it's nice inside :D

    Quick question for you TAYbies, is anybody interested in getting torchlight 2?

    I'm happy to grab a 4 pack if others are interested to save us 25%. If there is interest I'll just go ahead and grab it.

      No one's responded, so I'll respond so you don't feel like you're being ignored.

      No. :P

      I intend to get it at some point but don't know if I'll rush given that Diablo is out in a few weeks.

    Alrighty then. Have just purchased a Saitek Cyborg V5 keyboard and a Logitech G400 mouse, which the Internet informs me is an updated version of the MX518.

    Now to play the Waiting Game before I play the Regret or Not Game.

      It is indeed an update of the 518.. I love my darkfield performance mx though! I can't handle corded mice anymore.. (this one can be either though.. uses mini usb cord in the front to charge)

        I'm getting this stuff to replace the wireless stuff I have now. It's all runs off AA batteries and they don't last very long. I get cranky having to replace them constantly and having everything go wonky on me. Figure I won't have that problem with wired gear.

      just looked at that saitek keyboard.. damn.. that thing's got the biggest spacebar EVER!!!

      I regret you not buying Xenoblade :(

      One day Freeze, one day... : )

        One day. When I don't have to spend $60 on it :P

        Wii U out soon so wii stuff will drop right down.(probably not I'm just hoping.)

          Don't have a classic controller?

          You can just buy the $40 edition :P. I hear it's not that bad with WiiMote + Nunchuck.

            Its the "not that bad" that makes me wary. I really really REALLY hate the Wii remote. Twilight Princess was in my opinion infinitely better on the GameCube purely because of the controllers.

            All motion controls can die in a fire. Wiimote, Kinect and Move. Burn them all in the fires of hell.

              I only say "not that bad" because I've never tried it out and therefore have no opinion or thoughts on it :P. There's no waggle gimmicky motion controls so you'd just be hitting the buttons and whatnot as if you were using a normal controller.

    In this week's instalment about random thoughts no one cares about we have:

    So I spent like an good 2 hours or so trying to get a platinum on a HARD Trials Evo level (Physics Factory). I wasn't just going for a platinum but a really quick platinum that was well ahead of Sughly and FatShady. I consistently get ahead of them but screw up later on...

    After about an hour I got right near the end on a perfect platinum worthy run that was well ahead of Sughly and FatShady. BUT I MESSED UP RIGHT AT THE END ON AN OTHERWISE EASY OBSTACLE. Man that feeling was intense... Almost made me feel like quitting Trials forever...



      I would have read your comment, but you said we don't care about it so I didn't bother :P

      I haven't played Trials for a few days now :( Been to busy. Might have to get on and play some more/play catchup tonight.

        I just realised you're back to lambogirl :P

        So why the 99 and you clearly read my comment because you care <3 nawww.

          See, that's the main difference between my multiple personalities and Blaghsy's and Pez's. Mine actually have souls :P

          As for the 99, well, Agent 007 is James Bond, Agent 99 is whatsherface from Get Smart.

            Are you saying that I don't have soul, fool?

            H-uh. Puny mortal, you will regret your words.

              And what about me? The things you say Lambo, they're just hurtful.

                This is what happens when I don't think about things completely. When I thought of Blaghpersons, I only thought of Evil Blaghs, Blerghman and Blaghmang (who's only emotions he shows is disappoint). Sorry /o\

                But we can all agree Pez's multiple egos personalities are soulless, right? :P

                  I should add that Blerghman is not mine.

                  He is a putrid cesspool of unwanted crap, surviving only through stolen gasps of air.

              But aren't you Evil Blaghs? Evil = no soul. Most usually.

                He's a clone of me, but do you really think that means that he doesn't have a soul? He would have been created with exactly as much soul as me. The only difference between me and him is that from the law's perspective he doesn't exist.


                  He's a straight up clone of you? Not an evil clone? Well then, logically that means that you are evil too, and because evil = no soul (most usually), that means that you have no soul either :P

            Which is not to say I'm a secret agent! /o\
            I'm...uh...ah...a real estate agent...yeah.

            You know I was totally going to mention Evil Blaghman (speaking of which, he appears to be just "Blaghman" below... SNEAKY) but then I also thought of the whole evil soulless thing and just deleted my comment :P

            Whenever an alt has a different pic, that's dedication.

            Freeze and McGarnical have a few with different pics (souls) :)

              I have always just been Blaghman.


              So do I ;)


                Oh, do you?

                  They used to have different pictures but then I remembered that lately they don't. Another reason why I didn't make that comment originally :P

                  "Whenever an alt has a different pic, that’s dedication."

                  (lambo has the same pic)







    oh right... mono meat... gotcha /o\


        no one notices Scree though /o\

          I'm sorry =/

          I swear I didn't see you come online :(


          I was thinking of saying something along the lines of "A wild scree appears!" to your comment above in reply to Alpha a while ago, but I didn't :P

            I think you should try the Cherry tree high demo. I think you might enjoy it.
            Really, I played it 3 times before I maxed out everything =P

              Doesn't really look like my type of thing. Not into the whole cutesy styled anime games :P

                But Ace attorney! It's got a lot of dry humour.
                C'mon, at least try the demo. It won't kill you.

    Again, if you like anime, maybe check out cherry tree high comedy club
    If you're unsure, I have played it and it's a great game.

      Scree! \o/
      Up there a bit, you mentioned a demo for it. Where is it? I can't find it on the site /o\

        Bugger. Foot in mouth disease. =P
        There is *meant* to be a demo but I guess they haven't released it yet.
        When it's released I'll let everyone know
    This is pretty much how my brother speaks.

      Clearly the best way to speak :D

      My teacher in commercial law last year asked me all these questions and I'm just like "Yep... dunno, yep... dunno"

        Only instead of nowhere my brother says "out."
        Where are you going?
        Do you want dinner?

        Yeah, that's how I speak.

        Unless I have something interesting to say, then I become like the other guy...

    Man, just had such an awesome feeling.

    Sat down on the couch and put on Tintin which I bought on Blu-ray yesterday. Before it starts dad comes over and sits on the other couch and we watch it together. I don't think I've sat down and watched a movie with my dad in years.

    But the thing that made it more awesome was that Tintin is the kind of movie dad would've sat me down to watch with him when I was younger (Indiana Jones, Star Wars etc). It just made me really happy for some reason.

      I love tintin! There is nothing more awesome than watching something made by a crazy Belgian guy who hates communists.

    I am disproportionately excited about a new mouse and keyboard. More so then a new game. I think something may be wrong with me.

      My keyboard has a screen on it... it's fairly useless :P

        The fanciest thing on what I got was backlights. The reviews seem to be split down the middle of people saying its a great reliable keyboard and others screaming that it's not a mechanical with brown switches therefore it's the worst thing in existence.

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