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    Derrick Roseeeeee =(


      *Unwarranted Applause, and mild laughter*

        I have an app on my phone that makes sitcom sounds. I have someone to laugh at all of my jokes!

      "Yes, dear."

      *does not look up from newspaper, sips coffee dismissively*

        I am tired of you.

          "Yes, dear."

          *turns page of newspaper, eats toast*

            We only stay together because of the kids but as soon as the kids are in college I am outta there.

              *looks up from newspaper*

              "WE HAVE KIDS?"

              (oooh this just got serious, yo)

                Mum, I've been trying to ask you this for yeeaaars, but you haven't responded. Who's that guy who just sits there and reads the paper??

                  Oh great, we adopted a child who constantly changes genders. AND THEY'RE BETTER THAN ME AT TRIALS?!

          Tension in the household?
          He did leave either just before or just after your arrived.
          If you guys need mediation, you should get some. It's not easy avoiding people at Meats.

            I missed on meeting Pants :(

              Sorry Rabies, I had to meet my parents for my mum's birthday dinner (in unrelated news I stuffed my face with delicious Thai food and, for some reason, Japanese beer) so I left while Ruffles was off finding you. I waited as long as I could, but you were lost or something so I had to bail. Next time!

              He was alarmingly ruggedly handsome.
              So much so I barely said a word to him.

                You were too dapper for me. I could only handle a few sentences around you before I got intimidated.

                  Man, we could have talked later in the night if you didn't leave.
                  All my Dapper related pieces started breaking.

            You would know, what with all your avoiding of me

              For nearly seven hours this time!

    Meat Write up.

    Epic Meat.

    That is all.

      How was your $12 parking?
      Everything you imagined?

        $24 in total!

        I may trust you in future.

          Ah, so they do charge in 24 hour blocks?
          CALLED IT
          I will use this new-found trust to mislead you in more hilarious and exciting ways!

      You know what would have made the meat 468% more epic.

      If you didn't turn up. Christ you're ugly.

    Oh god, I can't stand seeing this on Facebook. Noob friend makes post about these *awesome* beats by Dre headphones, other noob comes along saying he should get these other *awesome* beats headphones and then makes another post saying these Turtlebeach headphones are the shiz.. I intervene and say they're better off spending their money on a quality pair of Audio Technica or Sennheisher headphones.. No doubt i'll be told I am wrong or laughed at...

    Oh also the Turtlebeach headset this kid linked was the wireless one, you know 300 bucks DSE want so I responded with "What a way to waste 300 bucks. Would be a better investment by giving it to me to buy 2x solid state drives for my PC.."

      Ive been trying to talk the guy I work with out of spend $300 on a pair of beats for a while now. His reasoning is that Dre is a musician, why would he put his name to something that's shit.


        They might or might not be shit, but they're certainly over price by A LOT for what they are.

      I love my Audio Technica /o/

    'sup TAY
    three things -
    1 - if anyone is interested, I've got 4 copies of Torchlight on steam that are free to anyone who wants one.
    2 - I just joined twitter. I dont know anything about using it. new technology scares me.
    3 - MONOMEAT is awesome meat.

      1 - Torchlight is fun :D (don't want it just letting others know it's awesomesauce)
      2 - Sweet! When TAY is quiet, Twitter is where the talk is. I'm not sure if you're already following people but what I did when I first signed up was just follow everyone on TAYnames. From there you'd end up with most people and anyone you miss will soon pop in in the "Recommended people to follow" sort of section.
      3 - skeleton jelly...

      If the copies of Torchlight are playable on Mac, then I wouldn't mind one if that's ok. :D

      ps. After reading this comment I noticed I had a new follower on Twitter. Thought 'Oh, maybe that's him!' and read their description: "I am open to the possibilities of meeting a nice gentleman, however, I am not sure if he is on here. please follow me." ...perhaps not? xD

        yep. plays on mac. accept that steam request thing I just sent & i'll send it your way.

        and who's to say I'm not open to the possibility of meeting a nice gentleman?
        better than meeting a bastard.

    I learnt something about myself today. I walk better when I'm drinking then when I'm not. Just fell down crossing a road. Grazed both hands, my left knee, my right foot (shoe broke, YEAH!) and my phone.


      If I recall TheLastQuestion actually damaged his shoulder pretty badly from falling at a crossing so just be glad it wasn't worse :P

        Oh, ouch.

          I sprained my ankle once falling up a flight of stairs.

          In front of an entire cinema.

          While working.

          That was fun!

            Oh man falling in front of people is the worst :(


          Yeah, I actually dislocated my shoulder and now can't lift my right arm above my shoulder. SUCCESS!

          There's nothing more humiliating that falling over in a public place.

      Ooh, ouch. That must be painful /o\
      I once grazed my face on a road.

        I once grazed on a pasture.

        Cows make it out to be much more enjoyable than it really is.

          Four stomachs, man.
          They know where it's at.

    Repost from last page:

    Tough’en TAYbies workout post thingy:

    So I got an exercise bike today and I’m just wondering how much I should be doing? I’m guessing a fairly low resistance /load and not too much distance so I can sort of ease myself into it. I haven’t really done any real physical activity for years now (used to play a ton of sport in high school) so I’m assuming I shouldn’t be doing a full on 20kms or something intense like that.

    Any ideas on how much I should be doing? 5km or so, or perhaps less/more? I really have no idea :P so any advice/recommendations would be great.

    Thankyew <3

    (I have pretty weak quads which caused some knee problems during soccer in mid 2010, haven't really done any sort of sport since then)

    @NegativeZero - Improved fitness and quad strength. Squats would be good and all but I don't have a set of weights and I kinda can't be bothered :P

      On an exercise bike? You can probably do something like 20km on a low resistance.

      Probably a good idea to just try and see how far you can go on a comfortable level of resistance for 30-45min and then just try ramping that up.

      I only just started going to the gym again and I'm already jogging around 5km as my warm up.

        I think I'll do the 30-45 minute thing every day and see how far I get.

        Is it more about how long you do it and how strong the resistance is rather than how fast? Like doing 10km in an hour and then getting 10km in 45 minutes the next day (getting faster). I assume it wouldn't be based on speed to just build up fitness/strength.
        (no idea how long it takes just doing an example)

        Hopefully that made sense :P

        Thanks for the replies

    Meat write-ups...

    where are they? :(

      They'll appear on Monday, when people will actually read them.

        Wow Blaghman thinking about readership already? Will there be DLC as well? Do I have to pre-order? :-)

      I don't know about everyone else, but I'm saving mine for tomorrow, where it can get maximum exposure in Monday morning newTAY.

      Oh... I forgot most people don't go on TAY on the weekend :P

      Fair enough!

      It was fun. People bought me drinks. We watched Rage. I pulled my boob muscle.

      THE END.

    Boring Sunday afternoon is boring.

      Missed you during MonoMeat.
      I was thinking, between you. me, and Shiggy, we could have some sort of triple act where we just abuse Pez all the time.
      If we picked up a fourth, we'll make a barbershop quartet and sing the insults.

        Man I cried myself to sleep last night* knowing what I was missing out on. I expect epic write ups that will make me feel like I'm there.

        *not really**
        **they were manly tears

          Sydeny moving plans still in motion?
          You could always come up for Pez's place-warming! Save on accomodation and sleep on his kitchen bench!

            Sydney moving plans are currently in the "find a job" phase.

              I've got to meet the Cakeman before he moves to Sydney D:

              dat hair...

    Epic freakin' weekend.

    Anyone who didn't make it, plan to be at the next one!

      The next one, for those wondering, appears to be the Pez-warming meat, in about a month or so.

      You're not my mum, you can't tell me what to do!

        You can't talk to me like that! I'm packing-tape rich!

          Hey Rize, your alive I thought you'd be crushed by the perilously placed top bunk on your bed. Either that or you were crushed and you're now a ghost.

            You're alive not your, my mistake. I think the first part of the sentence needed a full stop or exclamation mark as well. Grammar am I right?

              Fortunately no one slept on it, which probably helped the situation :P

              I should have taken a photo of it...

                I feel like it's the pretence of the next Final Destination flick. Dangerously positioned bunk bed.

    HI TAY!
    Doing stuff. Woo.

      Bad Scree! *squirts Scree with water sprayer* :P

        But I need to finish said stuff =(

          lol @ *hisses*

            That's what cats do right?
            Speaking of which my friends moon caine cat died. He liked to sleep in the washing machine

              My cat has only hissed once and that's because he, a fully grown tubby tabby, was intimidated, by a tiny, runt of the litter ragdoll kitten. He then tried to get it on with her. I don't know.

              That's sad about your friends cat :(

                Cats are funny =P
                But yeah, he was only a year and a half old. I'm thinking I should get her a sympathy card, a really nice one.

                  Oh, wow. I thought it might've been a very old cat :( I'm sure she'd appreciate a card.

              hopefully sleeping in the washing machine had nothing to do with the poor thing dying.

                No, it was a heart murmur.

                  oh thats sad...
                  I was looking after a kitten for a friends vet clinic a few years ago. 20 weeks old & the poor kitty died from a heart condition. it doesnt help that its so unexpected :(

              "moon caine cat"
              I don't even like cats but that is one of the greatest breed names ever.

                Sorry it's actually Maine coon, I got the words around the wrong way

                  I have a maine coon (well, it's really my sister's) and it's the biggest, stupidest piece of fluff I have ever laid eyes upon. He likes to pick on my cat, a little girl one, and freak her out. It is funny when he sleeps though, cause he lays all sprawled out like a dog.

    GAH, why is it so hard to find cheap decent curtains in nice colours?!

      Green? :D

        paisley. you should totally get paisley curtains.

        actually, dont. paisley is pretty fugly & is probably the worst thing to have as curtains.

          2nd worst thing. clear plastic sheets would be pretty much the worst.

            What about magnifying glasses?
            Yes. Curtains of magnifying glasses.

              spiders. big ones.
              so there's plenty of thing that would be worse than having paisley curtains.

        Sorry, I'm looking for either black and white with purple highlights, or just plain purple.
        It matches my doona cover \o/

          change your doona cover to green and then it'll match your future green curtains :D

    OH NO!

    My wife took my Stig Soap On A Rope out of its box and put it in the shower! Now it's not a collectible anymore. It's just a lump of substandard soap hanging from a tap. /o\

      =( They don't understand. They just don't understand collectables.

        Damn straight. They'll never get my Kratos action fig. That thing is sealed for eternity.

          Mum doesn't really understand it but she knows not to touch things

          Watch the movie Toy Story 2, then go play with you action figure.

            I honestly don't think I learned anything from that movie, considering I cut open the back of my Woody doll's head and filled it with the stuffing I had previously removed from his body.

    Nothing to do. I guess I have my dinner now.


    I know people will be writing meat write ups for tomorrow and I was thinking of doing one as well. The problem is I've forgotten some people's usernames.
    So that I don't seem rude tomorrow, it would be nice if anyone who was at the Mono-meat who is on TAY right now could help me fill in the blanks. I'll write a description below and hopefully someone can help me remember.

    1. Bish
    2. Powalen
    3. Flu or effluvium boy
    4. pez
    5. Harli
    6 Freyr
    7. Alexpants
    8. Shiggy
    10. #35


    1. Doc What- Oval shaped glasses and blue shirt. Right?
    2. Batguy- You arrived later in the evening, Adam?
    3. You are Rehrehraiby on twitter-She joined us for dinner at Yardhouse.
    4. Camera guy-sat opposite me for lunch at Wagamama.
    5. Ben? He met us at the arcade. He and rize were the last people on the arcade machines.
    6. We played Tekken at the arcades. you arrived with Pez and were wearing a black leather jacket and purple tie I think.
    7. Guy with the infamous bag. We sat in the cab to galaxy world. Scottish?

    So if anyone can help out it would be great. Also this picture might help. (it's awesome btw)

    Hopefully I can get everyone's name so I can write a decent post tomorrow morning.

      Well I know Batguy's name is Adam (from Twitter)
      Reiby is Jugsy (Batgirl) who said she was gonna wear some leopard dress or something
      Pretty sure Ben is the designer webpage guy (forgot the term :P) for Kotaku, also Mark's brother in law


        You're stalking everyone greenius.
        Admitting it is the first step to recovery.

      Okay let me see which ones I can help you with.

      1. I think you're referring to NovaCascade
      2. I can't help you with that one!
      3. Batgirl
      4. I believe that was MorkaiAU (going by twitter name, can't remember if it's different/the same on TAY)
      5. That'd be Ben White?
      6. Sounds like Hugo
      7. The REAL Doc What :P

      Also, you may have forgotten Ruffleberg here. :P

      I will be horrifically embarrassed if I got any of these wrong.

        Thanks for that Alex. This helps.
        Why did you leave TAY early, are you too cool for all of us? :-)

          I had to meet my parents to go out for dinner for my mother's birthday. Believe me, I didn't want to leave early, in fact I stayed half an hour longer than I'd planned to because I didn't want to leave. Was having way too much fun with everyone. Believe me, I'm not very cool. :P

            That's OK. Hope you had a good dinner party.

              Stuffed my face. Love it when other people pay for my food.

              Somewhat related I thought you guys were going to the Bavarian Beer Cafe when I left, but I keep hearing about this Yardhouse place. What happened?

                Bavarian beer cafe proved to be an expensive option from what I heard so we just walked up the street to Yard House. It seemed to be a good choice because the beer was affordable. For example Pez paid for one round of drinks for about 15 people and the total cost was $78. That's a really good price.

                  Aw, Pez DOES have a heart, after all!

      Also, that's Pez with a capital P, or Mr. Pez to you.

        You have to have a more positive outlook Pez. If you look carefully your name is the only one that isn't capitalised. That means you are the most important. :-)

        That or I didn't hold down the shift key hard enough.


        Hi Bish. Did you give Pez the $8 you owe him?

          I totally didn't.
          AHAHAHA I WIN

            definitely nomming you for anti-kudos.

              But seriously, what did I owe that for?

                I de-nommed (same as anti-kudos) a person once but Mark read it as a nomination :(

                That stupid Yellowius scum...

                I don't know, but Masha says you owe me money so it must be true.

                  masha2932* with a not capitalised 'm'

                  Unless you do the whole


                  thing, then the capital and lack of numbers is acceptable.

                  At your place-warming which I will just assume I am invited to, I will try to bring $8 worth of 5c coins and I'll just drop them all in random places.

                  And then I will probably end up cleaning them all up by night's end.

                Emotional damages for having a both a bow tie and tie which confused PEZ = -$10

                Physical damages for the cane = -$14

                To be fair though you did make the cane better with the packing tape so +$16

                So (-10) - 14 + 16 = -8

                Which means you owe Pez $8.

                Disclaimer: The above figures might be complete B.S.

                  TAY needs an edit button. There is no 'a' before both and it's damages to the cane.

      Awww, look at all you adorable little demons, what with your glowing eyes and all :P

      Also I am totally the guy in front of Doc What not looking at the camera and eating a fry, if anyone was wondering.

      Oh and btw in the write up are you planning to use real names or TAY/online handles?

      I think for the sake of us who weren't there TAY handles would be better :P. Otherwise no one will know who's who.

        We call each other by our handles anyway.
        Except for Doc What. I just call him by his name because he has the best accent.
        Oh, I also call Ben White "Ben". Because. yeah.

        We only ever refer to peeps by their TAY names with a few notable exceptions... otherwise it would just be weird :p

        I've tried it before and it broke my brain. Plus we don't actually know a few TAYbies real names... because they're sneaky like that.

      Alex was right, I think I was number 1. @nd from the front on the right of the picture. I was reading through the list of names thinking "/o\ I've been forgotten." Nope just confused for the good Doctor. I am ok with this.

      And yes I can think in "/o\"

        Hi Nova. Sorry about that. To make it up to you I'll devote a whole paragraph in my write up about how you thought a picture of two police men was trippy. You can argue that you were talking about the video that came up before that picture but #35 and I know the truth.


          What video? The picture of those policemen was totally tripping me out. I just made up the story about the music clip to save my dignity. But now that I'm safely back in the semi anonymity of the interwebs I can freely admit it was all the cops


      What's a Canberra?
      I am going to miss this show

      So bad it's good lol

      Bear/bare and his pentagon are absolutely horrible

    Hopefully this week I should be able to start organising game nights again \o/

      Smurfydog and SarcasmFairy asked about iSketch so we might do one of those again :)

      But other than that, Trials Evolution, Trials Evolution and Trials Evolution?

      I also got RDR on Xbots so I'm down to play with ya'll if that's another Community Gaming Game.

        I'd be interested in iSketch if I'm free whatever night it may be on! Figured I'd express interest now.

        Also, if Trials is going to be considered, it'd be nice to get some actual multiplayer going for once. :P

          Yes! Actual multiplayer would be grand! I've only done it once so far.

        iSketch is always fun. Pretty sure I'm getting a Wacom Tablet this weekend too, which may help, as I can only draw left handed, but forced myself to only use a mouse right handed.

        Also, we need to work out how to get an easy-ish word list in a private room. Public rooms are fine, but sometimes the locals can be a little touchy.

          Last time we played we messed around with the word lists and they are truly horrible, I really don't think there's any way to get a decent word list in a private room. And I also discovered that private rooms aren't all that private because you can't password protect them. So randoms can still join (last time a random joined).

            Ah! Ok. Don't know why, but I thought they were password protected.
            Silly me!

              So did I :P

              They might've been at some point or maybe they still are and I just can't find that option

      Yeah, you can try doing that, but I don't think we'll be over Trials for a few more months yet :P

        Oh man I can't wait for a shorter track to be the "track of the week". Shady hinted at Beach Head so I went ahead and already platinumed that a while ago :P. Can't get anywhere near Shady though!

          Hey. I think I can see a challenge in that post somewhere :3


            I got the plat for it and was on a "plat high" that I went and got a few more :D. Can't get the plat for the first level though, no matter how hard I try :(. Being just 0.018 seconds off is incredibly annoying...

              All this Trials talk make me want a 360. Maybe now that RedLynx is owned by Ubisoft, the next trials game will be on PS3.

              Cartoon Devil sitting on Masha's shoulder: Even if it it's on PS3, TAY will be playing it on 360. Haha.

              Masha: Shut up shoulder devil go bother shoulder angel.

              Shoulder devil: You Shut up!!

              Masha: Sorry folks give me a second to deal with this. Come here you...

                Referral Denied

                You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

                  Sorry about that greenius. It's just an image of a cartoon ball of violence.
                  You know? The cloud that forms when cartoons are fighting and the cloud ends up sucking up everybody else.

    Anime talk:

    So I had a quick look (skimmed through an episode) at Mushi-Shi and Baccano!. Mushi seems interesting I guess but Baccano! really caught my attention the second I opened it because of that music :D (reminds me of Bebop). I guess this means I'll watch Baccano! first then (if it finishes downloading by tomorrow).

    I think the last anime I watched was Samurai Champloo back in 2009 or so. I thought it was alright but I never saw the final episode(s). Is it worth going back and watching it now? I honestly don't remember much of the show and it never really had a close-knit story...

    A friend watched it recently and said the ending was pretty 'meh' but I don't really like leaving things unfinished, but if it's not worth my time then I don't mind never seeing it.

    (will repost in new TAY if I don't get an answer :))

      Elfen Lied....

        I had it downloading last night and Ep 1 finished! Also had a quick look (bewbies on the beach?) but I think I'd go with Baccano! or Mushi-Shi first :)

          Just watch it! So good!

          When have I ever mislead you Greeney?

            Don't worry Cakey, I'll watch it! The fact that I'm even downloading it means it's passed my selection process :).

              Cakey, Eng or Jap for Elfen?

                I've watched both and prefer the Jap version.

                Having said that, the English translation doesn't suck like on most animes.

      I also forgot to add that these are all dual audio and I can't really decide what language to watch it in D:

      I don't mind English and sometimes it's easier because I don't have to read subtitles but I dunno... Hmmm... dilemma!

        Oh man, Baccano is classy.
        Thing is, it's all an intertwined story so you kind of have to take mental notes.The more you see, the more you'll get familiar with the characters, but those first few episodes might be murky.

        IIRC, Baccano dub wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good either, at least compared to Japanese version. But that might just be "Japanese is the original language how the characters are ment to sound" mentality kicking in.

        Re: Shamploo
        Sure if you feel you need to, but you're not missing out on anything. Just know that everyone wins. Mostly.

          I love intertwined stories!

          Is it one of those ones where things happen out of place and everything sort of just comes together in the end? Love it when movies/shows/things do that properly!

          Baccano dub is mostly solid, I thought, especially Isaac and Miria. They are fantastic.

      Yes! How good is the Baccano opening! I love it. As far as which dub to watch... honestly I'd say to watch the English dub. It depends on what you like though, I suppose. I usually go for English if the option is there.

      ps. If you end up liking Baccano, I'd recommend watching the movie Snatch, if you haven't already. They're similar in a lot of ways.

        I'm sure I'll like it :)

        I actually haven't seen Snatch yet and I've been meaning too. I also want to see the other one... Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was it?

    Just realised I don't like Kotaku AU on Facebook.

    Then I realised it was Facebook and that Facebook is meh. Like it anyway :D

      I don't really 'like' anything on Facebook and I've also never really 'joined a group' or become a 'fan' of something either :P.

      Just ceebs using Facebook nowadays... TAY/Twitter/Steam is where it's at <3

        How I find it now is:
        Facebook - Family/People I feel obligated to be friends with/People I went to school with
        Twitter - People I actually care about
        Steam - Essentially just my Twitter list again heh

          Pretty much sums it up lol

          I actually have a bunch of pretty good friends that I just literally stopped talking to for no apparent reason other than I'm in my own "hermit mode". I haven't even talked to some of my best mates from high school in months :P. A while ago one of them ringed me up asking me to go to his b'day. I didn't. I'm best friend.

          Pretty much sums it up lol

          I actually have a bunch of pretty good friends that I just literally stopped talking to for no apparent reason other than I'm in my own "hermit mode". I haven't even talked to some of my best mates from high school in months :P. A while ago one of them ringed me up asking me to go to his b'day. I didn't. I'm best friend.

          I think it's also to do with common interests and stuff. Most of my high school friends weren't really into games (remember I'm a total jock ;) ) and so I've had all this nerdy/geeky stuff built up and ready to unleash into the interwebs (which is why I talk so much in TAY/Twitter).

            I've been in hermit mode for about 2 years now with no end in sight.

            Someone summed it up nice once:
            Facebook is where you lie to your friends.
            Twitter is where you're honest to strangers.

              About 2 years for me as well lol

              I just started to lose interest in going to parties and whatnot... Maybe it's because I'm not really a drinker and everyone was getting shitfaced/high :P. I like my sleep damnit! (parties went well into the AMs)

                I'm not that big of a drinker. The last 3 weeks is the most I've drunk in a long time. I blame TAYbar.

                I never got the appeal of parties or going to the clubs. It normally just ends up with me standing or sitting in a corner wishing I was at home haha.

                I enjoy sleep to, but I'm very much a night person.

                  I think I also had enough with all the dickhead shenanigans we'd do :P. Parties and 'gatherings' were getting too loud with their doof doof music. I like my peace and quiet and 'chill' time! And yep, most of them ending up with me being bored to hell and wishing I was home. I've actually just straight up ditched parties because they were 'shit'. I am best friend. Consequently, for one of the parties I ditched, I wasn't invited to her next party lol.

                  I think I was pretty much just also bored of seeing the same people over and over again. Sure I had a MASSIVE group of friends (there was like 50 of us who'd always be at parties and stuff but we each had our own little groups within the massive group - groupception?) but they were also all school friends which I saw every damn day... zzz

                  Thankfully I've never been clubbing, I doubt I'd like it that much anyway :P (unless I get my groove on).

    My draft meat write-up came out at a total of 1851 words. I fear that may be too much. Is that too much?

      I once wrote a 4000 word write up.
      You'll be fiiiiiine.

        I take this as permission to write in more detail.

        I shudder to think what the write-ups by people who were there for the entirety of the meat are gonna be like.

      I remember when Cakesmith write a giant possibly 2000+ word write up then posted it 3 times :)

      So no, it's not too much, in fact I think it might be to little!

        Hey! I only posted it twice!

        Bunny posted his 3 times.

        And it was 3000 words thank you very much.

      I haven't even thought about writing anything yet! D: Maybe I should just wait until everybody else has posted and then write "what they said".

      (directed at all those with write-ups)
      Pleaseeeee label people in pictures :D


        One step ahead of you! I didn't take any pictures! :D

        The problem with pictures is that posting more than one in the write-up will mean it's moderated. I only have three or four photos though so I might just quickly post them as individual replies afterwards.

          Hey, as long as they're labelled (and the links work, Bish :P) then it's all good with me.

          I've got Uni stuff the whole day tomorrow so I'll be playing the TAY catchup game anyway and won't miss the once lost in moderation write-ups :D

      Yes!! I am not alone !! I was writing a draft as well because I tend to forget things and at the moment I'm at 980 words. At this point we are still inside the monorail. It might be longer than most essays I wrote at uni. Wow.
      Also Powalen writing 'what they said is brilliant idea, hmm, what to do?

        Continue writing!

        The more in-depth the meat write-ups are the better! And when there's more of them, the people who didn't attend can feel like they were there :P

        Heh, I was thinking earlier that this was so much easier to write than the essay I was working on all day.

          Sneak peek at MASHA's MEAT MANUSCRIPT:

          In fact arguments about dapper-ness always seemed to come up throughout the day.

          Once we were inside we were all like Woooo \o/ \o/ but then two minutes in our carriage realised it’s just another train so we were all meh. 5-10 min later we were off the train. Ruffleberg later told us that it might be 3 years before they even start to tear it down. What?

            Haha, you have an alliterated title as well! It took me 10 minutes to come up with mine... There's not many words that start with P that can be used in place of 'write-up'. xD

            I can tell you that my version of events in that section is very, very different. :P

              Sweet. Different perspectives are always nice. I thought you were in the other carriage ? You guys stayed strong and stayed on there for a while.

                Yep, we stayed on for three full circuits! It was about 50 minutes all up.

    Sorry for all the comments lately :P

    You know the dealio, unemployed Uni student with nothing to do...


      I'm back at work tomorrow so my posts will probably increase heh.

    I will see you lads tomorrow in monTAY (aka new TAY)

      See you tomorrow as well. You gave up too early though.
      It's 10min before a brand new DAY, why not start it with a post on TAY.

      Rhyming skills. Boom.

        I guess that's it for me as well. See you all tomorrow and I can't wait to read all the write ups. Goodnight TAY.

    Hey gang!

    Probably not many of you will read this, but I've had a great Demon's Souls day. Took down 5-2, 5-3, 1-3, and the Black Phantoms in 1-4. The end is SO CLOSE.

    The endgame trophy will be my proudest gaming accomplishment to date, and it will be mine.

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