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    So, we've a few TAYbies playing EVE online now and have something of a kotaku Corp going.

    Off to a good start. We can't manage to warp as a fleet even after several tries, managed to make a declaration of war at a time when nearly everyone would either be in bed or at work (though this didn't prove much of an issue as we couldn't work out how to vote for the war dec to pass) and lost over 500million isk.

    But we've had a few laughs. THATH COUNTS!

      Oh wait, It's monday! this 'll be the wrong TAY!

        But I read it and that should be all that matters. Also /o\ to lost isk

    Guys, I'm scared, I was up before 8:00 am

    Also, 24 pages on a Tuesday? You're all maniacs!

    LOL Man utd

    Anyone else surprised the new SSX addon was free? first ME3 now SSX, EA seems a lot less evil these days.

      Ahh wait it freezes at 99% they must of pulled the download off XBOXLIVE since it was free? idk

    So Major Nelson announced no more inside xbox videos. I rarely watch these but when live is a paid service it kind of sucks that it is losing this. My only hope is this is leading to a completely free service which I highly doubt.

    What i am going to say doesn't paint me in a pretty light but after browsing through a website it looks like Max Payne 3 has leaked.

    Hooray! I have internets!!!!

    Well Pyrean has internets, my computer died yesterday so I only have internets until he wakes up to claim his computer.

    ONLY 24 PAGES??? BACK IN MY DAY WE....had...about...3...or 4?

    Anyone want to play multi MGS Peace Walker with me on PS3?

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