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    Post #1: TheLastQuestion on April 16, 2012 at 8:31 AM

      Man, I knew I wasn't on much last week, didn't realise it was that degree of not much.

      Woo! Less sad Link!
      I hope you found the solution to your problem.

      HA! Post #1000, I knew it!
      Also, sorry everyone.

      Just because I was incredibly bored, I worked out that there was 106,578 words posted last week. Overall average of 22.42 words/post

    The rest of this week is 90's week.

    You've been forewarned, I will be gettin' jiggy with the slang.

      Does this mean I have to go get a 90s haircut?

      If so, I'm good, because I am rocking the 1890s.

      Also, 90s pop songs.

      I'm a Barbie girl! In the Barbie world!
      Life in plastic, it's fantastic!
      You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere,
      Imagination, life is your creation!

      Come on, Barbie, let's go party.


        Where's my Aqua collection...

          Doctor Jones, Doctor Jones, calling Doctor Jones, Doctor Jones Doctor Jones get up now wake up now!

        We doing 90's songs?


          Don't stop moving,
          find your own way to it,
          DJ's got us going around, 'round.

            S Club /there ain't no party like an S Club party/ Gonna show you how /everybody get down tonight/
            S Club /there ain't no party like an S Club party/ Gonna take you high /shake your body from side to side/

        I allways prefered Roses are red. Their best song!

        You are my fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire
        The one desiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire
        Believe when I saaaaaaaaaaaaay
        Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii waaaaaaaaaaaaaant it thaaaaaaaaaaaaat waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

          My boot scootin' baby is drivin' me crazy
          My obsession from a western - my dance floor date
          My rodeo romeo, a cowboy god from head to toe
          Wanna make you mine better get in line 5-6-7-8!

        We need Lambo here, he likes singing it!

      I hate 90s slang... NOT! It's totally dope. Whoever doesn't like it can talk to the hand.

      Anyway, gotta bounce. Peace out.

    @Trials talk on Page 1

    I'm down for this :D. I remember you talking about it before Evo was released and I was waiting for it to happen. I was also thinking we could add a skill game in the mix as well, cause... why not! I'm Greenius on Xbox but so far I've got everyone who has posted a reply (just added Shiggy).

    I'm sure most people were just focussing on unlocking tracks (like I was), or gold medalling everything before trying to get faster times so this should be interesting... but Gigatrack... *shakes fist*

      Golding Gigatrack isn't too hard. Managed it on my third proper attempt to do so.

      But dat plat...

        Dat plat...

        I've only ever got one Plat on trials and that was on a fairly easy skill game (so it doesn't count) :P

          My one plat thus far is for the low fuel minigame thing.


      Gigatrack is a righteous ride.

      As long as you ain't no scrub you should get a wicked fast time.

        Took me 17 min. I am a scrub.

      what is this talk of plat medals? i seen no plat.

        Wow a successful double post and not moderation? I AM TEH WIN!

          Platinum medals are the level above gold.

          You need a very very quick time to get one. It's Fatshady territory.
    This disgusts me.
    The dog is an aid, it's not just a pet. A guide dog helps give blind people their independence and it enables them to do things quicker. Does this mean they would also refuse an assistance dog? You know, the ones who grab the phone when their owner is in danger?
    Just, disgusting.

      As disgusting as it is , I somehow think it is a bit of a media beat up, surely there must of been some other forces at work. I can't think that anyone would really tell someone their guide dog wasn't allowed in.

        It's happened before. People have been told their guide dogs must be treated like other dogs on Jetstar, I think it was. That they must be held in the cargo bay which makes it very difficult for a blind person to get to the toilet. I just can't think of a decent reason for them not to allow the dog inside.

          I can think of several reasons why they didn't want the dog in there. I can't think of one that would make the owner any less of a dick though.

            But a reason that wouldn't make it illegal?
            It is against the law to refuse someone with a guide dog entry.

              I understand that, it just really baffles me that someone would do something like that. :(

                Exactly. I don't understand it. I see people with guide dogs all the time. I go "doggy" from a distance because I don't want to distract them from their job. It's important. They're completely responsible for a humans life. And they do the job without ever wanting anything in return aside from food, water and love.
                I really don't understand how anyone can lack the common sense of "Hey, a guide dog. it is exempt from normal laws." If he does get fined maybe he'll realise that this laws are in place for a reason.

                  In relation to your first point, I was on a bus, and a guy sat down with their seeing eye dog across from me, and it took all my restraint not to reach over and pat it...

                  It was so cute.

        Not necessarily. While the numbers aren't particularly high, there's around one reported case a month in NSW(I think it was) of someone being refused service somewhere thanks to a Guide Dog, when by all rights they shouldn't. Many people are unaware of the laws at work, and so treat them like normal animals, when they really aren't.

      Well that just bummed me right out

        Sorry. On the upside he might be fined \o/

        Think of it this way, just goes to show how awesome dogs are. This guy who refused it entry, if he went up to the dog, it'd probably wag it's tail like the person hadn't done anything wrong.
        That's why dogs are awesome. So loyal and forgiving. <3

          I love dogs :)


            I'm going to miss my dog. :( Pretty sure he's not going to be around a lot longer. He's 14, has a bit of arthritis that stops him moving as freely and his eyes are clouding over now :( Still doesn't look his age though. The previous golden retrievers we've had barely lasted 9-10 years and 14 is well above the average for the breed so we've been pretty lucky with him I think.

    BATMAN SHOES and my normal brown pair. They look pretty awesome i am glad i read the instructions on the site saying buy the size one smaller because otherwise i would have looked like a clown. But now i have to buy longer white socks. Oh well still awesome.

      You monster, making shoes out of Batmen.

        I only used his left leg and his cape. He can still fight crime, He just needs a wooden leg and he can be pirate batman.

        I actually read The book where he is a pirate, the writing is not so good.

          I thought this was a joke, but Holy Wooden Leg, there really is a Pirate Batman.
          File this under What The.

            The story it is from is where batman gets caught up in the time stream and ends up in a bunch of different weird scenarios
            eg Cave Batman, Pirate batman and which hunter batman, weird shit.

              Don't forget Communist Batman. He is fight for fatherland.

                Maybe fight for motherland.

                Don't know. He is stronk, like ox. Fight Superman, who is giant dick. Like Stalin.


    I'm sorry for upsetting people /o\
    I will make it up to you somehow

      Wow you are taking us all to Australia, Its not as generous as Oprah because we are already in Australia but it will do.

    Afternoon TAY. Having a positively crappy day today. One of those days you dont know if your gunna scream, cry or randomly break dance like a boss.

    Either way, On the game front. I have decided i suck at Trials, but its ok, coz i still love it. Played a little cod on the weekend, but was very busy with chopping down tree's and doing family stuff.

    God i need a holiday. Why is July and comic con so far away :(

      Dear Blood Apathy
      The solution to your dilemma is of course to find a seagull in it's death throes, poop on it and assault an elderly lady. You will feel 100% and regain your youthful vigor and enthusiasm.
      Uncle Freeze

    I should probably wait until after I get back from the US, but I am so tempted to pick up Prototype 2 now.
    Plus I still have Witcher 2 to play, but Prototype 2 looks so damn cool.

      I have it on pre-oder but I think I might cancel. Too many other games to play.
      I STILL need to finish Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Mass Effect 3.

        You make sense, but still.
        I am very... conflicted.
        Lack of funds, say wait.
        Ability to jump around NYC and eat people and mutate says BUY NOW.
        Hmm, I could buy it and claim it as neccesary research for my trip to New York :)

    I'm trying to download a 10gb file and it's only at 3%. Oh my.

      You know you can get porn without downloading it right :P
      also obligatory

        10gigs of Porn? Bloody hell, Rocket. Well done.

          It wasn't even porn i ended up with the title was misleading, how was i mean to know that sex in the city was a tv show and not porn. I ended up watching it though. I cried when Mr Big left :,(


        Stop, drawing your own conclusions, it's a season of Avatar: the last Air bender.

        FYI: It's now at 3.1%

          OMG i am actually watching that now, finished book 2 last night and gonna start on book 3 tonight. Honestly i can't even remember the show being this awesome it has been like 3 years since i watched it. :)

            Avatar is awesome. I've watched book 1-3 two times and now I'm downloading the whole series to keep on my hard drive to watch before bed. You'll love book 3 btw.

              Of course i will it is Zuko focused, i freaking love that guy

      Dear Masha
      If you have a couple as neighbours then all you need is a high powered telescope and patience. No more need to waste bandwidth on crappy low res porn.
      Uncle Freeze

        Have you ever watched neighbours have sex?

        I'll take the crappy low res porn any day of the week.


            That was no parody.

        Uncle Freeze,
        My neighbours are not telescope worthy. Plus telescopes are expensive.

          I have two telescopes (one's a reeeaaaaly cheap one). They turn everything upside down when looking at things on this planet.

            This topic went places. I was just hoping for some sympathy but TAY is TAY and now I'm being advised to spy on my neighbours, watch a rogue batman film and download one thousand adult films.

    No one else seems to have mentioned Diablo yet.

    I was very excited to get into the beta and I wasn't disappointed. I forced myself to stop playing because I knew it was just spoiling my experience of the main game.

    They have GOT to fix the singleplayer latency, and the concept of not being able to play because the servers was full was just really galling.

    So apart from the connection problems I was very pleased.

      It was a stress test. So the fact that you had lag and couldn't connect was expected.

      I got to play clicky-mic-clicky-clickerson on Sunday night. Twas fun, wish I could have got on some KotakuAU party games :(

      In terms of latency, I had 0 problems over the weekend, I was running at around 180ms constantly, and I only had one, very minor lag spike, which is far better than it was whenever I last tested it. I'm curious as to what you experienced.

      What Blizzard did with the servers was when the weekend started they were still only running off what the beta had always had(more or less), and they've since upped the resources to it. This should give them a good idea about their server's scaling, so they can make sure they can run it better from day one.

        The best I got was around 200ms. That was fine.
        But I had many periods of around 1300ms and it was really unpleasant.
        Then of course, there was the constant "error 37"s.
        I should add I have an excellent internet connection.

        But mostly this is a problem that really shouldn't exist at all, "stress test" or not (Rocketman, that comment makes me rage so bad!). I was playing singleplayer. It is really unbelievable. I don't mind the game authenticating me on startup and even background feeding my data to Blizzard to check I'm not a cheat but this MMO-style upload is pretty darn near unforgiveable.

        If the game wasn't otherwise so great, I wouldn't be buying it.

        I can only hope they do make it better for the main release.

      Lag in single player?! Geez it's worse than I thought

        I swear to gosh techy you and ruffleberg are brothers but where seperated at birth so that you both didn't feed of each others hate for things. It would of been a bigger circlejerk then the comments on youtube videos.

          It's not really hating, not really. More or less mocking cuz of silly decisions. My above statement was more or less the predicted product of said silly decisions that'll impact a certain segment of the playerbase, especially with how I wanted to play D3 for the first time. Solo. If I'm going to get lag while playing D3 on my own, I'd be wanting my money back if I ever bought it, which I 100% won't now.

        When they announced D3 was online only I lost quite a bit of interest

          Yeah that hit me hard but I still thought - Okay I can deal with that cuz my connection is quite reliable. HOWEVER, when they do things like you can now only bind 4 keys to skills, more forced autolevelling, removal of identify scrolls (Sound familiar with changes like this?), my interest in it completely died to the point where I'm now mocking it every day.

      I downloaded it, logged in, created a character, clicked 3 times then quit.
      Decided I wanted to savour the experience for the full release.

        I played it for three hours getting my "BetaBarb" character up to level 10 and killing the level boss. It will all be lost, but I have no regrets. I also spent maybe half an hour with a monk.

        Click 3 times? Just extrapolate that experience out x1000, there you have it. And, now with all the pretty colours.

    I hear Pez is lame.

      Very lame.

        Hey there!

        Are we related?

          Quite possible my good sir.

      I've heard his penis gives him magical powers.

        Probably, but i hear the only reason it has magical powers is because the powers that be thought they should compensate for it being so small.

        Making it smell like hot melted fungus cheese is not a magical power.

          You're right.

          It's a SUPERPOWER!


            Is that bish's brother ? No wonder bish doesn't talk about him!

    HI TAY. I spilt coke all over myself. I thought you should know.

      Coke on yourself...Fanta on the carpet...

      Having said that I nearly spilt my morning coffee on my this morning.

      That dusted-with-white-powder look as not a great one.

      Well, I don't mean to brag, but I went out in the rain and I was wearing a white top and you could totally see my nipples when I got back into the office.

      Teehee, I'm such a tease.

        I bet everyone was super nice to you for the rest of the day.

      As long as there's still enough for half a line you should be right, just pass the stain on the floor as icing sugar...

      I mean.... Hi!

      I fell into a pool of jello and you don't see me telling all the ladies. Harden up!

        Why wouldn't you tell the ladies that Shiggy? I'm sure the ladies are now upset that you didn't post pics either! I know I am!

    So how bout them politics?

    I just needed to post something to get TAY to update.

      Slipper is a man whore
      The french election system is weird, they have playoffs to work out who competes in the final to determine the ruler of the country
      something something, minority group, something something, never listen something something lies

      II usually get all the poltics i need from Aidans twitter feed. Its informative and only 140 characters long perfect for my no attention span lifestyle.

        But Rocketman, he's brainwashing you with left wing influences! Don't you want to know the right way? Right wing power, something something something.

        Okay, I've learned that I can't pretend to be right wing, without accidentally alluding to Nazism. Bother.

      Well if the campaign posters are anything to go by, it looks like Mackay's next mayor will be Kony Abbot.

      Cave Johnson 2012
      When life gives you lemons. Burn life's house down.

    The upcoming Free to play shooter Dust 514 is coming to PS3 and it's going to connect with EVE Online. That's a cool idea but I'm wondering what happens once the PS4 comes around. Will the numbers drop once players move to the PS4 or will the game be downloadable and allow us to re-download the game and our profile on the PS4?


        Hi Harli, all the prevailing wisdom is that you're constantly injured or you're sick. How are you feeling?

          I am feeling alright! just gotta deal with. recovering from a nerve injury in my arm from a few weeks back. it sucks, but i'm getting there slowly.

          thanks for asking though :D

      I think you are looking too far ahead mang.

        I might be looking too far ahead but I'm just curious why it's PS3 only. The problem with consoles is that audiences are migratory and they quickly move to the next console. If they published it on PC as well you are at least guaranteed a core group of people who will be playing there for a long time. People are still playing Ultima online today for example.
        I'll try it out on PS3 when it releases, hopefully it has some longevity.

          It is indeed strange that it is not on PC.
          I read a thing about it on the PA report that said they did it on a console for simplicities sake and I guess they think it will attract a bigger shooter audience?
          Why do any developers focus on consoles these days? Same reasons for CCP I assume.

            Also, I don't think it will succeed very well.
            It's main draw is it's connection to EVE but most of the people who would care about that are PC gamers. I suspect a lot of the PS3 shooter crowd will just see some no-name FPS where skill is secondary to being buddies with some MMO player who can just nuke you from orbit.
            Will still give it a go but I have my doubts.
            Also I am long winded today.

    Weekend gaming: Played some more of Disgaea 3 on Vita. Was up super late friday night playing it actually. Lost track of time. I love Disgaea. The whole combat system is built with deliberate bugs and things which in most cases would be exploitable oversights but in Disgaea's case are all part of the design. So clever.

    I also played about eight hours of TERA Online and I'm quite liking it. It still feels a bit underdone and pretty niche. And the costuming (or lack thereof) makes me feel mildly uncomfortable at times. But the combat is a lot more engaging than most other MMOs I've played and I thoroughly enjoyed my time so far (got to level 17, playing as a priest. Will probably roll a second character once the head start begins and they up the cap).

      Is TERA super grindy? I sort of want to try it out because of the combat system but my time playing Aion has turned me off trying out Korean MMOs.

        I have not done any real grinding at all. Just following the quests. The combat itself is fun enough that a bit of grind would probably not matter either.

    A few years ago Bobby Kotick suggested selling Blizzard cinematics as DVDs and at the time there was a lot of furore. Thinking about it after reading this article and watching a few minutes of the videos I realised it would be pretty cool to have the gameplay and cinematics of a game stitched together into a film.
    If officially done I'm sure the developers could remove the HUD from the gameplay sequences and make it worth the asking price with behind the scenes features etc. I think $5-$10 for a downloadable movie on PSN seems reasonable to me. Even better if developers could do this for free and have it as an unlockable once you finish the game.

    What do you guys think? Would you like a 'game film' to watch in your free time or watch in on the train or when travelling.

      I love game films. I have at least twenty at home.

      the ones that get the biggest beating are the MGS games, but i also have a bunch of final fantasy games, and it's the only way i've ever experienced heavy rain. is a good source.

        Wow, I have never heard of It seems like a good idea for a site especially if you've already played the game or you have no interest in the game but want to participate in story discussions.

        I'll peruse the site and maybe I might watch a few of the films I'm interested in. Their selection does seem limited though.

      I don't think game stories are good enough to be watched as movies tbh.
      With the example of Uncharted; maybe if they created new cinematics that summarised the shooting and running around that comprises the actual gameplay it might be watchable but the gameplay would be way too long and boring as is.
      Even then it would only serve as a summary for someone who did not wish to play through the first one but wanted to know the story before playing the second for example. But watched for pure entertainment? Not sure how well it would stack up.

        You have to be prepared to watch it differently from the way you would approach a film or tv show. It can be quite engaging. Heavy Rain especially is great to just watch (but that's obvious). Truncated gameplay is a must though, with just the minimum required to bridge cutscenes.

          It would definitely depend on the game but while I have not played it, Heavy Rain sounds like a bunch of cut-scenes stitched together with quicktime events anyway.
          For most games it sounds like not so much a "movie of the game" but that "cinematic difficulty" (or something) that some journalist suggested that would skip all the gameplay for people who do not have the time/inclination to actually play the game.
          The merits of this is up for debate (entirely missing the point of a game imo) but if it was done it would indeed be better if it was sold digitally for $10 rather than a mode in a $60 game.

      Xenosaga Episode II came with a DVD that was basically all the cutscenes from Xenosaga 1.

      Sadly, Episode II was a shit game. :(

        Dear Negative Zero
        Close your eyes and pretend you're playing 1.
        Uncle Freeze

          I like uncle freeze.

          He gives good advice which isn't followed by rampant sodomy, unlike my real uncle.

          He also doesn't make me stretch out my hamstrings every day.

          So there's less crying in the shower at night!

    Hey Guys!
    Man, this exercise thing is hard. I went out riding my pushbike in the rain today and the tire s were really worn!

    I came to the top of a big hill and figured I'd be able to stop in time.

    Then my bike blew up.

    What a crazy day! I only have one eyebrow. I will try to exercise more tomorrow!

    -Eric Fail

      That name seems somewhat familiar...

      Who the fuck is taking my job of registering schizophrenic personalities today?


        What on earth are you on about old boy?

    So it's been 12 working days since my Ozgameshop order was dispatched. If they don't arrive today then I've officially gone past the point that the site recommends waiting before letting customer service know about it.

      Dear Ruffleberg
      I recommend visiting OGS head office, pooping on their letterbox and molesting their cats. While there steal all the MK copies they have and replace with pictures of you giving the finger in various poses.
      Uncle Freeze

    I seem to perpetually have trouble with USB HDD caddies for accessing old IDE/PATA (40pin connector) HDDs.

    I think the two (?) I've bought over the years ended up throwing mutinous fits and OMNOMNOMing and killing the drives they contained at the time.

    Does anyone else have this sort of thing happen to them, or have I just had a bad run of luck? Currently trying to get data from an old drive, and it would be very very bad if the drive got eaten.

    I don't think I've had any issues at all with SATA caddies.

      How do they 'eat' drives? Is such a thing even possible?

        Colloquialism for "don't work, and then the drive won't actually work directly in a PC anymore, either.".

        Drive murderer.

    So I'm super late to actually post this on TAY, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIGGY.

    My present to you is another day without a random stabbing from me.


        Get older, dick head.

          As you wish.

        happy birthday Baconmaster Shiggatron

        I'd say 'celebrate with bacon!' but I imagine that'd be no different from any other day for you.

        woot! another milestone on the road to old man pants!

    /me gives shiggy a noogie* isn't he just the cutest birthday boy ever!?!

    @Blood Apathy

    Platinum is the medal above gold (which has been said) but you'll unlock them when you unlock EXTREME tracks. If you have any platinum worthy times/scores they'll automatically update. I think you were just behind me on the Splosion' man level (which is Platinum worthy) so even though it shows gold now as soon as you unlock Platinum medals you'll unlock it :D

    Speaking of which...

    Totes just got my second Platinum in Trials evar!


      Page get and Page end?

      I'm amazing.

      (waits for moderated comment to ruin it)

        *whips out his wang and starts hitting it on the table whilst singing "I'm a little teapot"*


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