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    Why don't developers make decent 'previously on' features for long running series' ? It's sometimes really hard to get into a new game that is 2-3 games long when you can't understand what is going on.
    Reading a wiki or perusing videos online is an option but I'd prefer a decent cinematic that explains everything.
    Also I would love a site that has decent summaries of game plots for long running series' before a sequel is released especially for series' that have multimedia off shoots as well. If anyone knows of a YouTube channel that does this let me know.

    For example I really want to get into Assassins creed but all the Console games, DS Games, PSP games, Iphone games, comics, YouTube miniseries all claim to have various snippets of the story and for a new fan that can be pretty daunting.
    Has anyone here bought the Assassins creed encyclopaedia?
    Was it comprehensive and easy to read?

      That problem is easy to solve, don't get Assassin's Creed. Don't believe the critics, the games are awful.

        I think awful is a bit drastic. The AC games I've played are fun.

          If you don't like it fine but they are hardly awful.

          Well, to be fair, I've only played the first two. Part 1 was ok-ish, part 2 was terrible.

            AC2 isn't terrible, you just didn't didn't like it. Big difference there.
            You're well within your rights to dislike the game, but just labelling it 'terrible' without any reasons as to why the game didn't work for you is not very helpful.

              Ok, i'll write something as to why i thought the game missed the mark.

      i have not read any encyclopedia and have only played the Sexbox games (excluding AssRev) but have no issues understanding what's going on... i don't feel as though i've missed out on not playing the handheld games at all, nor watching the Youtube series...

      Just start with picking up number 1, get bored with it, then get number 2 and realise they're pretty great games

        Yeah, general consensus seems to be that 1 is crap and to start with 2.

          one wasn't bad... it was a good proof of concept that just got boring and repetitive, i did quite enjoy the story though, but yeah, a bit grindy...
          2 had better mechanics and overall a more satisfying experience... i think half the enjoyment is figuring out the mysteries in that game though, unveiling all the secrets...

            I guess I'll just play the main console releases. I have AC 1 and I think it's OK. I admit it is a bit repetitive though.

              yes, yes it is... but prevail my friend, because AC2 is where it is at.... i was surprised how much more polished it was when i first played it... 9 months ago :P

                The Ferret Viking tells truth. Short (non-exhaustive) list of why AC2 is the best. AC. ever.

                1) Ezio had swimming lessons as a kid. This means water is not insta-die.
                2) There are zero (0) tower defence sections.
                3) It's spread out geographically, which is maybe only something that appeals to me, but this is my list, so nyaah.

                Single annoying thing that comes to mind about AC2:

                The way they decided to do the DLC stuff. I hope there's just an AC2: Complete edition released by now?

                  Main downside: Ezio is a twat, and has absolutely no character development throughout the entirety of his series.

                  AC2 was awesome.
                  Brotherhood and Revelations were also very good, but were iterations of 2, rather than the massive leap forward that 2 had over 1.
                  I'm hoping that AC3 is to AC2 as AC2 was to AC. That would be amazing.

      More importantly, why can't they show a quick 30 second 'previously on' on demand when you load up a save game? I often put games aside then can't go back to them because I forget what's going on and don't want to start over. One of the many reasons my Pile of Shame is so large.

        Resident Evil Revelations (3DS) is sectioned like a show into roughly one-hour chunks, and has 'previously on' cutscenes between them. And when you load the save, IIRC.

          Alan Wake does it too, and quite well. But what would be even cooler is if it was something dynamic based off what you did, rather than something canned for each segment of their game.

            Every time you load a save in Driver San Francisco the game gives you some highlights of the story so far. I really love that about the game.

        In far cry 2 the loading screens summarised what just happened and what you were supposed to do next. That was good.

          Shame they didn't put the same level of effort into remembering that you'd cleared that enemy camp out ten minutes ago. :\

            Ha! I loved Far Cry 2 but the respawning enemies were really frustrating.

              I hated Far Cry 2 because I kept getting killed by enemies who shouldn't be there. I felt like I could never make any impact at all on the world, was prevented from exploring or anything, and was constantly bogged down in the minutiae, clearing out checkpoints and other unfun repetitive stuff, and not actually advancing.

                I really hope they improve on all these issue in Far Cry 3. Also SHARKS!!!

      I have a copy of the Encyclopedia that came with Revelations. It is awesome, and covers all four games rather well. I've completely ignored any AC games that aren't 1,2,bro,rev, and I've got a pretty good handle on the story.

        I think I'll get the second edition of the encyclopaedia that has AC 3 content as well. It should make a great coffee table book.

    Anyone know who @jamiedeecee is on twitter? seems to be a taybie

      That's my older brother


          Yes it is, he is 4 years older than I am, he's more or less the direct opposite of me, great at social skills, he's married and expecting a child soon, mainly a positive human and not very good at gaming in general since he doesn't put as much time and dedication into it as I do.

            You should've ended at great social skills. It was all downhill from thereon.

    Reeaaally late to the party, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIGGY! HAVE A CAKE!

      Ouch, my arteries! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! #AlsoLate

      I'll join in the late party!

    I've been reading about Roman architecture for over 2 hours now. It's pretty interesting stuff.

      They certainly loved their arches and domes.

      I was reading about how houses were designed. Which was super important because rather than just showing off their status it could actually generate it and push them up the social ladder.

        There was a show on recently about Roman architecture, where a group of British brickies/builders were contracted by a history prof. to build a Roman villa using authentic Roman materials and building methods. Was absolutely amazing to watch the whole process and see the end result.

    Ticket for the meat is purchased! \o/

      Yay! It's going to be super fun.

        No it won't. Because I'm not there.

          You're right. It won't be fun. It'll be the super bestest funest fun ever.

            HA! Sorry Cakesmith.

              You still coming to the meat, Masha(aaaa)? I'll be on the train that arrives at Town Hall at 11:21. Might see you on the way up :o


                Yes. I'm still coming. I'll check the train timetable and who knows we might be on the same train.
                I'm the big 'scary/not so scary' black guy.


                Yes. I'm still coming. I'll check the train timetable and who knows we might be on the same train.
                I'm the big 'scary/not so scary' black guy.

                  Bloody double post!!!!!

                  This is your fault Powalen!! I don't know how but it is.

    I just realised that I won't be able to keep up with TAY so if you want to join in the Trials Evo comp from Page 1, please get someone to msg me on the twitters and I'll add you. Also be sure to send a friend request to FatShady Live

      I'm already on there, I might not have time to play much this week but we'll see how we go.
      I haven't even gotten to Gigatrack yet but I have beaten one or two of your times ;)

        Last time I checked (which was early this morning) I was beating 5 of his times :P

          Don't tell him which ones, having him hunt them down is half the fun :)

    Pet peeve: people who declare that JRPGs (or any other kind) are not 'true' RPGs. Makes me very angry. Especially when they hold up D&D (which was originally a tabletop wargame with some stats added) as the 'true' experience.

    Why is it so hard for people to understand that different people might like different things and maybe there could be stuff made to cater for those interests instead of theirs? :\

      JRPG's are not true RPGs?
      What a dumbass statement, that's like someone declaring that any RPG that doesn't involve a table and a 12 sided die is not a true RPG.

      There are no 'True' RPGs, there are all different types that are equally valid. Western RPGs, JRPGs, Turn Based, Story Based, Table Top.

      Why do haters always gotta hate?

        Chocolate Ice Cream is not true ice cream.
        There is only vanilla, the rest are lame knockoffs.

        The only true role-players are the ones that understand how to calculate THAC0.

    I am procrastinating, as usual

      I was going to reply to this earlier but I couldn't be bothered, thought I'd do it later.

        Wow, you're even worse at procrastinating them me!

    Ok, I'm about to head home from work. The walk will take me approx. 30 minutes.
    So, by the time I get home, I want to see a list of at least 30 things you wouldn't want to find up a nostril.

    Aaaaand... Go!

      Ya mum

      a pellet of sodium
      a dinosaur, or any part thereof
      a 10c piece (denomination > $1 if its gonna be up my nostril)

      Monkey statue made of cheese
      Three aardvarks in leotards
      Smoked ham doing the Salsa
      Chicken cannon
      Arrow and/or a knee
      Lobster with an oversized left pincer
      TV with an Xbox 360 controller embedded in the near-middle of it
      Football coated in mustard
      Bowl of pudding
      Horse with no brain
      Rebecca Black
      Justin Bieber's toupee
      Your left foot
      A three armed googlafruchit from the planet Azwardiqua
      The dismembered fourth arm of a googlafruchit from the planet Azwarduiqua
      Fried goldfish with a side dish of curry flavoured yoghurt
      Secret hidden spy camera
      Your younger brother
      A partridge in a pear tree
      Your sanity
      Pistol modified to take fried olive seeds as ammunition
      Facebook's servers
      Your last tweet
      Eight Xbox controllers standing on each other, twirling multiple metallic rainbow coloured hula hoops
      This list

      Well done people. I'll update the Department of Health regarding our findings.

        I should point out that finding Rebecca Black in your nostril is something I've only heard of, not experienced first-hand.

    So i spent 3 hours of my work day in the dark. Thankyou mother nature. not only did you let me get paid for doing nothing, the lack of power meant i had 3 blissful hours without hearing nicki minaj on the radio

    Is anyone else not seeing the reply button for some posts on TAY?

    This is weird.

    Anyway reply to Powalen: The odd couple is quaint but I was thinking more of Die Hard with a vengeance. We don't fit the profile but who doesn't want to be Samuel L Jackson and Bruce Willis.

      You can't just leave that there! What if some kid finds it?

      When you get to 'the end' of a thread the reply button fucks off and goes on holiday.

      You'll need to reply to the last reliable post in that thread to keep it going.

      Awesome. As long as nobody tries to blow up the train. If that fails, we can fall back on a Pulp Fiction cop pairing.

      I'm going to need to rewatch these movies now... xD

        Men In Black would have worked as well but I don't think I'm as 'fresh' as the Fresh Prince.

    So we on TeamSpeak were discussing Rob Liefeld and err... well, this.

    Is the speech bubble really necessary?

    sooo... that Insert Coin(s) thing is on again.
    anyone (else) going?

    For the Sydney guys going to the Meat this weekend, do any of you know about the Metagame or have a deck?

    I think it would be a pretty cool game to play and a nice way to break the ice.

      Looks interesting. Shame its probably too late to order a pack though.

      break the ice? we have no need for this!
      You will know who Bish is because he will be the dude who doesn't introduce himself but is still cool!
      Everyone else is unimportant.

    Hmm this 5 Seeds Sour Apple Cider ain't bad!

      5 Seeds is weak tasting and gross.

      Try Apsall if you can find it.

        Their regular one is alright, the cloudy one is pretty horrible. Still prefer Mercury over the others I have tried.

          Napoleone & Co. Brewed at a winery in the Yarra Valley, using the same yeasts they use for white whine. Really good. Hard to find though.

            Kellybrook winery in Wonga Park does the same thing. Only it costs as much as wine does.
            I've only had it a few times as I've never seen it anywhere other than cellar door.

    Dinner tonight: My Corned Beef recipe, Mashed Potatoes and Cabbage all covered in white sauce.


      Cabbage! Ya gonna be fartin' for a week now!


      Dear Scree
      When boredom sets in it indicates a lack of thrills in your life. My recommendation is to go into your nearest CBD dressed as a giant turtle, pants the nearest cop and throw mildly spiced gherkins at buskers.
      Uncle Freeze

        It'll take a while to make the turtle costume

          put a green washing basket on your back = instant turtle costume

          add a mask and you can also be a ninja turtle

            And a fake weapon? Gametraders sell Ninja turtles weapons

      setting stuff on fire, while not advisable in the slightest, is a confirmed cure for boredom.

        I don't wanna burn things /o\

      Look at yourself in the mirror and do a dance. That should kill a few minutes.

        I don't like looking in the mirror.

        It's scary.

          Oh man, I looked in the mirror and there was this hideously ugly guy there, and he must have been a bit special, as he kept copying everything I did!

            I looked in the mirror and saw him as well. I think he's haunting us. Hug me.

    Reposting because I'm sure no one read it. Also I worked hard today.

    Okay guys making sure that you don’t forgettttt – so far in total there is 4 (possible 5) who will come so it will be an intimate candlelit dinner.

    I’ve added 6pm as the start time, let me know if you will be coming later – however the sooner we arrive, the sooner we can be seated so we will be meeting at the restaurant. I will be arriving there as soon as I can but text me when you arrive and I will let you know whether a name has already been put down yet. If not, congratulations, you will be helping us put the name down.

    ✖ [ Melbourne Delish Mexicana Meat!!! ] ✖
    ✪ April 26th, 2012 {Thursday} 6PM
    ✪ Mamasita, 1/11 Collins St, CBD
    ✪ Eating delicious food and drinking tequila

    ♚ Attending:
    ✤Tech Knight

    Apparently there can be a waitlist so we can turn up, go somewhere nearby/shopping/kicking dust around and come back

    I will be sending a DM around twitter – if you don’t have twitter (Tech I don’t have yours?) gimme your e-mail address and I can forward that on. It will have my phone number as I am appointing myself as the Point of Contact. I know it’s hard since I haven’t met any of you guys and you will probably be expecting a 6 feet 8 brazillian guy mugging you. (who I am not, trust me).

    Also TEQUILA.




      Put me down too please.

        And I'm trying to follow you on twitter but it says forbidden.

          Nah it's just my settings have been put on private recently - it doesn't translate well on apps. I'll send my deets on Wednesday because I'm too lazy anyway.

        And I hope they still have that chocolate chicken recipe.

      Reposting because I’m sure no one read it


        I would say that I'm jelly but I recently was linked this:

        And now that particular phrase has become a bit surreal.

        It's okay dude Batmang meat is.. 3 months away! Anyway I need to wait till Sarcasm comes back today/tomorrow so we can eat all the chocolate!

      I don't have a twitter. You can reach me on sdcdragonman[at]hotmail[dot]com

    So I finally decided to give Trials Evolution a go after hearing such wonderful things about from a lot of you wonderful people. I downloaded the trial version HD when it came out a few years back, and boy did I suck, so I decided against purchasing it (to be fair I never really gave it good go, I was distracted by a couple of other games at the time). Anyway I gave Evolution a go... and dammit after 15 minutes I bought it and am getting addicted :). I still suck quite hard, but I am having a blast at the same time.
    So if you're average at this game and want someone on your leaderboards to make you feel good feel free to add me (and if you're great at this game feel free to add me and shake your head in disgust at my times :P).
    GT: StuMan85


      FatShady's original Trials HD riddle article was what originally got me interested in the game. I too sucked at Trials HD but I also didn't have anyone on my leaderboards. As soon as I had people on my leaderboards I had the motivation to beat them and strive for better times :D

      Just added you (I'm Greenius)

      (Trjn I added you too)

        Cheers. man. I'm sure I'll get hang of it sooner or later. :D

        XBL is being a bit weird for me, so I saw the message saying that you've sent a request... I just can't see the message to accept it. I'll accept next time things are working for me :p

        Trying to get gold medals is a pain in the rectal cavity with XBL playing up. Such a pain. Nearly unplayable actually. Need a decent net connection to not make finishing races a complete agony.

    Soup + heater = sweating on a cold day

    I am so fraking tired. Actually considering getting in to bed, chucking on a movie and falling asleep.

    Bah, stupid cold weather.
    Also, hello. :D

      I just found out that Alt+Scroll Wheel works the same as Alt+Tab.

        I'm going to mow your blind:

        If you hold alt and scroll up, it's the same as Alt+Shift+Tab!

        Well, you have to press Alt + Tab, then hold Alt whilst scrolling the mouse wheel.

    Why can't my wife just understand that I can't stand reality and talent shows? She keeps trying to force me to watch them.

      I only like ones with horrible train wrecks promised.

      I never force my husband to watch stuff he hates. I just don't don't see the point. I'll enjoy it more without him being a black cloud sitting next to me, anyway.

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