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    Jordi Jordi Pssst
    You should come on TS so i can sing some queen :P

      Urgh I want to but I am playing the ps3 and the living room's wireless range is arse. WHERE CAN I BUY A GOOD WIRELESS REPEATER.


        *For dramatic effect




    Hi TAY! So, I played some Diablo 3 Beta this weekend...


      ... Geez. I've had the beta for months, and I've gotten bugger all(Mostly because it kept wiping them when it updated).

      Wow. I got to level 10 on the Barb and killed the Skeleton King, and that's about it, and that took me three hours.

      Go and surf some porn man!

    LAID on ABC is pretty good. The only thing that irritates me is the opening theme song. The singer's voice is too rough, making the title lack the 'kooky' feeling the show has. Good thing it's short.

    Yay! Finally some talent on this show. 2 bikini models jelly wrestling a midget. Best act ever!

      Ah, so it was jelly!

        A waste of jelly by the sounds of it.

          I doubt the midget would agree.

      Oh wow, that sounds pretty neat!

    Harvest moon has made my productivity drop immensely.

    Hey guys, so this is scary.

    (Seriously. It's creepy. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

      I'm pretty sure it's been linked in TAY before, and I've seen it twice before. Second time was in English, and I still almost fell out of my chair, even though I knew exactly what was going to happen... :/

        umm... i dont get it.

          oh wait.... scroll down the page!


          **...for now.

        LOL, that was me! XD

        In English

        I saw it ages ago and remembered it tonight. Searched my gmail for it as I had received it preTAY (dark, dark days). Didn't know there was a translation! I'll have to check it out.

          Yeah I found it on BCL a project zero forum

      Best comic? \o/ now to link friends for scary tiems!

      TAY gobbled my rot13 so I'll just say what I was going to...

      Wow ;_; I knew something was going to happen though because it wouldn't let me right-click > open image. I kept reading anyway...
        Another one?
        This one made me laugh though

    RAWR! silly lake of concetration again. i cant sit in one place or play one game for more than 20 minutes at a time. Starting to wonder if im add or something. BWAHAHA.

    Evening, TAY!

      and a very fine evenin' to you too Batgirl.
      & I cant think of anything else to add.

      ...carry on.

      You again?

      HI!!! o/

        So we meet again, Mr. Cakesmith.

        If you didn't read that in a Bond villain voice you're a monster.

        Also, HAI CAKEY!




          Okay holding down the shift button is annoying, i've had enough of internet yelling xD

            Dude, capslock.

              I know right, but I usually forget I have capslock on and then it looks like i'm yelling at my friends when I didn't mean to and then I feel bad D=


                My mobile phone of many years only typed in upper csae

    OK, ok, TAY. TAY. TAYbies, TAYberinos. Friends, Romans, TAYbians.

    Why do I keep trying to do digital art stuff? Seriously. I am a terrible artist, and yet, I keep giving myself projects, despite the fact that until last week I hadn't done anything artistic for five years. Help me friends, why can't I just game like a normal person?

      if Doctor Who has taught me anything, its that Van Gogh thought he was a terrible artist too.
      Him & everyone he knew!
      but well all know how that story ended - he died insane & alone & decades later, some decided that he wasnt actually that bad & now his works are worth millions!

      so yeah... you've got that to look forward to.

        I loved that episode!

        Anyway... doesn't matter if you're enjoying the digital art stuff, right? I'm terrible at tennis but I still have fun playing. xD

      you could be like me and also add sewing, knitting etc

      I like to draw! But I'm never really any good and I have very little patience and give up because I lack skillz. I think the most fun out of art is doing art with people who enjoy it. Anyone can be an artist and how you enjoy art is completely up to you!

        Start with basic shapes, then work your way up from there.
        Also, find something that interests you, and look for a how to draw thing for it.
        That's how I did it, and my drawing skills have improved slightly.
        This is coming from someone who until two years ago, couldn't draw anything other than stick figures.

          I still struggle with anything that isn't stick figures, and I'm terrible at perspective, and form. It's pretty bad.

      Play lots and lots of iSketch :D

      Also if you have a smart phone get Draw Something

    That dude on sbs right now is mental.
    'here's a box jellyfish. Its dangerous. Now i'm gonna sting myself with it for fun'

      Sounds like a use for the Jackass meme!
      "Hi i'm and welcome to Jackass!"

        err wow it see's < and anything inside of them as a tag, blah!

    So I'm playing LA Noire, seems pretty good so far. Interrogations take a bit of getting used to.

      Ah LA Noire - everything unfun in being a cop PUT IN ONE. I'm surprised there wasnt a paperwork stage.

      Otherwise there was a lot of fun when I just read Cole as a sexually confused man who cheated in order to hide his secret wish to bone Kelso.


        I made Cole a trigger happy loose cannon that destroyed thousands of dollars worth of property just driving from station to initial crime scene.

          I had a coworker who plays GTA just to get the secret cop outfit and goes around the streets helping people. I don't think he had played LA Noire then.

          But hitting and crashing people? Yeahhhhh.

          I was driving home one day and wondered if I could just turn on my siren and skip traffic.

        I knew that wasn't a gun in his pocket!

          He's just trying to show us the long arm of the law. *bow chika bow wow*

      Glad you are finding some enjoyment in it. It's a very hit or miss game. :P I really hope Rockstar makes a sequel to fix all of the little faults.

        I haven't played it yet (needs a better pc so yay this thursday hopefully!) but it's by Rockstar so by default I am going to enjoy it xD

        Well not by Rockstar, since they only published it, but you get what I mean!

      Yeah, that's how it was for me. Not too bad and seemed alright at the start. About a few hours in it started to get really annoying and really repetitive and there was soooo many little things that just annoyed me. I tried to push on and finish it but I couldn't bring myself to do it...

      But looking forward to the rest of your thoughts :D. Like Powalen said, it's a hit or miss.

      Look at dem veins pulse, man.
      We live in the future, alright.

    Fml, I ate too much. How is this possible?!

      if it is possible for you to eat to much then yes, f your l.

        Apparently so =(

          naww *pats you on the head* you just need to start training again. One buffet meal a week minimum. starting NAOW.

            Who am I, Vince Neil D=

              or you could just go to america for a month. i anticipate stretching my stomach to inhuman size. (read american size)

                Oh lawd, the land where like 3 dollars at a fast food place gives you enough to feed a starving family o.o

                  Yup, i look forward to gaining 5kg in a month. although i dont know what food is like inside comic con.

    Watching Batman Begins \o/

      Watching TAY /o\

        It's like a never ending movie. Or one of those soaps that go on forever and have millions of seasons.

        Oh my god, we're Eastenders.

          It could be worse, we could be Neighbours or worse again Home & Away!

        I'm watching the last episode of LAID, then HBO's Girls before finally watching episode 4 of Game of thrones season 2.

      Best superhero movie of all time.

        It's a tie between Batman Begins and Xmen First Class for me.

          Until Avengers and Rises that is :D

            Tomorrow Night:
            Captain America
            Iron Man
            Incredible Hulk

            iron Man 2

            Wednesday Night:
            The Avengers

              My plan is,

              Wednesday, 12:01am: The Avengers.

              Damn friends.

                What? My cinema tried to get a midnight screening but couldn't legally open because it's ANZAC Day.


                  We are special, it's pretty cool.

                  Well, except that we're, you know, "special".

      On Blu-ray?

        What am I a farmer? Of course blu ray.

        What a crazy question.

          I have only ever seen Batman Begins on VHS...

            Bet you thought you could sneak this confession in the next morning and no one would notice.

            Well I saw.

            I saw.

    Anyone know where I can get a dirt cheap 360?

      Maybe? Cheapest I could spot for gold coast region xD

      Just throwing this out there. How about... you buy a 360 and then send it to me? I can tell you if Trials is worth playing or not. :D

      Sounds like a good plan to me.

        No silly, he sends it to me since I live closer =D

      Last time I checked there was a 4GB preowned slim at EB for like $168.

      Also last time I checked Dick Smith had their 30% off thingy and Microsoft had 20% cash back on accessories. So you could get a 320GB HD with Lego Star wars for $75 or so.

      That's probably all over by now though :P

    TAYbies in the Geelong region, where could I find a cheap wooden tv tray table for use as a wheel stand for my Driving Force GT?

      Go to Reject Shop, Sams Warehouse or whatever you have down there and buy a cheapo TV unit. Sounds stupid? Here's mine[email protected]/7105932865

      Works amazingly well plus it's in wheels so easily push it into the corner when not in use.

        That's a pretty nifty idea & good use of cheap crap made out of particle board!

    @NegativeZero - o_o


    I would say that I’m jelly but I recently was linked this:

    And now that particular phrase has become a bit surreal.


    Oh yeah! It's so much better with online play (seeing the dots, having scores recorded) and having it disconnect can be super annoying... it happened to me the other day and it just hangs on "SAVING"


      I turned off the dots but damn did it get irritating when it got stuck on save.

      At first I thought it was just Trials, but then I tried playing some Skate 3 and it had issues connecting as well. XBL dropped out two or three times for me last night. Not sure exactly why but I might have to play about with the router tonight.

    Ah i'm re-watching Web Zeroes, so awesome. I wish that the guys who created it were able to do more seasons, but you get that =(

      Well that's all 13 episodes of season one down, ah such a good show!

    "I'll just play through Mass Effect 2 quickly and get a save for 3. Shouldn't take long" I said.

    45 hours later I've finished.


    Still, I don't really regret it. Now everything is fresh again.

    Wow i stayed up way to late last night, Stupid Avatar being so good, Its hard just to watch one episode. At that point it was 10.30 and i was all like man i havent watched Game of Thrones yet. I am glad i did though, We are now up to the part where i haven't read it in the book yet. But seriously i feel bad for the actor who plays joffery, i am sure he is probably a decent dude but if people see him IRL, they will be immidiately want to punch him in the face. He is seriously the most evil villian ever.He does such a good job at toeing the line between Brat and coward.

      I was worried for a moment you meant the Avatar movie.

      Joffrey epitomises backpfeifengesicht. He really does.

    I watched episode 3 of Legend of Korra yesterday. Man it was really good. Possibly the best epp so far.

      I love how there isn't any filler and its like wham bam thank you mam. For those of you who haven't watched it, do your self a favour and get the 720p Version. The quality is just unbelievably high and you can tell the artists are showing off what they can do. Those fight scenes are also a visual treat. I Think its gonna be a good series. :)

        You're adults watching a kids cartoon?


        I only watch the hardest of hardcore porn and only while covered by Swedish supermodels.

          Ouch right in the feel bads, Oh wait i have a comeback *cough cough splutter
          You sir are not a very nice person and furthermore the attitude you display towards others is unfriendly and unwanted.
          I am sorry i had to bring out the big guns but you left me no choice. When you stop crying from my harsh words we may discuss your lying behaviour and why it is unhealthy.

          Swedish Models HEY?

          *Rips off shirt*


          *Does the helicopter*

            What is the helicopter?

              it does NOT incorporate male genitalia going around in a rotary fashion...

              it's one of these
              yes i can do one of them... i'm awesome \o/

        Such a great show. They're doing two half seasons but because they didn't expect the second one, the first is definitely going to be high paced.

        They did a great job establishing Amon. The charismatic "resistance" leader. Can't wait to see what else they have in store for him.

        Even better, Young Justice season 2 starts next week! After having to wait weeks between episodes of season 1, they went straight to season 2. I wholeheartedly approve.

      Really digging the new Avatar. The only problem is that they are released so slow - I watched the original series in one big marathon, and they are so good you just want to keep watching more.

      My only disappointment so far is that we are yet to see the "MY CABBAGES" guy, but he (or a descendent) might be included later on.

        It's once a week. Fairly standard for a TV show :p

        I got into the original towards the end of season 3, which worked out perfectly for marathoning. It's just a brilliant show in general.

        As for the cabbage merchant, he went on to become an entrepreneur. Those sato mobiles (or cars for them what want to be fancy)? Some of them are cabbage mobiles, the equivalent of Model T Fords. There's a lot of lore stuff up on the official page for the series.

        Something that kind of bugs me is that almost everyone who bends knows the crazy advanced techniques from the original show. It kind of makes sense that they were new techniques that were only just being discovered by the most powerful benders. Now that some time has passed they've worked out how to pass them on to the less skilled. Yet it makes the Fire Lord and Azula seem a lot weaker when you consider that every firebender seems to be able to shoot lightning these days.

          Yeah I felt that it was a bit odd when all of those regular civilian benders were working at the power plant, shooting lightning. Lightning was a sign of awesomeness. I do like however that only the police force can use metal-bending, as they were established by Toff and therefore would have been taught by her.

            When they showed the cops metal-bending, I figured that meant that they only hired the elite. That's somewhat diminished now because they haven't shown that it's exclusive to the cops. They're just the only ones we've seen use it so far.

            The weird thing is that pro-benders fatigue crazily quick. That doesn't seem to go well with how powerful everyone is now.

            Also, it's Toph :p

              I think Pro-bending could be better. The competition is not that 'bendy' in my opinion. I hope they improve on it in some way or make it more physical.

    People that need to be shot #221

    Pull into a servo with your diesel ute, only one other person there, happily filling their car with unleaded. In front of the diesel pump. Seriously? Couldn't grab any of the other 8 pumps? 

      Don't shot them at the fuel station though, Might cause an ASS-SPLOSION

        It's okay if it's Michael Bay your shooting though. It's how he'd want to go...

      Eugh I know! Also the people who hog the back pump instead of using the front lot and don't move their vehicle for the person behind them when they go to pay so the person behind them can get to the only diesel pump.

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