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    Looks like another productive day of reading. "Stretches" Man this is tough.

      Dude, don't push it. You really need to pace yourself.

        True, true. I will be sure to take regular breaks to bum around on the internet for while.

          good man.

          I hate to be the bad guy but I'm just looking out for your well-being


    The worst thing about Friday is realising that it's only Tuesday.

    Oh wait, today IS my Friday \o/

      \o/ Same, FRIDAY FIVE o/

      anzac day tomorrow, then driving to Melbourne again to sign the Lease for my house \o/ i'm okay with this \o/

        you guts are bastards.

        Also - pixel, YOU'RE MOVING OUT OUR WAY?!!?!?!?


    I started on Gigatrack last night. Got down to about 6 faults and just under 9 minutes to finish the track.

    I will have a gold medal in the next two days. I hope you enjoy your leaderboard times while they last :D

    Then I'm going after Fatshady.

      Best of luck.

      I'm not even going to bother yet. Going to try tackling the other, much easier, stages for now. Gigatrack is too much Trials for me. I'm simply not man enough.

        Gigatrack is too much Trials for me. I’m simply not man enough.

        Wait until you reach the EXTREME tracks... :/

      "Casually checks leaderboards" Still beating everyone but Shady and Sughly.
      Oh I tremble in fear to be sure :P

        And who is right behind you on those leaderboards? ;)

          "and who is right behind you" I think is around the top 10 of Pez's most spoken statements.

            it is.... followed by "SURPRISE!!!"

              Actually, it's followed by *ziiiiiiiiiip* and THEN 'SURPRISE!'

              But you were close.

                aaah, i thought the *ziiiiiiiiiiiip* pre-empted the "And who is right behind you"...
                well don't i look like a goose now ^.^

                  Sometimes they start running so this way is easier - if they do a runner I don't get caught with my tackle out in a crowded supermarket.

                  Not that such a thing has ever happened... >.>

      nice work man.
      I haven't had much time at all with trials evo just yet.. :(

      Can't wait to see this gigatrack, though :P


    So I played some more Resident Evil: ORC. I honestly wish I hadn't bothered buying it, but it's too late now.

    I keep saying I'm done with Capcom, then I fall for another of their traps. I hadn't been paying attention and didn't realise I was only buying half a game. Should have waited for a collected edition.

      you can't return it?
      Trade it in for space marine?????

      I played it at the Capcom event and i just assumed i was playing some early Beta. Turns out i was playing the full game :(

        Not quite the full game as half is being held for ransom on the PSN.

        On the plus side, at least you can run and gun.

          Unfortunately cutting out content to sell later has become a bit of a forte for Capcom. The good news is that people are finally starting to wise up and not buying these games. I personally don't buy any game that has DLC already on the disc and just sells me a code. Capcom seem to almost rub it in our face with their character select screen in SFxT


      Award for most underrated comment goes to.....

      CHULOOPA! Take a bow, son.

    Looks like I'll have to do some hardware rearrangement on my PC tomorrow, my graphics card looks like it's having fan issues being at the bottom of the case. Hopefully my hard drives can be properly shifted around. Anytime I play a game now I hear a loud rattling, worst when I play HD Morrowind, not good.

      Your son is letting you down....

        I built him, if anything I blame myself, he needs surgery from complications due to another operation I did on him :(

      Jet Engines are how you know things are working.
      You don't want to be all "This is so silent I don't even know if this is on /o\" and accidentally push the power button again or something.

      Its funny i can play most modern games at a steady frame rate on high settings and i barely hear my PC fan. Boot minecraft and open a world WHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Seriously it sounds like a plane taking off.

        I have a similar thing happen with World of Warcraft. Battlefield 3 maxed out. Nothing. World of Warcraft login screen, computer tries to blast off in to space.

    Mornin' TAY!
    Running off a tethered phone this morning cause I'm trying to fix the WAN link of the site I'm at. By "trying to fix" I mean "hitting the router with a laptop in the hopes it makes it work".
    So, what has everyone got planned for tonight/tomorrow with the day off? I plan to get ready for the meat and RDR/Trials like crazy.

      Have you tried turning it off and on again?

      I will be playing the shit out of gigatrack. It if my week's mission.

      bee is having friends stay over tonight, so i doubt i'll get to play much of any trials :(
      I'll probably be getting a start on my next bloody assignment...

      I will be attempting to start over in EVE Online. Weeeeee!

        What is that game like anyway?
        It looks pretty epic in scale...

          I only played a little of it during my trial but I'm commiting this time. It's pretty crazy how in-depth it is. As I said on TS last night, if there's going to be one thing that becomes a real-life Matrix it will be EVE.

          Pyrean and Gorzy have a heaps of experience with it.

            I've always been tempted to give EVE a go, as it looks pretty awesome, but I'm still not a fan of subscriptions.

            I played EVE once for 15 minutes. A friend of a friend was showing off his new ship, which was apparently pretty good. He gave me a go in some friendly territory just flying around and seeing what it looked like. He went to get more beers, and somehow I warped/traveled to another area where pvp was on. His ship, which apparently he had spent $100 and many hours on was destroyed. I thought it was hilarious, till he said that ships don't just resurrect. He hasn't talked to me since. :/

            I played a bit with the trial. I do like the game, I think it's different and interesting and in depth. But it's not overly "exciting" and takes A LOT of time. I think it will very quickly become a chore.
            The controls take a lot of getting used too as well. It's not very intuitive to being with.

        I don't think I've ever been so bored playing a game as I was when I tried to play EVE.

          Yeah, the scope is awesome but how they managed to make space combat and exploration that dull I will never know.


            Possibly the greatest review ever.

              I prefer this one

            Space exploration IS boring though?

              Each to their own, I just did not enjoy it in the long term.

      Watch the following:

      6:00pm - Captain America
      8:30pm - Iron Man

      12:00pm - Incredible Hulk
      2:30pm - Iron Man 2
      5:00pm - Thor
      9:30pm - The Avengers

        That seems like a good plan, I might go out and get the bluray movies and watch them with my grandad tomorrow. Of course the footy is on so we will have to watch that first. But Seems like a fun plan :)

          Some quick research last night said that this would be the chronological order to watch them in. I'm rather looking forward to it.

      I will be furiously trying to finish my assignments so that I have the weekend off for monomeat! Not a very exciting day off, but you didn't say it had to be! :D

    I see there is still problems with TAY not showing some comments until you're "signed in", or so to say...

    Hey I'm having a few issues with my computer.
    When I turn it on, sometimes it'll just restart itself with no warning.
    It then says windows didn't start properly. That's all I got.

      Format! Always fixes all problems!

        eh, but that requires deleting things.

          ALWAYS FIXES ALL PROBLEMS. But really, don't just do that as it's potentially avoiding hardware issues that will just reappear.

      Try safe mode? If it stays on then it could be a software/driver issue?

        It's confusing as it doesn't happen every time.
        I just tried to de fragment the disc. Disc de fragment won't even open.
        Now I'm a little concerned.

      If you get presented with the menu offering safe mode etc, after it fails, see if there's an option called 'diasble restart on system failure' and choose that. If it's restarting without warning, it's likely blue screening and restarting, but doing so quick you won't even see it.

      Selecting that option will stop the system rebooting if it is encountering a blue screen of death, and at least let you see the issue.

      Look for a mention of a file name down near the bottom, like something.sys or something.dll, and this could indicate a driver causing the issue. Also, look for a line in upper case up the top which will be words seperated with underscores like IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, etc etc.

      Either one of these could help you pinpoint the issue, but won't help if you can't get it started in safe mode to remove/disable what's causing the problem.

      Alternatively, formatting fixes everything, but is the lazy man's way out.


      Have a wander through the event viewer.

      Install nirsoft bluescreenview and see if there are any bluescreens causing this.

      Failing that, it's most likely hardware. Perhaps the PSU or Mobo.

        I'll try this as I can't predict when it'll next reset

      Here comes the blame game...!

        'As he was undressing, the man put the weapon down, which the child then grabbed and fired at him from close range.'

        I blame the idiot for putting the gun down where the child could reach it.

      I blame Microsoft

      So when are we banning children?

      Those little shits ruin everything.

        this sounds like the only sensible thing to do!

      I blame negligent behaviour on the father's behalf and a spoiled little turd with a lack of understanding regarding the permanence of death.

        I blame vidya gaems.

          but dem vidya gaems wernt involved. In fact, that was the problem.
          if anything, playing games would've resulted in the guy not being killed.

          not blaming anyone. would've been preventable had the guy not left the gun within the kids reach.
          just sad.

            I haven't actually read the article yet...

              wouldnt bother. its 3 short paragraphs that say - kid wanted playstation, dad didnt buy one, kid found dads gun & shot him.

    Yo smart TAYbies. You may recall i was waiting to get paid to start building my new PC. Well i got paid and I'm gonna start doing it! Anyway, this is what I'm building based on everyone's recommendations

    Apparently the i7 is a better idea than the i5. Also, should i go for more RAM?

      i7 is better than i5, but generally speaking isn't necessary/not worth the price difference. A Sandy (2nd gen) i5-2500K works pretty bloody well at stock, and can be overclocked well without too much trouble. That cooler should be adequate for some average overclocking.

      Rest of it looks pretty good to me!

      Also, 8GB of PC-1600 DDR3 is plenty!

      8Gbs of ram is plenty, The green Hardrives are terrible though they are VERY prone to failure. I would probably go for a different HDD and do you really need 128gb solid state, I only use mine for operating system and use my 2gb Drive for everything else. You won't really notice the change it has on games either.

        I still honestly believe SSD's are more trouble than they're worth. Just fork out and get a good 2TB SATA drive. SSD's barely make any noticeable difference on a modern mid to high-end system, and all they do is place constraints and limitations on where and how you store your data. Also, limited life span and excessive cost - I don't dig it.

        I disagree with WD Greens being prone to failure though - I've installed and sold a bunch of them in the last couple of years, and had not one failure I was aware of. They are slower than standard drives however, something along the lines of 5700rpm from memory. That's why they're green, they save power that way.

          I am only going off past experience as you have said you actually do work with computers and I do not so I am more inclined to think you are right but a few friends of mine decided to use the green drives and they lasted like 6 months.

            Yeah it's just people's experience I guess - I might've just been really lucky, maybe they were just really unlucky? Hard to gauage what's commonplace and what's not really.

          They make a huge difference to boot and load times.

          Agree on the WD Green drives too, I've got dozens and haven't had any fail. Seagate's green drives are shit though.

            I've had 2 WD Green Drives fail in under 12 months.

          I am actually regretting getting my solid state. It was pretty expensive and noit that noticable of a difference. 10 second boot time is pretty cool though

          The change from a 7200rpm drive to a SSD for me made a MASSIVE difference to game load times (as well as the noticable difference to system boot times).

          I don't know what config you must be using if you've not had any changes from using a SSD.

            It's more an issue of whether the cost and inherent storage limitations of an SSD (ie, having to monitor where things are installed, to which drive, etc) are worth the performance increase. SSD's definitely make a difference, I just don't think they make enough of a difference. Apart from boot times, I've rarely seen any difference in anything loading, games or otherwise that's more than a few seconds quicker here and there. I think SSD's are a bit of a 'Whoa, I got an SSD! Check this shit out!' for a lot of people.

            But, that's just my opnion - I know plenty of people that are more than happy with them. At the end of the day, Ruffleberg can buy whatever he wants, I guess!

              Can't argue with that, SSD bang for buck is certainly beyond a joke at present.

                Yeah, cost is the only reason I haven't chucked an SSD in mine yet. Still, my config works well:
                1TB OS Drive - Windows 7, Microsoft Office, other random utilities.
                2TB Steam/Origin Drive
                2TB TV Shows drive
                1TB TV Shows drive
                2TB Movies drive
                1TB drive - 500GB music partition/500GB games partition

                And then there's the externals :P

                If they were a lot cheaper, or bigger I'd be more inclined to go for one. With the way memory is headed these days, hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer!

                  I use an SSD just for the Windows install.
                  It's a low end 60gb SSD just for windows and random crap
                  so my comp looks like this
                  60GB SSD - Windows 7, Office etc..
                  1TB WD Black for all my programs and games, steam, solidworks, photoshop etc etc.
                  2TB Green for Photos and Moview
                  2TB Green for TV Shows
                  500GB HD which used to me my old HD. I don't really use it but it's there

                  As for your list Ruffleberg, I would get a slightly larger PSU. Not a big issue now but for $30 more you'll have enough power to run dual GFX cards or multiple hard drives if you ever want to in the future.

                  As for the hard drives, I wouldn't bother running programs off an SSD, the only improvement you'll get is slightly quicker load times. The WD Black drives are fast enough for that and you get far more storage. If you can avoid it, use the Green drives only for file storage, photos, videos, music etc.

      Drop the 2TB green drive and get a 2TB 7200rpm drive. I've also had nothing but bad experiences with WD drives.

      Increase PSU to a 650w minimum.

      4GB of RAM is plenty for gaming. You won't need more unless you are using RAM intense programs like video rendering software, audio software etc.

      I'm also not a fan of Asus Mobos but that's just personal preference.

      i7 on paper is better than i5. Most games however are not optimised to use the full capabilities of an i7 CPU.

      Only bother with the 3rd party CPU fan if you are going to OC.

        I remember you giving me another list, but i can't find the picture, was it in last weeks TAY or the one before that?

      Ditch the Crucial SSD for the Intel 330. Cheaper, more reliable and with a better warranty. Use the $20 saved to upgrade that PSU to the modular version so you don't have a mess of cables all through the system.

      8gb RAM is fine. i7 isn't worth it.

        Actually ideally I'd get a bigger, higher-end PSU. Seasonic or similar, something with 80Plus Gold certification, at least 600W. Gives you more room to fiddle with components later.

      I probably should have mentioned that i also plan to record gameplay. Probably not in HD, but maybe.

        If you're going with FRAPS then just make sure you have a 1TB 7200rpm drive (that WON'T be saving on the same drive as that of the game you're playing).

          ^ This.

          1TB minimum too. FRAPS is a bit of a whore when it comes to space.

            You want to record 20 minutes well that's a nice 12 gig you have there it would be a shame if i were to use it all.

              A lot more than that in HD, rocket. I use approx. 4GB for 20 seconds of FRAPS footage.


      WHY LIE

      Well you've certainly come to the wrong place. Off to a good start! :)


      put a whole new spin on that statement


        Typing in caps is indeed awesome. It's the only way one can accurately say,


      Hey Jordi, just reposting from my reply on the meat, I haven't got a twitter, you can reach me on sdcdragonman[at]hotmail[dot]com

        Thanks, I'll be sending out a message with my deets tomorrow (since I'm lazy). /o/ food yeaaahhh

    Okay just checked. Last time I had a blue screen with in January.
    What should I do now?

      Throw it out the window.

        I don't know why but when someone suggests 'throw it out the window' for PC problems I always laugh or at least smile.

        I also smile when someone suggests 'touching her shoulder' in a relationship thread.

          I'm the backup IT guy at my work (as in when the normal person isn't here, people pester me when things asplode). "Throw it out the window" and "must be computer gremlins" are my standard responses before I even hear what the problem is.

            You don't start with "What did you do this time?"

            I have one of the guys at work what must carry around rare earth magnets or something, if he looks at tech it can break. So that is my standard response for him

        I have done that. =P
        I mean that must mean it's a hardware problem right?

          not necessarily... could be windows being spastic, i would recommend the first course of action to be re-formatting before jumping to conclusions (or fixing windows but that takes effort and time) save all your stuff (music, photos, downloads, videos, steamapps) and go again... if it still does it after that, yeah, there's a hardware problem... PSU or RAM would be the first things i'd check

            Looks like it's windows being spastic.
            Gah, I hate backing up.

              i always keep backups... i've had HDD failing on me before, losing everything.... EVERYTHING... not fun having to re-acquire all my music and especially photos...
              get a external drive and just run a scheduled copy before you go to bed at night or something... keep files in both places and keeps you out of trouble if stuff goes pear-shaped

      Virus/Spyware/Malware scan.

      Are you sitting at your computer when it restarts? It's not caused by windows updates etc is it?

      Check event viewer for any messages around the time of the restarts, especially any mention of the system experiencing an unexpected shutdown/restart (can't remember the exact wording but that basically indicates nothing software-wise caused the reboot).

      Then back your stuff up, reformat and install from scratch.

      If that still doesn't fix it then it's hardware.

        It says windows didn't start properly.

          Microsoft Windows security auditing. This is what caused it to restart this morning.

            So plug that exact error into google and see what it comes back with :)

              Its funny people ask me to fix there computers. I find out what the problem is and type it in google then try the suggestions. 80% of the time it works all the time.

          Dear scree
          Blame Pez. It's the Omni-Solution.
          Uncle Freeze

            It used to be "Blame lambo" before Pez came back. Don't worry, I'm not upset :P

            Dear Scree,
            Ignore uncle Freeze. He's getting senile in his old age.


      My laptop had a fried HDD due to a blue screen. It would stay at the windows XP logo screen forever and I lost all hope.Good luck :(

    Dear 14 year old me,
    I know at the time you probably thought it was really cool to have a email address that made you look cool while talking on Msn. However in later life this decision will screw you over, when giving people your email address. You will get on your knees and pray to Bill gates for taking over hotmail and letting you make a alias email account that has your real name. Did anybody else have this problem?

      i had this issue, then i switched to a gmail account with a "proper" name, so i don't look like a premature twat when i hand it out to people :P

      My first email account involves Pokemon.

        [email protected]

        Get it? Because articuno? Yeah?

        My first email address. It lasted about two weeks until I was banned from using the library computers in primary school after leaving it logged in and another kid decided to send emails from it to whoever he damn well pleased.


        My first email account (which has been gathering dust for a long time) involved smurfs

        Mine involved an rpg... my second one when I thought it sounded good and now my mum laughs at me everyday.

          maybe not everyday. But anytime we talk about the interwebs (rare) she giggles to herself.

            Haha that's great My old one involved a story about me cross dressing which was funny story the time.

              My friend has one that was based off a horrendous fanfic and her mum was all "why is your e-mail [email protected]?"

                Was it about a wolf suddenly appearing?

                  Or some sort of indian resturant that used wolf instead of chicken in their recipes.

          I get laughed at everyday, and people don't even know my emails!

            Aw honey, they're laughing with you! I think...

              Yeah honey you are great don't ever change. You are perfect the way you are sweety pie

            Bish, we've been through this. You left your TV on during a Sitcom. That canned laughter was coming from the TV.

              The voices come from the picture box what is this sorcery /o\

      I went through a handful of hotmail accounts until I set up two gmails. The normal one, that I use for chatting with friends and what have you and the formal one (with my real name in the address) that I use for job applications and any correspondence where they might not look too kindly on seeing something from a trjnrabbit.

      Then I bought my own domain, so that I have a few basically unused emails with One day I'll transition to them properly, but it's just so damned hard to get away from an old email.

        I do hate how hard it is to change from an old email. All those subscriptions and accounts and lost password recovery etc... It's worse than moving house.

          Losing my main email account is a terrifying prospect.

          I should really start to get things lined up so that it isn't an issue. Somehow I doubt I'll do anything until it's too late. Good thing that I've got multiple emails going already, so I can just jump ship to one that's already active.

      Yup I did the same thing, so I made an email account with gmail which is my "offical" one.

        Nice Plan, I really should of shifted over to Gmail ages ago but everything is tied to my email now so may as well keep it.

      Mine is pretty awful too.
      I made it in year 8. I'm now almost 25.
      this is why I use a professional sounding gmail account for all my important stuff like banks and jobs etc, and my old hotmail one for newsletters, website logins and game accounts.

    Do you guys think the getting revenge on your murdered family plot line is the new lone hero saving the world cliché?

    It seems many games releasing nowadays have a plot that tries to buy your emotions with dead or missing family members and it's becoming tiring to some extent.

    One could say it's because gamers are older and have families, so they are more likely to relate to such characters but when is it too much?

    Maybe I'm just heartless, who knows? Thoughts?

      All hero storylines can pretty much be traced to one book

        I've always wanted to read that book after an English teacher mentioned it in high school.

      I don't know like i have lost a close family member and its really emotional. I don't know what i would do if i was put in that situation. But yeah sometimes it goes a little too far. Just my opinion though. Losing loved ones does crazy shit to people.

      I think the real tragedy is emo heroes are now back in fashion (MY PARENTS ARE DEAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDD)

        This makes me want a Turbonegro themed game.


        The opening scene is the PC loading up on more heroine than humanly possible

        The thing is, i remember feeling like that when i lost my dad. He is part of the reason i loved scfi as a kid, it gave me hope that one day i could get into a time machine and save him. You aren't trying to be emo, its just you don't want to do anything or talk to anyone and nobody not even your family relates. I think these stories are somewhat accurate to these peoples emotional states well the good ones anyway.

          Rocketman... *pulls you into a gruff hug*

            The sad part is i couldn't even get out of one of your hugs if i tried sigh
            Also its okay, It was a long time ago now.

              would you like one of my sexy hugs?
              They now come with 10% more body hair! :D

              MMmmmmm warm and toasty!

                Only 10% more body hair?

                How hairy does that make Harli?

                  sooooooo hairy

                  especially butts

          Interesting that you mentioned time travel, Rocket.

          Look up Ronald Mallet.

            Wow that is really interesting. Thanks Flu Flu

              You read the "Early Life" section on Wikipedia?

                Yeah I did, i felt exactly like that when i was a kid. I wanted to be a inventor so bad so that i would make a time machine and warn my dad. I sose it was my coping mechanism, as it was his. He funnelled all his energy into it and is now a brilliant world renound scientist. I wonder if he would of been so pasionate without his loss?

                  Yeah, that's a good point. Would he have excelled in the same field, a different field, or not excelled at all..?

          Rocketman! *gives a giant hug better than everyone especially loops*

      I want a game where the antagonist kicked my dog.



      The protagonist is obviously Samuel L Jackson.

        Obviously, you see him kick your dog, but he speeds off in his black bad guy car, so then you go on a bloody killing spree to avenge your kicked dog!

          That basically explains my experience of Fable 2.

          To explain if you were evil people would kick your dog. This would send me into a blinding rage slaughtering all the inhabitants of the town. They had it coming I say.

            Man.. maybe i'm onto something!!
            I'm like the new Peter Molydeux!!!

            I'M PETER MOLYLOOPS!!!!

              Well we were going to tell you later but now's as a good of time then any.

              You are actually a clone of Peter Molydeux

                so this is what it feels like when the doves cry....

        That actually sounds cool in a crazy kind of way. I've always liked scenarios where someone freaks out over minor issues. For example The protagonist stubs his toe on a piece of furniture and decides to go on a rampage against all furniture, destroying tables, chairs etc. The final boss battle will be a tree in the rain forest.

          If a tree is felled in the forest, and there is only one crazy mo fo around to hear it, does it make pre orders?!?!!

          Yes, yes it does.


    Thought I had a tutorial today at 12pm (to make up for the one I missed yesterday) but it turns out it's a 4pm. YEAAAAAAH.

      *smashes through wall*



          We got another on guys

          We'll get right on that, after we've finished patching up all those holes in the wall that Harli made.

      Hey Boobs Mcgee

        It's Tits McGee. Or Chesty La Rue. Or Jugs McMelons.

        Get it right, sheesh.

          Its funny because your boobs aren't even your defining feature in the slightest.

            Blame bouncy and bountiful female character design. That's where the names came from.

              Also, I feel slightly offended. MY POOR CHEST.

              Wait, my most defining feature is that I'm short, isn't it?

                I was going to say your pretty swishy dress and the fact that you look like a 1950's librarian. But now that you mention it.

                Look on the bright side, at least he didn't call you fat, or insinuate that you raped your boyfriend...

                Oh, Rocketman.

            Rocketmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, you might want to start filtering yourself sometime soonish.

      I remember my second semester of uni, i totally mixed up one of my lecture times and just randomly showed up to the wrong one. Since it was only week 1, no one knew each other and i had no idea i was at the wrong class for about 15 mins.

      I ended up staying for the whole 2 hours. Mostly because i had a few hours to kill before my actual lecture started, and because it was a class on engineering and i could pretend to be smart while nodding at the lecturer.

    You are a selfish cell. The only one in your space. You are the begining.

    After mitosis, you become angry and jealous of your new daughter cells, entering your world to outshine you. So you murder them through osmosis, bringing them back into you, only for you to split in two again.
    The war is never ending.

    The game ends when the mother is overwhelmed by the quickly replicating ancestors whom form a single tear rolling down a mothers cheek.

    Has anybody read the death threats article posted today.
    He said that most of the most severe threats-the ones that Call of Duty publisher Activision’s internal security team would take action on-came from underage gamers, fans technically too young to buy the M-rated Call of Duty on their own. “We would have an agent contact their family, he said, “and inform them of the type of communication they were sending, which was always very entertaining.”

    Man I would love to hear recording of those calls. Or even better the talking to the annoying little turds would get afterwards

      You should've saw what happened when I went to JB last weekend, these kids that didn't even look 12 were asking me to buy prototype 2 for them and that they'd pay me back. I shook my head in disappointment after saying no. It's really sad that the too-young demographic has hit gaming so hard due to stupidity from parents and sellers alike.

        Well on the bright side (well slightly less dark side) at least that hadn't been able to just walk up and buy it from JB, so some of the controls seem to be working there.

        But reading some of the comments just sounds like the absolute pinnacle a entitled little turds. It is my opinion that you should support dedicated servers and since you are not, I'm going to send you photos of your kids with a threat to kill them.
        If it wasn't a complete and utter waste of resources I would love to have police go out to each of the houses and question them in relation to death threats and scare the jeebus out of them

    You are a woman's breast - staring at men
    You tilt your six axis to control jiggle, bending their minds to do your bidding.
    No one suspects the breasts

    I am finding it very hard to resist the siren's song of Prototype 2.
    I really enjoyed the first one, finishing it a few times, but I am low on funds and heading overseas in a couple of weeks, so the smart thing would be to wait.
    But I don't know if I can. The fact that I could spend all night tonight and all day tomorrow playing it has gotten me all antsy.
    Plus I have some sort of $25 off at Game type coupon.
    By Talos, the temptation is killing me.
    *starts frothing at the mouth*

      I've been cunningly avoiding it under my large, comfy rock as of late.

      Is it better than its predecessor? I loved the first one but it did have its cons. One of the first games I've played that actually made me feel like I was a real superpowered badass.

        Apparantly it has the exact highs and lows of the first game.
        Gameplay is awesome and the ability to travers NYC is lots of fun and you really feel like you are developing into a super powered badarse.
        Having said that, the story is apparntly very basic, even thought they were really trying to push the emotive feel of this character, apparantly after about half an hour to an hour, he just feels like a reskinned Mercer.
        While some of the cityscape details has improved, apparantly a lot of the fighting and enemies look exactly like the first game.
        Basically,, it is just more of the first game, with only slight improvements, however, seeing as I absolutely loved the first, I feel I am going to be happy with this version to.

          Also, apparantly some of the difficulty in feeling for the guy is the fact that every second word he utters is a swear word.
          Hey, if I had just been turned into a freak and experienced what he did, I am pretty sure I would be doing a fair amount of cursing as well.

      Oh has that been released, wow. I never got to finish the first it always bugged out on PC for me D=

    @BatGirl; Re: Web Zeroes, It's a show about 3 friends trying to get famous on the internet. It's pretty lulsy, especially when Bobby King "King of the Internet" gets involved.

    Sorry didn't reply earlier I went to bed just after I posted that I had finished it

    It made me realise how awesome the internet shows I use to watch were and how I miss them. Them being The Leet World, Pure Pwnage (please do not bring up the TV series, it made me weep) & Web Zeroes.. Maybe I need to go on a quest & find some new ones!

      The TV series of Pure Pwnage was better than some of the later online stuff, where it got a bit wacky.

        Oh season 2 of Pure Pwnage, mostly sucked. It was a tragedy it came to an abrupt end when the actor who played T-Bag died in a car accident, Jarrett always promised us fans we'd see a finale for the web series, I think it is safe to say we're never going to, which is rather sad. But probably best to let it rest than to resurrect it and ruin it even more.

        I will say I didn't like how they portrayed Doug in the TV series they made him seem like a total dumbass & no Dave, I was sad man, so sad D= but yeah it was mostly better than the second season of the web series.

      I really miss The Leet World :(

        Yeah, it was a great machinima. They would've continued if they could've made money off it, cause it was so time consuming, which is why they did Web Zeroes endorsements & revenue made it viable for them, which I understand.

    Ever since that trip to the gym where I almost blacked out, I've made a point to eat regular meals and whatnot.

    Then I skipped breakfast today because I was running late to work /o\

    So I bought a muffin from the place I get my coffee! \o/

    It was oozing with warm berry goodness. And muffinness. \o/

      Good, Bunny.

      Have a cookie*

      *cookie not included.

    Im going to Europe for 1-2 months!
    starting in December or February...
    thats all the information I have at the moment, though I'm rather keen on the idea.

    that is all.

      My jealousy is palpable.

      Like jelly with lots of pulp, except spelt with an a.

      That's awesome! Going with friends/families or doing it lone wolf style?

      Europe. Can I just die of jealousy now?

        I just got a call from my brother saying 'I know this is a bit of a random question, but do you wanna come to Europe with me for a few months?'
        So I dunno who's going other than the bro & I, but either way is sounds awesome :D

      Go to denmark, i hear that's great... not that i was born there or anything... you should hit up Lego land in Billund... and Tivoli in Copenhagen... and then stop by my house and walk my dog


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