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    Gah.. stupid thread moderation for new names...

    Dear people I was borderline-grumpy with last night,

    Apologies. I am not used to your aggressive play. It does not meld well with my defensive nature of playing it safe.So everytime you guys do something I wouldn't, I really cannot understand why you would do that, which is frustrating.
    That said, I still think there is the occassional derp, but eh.

    Kind Regards,
    The Fabulous Taric.
    I am outrageous.

      Haha, it's as if you don't think you're 100% surly, 100% of the time.

      Freyr being too aggressive or was it another?

        This was the second game.
        Steve-O, Pyrean, Rocketman.
        Many times, it paid off.
        Other times... it did not.

          2 out of 3 of them are mega aggressive players by design.

        I am never aggressive, what are you saying.

      But..but I was 4/0/3 ten minutes in?

      You're right though, once I got ahead I took even worse risks and proceeded to go 4/4/3 in the next 5 minutes. We pulled through though! It was a good win.

      Also, I didn't even know you were grumpy :/

    I am confused guys,
    I have at least another 8 months of living in my town, I can live them out in my grandparents 2 bedroom apartment or move out and find my own place. I have saved enough and i am sure i would be able to live comfortably. I just don't know, I am planning on moving at the end of the year from here. SHould i trial run or should i just keep saving money and move at the end of the year. I am pretty comfortable where i am now and i feel my grandparents are strangely good for me.

      I would be saying to stay as well. Not sure but generally it will take you at least a month if not more to find somebody and get all your lease/bond randomness sorted.
      You are also probably going to have trouble only getting a 6 month lease, a majority of them would want 12 months and only asking for 6 months will put you at the bottom of the pile.
      Rather than jump straight from living with relies to on your own maybe you should try saving the equal amount that it would cost you to live away from home. The full rent, utilities and food just to get you accustomed to having less disposable income.

      Save money rocket!
      But it might be a good idea to try to be more independent whilst you're still there. See if you can chat to them and see what they say?

    Work is talking of cancelling my leave. Seriously considering taking stress and sick leave in it's place if it's revoked.

    The joys of not giving a f*** if I lose my job.

      You want a Rocketman hug, I warn you, you may never look at me the same afterwards. In all seriousness that is bullshit, work shouldn't be able to do that if they already approved it.

      Whaaaat? On what grounds?

        A staff member who works under me resigned and is finishing up and so they're going to cancel my week and a half of leave to cover for her vacant position for one day.

        This will mark the third time in two years that they've cancelled my leave a week before it was due to cover for someone else (including cancelling my leave to cover for my boss to THEN put in for leave).

          Just go "OK!" with a double thumbs up and then take the leave as planned.

          Pretty sure you're justified in telling them to fuck off. If they've cancelled leave on you that frequently and it's just to cover a single day, then they're doing a pretty terrible job of running the place.

          Tell them you've made bookings and that they have to pay for cancellation fees and whatnot if you cannot go. It might be bullshit but it's a decent bluff.

            Already told them I have plans that I can't cancel without extreme hardship, waiting to hear back now.

            Maaaan, I'd love to tell them to fuck off. Some day soon, hopefully.

              Well it looks like I'm cancelling my Friday's of leave. so I get 5 of the 7 days I requested.

              I guess I can take that, gives me 5 days for looking for a new job instead of 7!

                I guess that's somewhat okay.

                Although I guess this means you have to go in on a Friday after having not worked the whole week? Can't say I'd be looking forward to that if I was you.

      Why the hell would they do that? =/

      Sounds like you really need the break from the place, so they sound like a bunch of big jerks.

      Tell them to shove it and if they ask where crotch chop them.

    Apparently for many humans at my work, their human minds can only perform the tasks of sending emails and never reading the replies I send them... so frustrating.

    I almost replied to this latest one with "WHAT DID I F#$ING JUST TELL YOU YESTERDAY!?"

      Maybe they're like animals and need to be taught the same thing over & over again and give them a biscuit when they do the correct thing so they keep on doing it?

        lol I should suggest that to my team leader :P

          They might even work harder knowing there is a treat in it for them! I know most do when incentives are offered. Us humans are a odd bunch.

            Indeed you are, incentives are good, but the usual incentive is "We'll keep paying you for doing a proper job". Right now they're basically what I call "handballers" basically just not talking with the customer at all and dropping the problem and responsibility entirely onto us. That's not why we have them in the first place!

              SMBC did that one well

              The other one that annoys me is people who reply to every email with thanks.

      I once had someone give me a 5 minute lecture on how I, as the market intelligence person, should keep people informed, and like, send out a weekly digest, or do an internal podcast, because she felt that I was useless to her.

      I told her to open her email and read the market intelligence summary that I had sent around on Friday. And moonwalked out of there

      To her credit, she did apologise.

        Oh that's a burn! Nothing like a classy exit from an INYOFACE moment
    Have reply chains looked like this for a while, or is this new?

      I think you are tripping, looks nothing like that to me.

      mine still glue to the left on the last two reply chains

      I hope so because that's exactly what I wanted. :) Can't see a difference on the mobile site though.
      What browser are you using, you don't have rounded corners on your buttons? :o

        Sounds like he might be using IE, it generally has issues with css that rounds the corners.
        Well at least they seem to be looking into the issue and trying to fix it

      mine look nothing like that!

        That's because you're a girl!

        Wait... we're talking about different things again aren't we...

    following #35 announcing trip to europe, i just realised that i have not been back home for more then 5 years....
    huh... maybe i should work on that?... eh Europeisboringanyway
    *runs away from flying debris*

      I thought Russia & it's surrounding ex-USSR countries were interesting.. But that's about it.

        I'm quarter Russian, so by definition you also think I am interesting.

        Thanks guy!

          No worries! One of my mates is half Russian, he was born in St Petersburg. Sadly he lacks the Russian accent, but he does do a hilarious fake one.

        i think it's just the whole "i was born there so what?" - thing... i was excited as all hell the first time i went to Sydney... my first trip to Paris however was met with extreme amounts of "Meh" and *yaaaaaaawn*

          I'd be excited if I went to Sydney* xD

          *Never been further north than Gympie or further south than Ballina, oh yeah i'm well travelled!

            Quickly, hop on a plane now and come to the monomeat!

              If I could afford said plane ticket sure! But alas no funds = limited things Virus can do D=

                Ply-wood, canvas, Lawn mower engine = Improvised Wright Brother Flyer....
                good idea? Best idea?

                  This is certainly a good idea, brb taking out life insurance!

      I went around Europe a yew years back, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine.

      Fun times

        Yew Years?

      Wait, you mean you're not Aussie?
      I... what?
      Could have fooled me /o\

        i know, the missing front teeth, akubra and done up VY Ute was quite a devious cover

          Oh no! Are you going to teach impressionable children your weird alien funky customs!?

            well i do work around children


            and are by no means doing anything as described above

            phew dodged that one

    MK ordered and shipped. Now i know what it feels like to be a hardened criminal.

    Also, if you have MK and want to be pwned (double flawless victory every match) then go ahead and add me.



          cool. if I can find the tiny card with the online pass thing, I'll give it a go.

      where did you end up getting it from?

        Ozgameshop have a sister site called 365games they still sell all the banned games AND have free shipping to Australia.

      Don't worry everyone, it'll be like when he pwned me at BLOPS.

      (He didn't)

        I think what is going on here is a almost fatal case of Jellyitis.

    Good Afternoon TAY.

    Last night I finally finished Mass Effect 3. After months of avoiding spoilers and skirting around the whole "ending" issue, I finally know how it all ends. To be honest, as the credits were rolling, all I could think was "was that it? that's what all the drama has been over??". I can't explain how angry I was at all the people who cried foul and acted like it was the worst travesty they've ever seen.

    It kind of ties back to the "death threats" article that went up today, but I find it really depressing that people feel justified in acting this way. I can understand why some people may think that the ending could have been better, everyone has the right to their own opinion and there's no problem with that at all, but to act as if they have somehow been betrayed by EA and to go as far as trying to SUE them?? These people need t grow up, seriously, they're making the rest of us look bad.

    Personally, I'm no fanboy and i honestly tried to be as objective as I could, but I still really enjoyed the ending. I truly felt that the last 2 hours of the game was the perfect climax for the series. It's just this whole ending drama thing has frustated me to the point of feeling the need to post about it, just hoping that it was only a vocal minority who felt it was worth attacking EA & Bioware over this.

    Let's just hope I dont start a flame-war or anything, but hey, come at me bro.


        IKR, I always send people that have made me made delicious cupcakes that are really delicious!

        It makes perfect sense!

          *made me mad

        Hey settle down mate, I love cupcakes as much as the next guy, but....I forgot where I was going with this. Now i want cupcakes.

          I will mail them to you.
          Just so that you can break my heart and give them to the needy.

      A story is more than just the ending. Yes the ending was lacklustre. The rest of the game was pretty damned good though and the ending didn't ruin that for me. The final missions leading up to the ending were definitely brilliant.

      The outrage was just ridiculous. Although sometimes I feel like people are being upset just to join in on the wave of anger or something. How people could get so worked up is beyond me.

        EXACTLY! Even if someone hated the ending, its like they forgot every great moment leading up to the end.

      I was ok with the ending initially, but after thinking about it a bit more, I sort of see where the criticism was coming from (thopugh not to the disgusting extremes that I saw some people going to) ROT13 for spoiler free convenience:

      gur guerr znva pubvprf V jnf tvira - qrfgebl, pbageby, flagurfvmr - V jnf cresrpgyl unccl jvgu. V'z rira bx jvgu gur raqvat pvarzngvp orvat onfvpnyyl gur fnzr sbe rnpu.
      Jung qbrf trg zr gubhtu, vf ubj nsgre guerr tnzrf naq znxvat nyy gurfr qrpvfvbaf gung V fhccbfrqyl unq gb orne gur pbafrdhraprf bs... pnzr gb abguvat.
      V jnaan xabj ubj gur Xebtna snerq va bcrengvba unzzre vs V fnirq Jerk, be yrg Jerir eha gur fubj. V jnaan frr ubj gur Trgu jrag vs V fnirq / qrfgeblrq gur urergvpf. Ubj qvq gur pbhapvy syrrgf pbzr guebhtu jvgu n uhzna-yrq tebhc, be gur bevtvany zrzoref?
      Zber vzcbegnagyl, jung unccraf gb zl perj? ubj qvq gurl trg vagb n snfgre guna yvtug whzc qhevat gur onggyr?

      vgf gurfr fbeg bs guvatf V jnag gb frr nqqerffrq va gur rcvybthr qyp...

      anyway, thats my $0.02

      I still loved BioWare's reaction to the 'protest' cupcakes - they donated them to a local homeless shelter.

      I'm with you on this Dan, it's OK to hate something - be it a video game ending, a movie, a book, your favorite band's latest album, whatever. Demanding someone change it for you is not OK. Since when did people become such self entitled bell-ends that they became so arrogant to even consider asking for that, let alone doing it.

      The biggest tragedy was people got so involved in following the crowd and raging over it, they succeeded in tainting it for everyone. As well as completely losing sight of the fact that regardless of what you thought of the end to ME3, the Mass Effect series was an incredibly well made and original series.

    Should I eat this apple or mint slices? I had a berry yoghurt so I'm covered right?

      Mint Slices are most definitely nutritious and delicious. Apples are boring.

    At DreamHack on the weekend, the overlay guys put in little messages and jokes from time to time.

    When Wolf's (one of the casters) computer was causing lag they put a message up for him. They occasionally changed the names for the maps. ESV Ohana became ESV Obama 2012 and Antigua Shipyard became Antigua Shipderp.

    Fairly sure they were Swedish. The announcements during Thorzain's games were pretty one sided :p

    Oh, man... it's cold out here...
    Thankfully the clovers have been disintegrated, thereby removing them from the atmosphere.

    /bad joke


    I sent that something something that we were discussing on the down low super spy. I even sent it via registered post because I wanted to know what it felt like to be as flashy and important as Yellowius.

      Empty on the inside and itchy on the outside from all the STIs he gets from escorts he pretends are supermodels?

    You know what smells awesome? No not me, but thanks! Cooking caramelised onions =D

      I really want to make roasted garlic some day.

        Just... use an oven?

          I dont want to make it until I know that I'm actually going to eat it/consume it with other delish food. It'll be a waste to have it sit in the fridge

            Mush the leftovers into a bowl, combine with soft butter, parsley and parmesan.
            Allllllllllllllll the garlic bread.


    We play the same games on the same system yet have never played multi. What's going on?

      Pick a game that i have and we'll play it

      Have you added me?

      You should.

      Because I'm the cooler, sexier, more stream-lined version of Ruffleberg.

      Also I gots more fake trophies

    Because my posts as Peter Molyloops got delayed in limbo for so long... here are some game ideas from Peter Molyloops!

    You are a selfish cell. The only one in your space. You are the begining.

    After mitosis, you become angry and jealous of your new daughter cells, entering your world to outshine you. So you murder them through osmosis, bringing them back into you, only for you to split in two again.
    The war is never ending.

    The game ends when the mother is overwhelmed by the quickly replicating ancestors whom form a single tear rolling down a mothers cheek.


    You are a woman’s breast – staring at men
    You tilt your six axis to control jiggle, bending their minds to do your bidding.
    No one suspects the breasts

      "You are a woman’s breast – staring at men
      You tilt your six axis to control jiggle, bending their minds to do your bidding.
      No one suspects the breasts"
      Just wait for the Total Recall DLC, which adds an extra player to the mix.

    Oh hai guys!


    you're my new Trials rival >:(

    (sorry Loops)

      AHHH! THAT JO GUY!!!

      His friggin' dot drives me to the point of madness.

      Just when I think I'm ahead he come's flying past me at a ridiculous speed.

        @Greenius: Excellent, let the rivalry begin!



    So who's playing/using/whatevering Colours 3D! on 3DS?

    So far I've uploaded one pic. It was rushed and done on the train with lots of swearing as the carriage rocked back and forth.

    You can view it here in regular 2D (which does kinda defeat the purpose).

    Let me know your Colours! name so I can watch your stuff! (I'm Doc_What)

    In fact, I'll add a TAYnames section.

      I have a 3DS!

      What is Colours and why is it super rad?

        I hear it's like Photoshop for the 3DS and you can draw and send pics to each other IN 3D!

        scree said she watched some video of it on the 3DS itself so maybe there's some sort of preview on the eShop :D


          So good.

          More like Painter than PS, but yeah. VERY cool stuff.

        Also - Forgot to post this link!

          :| dayum!

          Very nice.

          I'm expecting more Draw offs with you and Sarcasm :)

          I call hax.

    I may buy a 3DS today. $150 second hand is sorta tempting...though I would prefer a new one.
    Counter-point is "should I get a PSP (Vita, normal, whatever) instead, so I can emu PS1 as well as SNES?"

      Chances are Ninty will announce a lite version at E3 soon. Or maybe a price cut. So if you hold out you may be able to get a new one for that price.

      If you can find an ambassador pre-owned one then you'll get all the free games :D. A certain card (Supercard DSTwo) can let you play GBA and SNES games on the DS/3DS but no PS1.

      Should you get a PSP instead? As far as I know the Vita isn't hackable yet but I guess you should get a PSP if it's cheap enough.

    So the Avengers? who is seeing it tonight? I have a midnigth screening in 3D booked


      *hides behind couch*

        But Huntsmen are pretty cool dudes.
        Ferocious looking but totes harmless.
        Shove them in a container and let them roam free outside!

          To let them plot my downfall with their hairy, fast-moving brethren? No thank you.

            i tried getting one with my shoe once... it caught my shoe and started whacking me /o\

              There was one in my bathroom this one time.

              So I did the only sensible action and burned the house down.

                this seems logical...
                my first run in with one was in a bathroom too... at 3am... jet lagged... i got so scared, that safe to say i did not hit my "target"

      I'm gonna wait a little while, I think.

      The only 2D session near my place is at 5 tomorrow then it's once a day at midday for the rest of the week. I'll give it a week then go, once the crowds have died down a little.

      WATCHING IT FRIDAY. With my gal pal. We will get all happy and laugh and giggle.

      I want to watch the hulk before I jump into the avengers, so maybe go and see it over the weekend or early next week.

    Start Mass Effect 3 tonight so The weekend should be able to be free for crying and issuing death threats to Bioware about the ending.

      Don't forgot to order hundreds of cupcakes.

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