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    Well, this post certainly started with a bang...

    Dear Chuloopa
    It appears you have gone off your mess again. Back in my day when we went off the mess they held us down with guinea pigs and force fed us mildew through an empty sock bag. The nurse was kind of hot though so it made the whole ordeal more on the kinky side.

    The point I'm trying to make is you should poop in their letterbox and molest their cats.
    Uncle Freeze

      I'M GOING TO POOP CATS!!!!!!

    My friend is having a BBQ at his place tonight.

    He asked me to supply the BBQ.

      Bring the worst one you can find.
      I he complains, just say
      "If you had your own BBQ, it wouldn't be so bad."

        I own a grand total of one BBQs. A portable Weber thingy. Maybe I could break it or something, but then I wouldn't be able to cook delicious steaks.

          Buy a firegrate, place a sheet of steel on it.
          Instant BBQ

            You're a thinker.

    Maaaan, TAY is going to be so vacant tomorrow. Good times.


      TeamSpeak will be nicely occupied.

      As will my belly.

      With booze.

        Remember to have some food with that so you don't black out.

        What I'm saying is to eat all the time.

        Thanks for tuning into to another of Bish's Helpful Diet Tips. I'll see you next week!

          Oddly enough, I am trying to lose a bit of weight with my exercising. Yet I have to force myself to eat more so that I can do it.

          Being human is rather odd sometimes.

          All of the times.

      You could do this in a day:

    By "vacant", I assume you mean it'll only notch (I HATE THAT GUY) up sub-1000 comments for the day.

      Unwarranted Notch hat deserves a non-reply comment.

        The reply button would be pissed.

          Well then maybe if he loves Notch so much, it should marry him.
          Then they can wear hats together. Matching hats. Like some sort of creepy outfit coordinating couple.

            I hope you're wearing a tophat on Saturday.

            We can be best buds.

              I'm wondering how many guys are gonna man up and be dapper.

                I'm going to be the dapperest.

                I challenge any man to out-dapper me.

                Not me, I am going as grungy as possible.
                Just so I can help you all look that much better by comparison.
                That's the helpful, dishevelled kinda guy I am.

                  I think I'll go a bit of each. see if dapper grunge is actually a thing.
                  probably just end up looking like a twat, but any reason to wear a wastecoat is a good reason.

              The idea of us being buddies on the premise of similar tastes rather than mutual abuse terrifies me, to be honest.

    So this is pretty awesome. Not only that, I'm in the fifth picture!

      This is pretty awesome too. See if you can spot Blaghmang.

        May or may not have shed manly tears...

        I can't help but feeling that it's not gonna end up well for the girl or their friendship :P but I wish them both the best.

        Man, I swear my doppelgangers are getting fatter...

        Or maybe that's just me. Probably just me.

      You're the rabbit?
      Now I understand why you are named that, sir.

        And here I was hoping to remain an enigmatic enigma.

    Man... I feel so tired... also, my jaw hurts...

      The trick is to relax and work on your gag ref-.... wait, what?

    Well, that was annoying.

    I was doing a run of Gigatrack, and doing quite well, averaging a second or two ahead of my previous best time for the most part, until I reached the parts I'd faulted on, where I shot forward. Reached a jump near the end, where the easiest way to get over it is to just hold down the accelerator, and not touch anything else, when I proceeded to fault on it.


    *Sigh* Oh well, the time will do for now...

      No it won't.

      Get back on your bike.


        I'm beating Jo, and that's what matters.

          So you're not beating Shady?

          Are you really satisfied with that? Really?

          I think I'm beating Jo too but are you ahead of me?

            Jo is just over the minimum for a gold... you sure you're ahead of him? I am only behind him, sughly and fatshady on my board.

              Yep, I got gold in it earlier :|

              2 faults I believe


                That must have been recent... back to play it more tonight then!

      Have you done Gigatrack before? I have never seen you on the leader-board for some reason.

        Aye. My Xbox shares its ethernet cable with my PC, so I've spent a lot of time playing it offline. Got the gold the night before last, was just beating your time, same number of faults, but since it was done in offline mode I couldn't bring the score online.

          Ah righto. Does it update if you go online after you get the time?
          What time did you get if I may ask?

            Pretty sure it doesn't. It'll ask you to connect if you get a new record in offline mode but I'm fairly certain that your offline times can't be updated :(

            (I beat a few scores in some skillgames while offline but they never updated, I've since beaten them in online mode though)

              I think TAY just ate my reply...

              Anyway, yeah, Greenius is right.

              But my current time is 7:30ish with 2 faults.

              Ah that sucks. Play Online B-man! Get a hub or something.

                I'm far too slack for that. And anyway, I do my first few run throughs offline, and then if I actually want to compete with people, I go online to beat you all.

                  But what if you get an amazing time offline and it's... well offline? No one will ever see your greatness!

    So I just saw this in my steam feed
    Steve-O The Deve-O achieved It Has A Knob On The End

    How he has only just managed to achieve this?

      If you're referring to the many hours I have put into Dungeons of Dredmore, many of them were just accrued when I left the game running accidentally.

      If you're referring to the deviant achievement and my deviant nature, I actually got the achievement back at age 13, but Steam wasn't around then.

    awwww maaannnn... i'm having serious snack food regret now.. i feel gross!!!


      Dear Chuloopa
      I believe the solution to your troubles is a Fanta Spider Enema.
      Uncle Freeze

      mmm, time for lunch part 2 me thinks

      thanks for reminding me!

    This is going to sound dumb, but could somebody please explain insurance excess fees in laymen's terms to me? Its basically the fee you pay if you claim something, right?

      Basically yes.
      Generally you will have an excess fee that you pay if you make claim. The higher the excess fee generally the lower the premium that you pay each month.
      The basic principle is that if it is going to cost you $300 to make a claim you are not going to claim on small little things so they don't need to include that in your premiums.

      It's a way to discourage people from making low value claims. Basically, you're responsible for the first X amount of a claim and then the insurance company covers the remainder, up to the limit of your coverage.

        This. if a claim is below a certain value, it costs the insurance company more than they make back to cover it. It's to stop frivolous claims as well, otherwise people would claim every time they broke a $20 vase.

      ah, perfect! Thanks Tigerion and Bunny.

      Generally car excess can be anywhere from $0 to $Thousands. however an insurance policy with $0 excess would be very very expensive, but you could get every single scratch and paint chip fixed.
      For a house, well you're not going to claim insurance on a broken cup but, depending on your excess you might claim for a broken TV. Depends if your insurance covers contents as well as the house.
      As far as house insurance goes - you r excess can be high because most damage to a building (eg tree falling on it) costs a lot more than the odd $1k excess.... and happens very rarely.

      but as the other guys have said already - its basically the cost of making a claim so that you don't claim on cheap things. If the damage is $501 and your excess is $500 technically it's better to pay the excess, but be aware that you might lose things like "no claim" bonuses, or higher ratings for continuous years without a claim. Sometimes it's worth paying the extra cost of the damage rather than making a claim

        My neighbour across the road did exactly this when he dinged my car- would have been cheaper for him to pay his $400 excess, but if he wanted to pay the whole thing? go right ahead.

        Insurance companies have come up with a whole host of ways to discourage you from claiming. They are businesses after all, why make it easy for people to get money from you? You want to make it easy for them to give you money and near impossible for them to take it back.

        I'm fairly sure that life insurance and the like is only sustainable because the majority of policies lapse before a claim is made.

        thanks for all the information guys, its really helpful.

    I feel like sleeping....

      ... so take a nap?

        Tried that, still feel sleepy...

          You require additional napping!

          Naps are weird, I always feel more tired at the end of them. Maybe I'm just broken.

    Contrary to what Uncle Freeze suggested, Fanta Spider Enema's are NOT that great...

    I might be doing something wrong though... give me a moment and i'll try with coke..

    I just wanted to say...
    ...That is all.

      That's twice today.


      I'll get Jeeves to clean my shoes... again.

        Hey, Jeeves!
        Want some potato and bacon soup?
        It's right there, on the floor.
        You just have to pick it up with your tongue.

      Two girls one crazyguy?

        Break out the KY, open up the whipped cream, and wake up the midget,
        It's time for a 3 way!
        Unfortunately, as soon as I mentioned trivia, they all left in disgust. :(

      According to Rocketman language, it means you love us! yeeeeeeeeeeey

    So I finished Mass Effect 2 with my beautiful badass FemShep and started Mass Effect 3 again with her. Except even after the face-import patch it's not her. She's all frowny, her eyes are wrong, her wrinkles are gone and her mouth now looks like it's just stuck on there. She looks like she's a sulky teenager instead of the been-through-hell able commander she is.
    I remember in the final parts of ME2 thinking how beautiful she was and how when her mouth moved it looked like she was really talking. Not now. She just looks weird.
    And no matter how hard I try I can't recreate her. It's mostly the eyes. It's as if the customisation options that made her who she was just aren't there anymore. It's really hampering my enjoyment of the game and ruining things I'd been looking forward to.

      Oh, and after all that effort bringing her into ME3 because I thought she'd be tough enough to make the hard choices, I've been finding most of the Paragon choices in conversations so far have suited her personality better. :P

      its a bit convoluted, but you can get the apperance code for your Shep by starting a new ME2 game & importing her save. go into the menu for a custom apperance & there should be a string of letters & numbers somewhere on screen that is the 'code' for your Shep.
      When you import into ME3, I'm pretty sure you can plug that code in somewhere to recreate her.

      hopefully that helps...
      also, hopefully they didnt remove that function from ME3...

        It's not that. I have the patch and it imported my ManShep right. He looks almost exactly the same as in ME1 and 2. I imported my FemShep and it worked but not as well. She's close but like I said, it's as if some of the options I used in the first game when I was creating her face have disappeared so she just doesn't look right.

          That's really lame... sorry to hear that, I actually had to recreate my vanguard shep cuz he looked disgusting in ME2, so now he's got bright brown hair with green eyes, that's my Bio Knight. Tech Knight will make an appearance afterwards. The hilarious thing is they're both paragon style. I'm thinking of doing my first ever femshep and do my first renegade playthrough at the same time. I just genuinely don't like being a prick, even in an RPG :P

            Oh! I just remembered! Techy, you totally kissed me in a dream last night. You're a good kisser, by the way. :P

              And yes, I don't like being a prick either. Which is why my "badass" FemShep usually has Paragon as well as Renegade meters almost full by the end of the game. There's no pointing in being cruel or saintly just for the sake of it, I prefer it if my characters are smart. Mass Effect games are the only games I've played where I remotely considered any "evil" options.

                For Tech Knight, it's more being a knight in shining armour, but anyone who threatens that which I love and care for... no mercy, no forgiveness on the mindset that a human never changes. Bio Knight is similar, but is more forgiving to those who see the error of their ways.

              O_o... wow that came out of nowhere, dunno whether I should be flattered or worried that Mr Strange will hunt this poor robot down for 3 rounds of IRL Mortal Kombat :P

                There was a Meat at Bunny's place, except apparently it was your place too, and the room looked like Shepard's cabin on the Normandy. You and I were talking and then you kissed me and afterwards I was all "woah, I forgot, I'm married, sorry" and it was all okay and then we all went up to the roof where my parents were sitting watching Doctor Who through a neighbour's window.
                My subconscious is a strange place. :P

                  I'd still take a dream like that over my constant nightmares any day. My subconcious software is downright cruel and has 3 kinds of scenarios that play at random. All of them making me feel horrible/terrified

        You don't even need to do that, it shows up whenever you go to the squad screen I believe

          really? I've never noticed that. Well, that'll save a bit of time if I need to do that again...

            I think I remember seeing it on the top left when you go to your squad screen. I've been playing it recently and I remember a line of code.

        Oh and thanks for the help, anyway. :)

        I think it may just be an aesthetic decision on Bioware's part. At least with the looking like a teenager part, considering that's how they made their new "official" FemShep look.
        Oh, and all of a sudden she's built like a twig instead of a real woman. :P

      did you write out her face code in ME2? try re-entering it

        The game uses that same code when you tell it to import your face though, right?

          It works the same way, but each letter/number of the code is one part of your face's parameters, AND you can edit your femshep after entering the code too, so it's more loading your previous femshep to edit it.

          yeah, but it could have garbled it, try re-entering it

            Cool, I'll try and enter it manually, although I re-imported a fair few times to see if it made a difference it's still worth a try. Thankyou.

      I had the same problem. Some stuff they did to the models or something made my ManShep look like an angry emo teenager trapped in the body of an 80-year-old. Threw me out for about half the game. Ended up putting him in armor to hide his face a lot.

    Yo Melbourne TAYBIES!

    So accommodation is booked, registration has been confirmed – I’m heading to Melbourne for Shadowloo Showdown next week!

    We arrive Thursday night (3rd May) and will be there until Monday morning. So basically the entirety of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I’m not sure how busy the schedule is for SS/other stuff but I’d love to meet some of you whilst I’m there. Let me know what days ya’ll free and I’ll do my best to make something happen!

      I assume you're staying in the CBD?

        i think so. we're staying in north melbourne apartments which is on flemington road.

          Bit of a walk from my work but seriously far from impossible

            Bit far for me to walk (Southbank) but very doable if we aim for somewhere in the city.

            I'm free all those days.

      I'm up for something on the friday (4th) night or sunday (6th) ....

      I have to work Friday but fuck it, they cancelled my leave so I'll turn up drunk. I'm in if we're meeting somewhere in the CBD.

        Or yeah, Friday/Saturday night works too, I guess.


    Sweet dreams are made of this
    Who am I to disagree?
    I travel the world and the seven seas
    Everybody's looking for something!


      on top of the 1203912474 other renditions of this song?

        Yeah, but renditions are different to remixes. There's room for both.

        But, but he promised*!

        * Expressed interest^

        ^ May have just been humouring us°

        ° Was smiling and nodding at one point in the conversation

    given the article on video game movies/ Mortal Kombat.
    What was your favourite line/scene from the movie?
    Mine is "Your soul is mine!...Fatality!"

      I like how Jean Claude Van Damme was Guile.

        LOL that was the biggest pile of a "movie"

      LIU KANG!... I can see into your soul! YOU. WILL. DIE..

    Too far Gizmodo, too far. I like Vegemite damn it! Who's idea was it to give them a sodeastream in the first place? D=

      Why are you reading old Sodastream articles?

        But it was on the 2nd page of Gizmodo for me =(

        I didn't even see the date :S

          Maybe you're stuck in the past! The last four and a half pages of Gizmodo are all from today :P Maybe Gizmodo doesn't like you because of that comment you posted?

            But I clicked that article before I made that comment =O

          They've done worse things with their sodastream....

            Do I want to know? D=


                Oh I saw that one. I honestly thought vegemite was a sillier idea than a gummy bear haha.

                  I thought the gummy bear was worse because it had been sitting around their office for days having weird things done to it:

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