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    My husband is on holidays all this week. He's mostly just been sitting around playing games. When he plays Trials (which I bought for him so he'd have something awesome to play on his holidays) his curses and his facial expressions are highly amusing. I've been spending my days watching him instead of watching our son. :P

      I'm glad I play Trials in a room by myself. The words that come out of my mouth I'm so ashamed of.

        This is what makes it so funny. He starts to curse with normal rude-sounding expletives but then he realises our son is around so he changes them mid-word into something else.

          I must be the only person who sits there playing it with a stone face, cursing inwardly.... lol

        I am the most mild, calm and even-tempered person until you put me down infront of a frustrating video game. I rage so much that I get yelled at about it.

        "Why are you playing it if you hate it so much?" they ask. They think I must not be enjoying it if I'm swearing at it. They don't understand.

      Well, really, it's not like men ever actually grow up, so you're just looking after another kid.

      such an awesome, awesome game!

        It looks great, but the more I see of it, the more I realise I'll never be able to play. So much of it depends on memorising tracks and my brain doesn't work like that.
        For instance, even though I played Guitar Hero or Rock Band every day for years I still never memorised any of the songs, I still sightread them every single time. So each time I played a Trials track it would be almost as if I was playing it for the first time.

          i'm the exact same!!! lol

          Probably why i suck so bad! :P

          Give it a go Strange! There's enough tracks that aren't too hard to play and you'll still have a blast with them :). If you're just trying to complete them rather than go for the best times then pretty much only holding accelerate and adjusting your position works wonders :P

          It's fairly easy to 'sightread' Trials, I'm like that as well. You can see just far enough ahead to adjust your position so you can land safely. The only time memory comes into play is on later, much harder levels where you'll need to hit a specific section to get enough speed in order to move forward (pass an obstacle, make a jump etc.). Pretty hard to explain but if you just do the technique mentioned above (hold accelerate the whole time) you won't make it (fail a jump a wide gap, hit an obstacle head on etc.)

          :P I doubt any of that blergh of text helped but...
          TL;DR give it a go :D

            You're the first person who's explained why I should play it, rather than just telling me to play it because it's awesome. Still not quite convinced though, I don't really like vehicle games. But that roller-coaster type track did look pretty fun....

              Hehe :D

              I'm not really a fan of 'difficult' games but there's just something about it that I love. It's the whole accomplishment of finally beating that track or getting that flawless run that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Think of it like Super Meat Boy or the Souls games (if I recall you're a fan of the Souls games) and finally doing that special something just makes you want to stand up and yell out "F*** YEAH!"

              It's definitely better with some competition and luckily for you, you have plenty of TAYbies who have the game. I've said it many times before but the game got infinitely better as soon as I started having people on my leaderboards. Me and Loops had this whole rivalry going for Trials HD a few weeks ago and I specifically only did tracks that Loops was beating me on so I could beat him again :D. T'was a lot of fun! Now I've got at least 10-20 people who have Trials Evolution on my friends list/leaderboards so the competition is getting more intense. Nothing is more satisfying then being at the top of the leaderboards (this includes beating the one and only FatShady!).

              And finally... you've already got the game so it's easily accessible (unless your husband wants to play 24/7, which he will since it's Trials :P) and you've got nothing to lose :D. So, Strange, give it a go :D and post your impressions!

              Also, Evolution is pretty much better than HD in every single way, it's also much easier and 'noob-friendly'

              Ohhhhh and... play it because it's awesome!

                Okay, because you typed so much at me I'll try it...eventually. :P

                And by the way, yes I am completely in love with the Souls games but I love them for their world and their atmosphere. I love them in spite of the challenge. I don't usually play games to be challenged, I get enough of that in my everyday life dealing with two very smart kids. I play games to escape challenge....

          But it's easy to remember.

          For example, the first part of Gigatrack:

          Right trigger all the way down, no stick use. Wait until you're in the air after bouncing, correct slightly for the downhill slope you're about to land on. Keep going with the throttle all the way down, a minor correction may be necessary when you hit the wooden bridge. Near the top of said bridge, lower your speed, go slowly off the next wooden bit, correct yourself so that you land in the ditch facing down, and can accelerate fully up the next hill. I never got the correct bit for this part, but you may as well speed off the top of said hill, and prepare yourself to land on a moderately steep uphill bit, go up this, and the jump at the top, but slow down slightly for that and hope you land in the rut, go up this, prepare for another awkward landing, minor jump, no correction needed, larger jump, over a tanker, leaning slightly may help, followed by a jump over a higher tanker, make sure you're sitting straight when you hit the jump, as that will let you bounce over it.

          I think I missed one or two things, but can't you see, it's EASY.


              I've done the start of it so many times...

              Other things to remember:

              Don't accelerate at the top of the dirt dunes, need to be at low speed to land in the rut properly between each pair.

              Bit after that, rock that goes up, lean well forward, as it can be tricky to get over the rock after it.

              Need decent speed for the first of the mine/rollercoaster bit, though with the 450CC bike less is necessary.

              The granite cylinder a bit later is annoying, either hit it with a fair amount of speed, or very little, as the middle-ground makes you hit the ground awkwardly. Lots of speed is best, as it allows you to get into a better run on the next bit.

              After that bit, just past the next checkpoint, go slowly over the ridge, so you can get a decent jump over the ditch. The ramp after that you should go off the top slowly, so you get a better landing, and the same for another jump just after(can't remember the exact positions).

              Get more hazy from there, as I haven't done this stuff nearly as much, but:

              Downhill bit, feel free to pick up speed, release accelerator a bit near the end, so you hit the horizontal metal piece, and land comfortably on the next bit.

              After the metal mound, hit the jump either very quickly, or very slowly. Middling speed will make you hit a pipe, which you can spin around, if you're good/lucky, but is otherwise annoying, and the following is true for the next jump.

              Fairly easy for a bit, watch out once you hit the dirt bit as there's a bit with three small ridges that can be quite tricky.

              Don't lean when you're on the tree trunk near the very end, for the love of god. Leaning will destroy you.

              And then up the little hills and past the cop cars and pools of water but slow down before the big one so you can get enough speed to make the jump. Try not to change the position but lean forward right at the end so you can bounce on top or completely jump over the rock. Then correct your landing and go forward. Watch out for the rocks here cause it's pretty easy to spin out of control. Fairly straight forward from here but when you hit the big hill ease on the accelerate a bit and tap it in increments so you can climb up the steep hill. Hold forward the whole time as well but ease off a bit when it gets less steep or you'll put all your weight on the front wheel and flip over. Carefully make your way past the little hills here...

              EASY PEASY!

              (Kind of forgot the order of things)

    5:00pm. My week is over!

      1 minute overtime, even!
      You're dedicated, Cakeman.

        Them cakes ain't gonna smith themselves Bish.


      In my day, we worked in the salt mines 40 hours a day. We had to walk there barefoot, uphill both ways over broken glass and when we got home our father would kill us and dance on our grave.

    The lack of interest in this kickstarter saddens me:

    Apparently kickstarter only works if you're someone who made games in the 80s or 90s. :\ Actual novel, interesting concept that uses the target platform effectively? Who would want that.

      TBH I think this whole kickstarter thing exploded way too fast. Even the yogscast are doing it with their own game they're planning on. I got tired of it pretty quickly.

      I think the worst part of Tim Schafer's and Ron Gilbert's KickStarter is that with all that money he/they/whoever got that was over the amount required, people could have funded so many more other games.

        Yeah, though at least the Wasteland guys are pledging 10% of theirs to other kickstarter projects. Hoping some comes this one's way, because it really looks and sounds interesting and fairly unique.

          I'm pretty sure the pledge that the Wasteland people, as well as Double Fine, and some other Kickstarters made, was that it was 10% of their profits from the released version, as opposed to the money from the Kickstarter. If they tried that with the Kickstarter money, then people could theoretically pull out their money/sue them, saying that they're not using the money as promised.

      This one makes me sad:
      Because they were using that to gauge western interest in JRPGs and it doesn't look like they're going to get funded. :(

        That one's different because:
        1) the game is already funded, the kickstarter was just for a physical copy
        2) you need to pledge like $50+ to get a game at all
        3) Class of Heroes was a crappy dungeon crawler and barely a JRPG to begin with at all

        If they'd been kickstarting say a Tales game, or Valkyria 3, or something else with a decent profile then it'd be an entirely different proposal I think. Especially if it was a full game and not just an unnecessary physical copy of a game that probably doesn't have enough profit potential to justify a physical release in the first place.

          Disclaimer: despite that, I pledged them some money. Consider it pretty low risk - worst case, they don't get my cash. Best case, I get a game.

      Everytime I want to fund something awesome, I find out too late :(

      Kickstarters I have backed recently:
      The Banner Saga

      Banner Saga is the exception for me - the others were backed out of some kind of nostalgia-esque feeling.

    This Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt is... interesting...

      I do believe the salt is there to create contrast to emphasise the cocoa.

        Salt actually makes it sweeter.

          I dunno, I definitely tasted pure salty saltiness :P

            Yeah, but if you don't rush, and let it melt and amalgamate on your tongue it'll be sweeter.

            By the way, I love salt with dark chocolate. Or chilli with dark chocolate. These things lift the chocolate to amazing taste levels.

              Chilli with dark chocolate? D:

              Yeah, I was hungry so I just took a section of the block and ate it quickly :P. I had the little salt crystal thingies stuck between my teeth which is why I just tasted saltiness

                Chilli with dark chocolate is amazing.

                In fact, cherries, dipped in chilli chocolate, is one of the greatest things you'll ever eat.

          Excuse me while I hunt down the person who lied to me.

          This. Salt is a flavour enhancer. It's the same reason why you put salt on watermelon.

            People put salt on watermelon!?

            Why do I not know of these things!

              All the cool kids do it.

                But I'm a cool kid and I don't do it!

                Wait... this means I'm not a cool kid! :(

                  There are lots of examples where you add things which traditionally wouldn't belong together. I know a place for example that does french toast (usually sweet with icing sugar and maple syrup and stuff) with tomato, feta and chorizo and it's amazing.

                  Also ice cream flavours. Who would expect wasabi to make an awesome ice cream flavour? It does.

              You should try it some time.

                Just normal tablesalt? I have a feeling I'd screw it up and put too much salt on it :P

                  Yes, Sodium Chloride. Sea salt is slightly better because table salt is iodized so has a subtly different flavour but any salt will work. The difference isn't astounding (watermelon doesn't have a strong taste anyway) but it is sweeter and the salt also adds a nice contrast as well.

    So apparently Namco Bandai is merging its European and US groups into a single company. I wonder if this means that their hate for us in Europe will be reduced and we'll start seeing their periodic JRPG releases in a timely fashion now, of if it means the hate will become universal and everyone will now miss out?

      Xillia? :(

        Hopefully the Director's Cut rumors are true and we get that version.

        Right now I wouldn't mind Innocence R either, give me something other than Disgaea and PSP games for my Vita.

          There's rumours of a 'superior' version? Awesome :D

          Something tells me we might not get it though :P

          Any idea on how Graces sales were? Is there a PAL release date for that yet?

            I heard that Graces sales were pretty good, better than Namco expected. But don't know if that's actually true.

            Xillia is a really half-arsed release, forced out to make it to market on time for the anniversary. So there's a lot of extra content that's missing. For example, most of the characters have no alternative costumes, and the few that do only have 1-2. There's no extra dungeon and there's big areas which look to have been cut as well. Most importantly I believe there's a playable character completely cut.

            I think Innocence R also has some issues with being a bit of a rushed release, in that case it was rushed to be out in the Vita launch window in Japan. But I don't think the amount of missing stuff is as bad as Xillia.




        They should bring the rest of the Radiant Mythology games over too. And re-release the first one on PSN so I can buy it.

    So, just completed Gigatrack. The positive part is that I've set myself an easy goal to beat, cause I screwed up a lot :P
    Also, my partner has just started giving Trials a go and seems to be having a good time. For those that don't know, she doesn't game that much/that well :P

      Gigatrack D:

      How was it? I think mine was about 10 faults with 10 minute something... pretty average :P

        What bike are you guys using? The phoenix?

          I'm using the Scorpion. The Phoenix drives me mad! :P

          Managed to set a comfortable personal record of 0 faults and 7:30.157 a couple of minutes ago. I almost had a panic attack because I thought I was going to fault right near the end. YES THAT IS HOW INVESTED I AM IN THIS GAME DON'T JUDGE ME.

            Same here. The Phoenix just isn't fast enough for me xD
            So, you're above me on the leaderboard now, aren't you? I've got about 7:10 with 1 fault.

              In my game, the leaderboard goes FatShady, then me, then you, but I don't have everybody on my friend list so I have no idea what the actual rankings may be...for example I don't have Blaghman.


            How do you think I felt faulting twice, at the very end, at a really easy jump?

            I almost exploded. If I had a decent camera I would show the damage this game has done to my left thumbstick...

              It's particularly frustrating when your bike is in the air and you realize 'oh expletive, I've overshot this jump I should have slowed down QUICK ANGLE THE BIKE IN A RANDOM DIRECTION'.

                I'm getting better at controlling it, but the moment anything's going wrong, I have the "PANIC, PANIC ABORT ABORT ABORT!" response, where I hold the right trigger down as far as I can, and smash the thumbstick to the right. It's such a bad response, because most of the time I could recover it by not sucking.

          Yep, Scorpion.

          The Phoenix barely has enough speed on a certain ramp/jump so it's really not ideal for it... (as I discovered after not being able to make the jump)

          In HD I use the Phoenix for everything that I could and I tried to do the same in Evo. Hopped on the Scorpion for the medium tracks and insta-win. So much easier to control...

        11:45 with 16 faults. I just went in, did it and moved away. At a rough guess, I think I could managed 9:30 with 0 faults once I'm good at it, which puts most people above me still, but eh :P

          0 faults should get you under 9 minutes :)

          Most of the extra time is from the faults since the checkpoints are so far apart :(


    I tweeted you but in case you didn't get it, it was A Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey.

      Sorry to hijack, but Did you send it today or yesterday?

        Oh wow. So much demands and pressure. :P

        Today. Tried yesterday but the post office I was at were out of the smaller boxes so I went to a different one today. It's on it's way.

          I was just wondering because our post has a tenancy to go missing.
          Annoying =/

            Good news! I sent it via registered post so I have a tracking number for you.

              You're stalking me =O
              j/k but yeah, I'll let you know as soon as it arrives

                I'm not stalking you! It's completely normal behavior to Google Earth everyones addresses you are given. All the guys at the support group do it!

                  Oh really?

                  Well this should speed things up for you!

                  Now you know where to go to find me. Wink.

                  (I am terrible at internet anonymity, and hiding my details, and all that)

      What? o_O

      If this is about Draw Something I guessed "FLOWER" and got it? :/

    Reading through the EULA for Mortal Kombat (don't ask why, I'm not sure either) my eye was caught by this line;

    "Because WB Games would be irreparably damaged if the terms of this agreement were not specifically enforced"

    Way to be over dramatic.

      speaking of Mortal Wombat, did you get a key for the online pass thing in your case?
      I cant even remember if I had one or not.

        No. That's what I was searching for. Doesn't even mention it anywhere. Does it need one?

          i think so. the online option in the menu seems to be grayed out for me.
          which is a shame, coz I wanted to beat Ruffleberg play online.

            some random internet people recon that the Komplete ed. doesnt need the online pass.
            We'll see....

            Source :

    When it is very cold I can't stop peeing. #TMI

    Thank you, I'll be here all night.

      Isn't that normal?
      Except Sid's the opposite. When it rains he has an iron bladder. Maybe it has something to do with having to pee outside.


      If you ever get an email from me that ends with "Sent from my iPhone" I'm most likely pooping.

        *looks through inbox*

        OH, GOD.

          Haha, I think an exception was the chain email happening for mono-meat. My phone would just go off constantly that it was quicker to just reply there than log in online.

          Hey at least you didn't get any of those today while I was helping you haha. Did you get it going in the end? I completely forgot I had a meeting this afternoon.

        Imagine all the poop that's gotten into the crevices of your phone.

          If you get poop on your phone using it on the toilet then you're doing something horribly wrong.

            Not necessarily. You'd be both amazed and disgusted at the amount of fecal matter coating every surface in your bathroom.

              and toothbrushes. that shit just loves toothbrushes.
              remember that next time your using one.

                I know people who would want to kill me if I didn't correct that.

                  that's just a midnight snack

                I always keep my toothbrush in the drawer in a feeble attempt to prevent this... and the toilet isn't even in the same room as the sink! :P

      When it is very cold I get back pain.

      I like to ski.



      It's like your body is all like "You're too warm and comfortable. RELEASE THE FLOOD GATES"

    Dear RPGs,

    Multi-stage final boss battles that don't heal you up in between.
    There is a fine line between challenge and tedious cheapness.

    Cheesed off regards,
    A cheesed off Bish.

      I wish I had some brie, smoked salmon, avocado and crackers right now.

        I had salami, brie and crackers after work today. Glorious!

        I have all three at home right now! I would love to have some blue cheese actually.

      Hi five? Because I frigging hate that and Kingdom hearts loved doing it.

        Sad high five.

        Currently on Devil Survivor 2. Radiant Historia also did this.
        Just... argh.
        A battle of endurance nay give satisfaction upon completion, but I don't think the frustration up until that point quite balances it out. Especially if you fail st some point of the battle. Because then it's just another slow trek "Start off at phase 1, here's phase 2, oh boy another phase after that". Make it hard, make it punchey, but please don't make it irritatingly long.

          Oh and Zelda Spirit Tracks also did it

      A sensible response would be to use your potions then.

      But god no, even if it's the last battle, you never know when you might need them. YOU MIGHT NEED THEM!

        I have no potions in this game.
        True story.

          No? Potions?

          Oh god. Why would anything so horrible happen?

            More accurately, the game has no item system.
            So yeah.

              Oh dear. Can you bail out, and spend six hours grinding? That's what I do when I fail something twice...

      I quite like the multi-stage boss fights. :o It's the last challenge against the big baddy! He ain't going down in one hit, son!

      ps. So does that mean you hate the Elite 4!? Disowned.

        I was a bit annoyed with Final Fantasy X.
        My Khimari was super OP & one hit KO'd everything, including the final bosses.
        I had to just leave him out of my party coz it was just a bit rubbish.

        The Elite 4 is a series of different characters you are forced to fight consecutively, but you are able to take a breather in between, and don't you also have the option to bug out if you so choose (I don't know because I have always smashed the Elite 4 BECAUSE I AM THE POKEMON MASTER. I WANNA BE THE VERY BEST, LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS, DUN DUN DUN DUN).
        This boss is just one guy. Changing his form. Once. Then twice. With no moments pause. Though I imagine it is somewhat part of the point, I don't think giving you 2 battles to wear you down to a crippled state for the ultimate boss form is particularly good boss battle design.
        Personal preference, I suppose.

          Nope, you can't quit once you start. Gotta get right through or lose (and only losers lose)

          Speaking of the pokemons, I started playing through White again. Got myself a nice mono-fighting team that going to rip through the elite 4, N and Ghetsis like a.... 6-man team of martial arts experts ought to

            I'm planning to play through White2 with a mono-Bug type team. I've wanted to do it for ages but have always chickened out. :P

              I did Platinum with a mono-steel tem that worked well. Obviously that was a lot more defensively orientated. This fighting team just tears through the opposition. A mono-bug team would be cool. I'm interested to see what (if any) new pokes they bring to the new games

                Look at you cool kids with your one-type play throughs! Now you just make me want to play them again >:(

                I usually just play through the story once and that's it :P. I've owned a copy of at least one game from each generation except Black/White and I obtained a naughty copy. Was planning to pick up 'Grey/Gray' but that ain't happening... :/

                  I attempted a play-through of HeartGold where I had 3 Castforms (called Sunny, Rainy and Haily xD I'm sure you can guess what they each did). I got bored and gave up...

          I think I've only failed the Elite 4 once. I was so ashamed I restarted the game before losing. xD

          I see where you're coming from though. I agree it's annoying when the boss is cheap. Out of curiosity though, what are some of your favourite final bosses? I actually can't think of any games I've recently played that DIDN'T have a multi-stage one. :P

            Aw man, ain't that a question.

            - Final Fantasy 6: Kefka. Multi-stage boss, yes, but you got to cycle through all of your characters to fight him. ALL OF THEM.
            - Persona 3: Nyx. IIRC, 2 stage, but you couldn't lose the final bit. Memorable for the music and emotional attachment, but its first form had a fairly good incorporation of game mechanics in it; with him having a signature move for each Arcana. That said it was also a long battle of attrition, so it loses marks for that.

            I suppose it is somewhat ironic that the 2 most memorable boss battles are multi-stage.
            But still, they just have those extra bits that overcome it to be so good.

              And I've played neither of those. Looks like I have some homework! ...I'm still trying to figure out a game I have that doesn't have a multi-stage boss. Methinks I play too many RPGs and/or Nintendo games.

              No wait, Portal 2! Ah, that's better. Now I can sleep.

    Damned public holiday.

    I'm still at work at 7:45pm because the holiday tomorrow means I've got one less day to get shit done for our monthly release. :(

      That is because you double booked yourself about delicious mexican food.

        Yes. And then the fuckers cancelled my morning meeting that I'd had to reschedule everything around and I could still go to the meat if I hadn't moved a morning appointment.

        I'm going to see if I can move it back actually. If I can I will come meating.

    Can someone manufacture an excuse for me to be in Melbourne Thursday night?

      Nah don't go then, I won't be there. Batmang meat perhaps?

      Batman at the Batmang meat, shit would be magical.

      (also, please tell me about the biker story)

      You have to fight the penguin because you're batman

      Depends, do you need believable or ridiculous?

      you should come to sydney on saturday. get on a monorail & stuff.

      thats not helping with the melbourne thursday thing though...
      you have to audition for a play about transgender albino midgets finding their inner-self on a road trip across the dark heart of australia? yeah. its written & directed by *mumble something inaudible* yeah. independant director. very arthouse. not many people have heard of her. well, I say 'her' but she's had the operation you know? but I will admit, sometimes it can be hard to tell when she's hidden behind all that beard. but thats ok, coz the entire message of this play is that we should all be accepting of others, regardless of who they are. & I've gotta go & be a part of this important work.
      unless... you dont let me go.
      ...why? dont you want peace & acceptance between all people? huh? what the hell is wrong with you? oh god. you are the worst & most evil boss / partner / whatever ever. *storm out*

        well... that went places I was not expecting.

        either way, just remember that monologue & quote it verbatim. oh & steadily raise your voice til you're just flat out shouting at the end.

    Why is it so cold?
    Also, I just watched a video of an ingrown toenail being removed.
    I am now petrified.

      It's not cold! It's about, ooh, 8 degrees in Canberra atm. Nice and warm!

        Which is rather amazing, cause I think it got down to like 5 in the middle of the day :P

          Bloody Canberra.

          I remember back in the middle of '09, there was one day where it didn't go above 5 degrees for most of the day (around 3pm it warmed up, hit about 9 as the maximum...), and I had an exam in the large, and cold, school hall. That was not fun.

            Today was nice. I went for a 35 minute walk in the afternoon :D

      Would you say that first you afraid, and that now you're petrified?

      Just do it yourself with a pocket knife like a real man :P

      Had about 7 removed. Doctor never lets me watch x.x

        Did they inject it to numb it?
        Because I f***ing hate needles.

          Yeah it's a local, they HAVE to otherwise you endure too much pain due to the nerve that is on either side of the large toe.

          I am shit scared of needles too but it's not that bad if you can't see the needle.

    Not sure if people have seen this before, but I had a good chuckle at it. Makes me want a portal gun even more

      It downloaded a pic that said "HOTLINK HAS BEEN DISABLED" :P

        The picture is called "swimming with portals."

        Google image search it, and you should be right(too lazy to link myself).

        GRAGH, why do my links never work?!?! I check them and they work for me :(

        Try This one instead

          It works!

          (your one from ages ago never worked though, was it penguin with a gun? Gun related if I recall)

          And hehe @ the pic :D

          Btw not sure if you know but NoobHeadshot got Xenoblade! \o/ Another one of us!

            \o/ One of us, one of us.

            Yeah it was a penguin with a gun. Can't remember what it was in relation to

    Taybies who were going to Red Dead: Apologies, my internet is being a Charlie Uniform November and you know the rest. Will try get on later.

      When was that happening?

        Tonight I think but retardedface (sorry! cannot unsee) is on PS3 anyway :P

          Fair enough :P
          I'll go make my own posse on Xbox! With blackjack! And hookers!
          In fact...RDR really has those things...

    Blaghman! It's like you live on the border of Fallout!

      Everything's a little greener now(or really, browner because it's autumn), because those pictures are old, assuming the timestamp is accurate.



      Your Anzac Day is going to involve so much cupcake making filled with hate. Butter, icing sugar, food colouring, and hate.

        The amount of times you've mentioned these cupcakes today, I'm convinced you have something absolutely sinister in store...

          Just a reference to the ME3 ending protest/futile gesture.

            I know, but I like to think he has ulterior motives.



              *Not going to bring cupcakes because last time I baked people got ill and blamed it on the boogey.
              Also me.

    "I might play some Dark Souls" Bish thought to himself, "But where is my disc?"
    "In the case, of course", and he reached over to Batman: Arkham City's case, opening it, to find Dark Souls.
    He then proceeded to eject No More Heroes from his PS3, and placed that disc in the now vacant Arkham City case.

    One day my old man memory will kick in, and I will open up Yakuza 5 and see Fall of Cybertron and be all "Wat."

      "I wonder where I am", Bishington pondered as he stood at the bonfire.
      He slowly climbed the sand dune he was sitting on and looked into the distance.
      His gaze was met with a 9-headed Hydra just chillin' in its little pond area.
      "NOPE.JPG" Bishington said, and started legging it in the opposite direction to the Hydra.

        And then he was molested by a giant mushroom.

          Are you in the ash lake area?

          I remember being molested by mushrooms there and a hydra thingie guy


            I WIN
            Against the Hydra.
            Judging by the piddly rewards though, it was just a mini-boss. :I

      This is like the time I turned on my old Xbox 360 I hadn't used in two years and found my Bayonetta disc in it. I didn't even know it was missing!

    For a while there, I forgot what day it was. I thought this kind of thing only ever happened when you were on holidays.

    I was excited by the idea of having tomorrow off (I have been back at uni for two days and already look forward to any break I can get) but then my lecturer decided we would have an online tutorial! Which means more work than usual because I can't hide behind my classmates on the internet! This is all kinds of terrible. I'll feel so...unAustralian.

    Also, monomeat! I'm probably going to go into kinokuniya beforehand and buy all kinds of useless junk because I love that place.

      How good is Kinokuniya? Most of the time I don't even buy anything. Just gaze longingly. I don't think I'll have time before the meat though. :o

      ps. Oh great! Another green gravatar to compete with! I stole this colour from Greenius fair and square!

        It's an all-round nice place to be.

        Although I usually make a beeline for the comics/manga section...

        The colour of my gravatar was not weighed against the colours of others before picking it! :P

        I was totes going to comment on it on the new page!

        Screw it I'll do it anyway because all the cool kids repost things!


    Ok I just got my first ever Platinum on a race and I didn't even think the run was that good... Man that was surprising :P

    FatShady is a few seconds ahead of me so it must be a really easy platinum :/

      Oh yeah well I have 8 Platinums.... on Terraria \o/

      All this Trials talk makes me wish I had the ability to buy it :(

    What up TAY?

      Not much, server maintenance makes for a bored Virus. Yourself cakeman?

        Won an Isle of Conquest with 3mins 30sec before shutdown. Started the BG 14mins before shutdown haha.

          That's usually a guaranteed win for Alliance, they actually seem to be decent at it. Cause it's mostly PVE.

          Speaking of BG's Twin Peaks last night, 10KB's 0 deaths, topped the BG, fuck yeah! That's like a huge achievement for me, usually I die every 2 minutes in a BG, haha.

      Not much? How goes the movie marathon?

      I have no idea when I will have time to see The Avengers...probably sometime next week. I suppose that gives me time to catch up on all of the movies before it...I never did see Thor, come to think of it.

        Marathon goes good. Slight change of plans. Doing them all in one hit with a mate now. He ducked out for supplies quickly.

      The things is up. The things and stuff.


    Woo Slash is on Top Gear tonight, the episode that aired like 6 weeks back in the UK...

    Hi TAY.

    I'm contributing \o/

      Contribution has been noted on your permanent record.

      *makes notes


        I might actually get a smiley face sticker if I keep this up.


          Prone to outbursts of girly giggling... may have to downgrade from smiley sticker to silver star.

          *makes notes

          I have a heap of stickers here somewhere you can have ONE if you can prove to me you have earned it =D

            You don't get to give out the stickers! I am the sticker monitor!


            Respect My Authoritah!

              O'rly, well my badge says differently!

                Ok... Well... Very well then.
                *clears throat
                Carry on then, good sir.
                *shuffles quietly away

                Shouts - "but you'll never bet my notes!"

    Hah! Friend went to the supermarket to get supplies. Came back with a whole chicken.

      Let me guess, Coles (or Woolies, or whoever) had a ton left over at the end of the night and were giving them away at like half price or less? We do that all the time

        Yep, $3.30 for a whole chicken. and he just ate the whole thing :S

          Pfft, like that's hard.

            Especially those sparrows coles & woolies sell.

      lawls! That's why you don't shop when you're hungry!

      Although, that's probably better than 2 packs of cheezles, jam lamingtons and a vienetta.

        He also got 2 packs of Cheezels, a pack of Doritos, 4 packs of Natural Confectionery lollies, a block of chocolate and some deli meats haha.

        This is the same guy though that will go to McDonalds, buy a McChicken with 6 extra chicken patties and eat it. And then not put on any weight at all. Bastard.

          I hate that about my some of my friends!
          Good thing I don't know him. I'll just have to settle for seething with silent hatred rather than causing any actual confrontation.
          Mutter mutter mumble blerrrgh.

    Start playing ME3. First paragon action comes up, I press L2. Nothing. Hit it a few more times. Still nothing. Then I realize it's L1 now.


    There seem to be a few things changed for no real reason besides change. It makes me grumpy.

    Plus they seemed to have replaced my Shepards head with a potato.

      I don't really get the thought process behind changing the face imports. I get that they overhauled the graphics engine and updated all the textures, but the amount of (deserved) criticism from people upset that their Shepard looks completely different, and can't *ever* be returned to the original look, surely outweighs the benefits of having shinier face models (I won't even mention that I actually prefer ME2's graphics, especially the faces).

      And if they hadn't changed the face models and people complained about them looking bad, a simple explanation about wanting to preserve players' characters would've been fine, surely? I'm kinda wondering how nobody at Bioware picked up the gigantic problems in importing, given how frustrating it must be for people with custom Shepards.

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