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    Morning all! Hope your Easter Chocolate weekends were filled with sticky brown goodness.

    I cracked open Mass Effect 3 over the weekend, got about 21 hours of playtime in, and (don’t worry, no spoilers) it is REALLY GOOD. Some of the set-pieces are amazing, and I’ve gotten emotional a couple of times. Unsure how much I want to see the ending, though :P

      IT WAS NOT

        I didn't get much chocolate. Pregnant wife with misplaced sweet tooth and a 2-year-old whose sweet tooth we are trying our best to delay = not much brown sticky goodness.

          You know my pain, Shane.
          We are like brothers, deprived of the holiday sustenance we so deeply needed, but were ultimately denied.

      I smashed ME2 in a 2 day bender on the long weekend, and am faced with ME3. I've been daunted by the whole ending debacle, but have since decided it's more than likely the whole thing has likely been blown way out of proportion. As only the internet and whiny, self-entitled knob heads can do.

      I say pay no attention and don't let it impact your playthrough in any way, put it out of your mind and enjoy what is an all likelihood going to be a worthy end to the trilogy.

      Be interested to see what you think of it too. NO SPOILERS THOUGH. I've avoided reading ANYTHING ME related until now, and it will likely be a week or two before I hit ME3 yet.

        I tried to avoid reading anything ME3 related but spoilers just keep popping up in the most unlikely places. I think people(journalists, too) decided that because they didn't like the ending that gave them the right to talk about whenever and however they wanted without warning or trying to disguise the spoilers. Even the fact that everyone was yelling about hating the ending is a huge spoiler in every sense of the word. Stoopid internets. :(

          I meant to say: my Shepard face import didn't work (of course), but it only took about 5 minutes to recreate his dumb monkey face. Have you tried to manually resurrect your Shepard's countenance?

            Yes. Both my Shepards took at least an hour to create in the first place, I tried but failed with my ManShep, it just didn't look right.

              And with Bioware stating the patch is done, just awaiting certification, I'll wait now.
              I mentioned on Twitter this morning about maybe waiting a year or so for the furore to die down in the hopes I'll forget everything I know already about the ending. :P

            My 'imported' femShep looked pretty decent, but I'm more curious if it's possible to import her scarred and red eyed Renegade features into ME3. I would guess not, considering you probably start neutral for Paragon/Renegade. But still, she looks so badass, and she's a hardass to boot.

              I'm curious as to why visual representations of Renegadeness are incorporated in the first place. It's not like Shepard uses the dark side of The Force or anything, most Renegade stuff is just decisions, how could that change someone's eyes red?
              This is the first I've heard of this because my ManShep is full-on stick-up-his-butt Paragon, and my FemShep does whatever the individual situation requires so has both meters full by the end of the game. I think I would have been greatly disturbed if her eyes had turned red.

                I was confused at first as well. I got about 1/3 of the way through ME2 and noticed my Shep's face was changing. There was a new scar, and the existing oners were slightly more exaggerated. I thought I was picking up on a plot thing, like something was happening to her. Then I got a bit further and realised her eyes were going red, etc, and this was a result of my extensive Renegade actions.

                My femShep has extensive facial scarring that practically glows, she has dark rings around her eyes, and her pupils are bright red. And that's only about 2/3 Renegade.

                I was talking to a friend and I said the same thing you did, she's not a Sith or anything, why would being nasty make her face change? I mean I won't argue, she looks tough as, but it's still a bit odd.

                  WTF? That's really bizarre.
                  Must be a biotics thing.

                  Dr Chakwas explains how being relaxed and filled with "happy thoughts" helps the healing process and also helps your body adapt to all the synthetic crap that Cerberus has implanted into your body.
                  If you go renegade, then you are supposedly stressed and angry and this will have detrimental effects on the adaptation and healing process.
                  Sounds like cheap crap, but there you go.

                  apparently its the biotics in her system reacting to aggressive thoughts etc.

                  its the cybernetics used to bring shep back. its like the old adage, a positive attitude allows you to health faster. in this case a negative attitude causes issues with rejection of the cybernectic implants causing the change in visual appearance. paragon obviously sees you heal nicely. when you talk to the doctor in ME3 they mention something about it should you change you reputation direction

        I've been thinking about all the ways the story could end, and there really aren't that many options. The theme of ME3 so far seems to be fnpevsvpr, and my Shepard's story over the whole trilogy seems to be completely centred around fheivivat jura rirelbar nebhaq uvz qvrf (rira uvf bevtva fgbel jnf gung bs gur fheivibe!) so I would be very surprised if the trilogy doesn't end with Furcneq'f qrngu (be ng yrnfg na bcgvba gb znxr vg unccra nyn Qentba Ntr: Bevtvaf).

    From old TAY:
    Have you ever wanted to know what Skrillex's 'Bangarang' and Daft Punk's 'Derezzed' sound like when mixed together, check 'yes' or 'no'. No?? What do mean "No"? :P

    Hi all! =D
    Over the weekend I uploaded two youtube videos (it was terrifying) about ocarina's. If anyone is interested, I am happy to repost them.

      Hi Scree, also, we want ocarina videos.

        It's only two. Here's the useful one

          Short \o/

          Shop song

          I can't post the second link, possibly because TAY hates me and keeps eating it

            Sorry about that. It was getting caught in our spam filter.

              Ah, they're both the same link. >_< That's okay, I gathered as much =P

          Aww you got the hat on :)

            Yeah, I was like I can wear a wig, or a hat. ... Hat! \o/

              That hat is great for any situation cuz it's adorable. Loved the videos too, very informative comparisons

                Well, if anyone was interested in getting an Ocarina due to the game, I want people to not make the same mistake I did.
                You can get ceramic ocarina's from St louis Ocarina's and they are cheaper then song bird, but songbird look better due to being handmade

          Those were good!
          You can certainly hear the difference between the different types.

            Yeah, someone at Manifest last year was using the plastic ones and it sounded awful. I told them to go buy a proper one. It's an easy instrument to learn.
            They responded with "but I got it from a music shop"
            I explained that I had one myself and that it is crap. Ceramic>All. It's definitely worth the money.

      The were quite informative.

        That's all I was hoping for \o/

    LoL Talk
    Mark my words, friends. I *will* make Leona jungle completely viable one day.
    End LoL talk

    Also, I hope everyone had a good weekend! I ate one chocolate all Easter, a tiny Cadbury egg.

      Did you give it another go last night? How did it go?

        Alright, but not great. Certainly need to go cloth+pots into Wriggle's though, Regrowth into Philo stone slows down the clear rate as the levels progress. It's all part of the process!

          Cool, trying new things is good.
          I am going to take a break from LoL for a bit I think. Shall focus on Demons Souls - it is a nice change from getting repeatedly destroyed :/

      Gragas, Malphite, Miss Fortune, Veigar, Shen, Sivir, Xin Zhao, Annie, Yorick, Lulu.

      "You must be swift as a jungling Riven,
      With all the force of a Janna Monsoon
      With all the strength of a Karthus Requiem,
      Mysterious as an invisible Teemo mushroom!"

      I want to try Jungle Yi again with my proper build this time around too :)

      DOTA 2 TALK
      You must start dota 2.

        I will do this, what with my nobetakey and all.

        I'll wait until the pre-release hype dies down, I'd rather not suffer that amount of lag.

      Woo! I love how much you love Leona :) such a you're such a great support (and player) with her!

    Morning TAY, hope you had a great weekend.Hope we're all pumped for the week ahead, I know I am.

    Repost from previous TAY:
    1. I bought myself a transformers toy for $10 this weekend and it’s pretty sweet. It’s sunspot The robot form looks great but the figurine shines in its vehicle form because it’s so clean and there are minimal protrusions once you transform it. The toys were on sale so I got Backfire as the autobot counterpart. I think I’m hooked now because I’m definitely going back to get some more once the stores open tomorrow.
    Transformers toys are usually so expensive, which is really sad. That’s why I was really surprised when I got these for $10, they usually retail for $20-$25.

    2. I plugged my PS3 controller into my PC and realised it charges faster when I use my computer’s USB ports compared to the PS3s. Interesting.

      Man transformers are cool, If i wasn't so self concious about buying toys at a shop i would already have like 8.

        That's what the internet is for, buying stuff anonymously.

      That's my laptop's main use now, my ps3 controller charger :)

        Yeah, using a laptop is great. It means I don't have to get up and walk to the TV to charge the controller. Plus I can go online for the few minutes it takes to charge it.

      I love transformers - but i just refuse to buy any of the ones that are associated with the movies.
      They just don't look anywhere near as good, imho...

      I'm really stoked for the incoming Fall Of Cybertron range, however

        If you don't like the newer ones I'm sure you'll love this one which I'm hoping to get at Uncle Pete's toy shop today. I saw it there over the weekend so I hope it is still in stock

        That's right a Megatron that transforms into a gun. Can't wait.

      They day a man realizes he is never too old for Transformers is the day he truly starts living.

        Amen. I bought some of the KREO toy sets (Hasbro's version of LEGO) which allowed me to build my favourite transformers but the bricks are not the same as LEGO bricks. I bought the smallest version because the bigger ones are too expensive at $50+

        I still like my KREO Optimus Prime though.

    Mornin' TAY!

    So after countless (, 5?) attempts at getting co op Kane & Lynch working with Pez, we decided to give up. Guess that decision wasn't made fast enough, cause I woke up this morning with what is fast turning into a killer headache.

    God damned camera.

      You should've played L4D with us \o/
      I told Feret to get to the Plane because I was knocked down.
      Also, I did really well on the special infected! I was so proud of myself ^^

        Well, there's always tonight :D

          But I need to work on the corset which is what I was meant to do last night.

          Ask Smurfydog XD

      Yeah, I had a massive headache last night. That game is just... awful.

      Probably a good thing it kept crashing. It actually wouldn't even load when I first bought it. I now consider that a sign I should have never played it to begin with.

      Shame K&L bombed, I heard the co-op did some mad clever things with Lynch's psychosis.

    I am so tired, i have been up before 5 every day from Friday. This morning i got up early to go for a run. I have no idea how i got the motivation to do that. My easter was below average and has made me like super cynical, its not enough for people to enjoy my company anymore. Everyone always wants something from me.

      That's a lie. =( We enjoy your company here and we want nothing from you. Sounds like you've had it rough though. I hope things get better.

        Its cool, I expect it to a degree, I help people with their problems and i don't know they become dependant or what but it seems like sometimes i am the only grown up in my family. Its just on my easter vacation i fixed my sister airconditioner, set up her new TV cooked dinner twice. Reformatted her computer. My mum made me pay for the fuel for the entire trip down and then i got a guilt trip from everyone because i didn't get anyone easter eggs because i thought we weren't doing that.

          Aw, that sucks. Did you at least get a thank you from your sister? I always try to thank people who do things for me.
          Easter eggs are overrated.


        Its cool bish we cool. also i have a awesome photo for you i took on my trip i laughed so much at it i will post it on TS tonight.

          GONNA BE GREAT
          (oh god what is it /o\)

      Sounds like you need to find new company. If they don't enjoy your company, it doesn't mean it's necessarily your fault (or theirs, really) it just means you're either on different wavelengths or they're just dicks.

      I know what that's like Rocketman and I went down the same path as you, especially with recent events. I got sick of bailing people out of binds and getting absolutely no real gratitude for it and took it as a signal for a "You can walk all over me as many times as you want and I'll be fine with it" sort of thing. Even my family is doing that to me, my brother being the latest, which really ticked me off and severely impacted my trusting in other humans permanently.

      I always enjoy your company on TS Rocketman, know you're always welcome there to vent if need be. I have the right to say this cuz I'm an admin of the server lol :)

        Hah, no its not a big as deal as i am making it out to be. It has always been like this with me. Don't get me wrong i hate it but sometimes its just better to be the nice helpful person than saying bugger of i am on holiday.

    So apparently that Pokemon, Nobunaga's Ambition game is coming out in English.

      HIGH 5

        One two three four, high five!

        I accidentally watched 5 seconds of ACA last night while I was eating dinner.
        I think someone stole mah jerb.

          Don't you mean you stole someones jerb, you know because you aren't from here :P

            Hey man, if anyone wants back my/their job, they are free to take it. I would gladly hand it over.

      Aces! Now to fix my DS!

    I finished my Mass Effect 1 Insanity run with only the sniper rifle on my infiltrator! \o/
    I only got to level 59 /o\
    Solution: Do a Casual run and one shot EVERYTHING with my sniper rifle. Passed through the Liara and Noveria missions in one night :P.

    Booya, came back to nothing on fire after the long weekend.

    Been having an insane run of luck here at work for the past month and a half now. This is unreal!

    Getting back into SKYRIM! and have started noticing some of the changes the latest patch included.
    The best and most prominent, kill camera shots for archery and magic.
    The first time I saw this was from an amazing (pure dumb luck) archery shot.
    Lined up a long distance shot in a cave, not really expecting to hit anything, when suddenly the kill camera went into action, now this is a pretty nice touch for the melee kills, but it truly becomes awesome when the camera follows your arrow through the entire shot and gives a very graphic image of it killing your target.
    Quite simply put, THIS NEW ADDITION IS AWESOME!!!

      I'd actually forgotten about Skyrim. All weekend my husband was playing AC:Revelations and because I'm nowhere near as far along in that as he is I kept having to hide in the bedroom playing Zelda on my 3DS. It wasn't until last night I remembered about Skyrim. I haven't played all year. I'm an idiot.

        You are not an idiot, you are merely SKYRIM! deprived.
        I suggest an immediate course of several hours of SKYRIM! followed by several more.
        If symptoms persist, see more more SKYRIM!

      I forgot about archery kill cams!!!

      Might be just what I need to get back into it.

      I'm playing it on and off right now. I realised I'm the biggest wimp. I get scared of EVERYTHING. Random Bandit? SCARED.
      Random deer? SCARED.
      I may never get beyond Ivarstead because it's cold and there are wolves ._.

        Also I wish a tank like Boone were here to protect my soft squishy body.

        With his body *snigger*

    So now TAY is eating my replies again, and this whole limiting reply chains is starting to reeeeaaalllly shit me off. WTB Kotaku/TAY forum, please.

      Why would you want to buy it?

      You should be selling it and purchasing something functional instead.

        I wouldn't get much for TAY as it is.
        *looks around suspiciously*
        Also, I suspect the residents are second hand anyway - or factory seconds at best.
        Maybe we shouldn't tell the real estate agents?

      Yes if we ask nicely surely we will have it. I think we are just gonna have to report the issues to ben for the time being. Or you know yell at elly because she is in Canada and can't yell back :P


    Sligh Spoilers if you haven't finished it.

    Did we ever find out how Harley got tied up in the steel mill at the end? I just replayed it and I assumed it was a ploy by Joker but it's never said.

    Could what lead to her being tied up be what the new DLC is gonna be?

    Man. That game. Sooooooo great.

      Joker's fetish?

        That's a pretty 'restrained' fetish for such a creep...

      Wasn't it Talia al Ghul who did that? I don't think they mentioned it exactly but she's the only other person in the Steel Mill.

    Finally ordered LA Noire and DA2 from the 2 for $40 Ozgameshop thing. I'll be letting you know what i think of the games. No bonus points for guessing what i think of DA2. LA Noire seems interesting, despite the fact that everyone told me not to get it.

      I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

        I have a feeling i know what he will think:P

          I actually have high hopes for LA Noire.

          DA2 on the other hand was a rushed out cash grab. Bioware is good, but even they cant make a great game on that kind of production timeline.

          But whatever, i've only played about 2 hours of DA2. So we'll see what i think 30 hours in.

      LA Noire is good. It really is.

      It just goes on a little too long.

      The best case is about halfway through anyway so at least make sure you get that far.

        LA Noire looks pretty awesome. I wanted the complete edition, but meh, the DLC probably isn't worth it.

      I TOLD YOU IT WAS GOOD, REMEMBER THAT. For better or for worse.

      Not everyone! I liked LA Noire, dagnabbit! xD

      I really enjoyed LA Noire.
      I didn't mind DA:2.

      I liked crashing my car and running people over in LA Noire. I don't like the main character the more I got to know him.

        But you can't even run over people because they leap out of they way!
        Worst Carmageddon reboot ever /o\

          I hit one super hard and it flipped in the air!

        I've heard the main character is a total scumbag at times. I kinda like that, because games never do the bad cop thing well.

          But he's like a boring dick. Just a plain dick really.

    Rediscovered Red Dead Redemption yesterday. Smashed the hell out of MP on my FATBOX240, and recently repurchased RDR GOTY for like $40 off PSN. Probably won't be doing SP much, but promptly jumped into free roam with a mate for 8 hours. Gorramn that game is so much fun. So much to do, so many lols to be had.

      I'm pretty tempted to grab RDR GOTY for my seXbox, but really don't need to add to my pile of shame.

        I find the greatest value for me is free roam MP. The single player is astounding, don't get me wrong - but there's almost infinite value to be had running around with mates and doing everything from knife fighting with bears to shooting the crap out of each other. Incidentally, there was bear knife fighting last night, and it was epic.

    Woo, my copy of Silent Hill HD collection arrived this morning. Which is weird because it was sent 24 hours after my copy of Silent Hill Downpour. Hopefully that's still on the way. :/

    I know SHHD has apparently got some bugs and downpour reviews are all over the shop, but I'm willing to give both a chance.

    Painful truth: I never actually finished Silent Hill 3. I watched my wife do it twice, but I never made it myself.

    I also only ever finished Silent Hill 2 once, which I'm pretty sure is some sort or crime.

      I finished Silent Hill on PSX back in the day (which was incredible for it's time), but have not really touched any others since then.

      Let us know if there really is anything wrong with the collection. I'm interested in buying it but not if there are problems. (I've never actually played any of the Silent Hill games but I know all about them and would love to give them a try.)

      If you have the PS2 versions of the game keep them just in case. I hear the HD collection was really messed up, especially SH2.

        I have special editions of both 2 and 3, they're not going anywhere.

        I heard the bugs are worse on the PS# and the 360 isn't *that* bad, so here's hoping.

    Good morning Internet friends!

    My weekend was, for lack of a better word, terrible. OK, it wasn't all bad

    Friday was awesome. Spent all afternoon and some of the night playing Diablo 2 with Pez and Ynefel (I still don't know how to pronounce his name), although Ynefel had to leave early because something exploded at his work.*

    But then Saturday happened. Saturday morning I woke up with a sore throat, a headache, coughing, sneezing and a rather upset stomach. So Saturday was a write off for me. I spent a majority of the day in bed, could hardly eat anything due to my sore throat and was generally on deaths door.** On the upside I finally got around to catching up on Game of Thrones, South Park and 30 Rock.

    Sunday I felt a little bit better. I still spent a majority of the day in bed. It was my first easter not living at home and so it was a little sad really. Yesterday I thought I was well enough to get out of the house so I did. My sister and her husband were going to see the new American Reunion movie and asked if I wanted to come along so I did. It was better than I expected. Although, the amount of young children (like 10-12) in the movie with their parents was rather disturbing.

    Then last night, for some reason***, I decided to watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon. I saw it at the cinema and again when it came out on DVD and I'm still confused as to how giant metal robots beating the shit out of each other could be so damn boring.

    Greenius and Rize built a shrine to me on Terraria. It made me laugh. A lot. Well done lads, I needed that haha.

    I'll get around to posting this weeks gaming nights soon. I just need to figure out what games we should play and so forth.

    *Explosions probably didn't happen, but I like to think they did.
    **Manflu (aka the plague)'s the worst
    ***I was listening to the soundtrack on Sunday and it's epic. The score that is, not the pop music soundtrack.

    Oh no! I just used the forbidden word in a post.

      What is the forbidden word, someone should tell me on Twitter or something =D


          Why... Why is such a word banned, is it because of he who shall not be named?

    Hey TAY...

    how's everyone? i feel very rejuvenated \o/
    had an awesome weekend after all.... Went to Wagga Wagga Friday and my brother in law and i decided to have a mini LAN... we only had crappy old laptops, so we got the nostalgia trips going... the was Need For Speed underground 2, V8 Super Cars 3, C&C Generals, C&C Tiberian Sun, Age of Empires 2 and UT GOTY to spice it up.... so good...
    then sunday it was my Nephew's christening, with a very nice ceremony and epic reception at my parents in laws place...
    all in all not too shabby a weekend at all... \o/
    plus, last thursday i handed in my 4 weeks notice with work... SCREE, F4CTION, LOOPS and all other MELBOURNE RELATED PEOPLE HERE I COME! (in 4 - 5 weeks time but anyway) \o/

      Good to hear things are going better, man!

        i think talking about it, both here and with the family cleared a lot of air and got us all feeling better...
        last week was not a good week, didn't help it was so sudden that she died, but with all the support from everywhere we're all feeling better i think...

        so big thanks to TAY for putting up with Pixel the Emo Ferret Viking of Emoness
        *Flicks Hair*
        and it's back to being... well... me \o/ good ol' obnoxious me

      \o/ I can take you to Gametraders at highpoint and you may come out broke!
      I always do XD

        oh god, i can just imagine.... right, looks like i need to secure a job with 100k+ income... OR, buy gametraders.... i can see both being equally plausible.... now TO SCHEMING

          Or you could raid humans homes. Think of it like Skyrim.

            Just don't raid mine please o_o

            i hear broadmeadows is good for this...


            you could load up a Dragon runtime app... and i will attempt to defeat you, with no concern for property damage...
            now i just have to learn how to train my Thu'um...

            *chair collapses*
            hey that worked

          You'll be right =D There's also That's hot gift shop which sells a huge range of things. I bought Mum a Dalek Alarm clock from there.

      Oh, that reminds me: Scree and I decided that once you move over there we're using your house warming as an excuse to have a Melbourne meat.

      That's cool, right?*

      *rhetorical question

        i thought this was mandatory...
        well it is now..

          I'll be doing it for my apartment housewarming too, Welbot said he'd try to make it too.. That's right Welbot I haven't forgotten! :D

      UT? What on earth does UT stand for? Please elaborate on what UT means?

        Unreal Tournament, and GOTY is Game of the Year Edition... sorry should have specified :P

          Haha, it was a joke trying to get you to say Tournament, which contains the n word and therefore gets your post thrown into moderation. Unfortunately, that glitch has since been removed.


    MORNING EVERYONE, why doesn't today's TAY appear in the "Talk-Amongst-Yoursselves" tag? It lead me to believe that there was no new TAY today D=

    Job interview in less than 2 hours \o/

    Also remember everyone Dick Smiths real sale starts tomorrow, I went over this morning thinking it was today xD

      After the shambles that was the last sale, I may not bother

        The last sale just made me realise that I don't actually need something just because it's on sale. :P

          Well these were games I'd been after for a while, so i was really after a few certain items.
          All gone =P

        Yeah I don't blame you, but I want a 90 dollar headset for 30 dollars to replace the dying one of mine =D

    So I've been paying Metal Gear Solid 2 (from that HD collection thingo) for the last week, and it's really good! :D It took a LONG time to get back into the control style though. I also got confused on the title screen, because for some reason they ordered the three games in chronological-order, not release-order. Had to do some googling before I started. :P

    Did anyone else get one of those fake "YOU ARE TRYING TO SELL YOUR WARCRAFT ACCOUNT' emails.
    For once the spammers made a very convincing looking email, see below.


    It has come to our attention that you are trying to sell/trade your personal World of Warcraft account. This conflicts with the EULA and Terms of Agreement. If this proves to be true, your account will be disabled. It will be ongoing for further investigation by Blizzard employees. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

    We recommend that you should verify your account ownership immediately.

    Click on the link below to verify your account e-mail address:

    If you ignore this mail your account will be closed permanently. Once we verify your account, we will mail you that we have dropped the investigation.

    Account security is solely the responsibility of the account holder. Please be advised that in the event of a compromised account, Blizzard representatives will typically lock the account. In these cases the Account Administration team will require faxed receipt of ID materials before releasing the account for play.


    The Support Team
    Blizzard Entertainment
    Online Privacy Policy

      I get them daily.

      Unfortunately they send them to the email address I don't use for my Blizzard Account.

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