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    Morning TAY! My brain is mush today, how about yourselves?

      I went to bed at about 3am.

      Mush is one way to describe my current mental state.

      Got riddled with no less than 3 nightmares, so I didn't sleep very well last night

        Dude, you've got to tell Nocturne that it just isn't working out between you two.

          Eh I was cursed with this way before I ever touched LoL, human

      Urgh, I had the worst sleep. Finally fell asleep about 1am then woke up at 2am and didn't get back to sleep until 3am, then woke up at 4:30am and fell back asleep at 5am then my alarm went off at 7am...I promptly hit the snooze button. And once again. And then another couple of times leaving me 20mins to get out of bed, shower and get ready for work and then drive to work.

        If my maths are right it sounds to me like you set your alarm too early.

          I set my alarm for 7am so I can be at work by 8:30am. This gives me enough time to get ready and have coffee/read the news. I'm not a morning person at all and do everything rather slowly in the morning.

            A good strategy my friend. I should do more of that. I tend to hit snooze until I only have around 15 min to get ready and that just makes the morning worse.

      Woke up craving weet-bix and bananas. Luckily I had some in my cupboard, sweet!!

      My weekend was OK. I bought Shadow of Rome(PS2) from EB but it didn't work-damn pre-owned games!! Hopefully I can get a replacement later today.

    Shout-out to my boy Pyrean!

    *sheds tear*

    They grow up so fast!

      I am curious now.
      Did he pull that hot chick? Get married? Become the Pope?

        Yes. Let's just wait and see. I don't think so but I'm willing to take a trip to Vatican City to get the process started.

          I don't know what you heard about me,
          That I'm the head of Christianity,
          The epitome of all things holy,
          I'm the mother-f*ckin' P-O-P-E

          Pyrean would make a great pope. Though Steve-O would be even more entertaining.
          Also, Fistbump.

    Sitting at my desk, drinking coffee, listening to the Journey soundtrack.

    It's not exactly the same as sleep but it will have to do.

      No streams?

        I think streams are partly to blame. Was watching Dyrus's stream last night, he was apparently too busy doing stupid kill lanes to have the sort of stream you can just leave on as white noise.

          Oh, so I wasn't the only one watching that? Sweet. I'm loving this new meta of a bruiser/ranged support bot lane. Panth/Brand v Renekton/Ashe was amazing to watch.

            Sorry, I mean ranged hero (usually with a stun/good slow) acting as support*

    Diablo 3 Beta impressions

    I’ve not played Diablo 1 or 2 – the closest thing I’ve played is Torchlight, so I can’t really provide any information about how mechanics have changed from D2.

    But I can say this: Diablo 3 is a lot of fun.

    My first character was Chayde, the Demon Hunter. I found him to be fairly overpowered in most instances, except where he became surrounded by multitudes of enemies, so movement and the use of traps is key to survival.

    The customization of your character comes from attaching runes to your attacks, which modify their use. You don’t have talent points to allocate. Your character levels up automatically, without the need to distribute any arbitrary points into talent trees. You can switch between any attack at any time to customize your character on the fly. If you’re having a horde of enemies, you can use Hungering Arrow, which pierces and ricochets. If you’re facing a big guy that needs to be kited, you can use a Snare Shot and Caltrops which slow their speed, allowing you to whittle down their health from afar.

    I really enjoy the way they’ve made the maps. Instead of just crawling through dungeons purely to kill enemies, you can look for interactable things like loose stones, book shelves, chandelier supports and crumbling walls. The art direction is very dark, very gothic, but it doesn’t really look like a next-gen game. Starcraft II is actually better in the graphics department from what I’ve seen so far.

    The crafting system is not bad. You break down uncommon items for an uncommon level reagent, then you use so many of those reagents to craft another item with randomised stats. Out of ten items I destroyed last night, I only got one rare gold reagent, but my blacksmith couldn’t even use it yet.

    Is there anything you guys wants to know about the game? I’ll answer what I can, and I’m planning on playing through some of the other classes this week. If there’s one you want me to report back on, let me know!

      I've played a bit (a couple of hours?) before they made most of the changes to how skills work. So really the only thing I can comment on is the graphics and the maps.

      The maps are basically exactly how the other Diablo games work. Large, randomly generated environments with a clear path to follow (if you look for it) and lots of room to look around to extra loot.

      Graphics, it's nothing to write home about. Blizzard never seems to care that much about being graphically impressive and seem to just settle on what will do the job. It's likely that the less than impressive graphics are so that people can handle the later areas where there are hordes of enemies on screen at once, all firing off craziness.

      It happened in D2, if it didn't happen in D3, I would be much disappoint.

      Do they have the gold auction house in the beta yet?

        The auction house is there, but the functionality to use real money is not yet present.

          I'm not a fan of the real money AH. they can scrap the whole thing for all I care.

            A necessary evil unfortunately. Diablo 2 (and most MMOs) are plagued with black market loot. eBay may have banned the selling of virtual items, but it's all too easy to find dodgy services where people who have botted and/or scammed their way to high end items are selling them off for real profit.

            By having their own real money auction house, they're trying to take control of that market or at least make it so that people who are tempted to buy that stuff do it legitimately.

            It's an interesting experiment.

              Giving people a legal and official avenue to sell items will make this problem grow x10. The way I see it, a real world AH is a total colour on their part. I'll be amazed if the market isn't flooded with cheap farmed unique elites in a years time.

                It also puts the people doing it on Blizzard's radar if they're using the in game system to do it.

                It's not necessarily the right solution to this problem, but having seen this thing be a problem first-hand (as a moderator on Gaia Online, which has similar issues) I can appreciate what they're trying to do.

                  I guess it's better to have them police it. I mean, it's going to happen anyway, maybe this way they have some control over it.

                  That being said, i would rather they try to eliminate the problem than this.

                  Either way, D3 will be super awesome.

            Yeah I'm in the same boat as you Ruffleberg but I agree with Bunny above. In truth, this was going to happen anyway (Granted I never knew this whole thing existed until now) so Blizzard might as well try to control it themselves.

      I'm keen for the TAYby lowdown. Most "impressions" I see are from commenters on articles going "hurr durr World of Diablo". I have a lot of faith in Blizzard and am confident they won't screw it up.

        Well, I may as well add: I've been playing the beta for a while, and I love it. A lot of the changes they've made make sense(they redesigned it to force you back to town every now and again, which, while slightly annoying is also useful in giving the game "down" moments), though some things make me sad(no corpse runs, inventory is less tetris like).

        But the core gameplay? The clickety-click-click-clickety? That's as sublime as ever.

    What's everyone's impression of the Far Cry 3 gameplay footage so far?

      I've been quite impressed. Looks like it is really spicing up the action side with scripted events but keeping that same "go anywhere and approach from anyway" play-style from Farcry 2. Really looking forward to it.

      I'm very excited. The singleplayer footage looks pretty fantastic, and that voice acting!

      The multiplayer seems uninspired and a disappointment after Far Cry 2 (I know some people don't like FC2 multiplayer but I still play it on PC and it's a huge amount of fun). But I'm sure it'll be fun.

        Love FC2 multilayer. Just last weekend I held a LAN and had about 12 players (most that have ever rocked up). Capture the diamond was pretty epic fun. And who doesn't like running around setting everything on fire?

          It managed to have a feel independent of the CoD/Battlefield paradigm, which I think is pretty amazing. FC3 looks like it's trying to combine the two. Maybe it'll work, but I prefer something a little different.

      I loved Far cry 2 and this looks like a great improvement over that. I really hope they're more side missions and more ambient activities in the background. I was really disappointed that there was not a lot of wildlife and hunting activities in Far Cry 2. It's Africa goddamit!! Where are the animals?

      Also I hope that the map editor is improved and allows for some single player user generated content. I'd love to create my own horde mode missions and maybe some racing ones as well.

      Finally SHARKS!!! There were SHARKS in the trailers.

      The only disappointing thing at the moment seems to be the multiplayer and I hope they polish it before launch. That being said I primarily play Far Cry for the singleplayer.

      I think it's really hard to judge an open world game from 10-15 minute snippets of footage, because I haven't been terribly impressed with what I've seen. But as I said, can't judge,

    Morning TAY
    weekends are not long enough.
    I vote for at least 50% more weekend in every week.

    In other news, I decided over the weekend that I'm going back to uni. dunno what I'm going to study or where, but I've gotta get qualified to do something other than what I'm currently doing.

    That is all.

      Be a reality show contestant. That's a thing right?

        Australias Next Top Model? Sounds good.

          Farmer wants a wife!
          Please marry my boy!
          Master Chef!
          Beauty and the Geek!

          The possibilities are endless!

            Beauty and the Geek are holding auditions right now :P

            thanks for the suggestions, but getting married doesnt appeal to me, & the 'beauties' on beauty & the geek are generally anything but (not enough tattoos & other interesting features for my liking).

            I could wow the masterchef judges with a fritatta or two, and a kicking boscaiola, though alternating between those two dishes might grow old after week 7.

            but if theres one thing I know i can do, its wear clothes & walk in a straight line. i'm pretty confident in that.

            most of the time.

    I played Battlefield 3 for the first time in (according to Battlelog) 135 days last night.


    The latest patch and the server renting have COMPLETELY made me fall in love with this game again.

    Anyone who's fallen off the wagon I suggest you get back on.

    I'm on Xbox, by the way. I'll probably get it on PC when I get a new one around the end of the year, but I'm very happy with the gameplay on Xbox.

    They've smoothed the gameplay quite a bit and there are so many servers now.

      I may have to join you sometime this week Mr McGarnical.

        Sounds good!

        I had a particularly good round last night, and an achievement popped. MVP! I was pleased to get it, but disapointed that I didn't already have it. I was playing assault and had a particularly successful firefight where I got 4 kills and then resurrected my entire squad and then we massacred the counterattack. Smelt like victory.

        One of the servers I was playing on was TDM with something like a 300 kill limit. 24 guys running around a relatively small area. It was epic chaos and great fun.

        And you can quit between rounds now! Only took them like a year to include that feature.

      Woo! I have recently started playing it, we should shoot some dudes some time.
      Not sure if I have you on my friends list but I be Jocon89 if not.

      On PC the community took a rather fast and sharp dive around the time Skyrim came out and has never really recovered.

      I stopped playing when SWTOR came out and even though I've since stopped playing that as well, I haven't really felt the pull back to BF3. Maybe I should check it out again though.

      I did dive into Crysis 2 MP on the weekend as I read that it was double XP. It makes me sad that there are only 3 AU servers left and all of them were empty. I did join one though and within 10mins it was full. That game is still a lot of fun though. Basically Modern Warfare with a few more tactics thrown in.

      Xbox? Really?

        Community gaming night! We can snaffle an empty server and shoot each other in the face!

        (or we could rent our own and lock out the strangers and experiment with game modes, eg locked weapon selection and "license to kill" mode.)

          I would love to but I don't have it on Xbox, in fact I don't have BF3 at all. I was more interested in the fact that the Xbox version is being supported so well. Might be tempted to make a purchase in the future.

    Well now I finished my level 60 infiltrator run on ME1. Now I'm ready for Tech Knight's true ME2 play, on insanity difficulty :), though thanks to the changed gun mechanics of ME2 I can't use the sniper rifle 100% anymore :'(


      Infiltrators ftw.

        A geth infiltrator would be who I would be in the ME universe. Twin omniblades, dual pistols and sniper rifle. :)

      also is it just me or is early game ME1 ridiculously hard, even on normal difficulty? My teammates just stand out there and die, and i get 1-shotted by bosses.

        it is really hard if you're starting on a higher difficulty with a new character, did that on an Adept once and was getting owned in side quests... lolwut?! If you do a replay of a completed character and change the difficulty before the Eden Prime first mission (So after you talk to Joker and Kaidan but before you talk to Nihlus), that counts as a playthrough in a harder difficulty.


          ooohh coool thanks man!

          Also both Liara and Kaidan hit on me and i'm pretty sure i said nothing to indicate i was interested.

            Lol it's hilarious when I did the paragon path and I had to talk my way out of bedding Ashley cuz I somehow get roped into that, it was awkward... especially when the first time you try to kiss you can't actually back out of it with a "Wait wait I'm sorry I don't like you in that way" :P

            The hilarious thing about ME is that the only friend zoning that exists in the universe is done by you, not the other way round when it comes to me IRL :P

              Oh Techy ;P

              i just think its funny that Shepard has people falling at his/her feet wherever they go. Then again, the character is quite the hero.

                He's/She's the equivalent of One Direction... except it's with adults and aliens instead of teenage girls

      Other than the tutorial sequence, I cant think of why you couldnt do a run with only a sniper rifle. & incinerate. that power is the bomb.

        On a higher difficulty where enemies I assume have more health, I'm sure you'll run out of sniper rifle rounds very fast... I don't trust melee in ME2 in the slightest, just too clunky.

      I really miss the overheating gun and no ammo mechanic from ME1. That was a great twist to the otherwise boring shoot/reload/find ammo that every other game has.

        I hate clips in ME2... I really do. Break the lore on so many things! It feels like you went back in time rather than forward with ME1 to ME2

          agreed. I always thought a compromise would be best - fire away until the gun overheats & then you could either wait til it cools down like in ME1, or eject the heat sink manually so you can continue firing asap.
          if you only had one heat sink you wouldnt be able to eject it, & you'd have to wait til it cools.

            That's also an interesting idea, but I mainly miss how the sniper worked in ME1. The wobbliness, and the fact I could fire after it cooled down a bit. If timed correctly, you'd be unstoppable. In ME2, so many times I'd line up a shot only to find I'd need to reload. Incredibly annoying.

              I loved that shaking when you first set up. The sniper rifle is not light, you need time to hoist it properly on your shoulder when you aim down the sights. That time-to-set-up cycle was much shorter if you had more levels in Sniper rifle too, which I thought was pretty neat

            I would've loved to see something like keep ME1gun mechanics but refine it like this, if your heat sink is nearing full, you could either:
            1 - Wait the ME1 but you'll still be able to fire in case of emergencies
            2 - Force a heat sink venting, which cools down your gun faster, but you cannot fire it again until the venting cycle is complete. So kind of like an overheat but much faster for your gun to be usable again.

            The heavy weapons... yes they should be limited ammo still, mainly cuz they're heavy weapons, not the standard clips used on all the standard weapons.

    I'm waiting for someone to take Jordaan Mylonas's bait here:

      Just once I'd love to see them make a positive comment...

      The game is pretty fantastic, by the way. It feels really new.

    Does anyone here play WoW anymore? I recently got back into it after a 2 year break because as much as I hate to admit it, pandas look totally awesome. All my friends either quit, changed to smelly alliance or died. I'm so ronrey.

      I know myself and Virus__ play.

      I have an 85 Draenei hunter and an 85 Blood Elf priest. Mainly PvE on hunter and PvP on my priest. Both on Khaz'goroth.

      Currently leveling a Goblin shaman (level 73 at the moment I think).

      Check here for more people. Not sure if they're still active though.

      Welcome to TAY.

        She (I'm assuming it's a she based off the name) has been here before. Silly Greenius.

          I think Greenius knows that. At least I hope he does. He can be a little clueless at times. (either that or my disguises work quite well :3) :P

            Kylie! has nothing to do with lambomann007 (minus the love of hobos)!!!

              Is there a "/me" command in iSketch? Cause I was thinking of winking at you, but didn't know if it would work.

                /me winks at Kylie!

                jeeeole winks at Kylie!

                There's a few other commands with sound effects like /hug /clap but /me lets you say whatever you want. You can also send private messages to people.

                If a Kylie! winked at me I'll be scared :P. People are horny as on iSketch and some random tried flirting with me once when me and Powalen were playing... He thought I was a female... hawkward...

                  Ahahaha, well it's probably a good thing I didn't do that then :P
                  Also, I've always wondered, do people make up those "slaps with some sort of random object" things, or does the game came up with those objects all on it's own?

    It's crunch time. I have to alter the pattern today. Otherwise I won't make the self set deadline.
    So far, terrible, I am procrastinating like a boss.

      Good luck scree, just get started on it and I'm sure it will come to you

    according to this spam mail we received over the weekend, my work ordered three helicopters!!

    Goodbye peak hour traffic!!

      Did you call shotgun? If you didn't, you're probably too late.


        dammit when are they going to invent flying cars already. Or teleportation pads. or tubes that you step into and it goes FWOOMP and u're carried off to another city.

    Gather round and let me tell you a story.

    Last night, around 2:30am to a scratching noise. Something was under my bed and scratching at a cardboard box. Something big. I turned on the lights and peered underneath, expecting maybe some sort of feral cat or rodent of unusual size. Nothing. But I could hear it. I peered further in to the gloom, prodding a box here and there with my prodding stick. And then it appeared.

    A cockroach. I'm not sure where he came from, but I theorize that he was some sort of mega fauna, frozen for millennial and recently freed due to the increase in earth temperature.

    Roachzilla screeched and ran, knocking boxes out of his way as he escaped further under my bed. My katana was fetched from the cupboard and soon an epic hunt was on. For over an hour we played our deathly game of cat and mouse until at last it left the confined of my bed and ran for the door.

    I gave chase, but once outside my bedroom, there was no trace of the beast. I blocked the gap under my door and grabbed a solid box that came in the mail to crush the mutant. I checked the bathroom, no sign. I left and checked the toilet. Again, all was clear. Then I saw it escape the bathroom. It must have been clinging to the roof like Toby McGuire in Spider-Man. I lunged and BAM! The beast was hit with the box. I punched down to make sure the deed was done, but when I raised it, the beast was off like a shot.

    Again and again I assaulted it until, broken at last, it lay still.

    I tried to scoop it up on to a piece of card and, even with it's exoskeleton destroyed, limbs missing and insect organs protruding, it attempted to escape once more.

    Three times it it jump from the card until I finally got it to the toilet. It made one last escape, or perhaps it knew it's end was near and it intended to take it's own life and rob me of the satisfaction.

    It leapt to it's own watery grave. I watched until it ceased moving at long last.

    The nightmare was finally over.

    I dropped a few sheets of toilet paper on top and flushed, allowing the water to carry the corpse away.

    But who knows. It's mastery of death knew no limits and even now, as it's insecty body regenerates, it is biding it's time and plotting its revenge...


    I was then unable to get back to sleep (either from being creeped out or just too damned awake after all that) so I'm pretty tired now. Two and a half hours sleep does not a happy Doc make.

      That was epic :D

      Slightly creepy and scary though :P

        I seriously thought it was a mouse. Then I saw the cockroach which was bigger than a mouse.

        Thankfully it seems to be a one off... Althought I'm getting a bug bomb... Just in case...


          I thought it was just a noisy little one but dayum...

      We have rats in our walls. Really. They move around and squeak. Not quite sure what to do about it to be honest. Kill them, presumably, but how?

        We moved into a place in Ireland that had mice in the walls. They made a hole in the skirting and one joined me in bed. NOT A GOOD NIGHT!

        We moved house VERY quickly.

        You gotta poison them... better to get a professional out to do it. My grandparents had to do it once, it was gross. There are always a few stragglers that end up crawling out and dying around the house, too. It's sad. D:

        We found out last night that we have a feral cat living in our roof. No idea how to deal with THAT… :|

          First you get a feral dog....

            We have a golden retriever.... but she is old and useless.

            I SHOULD send my birds to fly in and attack it. They mean business. I train them to go for the face!!!

          I've got plenty of rats you could use, maybe you could come around and collect them?

        Burn the whole house down, it's the only way to be sure!

          That's my solution to everything... Rats in the walls? Set the house on fire. Dishes buidling up? Set the house on fire. Don't wanna go to work? Set the house on fire.

        we too have rats/mice in the house. it's annoying because they are active at night, scratching the walls etc.

        one died in the shower. how that happened i'll never know.

      I'll wait for the sequel, Cockroach II: SON OF COCKROACH

      Cockroaches are the worst. They're crunchy. Urgh.

      You do realise you can never use that toilet again, right? :P

        I took a picture of the monstrosty as it drowned in the loo... Not sure if I should upload.

      A cockroach the size of a rodent? That's it, I'm out.

      On another note, it seems like you've got the plot for your new movie sorted. ;D

        As I lay awake, I alctuially plotted out a movie!

        We shall do this for Hallowe'en 2013!

    Played a heap of Monster Hunter Tri on the weekend, pretty much hooked on that game.
    At first I was struggling to even capture a Great Jaggi, now I'm taking down Barroths like a boss.

    I tried to hop online but the connection dropped out and it looked like barely any people were online anyways. Man I wish this was on the Xbox and PS3, online play in MH would benefit so much from the features that Xbox Live and PSN offer.

    And I'm not talking just Monster Hunter Frontier, I mean a proper console version of Monster Hunter, one that exploits the processing power of the consoles. When I play MH3 the environments look great despite the Wii's limitations, but I can't help thinking that if the MH devs were given a more powerful platform to work on that they could create some amazing and environments.

    Okay that's my two cents right there. Morning all, sinus infections suck balls.

      How does multiplayer on Monster Hunter Tri work? Do you run around the same world or just complete certain quests together and are limited to the quest zone?

        It a separate area, single player is set in a village while multiplayer is set in a hub city that has it's own set of quests designed for multiplayer.

        It's a shame because without online I'm missing out on half of the game and (from what I hear) a big part of what makes Monster Hunter so much fun.

      I've always been interested in Monster hunter. How are the PSP games?

        The PSP games are good, some would say they are the best ones but the camera controls were a real problem for me, playing with a classic controller makes a HUGE difference for me.

          I guess I should pick one up, PSP games are pretty cheap nowadays. Which PSP game do you suggest?

          I'd get MH Tri but I don't have a wii yet.

      I played a monster hunter game a while ago and I really enjoyed it. I wish i gave it more time to be honest but I just lost interest (due to playing other games) and my friend wanted it back (because I borrowed it from him).

      Totally Helping!


    Just thought I should tell you guys that I didn't die in a horrible fiery plane crash on the weekend and had a pretty cool time in NSW. I would also like to apologise to Bish, Lambo and Blaghs for not dieing thus making our deals null and void.

    How was everyone's weekend?

      Nobshot! Pretty quiet weekend, but last night I jungled Twitch. It was horrific early on, but I was melting faces late game!

        Nice, I'm so crap at playing twitch. We should do a game tonight don't think i have played a game with you in a while.

        Pretty tired right now so I think I'm gonna sit back and watch some Guardsman Bob mid against Ryze as Warwick (he's winning so far)

          I'm waiting for Salce to start again - I just missed his last game but he has been jungling as Yi.

      Awww, that sucks. Now what am I going to use for a scarecrow? /o\

      I'm sad that I don't get anything from you, but glad, I guess, that you're alive.

      Now you'll go back to being better than me at games. :/

        haha, I won't beat you at singing though =P

          There's only one way to prove that, good sir.

            oh uhhh, i think i left my cat on fire

            *runs off*

    Reposting from yesterday, but still relevant

    For those who didn’t get a chance to go to Video Games Unplugged this week, or for those who did and want more musics, or perhaps for those at work and can get away with such shenanigans then I have some news for you. Got an email from Video Games Live. They will be streaming their concert live from El Dorado Arkansas on from 10:45 am this morning our time. I’ve been waiting for them to announce dates for their Australian shows which are coming later in the year, but no such luck yet. This will have to do for now

      ignore this. I think it was actually yesterday morning. WHY YOU SEND EMAILS AFTER THE EVENT?

        Nintendo does that to me all the time =/

    The end is in sight for my Mother-in-Law's quilt finally. I finished the quilting part and now I just have to trim it and do the binding. This is a very scary part of making a quilt and will be made easier by an epic playlist of Sabaton's 'Attero Dominatus', Eluveitie's 'Helvetios', Epica's 'Requiem for the Indifferent', Orphaned Land's 'The Neverending Way ofOrWarriOr' and Therion's 'Sitra Ahra' on shuffle. :D

    Can't wait to be done with it and get onto my next projects which I am very excited about: a cape, a kilt, and a swishy dress.

      I like to imagine that the cape, kilt, and swishy dress are all part of the same project.

      The anatomy of it all is fascinating.

        Yes, this. I don't want to spoil anything, but the outline for her next project involves the phrase 'fabulous crusade for justice'

    So my brain is pretty much eating itself while I try to figure out how to alter the pattern.
    If you have no idea what I am on about, you can find the answer on my blog.
    I have a vague idea of what I want to do and how I want to do it but my mind keeps going over it, trying to make sure I'll be able to do it without stuffing up.
    My track record says I'll stuff it up =/

        pretty much. It can't figure this out, despite the fact that I've gone over it many many times and tried to figure out the best way possible!
        Actually, it's melting now

          Can you tell me the brand and number of your pattern so I can take a look and see if I have anything useful to tell you?

            New look 6480. I'm modifying A.

              Okay, so changing the over-all shape should be fairly easy, I'm guessing you're talking about the correct number of panels , the piping effect and the front closure?

                I was going to use a side closure. I'm not sure how to do it via the front.
                My main concern is gettign the correct number of panels and to use the panels to try and make my waist seem smaller (because hers is tiny!). I am most likely over thinking it because when I wore the practise one (to the pattern) it wasn't too bad

                If you're not worried about the right amount of panels you could just make it as is, but add the black hook and eye closure on the middle of the front panel as a decorative, not functional part.
                Otherwise you're going to have to move the front seams to halfway between the two on either side that are there now, (Elizabeth's front panel seams are definitely over her mid-bust) and cut the front panel piece in half(with extra seam allowance added) to add the working hook and eye closures.

                I'd actually work from the B pattern to get the slightly rounded top easier. It's easier to round points than it is to add rounds on top of a straight across cut.

                You could always cut a whole piece of practice fabric for an overall shape, tracing over your completed practice corset, then cut it where you want the seams to go. Pin this to your other fabric as a new pattern(you could even use thread tracing so you know where to sew), and add seam and boning (snigger) allowances to this.

                  Yeah I was going to make the front panel in half and then move the top to her mid bust but it appears that the seam ends on her hips which is where the seam ends on panel 2/3.
                  As for the rounded top, I was thinking of folding it in because at the moment the bust is too large in size anyway and I have to adjust it to move it in.
                  I thought it was buttons to be honest with you. Especially when looking at this.

    I haven't thought of games for this weeks community game nights yet and my brain isn't functioning right.

    Your suggestions, throw them in my general direction. I'm tempted to add Brink again. So much fun!

    Rather enjoyed mucking about in the DotA2 beta this weekend.

    First couple of games went pretty badly. I should probably avoid the Agility heroes for now. The last game I managed to play was with Puck. Wanted to use Lina Inverse but too slightly too long trying to decide and the damned bots stole her from me, so I just randomly went with Puck.

    Rather enjoyed using her (it?). She has a lot of neat little tricks and is incredibly mobile, while able to deal a fair amount of damage.

    I've made it pretty clear that I'm just not a fan of LoL anymore. I might watch the streams but I have no interest in playing the game at all. DotA2 feels different.

      Puck is a boy I'm pretty sure :)

      fairy penicl.

      did you experience any lag? because i am getting consistent delay.

        Damned Bridgets.

        It was a little laggy (~300 ping) but I've played under worse conditions. It was good enough to muck about with bots.

        They've changed Puck's gender.

        It's now an it, but a rather feminine it at that.


      1. Send out orb.
      2. Run opposite way
      3. Phase shift
      4. Teleport to orb just as phase runs out
      5. Die anyway as enemy team-mates surround you

        Orb in, AOE silence, ulti, phase shift, run like buggery, blink dagger.

        Die anyway.

        So pro.

          Probably because you're using Blink Dagger last, at a point where you've probably been hit at least once, making it ineffective.

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