Team Fortress 2 Guns Make The Jump From Game To Reality

Zander Brandt, a man who is able to reach into video games and pull their weapons out into the real world, works his magic on Team Fortress 2 once more with this pair of amazing gun replicas.

Pictured is the Scattergun and Pistol from Valve's first-person hat simulator, which somehow manage to get not just the proportions right, but also the game's trademark cartoon sheen.

He's built a shotgun and a heart-stopping Sentry Gun from the game previously, which you can check out here.

ZPROPS [Official Site]


    Good work luke you manage d to post more then a para.....
    Oh wait no this is your usual subpar work why aren't you fired yet.

      Well, at least it's not "kill yourself". Seriously, dude? What more does this article need? It's a "here's something cool" notification. Not everything can be a 20-paragraph investigation scoop. If you don't like Luke's work, his name is on every one of his articles on the home page. Just don't read them.

    Dude take it easy, the write up was enough...

    No one wants a novel over a couple of replicas.

    Great rep's by the way... DO WANT.

    Great by regular person standards but Zander is pretty meh compared to Harrison (Volpin Props).

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