Tekken Fighter Gets All Prettied Up

Famed Japanese figure maker Kotobukiya is readying a "bishoujo" (beautiful girl) version of Tekken character Asuka Kazama.

The 1/7 scale figure will be out this August. It's priced at ¥6510 ($80).

Kotobukiya's bishoujo line takes beautiful female characters and tries to make them all "bishoujo" — bigger eyes, softer features. Just look at this figure if you don't know what I'm talking about.

コトブキヤ「TEKKEN美少女 風間飛鳥」の彩色サンプル [Moeyo]

Asuka Kazama Bishoujo Statue [Facebook]


    In B4 hate

    Am I the only one who finds the eye on that figure terrifying?

      I have to agree on the whole eye thing, that and it seems really bloodshot somehow

    Maybe she has pink eye....

    I like how 'softer features' is a euphemism for boobs hanging out. Real subtle.

    At least it's better than that Mass Effect Liara one with the weird looking face.

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