Tekken Is Getting Its Own Korean TV Show

Good at Tekken Tag Tournament 2? Want to be on TV? South Korea is getting a new gaming program dubbed Tekken Busters in which features players facing off in The King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Hopefuls must live in South Korea, must have their own Tekken arcade game card and must have three players in their team to compete in the televised tournament. Each applicant can only belong to one team of three players. No double dipping!

Those who make the cut must be available for live televised taping every Thursday at 9pm. The winning prize is seven million won ($6000). Second prize is two million won ($1700).

Applications are available via Ongamenet's webpage or via forum Tekken Central page.

TEKKEN BUSTERS(테켄 버스터즈) 예선공지 [Tooniland]

Jongsu Chang contributed to this story.


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