Tell Us, Dammit!

EA have been voted the worst company in America. When you think of what other companies exist in the US, this news is both baffling and depressing.

If you were to ask me which company I think should be voted the worst, I would probably name an oil or mining company, or a weapons manufacturer. Heck, I'd even list a pharmaceutical company before listing EA!

So here's a question: Do you think EA is deserving of this (dis)honour? Which company — US-based or otherwise — do you think deserves the title of being The Worst?

All I have to say is if selling first-day DLC is viewed as such an enormous crime then our world needs to rethink its priorities.

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    This just proves that the kind of sad people with the time to vote on stupid polls are also likely to be jaded RPG fans. I think the people who a smart enough to hate oil companies have better things to do with their life than getting their neckbeards ruffled about video game fiction

    it's fair, they are the worst company in the world

    Also, as a side note, I'd just like to say, people who are saying that EA is not that bad of a company compared to say various oil companies or banks or what have you that are actually 'serious issues' are missing the point.

    EA is the illustration of what all those companies are doing, screwing over the people there supposed to be helping, all in the name of making more cash. It's all about avarice. Every company in America is soaking in it right now.

    i agree that the demographic of the voters would significantly sway the results. it should have been subdivided into different areas; eg mining software and banking but that would have been sensible. EA is an evil company. they have ruined the sims franchise, NFS, all sports orientated franchises just for the sake of the all mighty dollar. they are pushing consumers into digital downloads without adequate support and constantly release bug riddled games that can rival Bethesda with skyrim when looking at TS3. they also take their time releasing patches only when a new EP or SP is released which more often then not recreates more problems then it fixes. they also deny any responsibility and when you contact them their common solution for 'fixing' the game is to unistall and re-install.
    also don't get me started on the pornography and associated trolling that is still plaguing their forums. they are only interested in making money and will do anything to get it. even if it means forcing products and tech which comes off as half done onto the consumer. yes they are evil in their own way but should be compared to other similar companies not banks and other industries

    Oh god, these comments...

    Keep saving face "Gamers." I'm sure your favorite company is definitely giving you guys a big thumbs up over how good, little sheeple you all are!

    Fun fact: Bank of America has been winning said award for YEARS! Guess what did they do? Turned over a new leaf? Please, tell me, I'm happily waiting for your witty rebukes!

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