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I had been complaining recently about my lack of motivation. For a while there I simply could not be bothered playing games. But today I'm more excited about games than I've been since Christmas, for two simple reasons: Fez and Trials Evolution. Then I remembered that I absolutely loved Journey. I realised — every game I've loved this year has been a downloadable game. My gaming habits have really changed, and I was wondering if you guys were going through something similar?

Maybe it's cyclical, because I went through a period of enjoying the big budget releases — Skyrim, Arkham City, Uncharted 3 — but at the moment it's all about downloadable games I can enjoy in short bursts.

What are you guys playing at the moment, and are you starting to become more interested in smaller indie games, or do you still see them as a diversion?


    I'm enjoying Legends of Grimrock and that's pretty indie. I'm not interested in most blockbuster games though (don't play FPS really) so I may be an exception here.

    I've been playing Dark Souls, Skate 3, Lego Batman, Theme Hospital and DOTA2 lately. Yes, all of them.

    It started with Dark Souls because I really wanted to get back into that game. Then I needed something lighthearted to derp about in when Dark Souls put me on tilt, which is where Skate 3 and Lego Batman came in. Then GOG put out Theme Hospital and Valve sent me a DOTA2 invite, so I had to play those as well, because I have no self-control.

    Before that giant pile, I was playing Journey and Flower. I only played Flower because I wanted to see if it was anywhere near as magical as Journey.

    So for me, I approach the indie games the same way I approach games like Lego Batman and Theme Hospital. They're there for when I don't want a game that isn't a big commitment.

    On my Vita, I find myself playing Mutant Blobs Attack more than Uncharted & Blazblue.

    Nope, I'm still going for boxed games. I've been generally avoiding downloadable games this generation as a whole. I've got a few on the PS3 and some VC games on the Wii but that's basically it.

    I guess I still like having that physical disc in my hand, and opening the case for the first time to get that new game smell. game smell...

      If Olfaction is a big part of your life why don't you try playing a TCG game that has a booster drafts, or try being a voracious reader of new books maybe even work in one of them places that sell bathing soaps.

    Hitting Trials at the moment. I find it easier to sink countless hours into trials than even games like Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim. It's just SO easy to keep hitting restart and trying to shave off a few milliseconds!
    Bugger all loading times keeps my attention for hours too, no time for the mind to drift. ;)

    I've certainly bought and enjoyed a lot more downloadable games this generation than I expected to. When I first bought my PS3 I figured it'd be the traditional boxed games and maybe one or two downloadable games for a few relatively cheap laughs. But I've been very surprised by how many great games have come out through that channel, and just how good the good games have been.

    It certainly hasn't been at the expense of boxed games, though. I've still been buying the big blockbuster games like Uncharted and Battlefield, as well as oddities like Catherine.

    Still have zero interest in phone/tablet gaming, though.

    Fez is neat but I keep wondering while playing: it took five years to make this?

    Are we talking about Indie games here or DLC games I know theirs a fine line between or one in the same.

    Regardless I still see both of these as a diversion I base this fact sheerly on my own time I invested in them, considering I can easily dump 60 hours on a RPG game and can barely do 5 on a DLC game I see DLC games as something I do with dead time or out of curiosity or hype it generates.

      The thing is, as long as they're distributed over the same service (eg. Steam), and displayed beside one another, there is no difference between Indy and Publisher downloadable games.

      This pretty sums up my experience with DLC titles, and even the same with the iOS/Android phone stuff.

      Im a person who invests time into a game, If im only afforded a short time to game...I tend not to bother and do something entirely different, like read news websites etc.

    I finished Mass Effect 3 on Sunday and really feel like I'm mourning the series. I loved every minute of it and now that it's over I feel like any game I play right now would pale in comparison -- so I guess I'm taking a break on the gaming front until that feeling goes away. I give it a week or so. :P I haven't felt that way after finishing a downloadable game yet, but that's kind of a given since the scope is a lot more condensed.I played so many downloable games last year back-to-back: Stacking, Bastion, Renegade Ops. As an adventure game fan I'm excited about huge industry figures getting back into the industry through these smaller kick starter projects like Jane Jensen and the Tex Murphy folk.

    Trials Trials Trials.
    Witcher 2 is awesome.
    I've just recently played through Uncharted 1&2, MGS 2&3, inFamous 2.

    Downloadable/Indie games are certainly showing they can provide some really great entertainment. I think some, however, might be a little over-hyped.

    Diversion still, on ME3 at the moment and probably will return to ME2/ME3 for a Renegade run... Then May sees Starhawk, Max Payne, Ratchet & Clank HD & Dragons Dogma. (I'm not a Diablo person) so there is plenty for me coming.

    At one point I was completely obsessed with PixelJunk Eden though, I would kill for another 5-10 levels of that.

    I don't really see the current games 'scene' as being much different to what it's always been, at least on the PC. It's back to the way it was. Effectively these new cheaper digital games are the evolution of the Shareware of the 80s and 90s. Smaller groups, smaller budgets, more risk, more individuality and innovation.

    Also, I forgot to say that I'm a little wary about these indie games -- especially on the consoles. Who knows when the plug will be pulled and you'll never be able to access something you paid for rightfully again. Might be a little paranoid, but something I've been keeping in mind as this generation winds up. That mindset has stopped me from buying DLC too, alas.

    After Mass Effect 3 I have been getting stuck into Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, I picked it up on the cheap recently and am thoroughly enjoying it.

    The big stuff doesn't hold my attention. Aside from Bioshock Infinity and Dishonored, I can't name a AAA-class release I'm keen on.

    Indie stuff, however, rocks my world. Played Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet yesterday, which was good. I've sunk time into Terraria, Dustforce, Magic 2012, Tribes Ascend, Wakfu, Binding of Isaac, Shoot Many Robots, Oil Rush, etc, etc.

      I did forget; I played a lot of Mass Effect 3. But I have Batman and Assassins Creed Revelations sitting there, and I never finished Skyrim, but I'm so over those for now...

    The major change in my gaming life at the moment is my acceptance of digital distribution. A few months ago it was either in a physical box or I wouldn't touch it. Nowadays I'm satisfied with the game itself after I realised manuals were becoming non-existent and the boxes take up too much space in my room.

    I still find it hard to pay full price for a digital download but when games are on sale on PSN I jump at the opportunity. I still can't justify paying $109 on PSN when the game is $79 at JB. What's with the discrepancy?

    I'm playing Kid Fricarus. So god damn awesome.

    Smaller indie games, I'm plenty interested in. But I don't have any sense of value for games that aren't physically sitting on my shelf, so I never end up playing them and in turn never feel as though it's worth laying down the cash for them.

    I'm waiting for all of these XBLA games - Fez, I am alive and a few others that I can't remember to come to PC. Ever since I updated my rig, I have barely touched the xbox or ps3...although I think I'll get Trials. Another reason is because I was hacked on both platforms :-/

    I've been getting back into PC gaming, I have hooked my gaming PC up to the TV and will be doing an upgrade in a couple of weeks. At the moment I've just been losing myself in Skyrim, but can't wait to play it in high detail with the HD texture pack.

    I haven't really gotten into the small downloadable games though, they need to be something special like Braid to maintain my interest, but I usually prefer the bigger titles.

    I'm of the exact same mindset, Mark. Last week I picked up Fez and fell in love. This week, I picked up Trials Evolution (along with Crysis off Games on Demand) and fell in love again. And it's not just XBLA. Bean's Quest (stunning) and Final Freeway 2R (as good as OutRun) came out recently on Google Play, and I haven't been able to put my phone down. Both are amazing.

    Downloadable games seem to speak to me more - I've never stopped loving platformers and 2D titles, and this is where they're turning up now.

    The bigger games these days reek of corporate greed... even the ones I adore. Skyrim is the only blockbuster game lately I've played that seems to be the product of human beings creating something for other human beings to, you know, actually enjoy.

    Smaller games developed by smaller teams is where it's at for me - they take more risks, the passion they are able to convey isn't diluted by ruthless publishers and they just happen to cater to my tastes as a gamer. It's just a shame all these downloadable gems that I love will be rendered useless unless the next gen of hardware is backward compatible...

    I got Beeftrip on the 360 for my birthday.
    Due to what I can only assume is my outrageous internet, I *am not able to find or connect to Australian servers*. None show up in the content browser under "Australia. It stinks. I think it bothers the guy what bought it for me more though. I thought it might be because it's an import from OGS, but his brother also has a European copy and it works fine.

    Beeftrip = BFTriple = Battlefield 3, btw.

    So far this year since Xmas the only games I've bought have been NBA Jam on Fire, Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Alan Wake American Nightmare, Rock of Ages, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and Fez so yeah it been a downloadable kind of year, oh I also bought Bad Company 1, The Force Unleased and Splinter Cell (3DS) but these were all games on special!

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