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Video games don't make people violent. I believe that. But, there have been a couple of moments when I've been so frustrated that I may have headbutted my own controller. Just putting it out there. I was wondering — what's the stupidest thing a video game has ever made you do?

As a kid I did elbow a hole through my door. Immediate regret. When my Dad saw it he hit the roof. I think that was the point where I realised I needed to tone things down a bit.

How about you guys? What's the dumbest thing a video game ever made you do?


    I've broken a controller and also my Turtlebeach Headset by throwing them on the ground in frustration.

    I think there will be a few 'something' through a door/wall posts. Mine was a doorknob through a gyprock wall. I think door-stops are great now.

    The wall had it coming though.

    Not me but a mate punched me super hard during a Halo Reach match because he "was mad because Im stylin on you super hard" So I guess both parties were dumb

    I am an angry person, but i'll admit the worst thing a game has ever made me do is scull some tequilla and chain smoke while cursing for a good 10 miniutes. Then drunk and happy went back to gaming.

    I kicked my computer tower through the drywall after a very close loss when I played counter-strike competitively. Parents flipped out, and I've toned it down since.

    A friend to smash the screen on his girlfriends laptop when he threw a ps3 controller. Thats pretty funny.

    nothing for quite some time. i guess gears of war is less frustrating for me these days. but it has caused a controller and a headset to fly across the room breaking both of them

    As a bratty teen I put a crack in a SNES controller while playing Killer Instinct.

    Apart from that I do get frustrated from time to time but I don't let it get the best of me
    ...if I do then it shows the game that it is winning, and I'll be damned if I'm going to give that bastard the satisfaction.

    Maybe not stupidest ever, but last night I ruined up a perfect run of Trials Evolution's 7 minute long "Gigatrack" after the final checkpoint. My swearing was loud enough and upset enough that I woke up my wife who was asleep in another room, and she was panicked that I had actually hurt myself in some way.

    While playing speed Freaks (PS1 Kart Racer) with friends at my house, I lost a tournament race because of them tugging at my controller. For some reason I flipped out and told them to get out. At first they thought I was kidding but I proceeded to raise my voice and force them out, physically pushing them out the door.

    My younger sister who was watching us just sat there and shook her head. After a few hours I realised this was an unnecessary tantrum on my part and I had to go apologising to my friends embarrassed at my actions.

    I was a teenager at the time and I've calmed down a lot since then.

    My girlfriend bit her SNES controller while trying to finish Donkey Kong Country.

    All of her controllers have some sort of bite mark in them.

    I do the old "squeeze controller really hard and twist the handles in opposite directions". I've never broken anything though.

      Also, not video game related but I cried and threw a tantrum in front of my parents and their friends on a camping trip because I kept losing at Uno.

      I was 15.

    All I can think of is trying to get my computer to work properly back when I could be arsed doing that sort of thing (ie before I gave up and bought an xbox), and in frustration tried to kick the wall. Instead I gave my shin a solid whack into the privacy bar on the desk. Very painful.

    In a fit of rage I once bit my PS2 controller. After suppressing the urge to throw it, it was the only thing I could think of. The perfect indentation of my teeth on the top and bottom side of the controller started a conversation or two in it's time.

    Now I'm older I recognise when the 'omgimgoingtochuckthisthroughmyteeveeinasecond' urge is coming on, and decide to stop playing, or I'll just drop the controller - instead of throwing it, just drop it.

    I destroyed a Sixaxis controller when PS3 wifi wouldn't connect. Totally stomped on it to bits. It felt really good. At the end, I still had a Dualshock3 to fall back on.

    Shattered a controller due to Ultimate M.Bison in Street Fighter Zero's World Tour mode. Followed that up by smashing ans breaking the lid in my Playstation and finally snapping the disc (it was during my pirating days so it was easily replaced)

    I played WoW, and then proceded to get mediocre grades in years 11 and 12. That was literally pretty stupid of me.

    The worst I have done in frustration was pound the floor when I lost yet again in the final battle in Gears of War 1.

    My lesson? Never bound the floor if your house has a concrete slab - you have to break from the game while your hand heals.

    "As a kid I did elbow a hole through my door. Immediate regret. When my Dad saw it he hit the roof. I think that was the point where I realised I needed to tone things down a bit."

    Nasty! Did the door heal up OK? :-P.

    I suppose the numerous fistfights i had with my my brother over who's turn on COD 4 it was

    Had a friend completey tear aprt his N64 controller during the early hours of the morning after an all night multiplayer session. First, he threw it to the ground, then proceeded to rip it completely open. I think that was the last time we pulled an all night gaming session.

    gta cw DESTROYED ds, ps 1 & 2 mucked up several controllers by WHACKING THEM on chairs

    I threw Enter the Matrix for xbox, out the door and across the road like a frisbie and it landed in one of those giant pick-up bins and my brother had to go fetch it - was rented! Also in the PSone days, rented games from videoshops that were scratched to the shithouse would be tortured in fits of rage. I would rub the CD's on the carpet. Wash them under running water. And through them onto the road outside.

    Another good one, was when still living at home, me and my brother would fight over the TV remote. After mum joined in the arguement and started too lecture me on everything that has ever happened. I flipped and threw the control at the front screen door and it literally exploded! One of those, "Ive gone too far moments." Stuff like this is always funny in retrospect though, haha

    I'd have some really good fist fights with my beds mattress and pillow while playing street fight zero. But once I got so annoyed at Fifa that I slammed my fist into my keyboard which had individual keys flying all over my room ... never been so annoyed at a game like that, so frustrating.

    After bragging about my outrageous Tekken skills (On Tekken 4) for a good hour at the pub one of my friends challenged me. Walked back to mine with a few mates and started the old PS2 up, he went Christy which immediately had me seething with rage. He then proceeded to perfect me in a button mashing combo from hell. After losing my sht completely and hammering the controller on the floor i attempted to carefully put all the buttons back in and the wiring all nice - it never worked again.

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