Thanks For Helping Kotaku Australia Win Stuff!

Hey guys — I’m overseas to check out some top-secret video games. I’m posting this after a nightmare flight, stuck in airport hell, but in case you haven’t noticed from the While You Were Sleeping post, we won some awards, and I wanted to take some time to boast, but also to thank you guys!

If you read Community Kudos last Friday you would have seen that myself, Tracey and Kotaku were nominated for a number of awards, and I’m pleased to report that we won! Not all of them… but most of them.

Kotaku Australia won best gaming coverage for the second year running, and ex-Associate Editor Tracey ‘Bubble-T’ Lien had an absolute belter, taking out best Games Journalist and best overall journalist of the year, for her work on Kotaku towards the end of 2011, which is an incredible achievement.

It means that, for the second year running, Kotaku Australia has swept the games awards, a fact which I’m extremely proud of

I want to take a second to really thank everyone that reads Kotaku Australia. I firmly believe that we have the best audience of any games site in Australia (nay… the world) and I’m so proud of writing for an audience that responds brilliantly to the kind of content we aspire to write for Kotaku Australia — high end, top quality features that explore all aspects of gaming culture.

If you guys and girls didn’t respond to our longer form content the way you have, we probably wouldn’t be able to focus so much time on creating that content, so thanks for reading what we write, and thanks for being so supportive.

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