That Sleek Red PlayStation 3 Is Finally Leaving Japan

The super-hot red PlayStation 3, which came out in Japan last year, is making its way to the UK soon, Sony said over the weekend. Amazon has it listed for April 27.

I've reached out to Sony to see if it'll come here too. We'll update if we hear back.

PlayStation 3 320Gb Model - Scarlet Red [Amazon UK via Eurogamer]


    New red PS3? Hurr... That sound kinda familiar, derp... I think I read something about that on this site maybe almost a week ago?

    I must say Marks article is far more informative too.


    Its available for preorder at jb

    I am in the market for a PS3 with two controllers but that is a bit expensive for my tastes, pity as I would have liked the red one.$400 would be a more appropriate price imo

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