The $700 Mega Man Movie

Olan Rogers wants to make three movies before he dies. One is a Star Trek flick. Another is a Samurai Jack movie. The third is a Mega Man film. Well, that's one down!

Shot for $US700 and with the help of some unpaid actor volunteers, it won't win any Oscars. But for fans of Mega Man, this might be the only new thing you see the Blue Bomber in for a while, so you may as well watch!

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    The costumes ruined it. Also not taking the extra hour so to line up the running to how much distance was being covered. Why did Megaman look so old? Everyone knows that when robots are made to our likeness they are always made to look young and perfect in our 'ideal image'.The intro with T.Light was awesome though.

    this is that American Muscleman version yes?

    hmmm, maybe they should've spent more on costumes

    i thought it was gonna be CG from the still before the jump

    Olan is a champ.

    Costumes looked fine, yes it looks like the muscle man version (nes box art).
    I thought it was a good effort.

    no one should be complaining about this, it was free to watch....

    Interesting how Olan Rogers was taking elements from Classic, X and Battle Network.

      Yah, Protoman and Megaman X. Too bad Z is not there :(

    For $700 budget, not too bad. As above, the Prof. Light part was great. Lost me at the Megaman costume, hmm, didn't like that at all. Also the CG while running and jumping was a bit shonky. Has great potential I feel.

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