The Cast Of Tekken In Glorious Sketch-O-Vision

Japanese artist Shunya Yamashita, who has been doing illustrations for Kotobukiya's fancy "Bishoujo" line of Tekken figures, has been a little busier on the project than first thought. In addition to doing pictures for the figures actually being made, he's done them for almost every member of Tekken's roster.

While there's the chance these are concept images for a never-ending line of Tekken Bishoujo pieces (especially since the images for the figures shown so far are in the same poses), given their cost and the prominence of the franchise, that would be a bit of a stretch. They're likely just sketches seeing which characters could work as figures or, if they couldn't, just how cool they'd look if the care/money was actually there.

You can see the entire collection at the link below.

Tekken Tag 2 - New CGI Renders & Character Illustrations [Fighter's Generation, via Plastikitty]


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      So you determine a girl is a "slut" by what she wears? Did you learn nothing from Slutwalk?

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      It's okay, they got a panda at the end to compensate

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    Can we get one male character who's not rippling with muscles or a comic relief joke?

    Oh wait there's a bear in a neckerchief, that'll do.

    I liked it~!

    nice pictures

    Christie , Anna and Nina wore always my favorite characters in Tekken :)


    As if art in the entertainment field would get any attention if it wasn't highly fantasized. The silliness in calling out "slut" as if you ain't enjoying the eye candy.

    And on the note of "sluts". What the hell is one? A woman with the morals of a man? A promiscuous female? Basically... a normal person.

    Games are fantasy. Idealized depictions of BOTH genders fit with the medium (unless the game approaches mature and serious tone).

    I wouldn't be worried about the characters dimensions and attire. I'd be more worried about why some people fight against it.

      As a "slutty" girl who has those kind of dimensions, I agree, but it's more the poses that piss me off...the guys always look combat-ready but the girls are in stupid poses like they're on a porno shoot. I especially hate the "body twisted so the ass and boobs are in the shot at the same time" pose.

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