The Cosplay Of PAX East: Day One

It's not the first industry expo of the year, but it is the first with cosplayers. Inside we've got shots of Tingle, Heavy, Salarian, Snake and much more. And this isn't the end of it. We'll be giving you galleries of cosplayers at the end of each day of the Penny Arcade Expo East, so do check back this weekend.


    That last one should be first!

      The costume looks amazing but that head is terrifying.

    Tingle is perfect (for Tingle) and Mordin's soulless eyes will haunt me.

    Saw that picture of Mordin...brings back the pain :,(

    Why would anyone willingly cosplay Dragon Age 2?

    Oh, and that Tingle is the stuff of the gods.

    Mordin... MUST.. SING!

    I'm almost positive that the 11th one down is actually from Adelaide's Oz Comic Con.

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