The Delicious Art Of Kinman Chan

Artist Kinman Chan has done a lot of work in the movie business, lending his talents to animated films like Mars Needs Moms and A Christmas Carol. He's also, though, been an artist in the video game industry, where he's worked for companies like Rockstar and Sony, on games such as Resistance and Red Dead Revolver.

None of his work featured here is from those games, which makes this as good a time as ever to say I'm expanding the scope of Fine Art a little. We'll just be focusing on the work of artists. Too much awesome art from some very talented men and women in this industry has gone unposted because it's not related to a game, and that's got to stop. Because we're here as much for the awesome art as the games!

Though, that said, included is a few pieces of fighting game fan art. Just for kicks.

You can check out more of Chan's art at his personal site.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists.


    "Cititzen" on Kaneda's bike? What?

      Presumably because it's a company logo he wouldn't be allowed to use. He's removed most of the logos and swapped the fake BMW for an atomic symbol aswell. Still a bit weird, would probably have been better to just remove it too.

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