The Email Said I Should Share The Tera Open Beta Code With My Friends

The Email Said I Should Share The Tera Open Beta Code With My Friends

En Masse Entertainment is gearing up for the North American launch of its action-oriented MMORPG Tera, and the email that accompanied my beta invite told me to share the open beta key so I could play with friends. My closest friend is a cat.

I suppose my closest friend is probably my wife-type creature, but we sleep together occasionally so that doesn’t count. The cat and I sleep together (well, he sleeps on me) and he doesn’t play MMOs (he’s a war gamer). So I’ve decided that you folks count, though the National Board of Friendship might not agree. Looking back on some of the comments I’ve fielded over the past six years, I’d say some of you are downright hostile, but I love you all anyway, in a platonic sort of way. Mostly platonic.

So here is the top secret key for accessing the Tera open beta: TERABETA. Yeah.

To use that top secret key, go to the Tera account website, create a free account and enter the code.

The open beta kicks off for preorder customers on Thursday, April 19, with regular Joes (that know the code) getting their shot on April 20. According to the email, it runs through Sunday, April 23, which isn’t an actual day. The website says Monday, so we’ll go with that. Characters created during the open beta will carry over into the full game, so choose your name wisely. In closed beta I had a character named Taco.Sauce, so anything is possible.

Meanwhile, preorder customers get to name a single beta character between April 13 and 17 and get a two-day head start on everyone else. The game proper launches on May 1, also the birthday of one Michael Fahey. Since we’re all friends now I expect presents.


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