The Exact Moment Trials Evolution Almost Made Me Throw A Controller At My TV

Last night, like many of you, I started playing Trials Evolution. At some point I got stuck trying to get a Gold, no fault run on the Sewage Plant level. I thought I was the only one. I was wrong. This morning our designer Ben came into the office, we talked Trials. He pulled out his phone and said, 'I was stuck at this part for TWO HOURS'. He had actually taken a pic of the part he was stuck at. I recognised it instantly. Because I had been there. The above pic represents the exact, precise moment I came this close to throwing my controller at the TV!

And it turns out I'm not the only one. I spotted Joab Gilroy from Game Arena was having the same problem, and I saw this tweet from Kotaku reader Cakesmith...

And then later, this guilt ridden admission...

I eventually managed to finish the no faults run on Sewage Plant. It took Ben two hours! Joab eventually beat my time by a second after chasing my ghost for yonks!

I've had numerous little moments so far — the track design, even on the medium tracks, is fiendish. How are you guys going? Feel free to drop your Trials Evolution moments below. Let's talk times and tactics folks!


    awesome game... can't say i've done that level yet though

    Im new to trials, and trying to work out how u guys are doing 3000m runs on the level, when im barely managing 200-300m. am i meant to be bouncing off something??

      sorry by level i meant the icarus levels.

      If you're curious on people's scorres, you can go to the leaderboards and check the top players replays. Some of these guys are redicously good, so you might not be able to match them just by watching, but you can at least get ideas, and see places like where they brake/go full throtle/wheelie/ect. The replays work for the minigames too.

        And wow at my fail spelling of ridiculously...

    That part of the stage was annoying at first, but the trick is to release the accelerator before being launched - you'll get much less air, and land either just before the pipes or on one of the wooden planks.

    Also, you are so damn smug about the fact I still haven't got gold on that level yet aren't you Serrels? My night is now dedicated to destroying your time. This is how friendships end.

      Now i'm totally paranoid about how competitive and angry i'm going to get playing this game with you guys.

        You will become a bitter, twisted husk of a person, forever rambling about that last fraction of a second.

    Haha, we were just talking about that level in TAY.

    Man, I stopped playing last night after Rollercoaster, which is the level right before this. Now I'm scared to go back in. :P

    I love seeing your ghosts as I race. They make me scream at my TV more!

      It's always awesome to see that you're ahead of FatShady's ghost. Until it warps to Ludicrous Speed.

        Yeah. If you're ahead of his ghost, it generally means that you've gone too fast when you should be slowing down to scoop through a jump...

    I think rage is part of the fun. If you beat it, you feel a huge rush of accomplishment. If you don't, you have something to complain about with your buddies.

    Loving the new tracks the one above took my the longest. Maybe 15mins though but now I am ok with my effort

    I know I asked this in the TAY thread/jumble of words, but everyone should add me to Xbox Live. I need more times to compete against.

    Also, just so you know, I'm preeeeety lazy with adding people, so if you post it here but don't add me yourself, I probably won't muster up the strength to come back to add you. I'll glady accept though.

    (It's not all laziness, my desktop and laptop broke within a week, so I can only access sites when I visit my Mum and use her computer)

    Oh, my tag is UberRoxor by the way.

    Awesome level, but frustrating as all hell. I know that spot a little too well. Actually, any spot with the geysers that send you spinning. I haven't managed to get a gold on that one yet, but I have gotten a silver, fault free run.

    The game is a big improvement over the Trials HD, and that was golden.

    did that level this arvo, didnt get stuck there for long. but it did annoy the shit out of me. but not as much as you it seems.

    Geez come on guys/gals, even I'VE managed to gold medal that level and I suck! Unless I've gotten way better for not having played trials in months, I've been finding it fairly easy.

    Right up until Trials Of Limbo. Damn but that is a blindingly hard track, its the first one where I actually gave up & went to play something else! It is a fantastic tip of the hat though, extremely good work.

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