The Extended Mass Effect 3 Ending Will Add Variations, Not Choices

The ending that you get in Mass Effect 3 will have a greater likelihood of varying from the one I get starting this summer, when the people making the game release the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut.

The free, downloadable add-on, which was revealed by the game's developers at BioWare on Thursday, will highlight the different decisions you've made during your adventure through new cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes. The new ending won't introduce new gameplay sequences, a spokesperson told us. The result? More player-specific endings.

"Much of the focus of the Extended Cut is to expand on the variety of consequences of player choices and degrees of success," the spokesperson said, "so, with the new content, the player's choices should result in a much more varied experience."

The new ending content will be woven into the game and should be accessible seamlessly. We were told that players "should be able to grab a save file before the endgame and experience the new content from there." (Keep a pre-endgame savefile, folks!)

BioWare's work on the Extended Cut is delaying other DLC content, but players who want non-ending content shouldn't fret too much. "The overall development of other DLC will shift," the spokesperson told us, "but several projects are underway and in various stages of development."

The game's creators have also promised that the Extended Cut will not introduce a different ending or add more endings. It will just provide more clarity and context for what was already on the game's disc.


    *slow clap* way to kill your business Bioware I salute you.. instead of listening to your fans and trying to do what's best for the series, the fans, and for your profits, you crap on all of us that didn't like the ending and stick to your artistic integrity shield. We didn't hate the ending because we didn't understand it. WE HATED THE ENDING BECAUSE IT HAD ENOUGH PLOTHOLES TO SINK THE TRILOGY!!!
    Oh but we'll attempt to plug half of the holes with some ducttape and give you an extended ending where the plotholes will quadruple because we pretend you like the three choices we gave you and that all of them make sense with the series. I'm really hurt by it for the simple fact that I spent 20+ hours in the last game thinking it was the greatest piece of storytelling I'd ever come across. The way your friends died in the Rannoch, Citadel, and Tuchanka portions of the game were so rich and wonderful in story that I almost cried from watching my "Friends" die, then you destroyed everything in the last 10 minutes why? Why turn from great story telling to the worst ending in history? Have you seen how much people hate the ending. Google any games ending and you won't see as much hate as you do with ME3's ending your fans are talking to you, pleading with you and all you can do is spit in their face and tell them it's yours. NO IT'S OURS YOU A**H***S WE'VE SPENT YEARS BUILDING IT AND TO WATCH IT DIE LIKE THIS IS DISGUSTING.
    So here's my attempt at sticking to my consumer shield as strongly as you stuck to your artistic integrity, I will be boycotting your products I've canceled my Swtor acount and I refuse to buy anything from you or EA. Furthermore I ask that all like minded gamers not willing to deal with what they've been shoveled to stick to their rights as a consumer as well. Wonder why your product Mass Effect 3 is selling for $40.00 at the Base BX, it's not because your game is so awesome that you decided to cut $20 off the sell price. It's because the ending sucks and the ones selling it understand that with the backlash you've created that they can't push your s**t ending. Bioware I used to think you could'nt do anything wrong and that you make games that I'd never hate thanks for opening my eyes... Sorry for the entitled nerd rage guys, I'm giving up I've been watching with crippling anticipation that Bioware would fix the ending, but the way it sounds they're going to shove more "artistic" crap into the ending to make the ending that makes no sense, make some sense. I'll watch this summer and if they repair the ending then I'll retract what I've said, but as it is, I'm not too worried about that happening.

      Just wow.... No what how about you... No, just so much self entitled bullshit... Can't comprehend the ungratefulness... Just wow...

        Dude... You are anal beads.

        Did you not read the article? They aren't adding in extra "arbitrary" choices, they are adding endings that vary based on the choices you made during the games, the lack thereof being the main original complaint about the ending.
        Besides, the original ending wasn't even that bad, you're lucky they're doing anything at all to "fix" it.

        By the way, just because you paid a bit of money and spent time enjoying three great games doesn't make the series yours. It belongs to Bioware, the company who worked long and hard on it for ungrateful s**ts like you.

        Get over yourself, c**kspank.

        Calm down. It's the ending. For a game. I know we've all been playing it for years and gave it a lot of time but, Jesus, get a sense of perspective. It's just the ending. Of. A. Video. Game. Surely you have bigger things to worry about.

          Why are so many people openly disrespectful or rude when others express their dissatisfaction with the ending?

          What also gets me even more is people on both sides pushing their opinion as the majority opinion or as 'fact.'

          The only fact here is that there was enough general dissatisfaction with the ending that EA/Bioware was compelled to address it. *I* hated it personally - but I respect those who loved it. *I* want it changed, but I respect those who want to keep it exactly as is - as well as those who just want to see it fleshed out. *I* won't be financially supporting EA/Bioware because I pay money for a product and experience and I found the ending of ME3 distasteful enough that it soured the experience for me.

          That's my opinion - disagree if you want - but you've got no right to attack me - or anyone else for it. That goes for everyone with all their differing viewpoints.

      Go back to complaining to your parents that they didn't buy you an iPhone for xmas. That is the most self-centered ungrateful bulls**t i have ever read.

        Because they have no right to demand a new ending. It's like if you didn't like bohemian rhapsody and demanded a new ending, or saying Picasso should change his art because it wasn't good in your opinion.
        Note this, because it IS FACT:
        That is someone else's art and while you are entitled to an opinion on it, you are not entitled to demand they change it to suit your views.

        But apart from any of that, most people who want the game changed are completely rude and disrespectful. Therefore, we are rude and disrespectful to them.

        Finally, the ending is being tailored to their interests FOR THEM and most are still not god damn grateful. It's just immature and rude.

      Oh listen to you. Did you have fun playing the game? Sounds like you did.
      So 10 minutes of story telling at the end will take away the 100+ hours of fun you have had with the series?

      Oh dear.

      To quote a great man. "You big...stupid...jellyfish!"

        I personally didn't enjoy the gameplay, its stagnant and repetitive... everyone plays mass effect for the story it lost all its RPG flavor to appease casuals..

        The story was great until it drove a bus full of toddlers off a cliff into the mouth of a volcano

      Wow, talk about going over the top. That's a tad sad. I for one hope they keep the "artistic crap" and expand upon it. I would of been quite disappointed if they change the ending completely.

      So, if Bioware begins creating their content with customer satisfaction and profit at the forefront then we'll move into an age where video games are products, not art.

        They already create their games / content with profit at the forefront - especially under EA's umbrella. Day 1 DLC etc. The reason they're addressing the ending is because it has potential to impact their profit / future customer purchases.

        "Dear Esther" and "Journey" are art to me - having a tripped out ending as the conclusion of ME3 that doesn't fit contextually and is riddled with plot holes does not make it art. That's like turning the two aforementioned games into FPS shooters for the last 10 minutes. If they wanted something arty it should have been a consistently crafted experience the whole way through - not just at the end.

        Art huh? ME3's ending was visual vomit from a deranged monkey (to me) - and if that's supposed to be 'art' then I don't have any appreciation of it whatsoever.

        I guess the thing about art though - is that it can be bad and still be classified as art - and appreciated (or not) by degrees.

          You're an idiot. They aren't specifically calling the ending "art". The whole thing is. Just like a song, or a movie is a form of art, so is the game. So shut up.

    Sure they may "fix" the ending, but there will still be that bitter taste in my mouth.

      There's just no pleasing people.

        keep it to yourself. accept the fact some people didn't like the ending. i have come to the conclusion i will never enjoy the ending at it will become a 'task' everytime i play the game. everytime i think of the choices i have to make it makes me want to play the game less and less.

          Then don't play it. And stop whining.

    Just as long as you can see things like the Bratarians (spelling) in the final fleet battle or the other races you get on board, tell us why the Normandy left, what happens to the squad you take with you on that final mission and maybe one or two other things, then I will be very happy.

    I am glad that Bioware are sticking to their guns on this.

    As it stands I still like the ending. Like I have said before, I grew up on Greek tragedies and Chinese folk in those things everyone dies :)

      its not the tragedy that concerns me about the ending its the fact it felt tacked on. it was not a seamless transition. who in their right mind would introduce an important character right in the last 5-10 min?
      in a game like this you should was a wide scope of ending possibilities but we got one (yeah 3 but give the same outcome) and that was the letdown

        Correct me if I'm wrong but the boy is the very first character you see in the game.

          The visual representation is, but the being using the form is somewhat of a Deus Ex Mechanica introduced in the last moments of the game.

          Even if we take the perspective of the child being some higher being that showed itself to Shepard at the start, you see him for all of 10 seconds with no explanation of who he is or why we should care about him, and afterwards only in 3 dream sequences as the avatar of Shepard's guilt at not being able to save everyone, again with no exposition or foreshadowing.

            That being is the scared little child inside you telling you that it's OK to go with the easy choice and to dream up a pleasant solution to your problems, instead of continuing the fight. It has been with you all along, long before BioWare made the ME series.

    ME will always be remembered as THAT know? The one with the failed ending?

    The three endings already present don't give much room for player choices and consequences to make any sort of difference. That makes me think that all this "extended cut" is going to do is add some ships to the battle where there weren't any before (essentially adding MORE colours to the final explosion). Maybe they'll add a, what happened to everyone afterwards epilogue which will essentially be, everyone dies/gets turned into a synthetic with a couple of different variations depending on your choices.

    I'm happy that they're doing SOMETHING about the ending though I'm willing to bet it won't be enough to please many people. Adding additional endings as that would have been the best way to please everyone. Their "creative integrity" would still be intact for the most part and they're giving people who liked the original endings and people who didn't want they want. I guess that's too difficult however or it's simply time and money they're not willing to spend.

    Bioware Defense Force + Kotaku + EA viral marketers = Ultimate Shit Force. Your arguments about entitlement and homophobia are pathetic. No wonder EA was voted the worst company in America.

    Still no talk of fixing the quest log, the crap lying all over the Normandy or removing dependence on either the multiplayer, or the ME-Infiltrator iphone game?

    i was very optimistic about this 'extended cut' but becoming less and less so. the haters can call me a whiny nerd all they want but it will never changer the fact that i become emotionally attached to my character and the story i weaved for him. to have him bleeding broken at the end made my heart sink and even more so having him give up mentally to an AI that thinks it knows best. it was never shepard's decision at the end and frankly nothing will change that. i can only hope that the extra content will partially reinvigorate my passion for the game so i can keep enjoying the best parts. if not then i guess i move on to greener pastures and companies that don't alienate their long standing fan base

      How do you know a majority of people dislike the ending?

      You didn't like seeing Shepard bleeding and broken at the end? I thought it was incredibly moving.

      All those greener pastures are a Reaper illusion. Don't give in to the god-child, Peacemaker :)

    I think Bioware should harness the river of tears being cried and create a hydro-electricity plant that can produce enough electricity to power a giant robot that can produce video games that end how people like.

    Problem solved.

      Except if it's being made by Bioware, It'll be a half assed robot that puts out different coloured games.
      And you'll need to pay extra to finish the robot yourself.

        If you were trying to be clever, you failed.

          Nice to know it still gave you a case of the "U MAD" though.

          Perhaps he was going for artistic - lots of people seem to be using that excuse to get reactions these days. So it's all good!

    I liked the ending.
    Minus some of the plot holes.
    If they flesh them out, I'll be a happy man.

      The plot holes and lore contradictions, along with having to destroy the Geth and EDI in the 'destroy' ending because of some half baked idea that AI and humans will always fight despite the fact that I'd defied that idea a few hours before on Rannoch (my Shepard would've at least told the God Child that he disagreed with its given assessment), are the things that ruined the ending for me.

      If they can fix some (preferably all) of these, I'll be a lot happier.

    I will sink your ending with 3 questions.

    *Spoilers here*

    Why was Joker already fleeing before anything happened?
    If you get the synthesis ending, Joker has that green glow (Mr Brittle bones still seems to have brittle bones by the way he walks....) but they 'must' have escaped the collapsing relay jump so why was he effected and why does he limp? No one else did. Speaking of which, why was Liara on the damn ship when she was with me minute earlier?
    If mere proximity to the relay made everyone half and half, why is EDI alive if you pick the destroy ending, which will apparently 'kill all synthetics' ?

    I have a solution to this crappy ending of an epic series debacle... Mass Effect 4.

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