The Goriest Video Game Deaths You’ll See All Year

If you're the kind of person who gets grossed out easily, you might want to plan on ignoring Sniper Elite 2. That's because the World War II shooter shows you exactly what it looks when a bullet enters a skull. Or a heart. Or male reproductive organs.

We captured some of the disturbingly detailed kills — except for the testicle snippet, which comes courtesy of YouTube user krazyeexx — in the video above, in which a series of hapless German soldiers being lethally shot from very far away. The only thing worse than dying from getting shot in the balls is not knowing who did the deed. If you want to pull some of this insane marksmanship off, there's a Sniper Elite 2 demo out now on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.


    So I'm guessing this is already banned in Australia?

      LOL, in the Testies

      wouldnt surprise me if it gets through given its "in context" of WW2.

    It's marked as MA 15+ on steam.

    If that is a selling point I think I will pass... Really don't see the point in having to know what organ I have shot out in a game. I feel this is just a little to realistic for my liking.

    its not banned and its also on steam (the demo). and the xray deaths arent a selling point, the terrific gameplay is!

    So this gets in but Mortal Kombat is refused for a similar viewpoint during some scenes? Love the consistency.

      I hate how kotaku excludes PC from its articles.

      MK is still quite a lot more gory than this though, even if it is so ridiculous that it comes off as more cartoony than realistic.

    Some brilliant developer thought: "I WANT TO SHOOT NAZIS IN THE TESTICLES!" and made it happen.


    after playing the demo for the 156th time i say to my self "COD?...what is COD?"

    I learnt more about the human body here than what I did in school.

    This is the only WW2 game i've played where i feel like a murderer and not a soldier killing soldiers

    Was a pretty stupid gimmick when Mortal Kombat did it too.

    From the same developers that made the most recent Aliens vs Predator game. Nuff said.

      thats being very pessimistic. sniper elite v2 is actually a hellova lot better than avp (which i didnt mind but everyone else has a problem with?). try it better u say nasty stuff about it

        Oh I wasn't meaning it was bad, just gruesome. AVP's spine rips made me slightly uncomfortable haha

    The demo on Steam was fun

      Shooting the grenades hanging on their belts is a laugh.

    Wow, that is cool but also so unnecessary. I'd hope you could turn that function off as it'd get annoying after a while if you're seriously playing through the game.

    Not something that would get me to search out the game to play, but if someone was playing it I'd wanna give it a go myself.

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